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A few weeks ago we received a very welcome email in to our inbox from the lovely people over at Allen & Heath (it’s just a few miles down the road from where we’re based here in Cornwall) asking if we’d like to borrow one of their brand spanking new Xone:DB2 Mixers. Having owned a trusty Xone:62 for about 8 years and it being the mainstay in our set-up during that time we of course jumped at the chance.

First impressions as it came out of the rather nice A&H padded bag was of it’s rock solid build quality that they are renowned for, once we got everything plugged in (to a very simple rear panel, 4 x RCA, 2 digital, 1 USB) the fun began. Pots feel solid, satisfying clicks on the cue buttons, smooth and responsive faders (I’ll cover them a bit more later) and a genius input selection matrix made the 1st mix very enjoyable indeed. Now came the slightly more daunting task of delving in to the built in iLive FX which come in 5 different flavours, Delay, Reverb, Resonator, Modulator and Damage (or the OMG button as Fat Harry calls it). I was instantly taken with the Roller (looper) and Delays and some of the Modulators especially the Hard Flange (fner), a very nice touch is the chunky FX dry/wet pots and on top of that you can filter sweep any of these with the classic A&H HP/LP that we all know and love.

After a few weeks with this mixer all I can say is WOW, I think I’m in love! A little more adjustably than the current Sharp/Mid/Gentle curve on the crossfader and upfaders might make it more attractive to the serious turntablists out there… and by all accounts that may well be on it’s way in a firmware upgrade.


01: Love & Light – The Light We Bring
02: Myselor – It Don’t Mean A Thing
03: Kotch – Bucovina
04: JFB – Wobble & Squeak
05: SEE-I – How We Do (JPOD Remix)
06: Gramatik – Talkbox Intended
07: Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Receptor Remix)
08: Sliceman & X-Ray Ted – Well Git It
09: WBBL – Talkin Bout My Baby
10: Aelian – Cave Funk (Ft. Mathieu Lagraula)
11: Mooqee & Herbgrinder – Sound Around Town
12: Foreigner – Cold As Ice (A.Skillz & Nick Thayer Remix)
13: Metranhom – Break It Down
14: Kairo Kingdom – Boombox
15: J-Roc – Everybody’s Talkin’
16: Dancefloor Outlaws – Meet Me On The Dancefloor
17: Tonic – Smack!
18: Rebel Sonix vs Geek Boy and Whiskey Pete – Get On It
19: Pimpsoul & Neon Steve – Merry Go Round


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