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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 02/02/11

By February 2, 2011Blog

How do’s Ping Pongers? Spinforth here (..for a second week in a row!!), hoping all’s good in your funky hoods this wintery Wednesday. Yep, it’s Wednesday again..already! That’s half way to..the weekend; some great looking gigs; missed drunken friend face hugs; my next brandy & cokes (..oh yeeesss!) time of the week for delivering the 5 funky free fruits of another week’s worth of the very best in ready meals (yep..still for!) and of never ending SoundCloud scouring.

Before we get down to this week’s pick of the bunch blogging business though, I’d like to take the opportunity to say my thank you’s…

First up; to all who brought their faces to my two Spinforth gigs (great vibes, gorgeous shapes, and very generous post gig lock ins); and to Fat Harry’s Hong Kong Ping Pong gig at The Zero Lounge (he loved your balls!) at the weekend. Great gigs all round..good times!

Secondly..HUUUGE all of you who checked out, and ‘thumbed up’ FaceBoink ‘liked’, my debut blog from last last week. Still very chuffed, and a bit overwhelmed, that my little blog got picked up by the almighty crew (within 15 mins of going live!) and then for it being appreciated by so many of you lovely G’funkers…really happy comments from you too..thank you. My blog quest now, is to keep your ears peeled as well as your appreciation flowing. This week I’m looking to beat my previous world ‘likes’ record (45) if one of you could tell a friend..and show me at least 46 of your tiny little blue thumbs please..that would be truly amazing!! Nice one..thank you in advance.

So..on with the show! Loads of tasty treats found during this week’s scour and I’ve had a really hard time whittling them down to just 5. So..I haven’t, and this week I deliver you 6 (including a ‘semi’ curveball) to your mighty fine ears. As I hope will always be the case, it’s another mixed, mostly Hong Kong Ping Pong & Spinforth flavoured bag, with a little something here for everyone I reckon. Not all of these are brand new to SoundCloud, some are just recent finds for me, and are the finds that I have dug the most this last week. Well worth checking all these artists/dj’s Clouds thouroghly..there’s plenty of other gems for you to find in here..aaand..don’t forget to show your appreciation with a ‘favourite’ and/or a ‘comment’ on any of the jams you dig..your comments, and orange ♥ clicks make us musical nerds very happy!!

Right, that’s plenty enough blogaffle (‘blog+waffle’..release date tbc) for this week..time to deliver found fruits.


Livingstone & Canosis – Walk On The Wild Side – MASTER by Canosis

Stop Pop Bounce by cutloose

^^^Watch out for Curtis in here…amaazing stuff!

Axe – Keep It Flowing by DJ Axe

Deeper Shade of Soul. The Lakeshore Drive rmx. by Lakeshore Drive

^^^Check out Lakeshore Drive’s ‘Large Professor – Pump your fist like this’ remix while you’re visiting his love of ‘real’ hiphop had me very torn choosing between these two!

Here He Comes Raw by DJDay

Aaaand..last up for this week, it’s kind of a semi curveball! (and yeah..i’s been done loads, but this one’s a little bit beautiful!)…’it’s bigger than’…lots of other mashup attempts for sure.

Hip Hop / Eynaim Lahem by samredmore


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