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Diggin for free beats n pieces

By October 24, 2010Blog

Been having bit of a dig for some free shizzle on soundcloud today shought I should share the wealth…

First up the awesome Featurecast has re-upped this dancefloor bomb, so if you missed it first time round get on it!

Damm! by Featurecast

Next up we have Some Djs (yes that really is his name) rerub of the masters of all things funky, Parliament – Flashlight, this one wobbles like yo momma!

Flashlight – some dj rerub by some dj

This next one is so chock full of funk it almost hurts, grab your boombox and your mums lino off the kitchen floor and go out and bust some moves on the street corner… you know you want to.

The Breakbeat Junkie – What I Need (DJP’s Boombox Remix) by scratchabit

… and while we’re on the Basement Freaks subject here’s a little 30min Bombastic Jam sampler mix compiled by them that caused some serious head nodding in the studio.

Bombastic Jam Sampler Mix by Basement Freaks by Bombastic Jam


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