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HKPP nominated for Best Small event at Breakspoll 2011

By February 22, 2011Blog

Well what can we say…? Pretty much speechless after seeing the nominations this afternoon. Which I guess must mean we have been officially nominated for ‘Best Small Event’ at Breakspoll 2011 (I really should stop pinching myself it’s starting to bruise) which places us in the top 5 small Breaks nights (Breaks… I know!) in the world, well all 5 are based in the UK, but even so…it is an international awards ceremony!

I believe a huge thank you is in order to all that took the time to place your votes and of course to all of you who get your funky selves down to HKPP and make it what it is, with out you it’d just be 3 beardy fellas playing tunes in a grimey (… well it is) little pub in the deepest darkest depths of Kernow, also a big thank you to all those who’ve come and spun for us over the past year, Parker, B-Side, Ruckus Roboticus, Boom Monk Ben, Dan Wilde, Stickybuds and Pimpsoul just last friday.

So it looks like those 3 beardy fellas will be off to London Town on the 4th of March to Counter Culture, SE1, to rub shoulders with our fellow nominees, by all accounts pre sale tickets have gone already which bodes well for a blummin excellent night out, but apparently there will be a limited number on the door if anyone fancied joining us for much grinning, japery and back slapping with perhaps a few beverages thrown in for good measure.

Once again a massive HKPP thank you… thankyouthankyouthankyou… thankyou!!! We love your balls!!! xxx

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