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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 06/04/11

By April 7, 2011Blog

Happy really funkin’ sunny Wednesday Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers! It’s a full of beans (baked, with fish fingers and chips this eve..yumm!) and raring to roll Spinforth here, back once again to deliver my Scour thang to your damn fine derrières. Welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour numero unouno (..#11). Sincere apologies for deserting you all last week..contrary to words on the street my absence had very little to do with midgets, whippets, or widgets (unfortunately), but everything to do with a deadly dose of man flu, aaand..ahh..not sure I should be divulging the ‘aaand’ just yet. Let’s just say that..delightful bean loving angels may actually exist in real life after all (either this or I’ve been sleeping for two weeks)..someone pinch me now..and then?..and then!..umm..well..and then..wish me some luck!

So..big thanks to my hobbit sized illegitimate twin brother Morph for stepping up to my Scour plate last week (wicked work bud!), and cheers to all who checked, commented, loved, and raised thumbs to both Scours #9 and #10. Happy happy happy third triple thumb blog score (105!!), earned for my Scour #9 from you gorgeous G’funk followers..a bloomin’ awesome show of thumb loving..keep ’em stuck up pleeeease! Ta.

Thanks too to..(ahh..’too to’..don’t mess with my too to..excuse me!?)..all those who checked our gigs last weekend..loooads of lush party friend faces at my Eight Bar gig on Friday night, and bucket fulls of HKPP love and support at the ‘Local Produce’ gig in Exmouth on Saturday night too..errrmm..too! Good times.

It seems to be a rare quiet weekend on the Hong Kong Ping Pong calendar this weekend, but, if you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms please go grab yo’selfs a fix of THIS little Pimpsoul & HKPP number, dropping via Bomb Strikes wax and available from all decent record stores **THIS MONDAY**. That’ll be HKPP’s debut vinyl release in the bag then then, and then..KABOOOOOM!

Alriiight..time to get the blogblurb wrapped up for another week. Some seriously juicy fruits scoured by, and/or sent in to me via email (see address below), over these last couple of weeks. As always I’m delivering a mixed bag of my whittled down personal or two of which will hopefully appeal to everbody’s ears. Pleeeeeeease remember to show your appreciation to all cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s, if you dig or download any of these jams. Cheers!

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for forthcoming scours, please email me at:

Nice one..Enjoy!


Alternative download link in track description
Dead Wrong (Freddy Pimms Remix) 320kbps by Freddy Pimms

The Alkaholiks vs. Flow Dynamics – Better on Alkahol by DJ Vapor

Alternative download link in track description
Drop That Dirty Bomb (Santero [Stickybuds mix] vs Redman) by Phunk’ill

BLOODY BIG BANGER ALERT! Alternative download link in track description
Foreign Beggars & Noisia – Contact (Featurecast’s Gold Dust Mash Up, Electric Infection Re-Imagine) by Electric Infection

ANOTHER ONE!! Fast forward this puppy to 2:32 if you doubt me!
The Commodores – EASY (D.END dubby remix) by d.end

AND ANOTHER-NOTHER ONE!!! This next remix is HUUUGE and has deservedly already seen over 20,000 plays in just over a week..but..just incase anyone out there has been sleeping for the past week..
Alternative download link in track description

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Can’t Stop” LOVE AND LIGHT REMIX by Love and Light

Aaaand…this weeks bluesy sunshiny curveball! My one reason? hmmmm..think I just really love her voice..mmmm..sweet sweet bongos too!

Give Me One Reason – Tracey Chapman – Ken At Work Remix by djkenwalker


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