Pimpsoul – Lets Do It EP Sampler ft HKPP

Pimpsoul – Lets Do It Ep – sampler by Bombstrikes

That’s right PingPong fans the collaboration we did with our very good friend Mr Steve Pimpsoul, ooh what… 18 months ago, will finally be seeing the light of day.

‘Get Original’ (which has a cheeky cameo from Darren Kendall of BackBeat SoundSystem fame) will be featuring on ‘Pimpsoul – Lets Do It EP’ which is due to drop on April 11th on the mighty Bombstrikes Records, pressed on to some of those black shiny plastic discs about 12″ in diameter, a digital release will be following along at a later date, which will have a bonus track graced with the amazing vocal talents of the lovely Claire.G.

MC Shureshock lends his flow to the title track and the Basement Freaks serve up something rather special on remix duties and to top it all off it even features a Dub for those who prefer things on a more instrumental tip.

Pretty goddamn sexual we hope you’ll agree! x

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