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By October 9, 2010Blog

The shape of things to come…? A brand spanking new blog dedicated to the bass heavy, dirty funk that we embraced to our moobs and ran with as soon as it reared it’s wobbly head on to the scene is currently taking shape and will go live in the not to distant future. It’s a collaboration of GoodGroove & Streetwise Music which will feature contributions from the likes of Nick Thayer, Moquee, Parker, Russ Cuban, Pimpsoul, Stickybuds, DJP, Dancefloor Outlaws, The Sly Players, Basement Freaks, Slynk, DJ Wood, The Captain, Qdup and little old us (Hong Kong Ping Pong), if that’s not enough to make you sit up and take notice it also has the full support of heavyweights DJ Yoda & Ali B.

All in all I’m sure you’ll agree that looks like a pretty goddamn tasty package, for an aural teaser of what’s to come go check out the holding page here:


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