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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 16/02/11

By February 16, 2011Blog

Easy now SpinHongGhettoKongFunkPingForthPongerrrrs!! Welcome once again to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour…#4 (Yes 4!!). How y’all doing out there today? Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s day (apparently my postee is STILL off sick…grrr), and y’all looking forward to your weekend shenanigans? We at HKPP can’t bloomin wait for ours..gonna be megaaamassive, but more about that in a bit. Apologies in advance this week..for I am like that (definitely not on a Wednesday!!), I’m in a to go see a man about a dog in bit..that sort of a real dog..hmmm..although I would quite like a dog..any lonely dogs out there reading this?

So, yeah..a litle bit less blogaffle from me this week folks, but still the usual drill..1st up my customary thank you’s and please’s…

Big thanks to..all of you who checked out, ‘liked’ and left comments on last weeks new blue thumb world records set (69..still week 2’s world record of 88 to beat..get on it!)..but plenty of much appreciated blog love all the same; all those who delivered their faces to my Spinforth gig at Eight Bar in Falmouth on Saturday night..great vibes, and several surprise friend faces..niiice; and awesome photographer and dedicated HKPP fan Rick Davy for giving up a few hours of his Sunday afternoon to get Fat Harry, Morphosis, and myself into the studio (at last) to take some wicked Hong Kong Ping Pong crew promo shots..really great work from Rick..sneak peak of a few shots can be found HERE (seems cameras do actually lie..I was sooo hungover..but I can’t even tell!)..loads more to accompany these coming soon.

Please’s (two BIG ones)..if any of you (lonely literate canines included) could spare a couple of your spare minutes (before 14:00 (GMT) this Friday), we would love it (assuming you dig what we do) if you could consider voting for Hong Kong Ping Pong in Breakspoll’s ‘Best Small Event’ category HERE..a nomination for us in this category would be truly amaaaazing! Many thanks in advance. Last up, but by no means least (this is what we at HKPP can’t bloomin wait for!)..if you’re in the South West (UK) this Friday, PLEASE bring your funky fine selfs to our ‘Hong Kong Ping Pong presents Pimpsoul’ gig at The Watermans (Falmouth). Kick off is at 21:30 (until 02:00)’s FREE entry..and we guarantee you a huge HKPP night, or your money back!

So that’s pretty much it for this week..just the top five pick of my SoundCloud scouring bunch left to deliver to your ears. Mixed bag of funky free fruits as always, for no particular reason, delivered in a 5 course meal stylee!?

Please don’t forget to leave your comments on these jams if you dig and download. Nice one..catch up again next week.

Cheer now…Enjoy!


Funky Cool j by dj Dagwood


The Beeper Hussle Train – *free DL by Kenny Beeper


Rakim : Kalabuley Rhythm (Nirobi Remix) by robertluis

Main Course:

Queen Latifah ft. Al Green – Simply Beautiful (PYRAMID Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Funkatech Records

Dessert (curveball #4 please…WARNING!! It’s liquidyremixylushness..and I for one absolutely love it!!):

Sunny Road – (Dave Webber Bootleg) Emiliana Torrini by Dave Webber


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