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Spinforth’s Anniversary Super SoundCloud Scour 01/03/12

By March 1, 2012March 4th, 2012Blog

Easy’s your Mighty Spinforthing Scour Ranger (..cheers for that one Luc) here, at long long last to welcome EVERYBODY, to this, the one you have all been eagerly waiting celebratory, 100% ALL EXCLUSIVE, invite only..ANNIVERSARY SUPER SCOUR #52!!

A very quick thank you to all, for your patience in waiting for me to get this post finished. I’m sincerely hoping all will very soon become clear, not just what all the hype for this post has been about, but exactly why it’s taken me so long to get this one prepared and ready to publish.

It has been my top secret plan (..since just before Christmas) to attempt to deliver this..The Scour of all Scours, on it’s first birthday! So, over my New Year Scour break, I rustled up a plan to personally invite a choice selection, from a years worth of new found Scour friends, to write, produce, hold back, remix etc.. an exceptionally tasty tune (of their choice) especially for this my Anniversary Super Scour #52. Overwhelmingly, all of the invitees accepted the offer/challenge, and not only that, ALL generously agreed to share their tunes EXCLUSIVELY to Scour #52!! WOW!!! 😀

Both myself, and all those who’s tunes feature below have been secretly working on delivering this pre-planned Scour, on and off for the last two express ALL of our sincere gratitude, to everybody who have followed, supported, commented, liked, purchased follow up releases etc..etc.. on, and from, ALL the tunes and Clouds that have been supported via Scour over the past 12 months.

Because of the huge amount of effort, by all involved, that has gone into making this Super Scour plan come’s time for me to introduce some Scour #52 rules!

For the Scour Birthday I kindly ask, no..I insist on just 4 simple things..

1. EVERYONE visiting this post for the kindly donated, 100% EXCLUSIVE download links, deliver their Facebook thumbing ‘likes’ upon it, to help spread the word, and to show your gratitude to ALL the DJ’s/Artsists/Producers who have taken time out of their busy schedules to get involved..for YOU!

2. All Clouds featured here are a choice selection of some of my favourites..please follow them, I assure you none of them will ever disappoint you! Likewise, where ever a link to a Facebook Fan Page appears within the track introduction text, please click on these links and get busy following, to show yur appreciation for all the hard work shared to you for FREE.

3. All tunes downloaded are followed up with thank you comments, and likes, on accompanying SoundCloud players, to help share the word as to where these tunes can be downloaded from exclusively.

4. Everyone enjoys these kindly and generously made and shared exclusive downloads..IMMENSELY! They are all absolute 1st class, top notch utterly brilliant work, to my ears,..and hopefully to all your ear’s too!


All these downloads are 100% exclusive to Scour #52, and can be grabbed wherever you see the words “>>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<” (<< just click them!).

Three of the tunes supported in this Scour currently and purposely have their downloads HIDDEN.. To unlock the exclusive downloads of these 3 tunes, please do all you can to spread the word of this Scour. When I consider that this post has received enough thumb love, ALL tunes will become downloadable.

Reckon that’s about it from me..other than to say..I now desperately need a Scour holiday! I hope to return for you all in a few weeks, BUT..if this post does not obliterate my previous world record thumb score (of 344)..I may have to quit! 😉

Peace out, big love, aaaaaand…

Enjoy x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at:


So, heeeeeerrre we go!

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #1: It’s an absolute pleasure and honour to be opening up my Anniversary Super Scour #52 with this absolutely brilliant, and very very kindly donated ‘Monsta’ from fellow Kernovian, top top DJ, and bloody good pard TENOSHI. Any of you out there not yet familiar with Tenoshi’s work, you are without doubt missing out! His awesome DEBUT 7″ SINGLE finished at number one spot in Juno’s recommended Dancehall/ Ragga best of 2011 chart, and comes highly recommended, by we 3 of HKPP as an essential purchase! Plenty more Tenoshi releases and remixes in the pipeline, so, to keep yourselves up to date with everything coming soon out of the Tenoshi camp, aaand before you go grabbing the first of this Super Scour’s 100% EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADS..please (I absolutely insist!) get busy following his brand new FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and his SOUNDCLOUD (<< by clicking on both of those links..thanking you!). And now, without any more further ado, here's his latest, and final version, of the absolutely brilliant MONSTA MONCHE available ( is true with ALL Super Scour #52 tracks) via this >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that link for exclusive download!). Time now for you ALL to go thank him for sharing it via your ‘like’s and comments all over his player! Biggest of UPs for donating this WILL be apprecaied by everybody!! 93bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #2: Avid followers of my Scour will well know that whenever Austria’s B.Visible uploads a fresh tune to his Cloud it get’s supported via Scour. So I had absolutely no hesitation whatsoever deciding that he would receive an invite into Anniversary Super Scour #52. Little did I know at the time of inviting that he was great mates with the equally awesome Restless Leg Syndrome who’s brilliant FREE EP (click on their name!) I supported back in Scour #45. When this puppy came through to my inbox, hairs on the back of my neck stood tall..and, I grinned, from ear to ear! No funkin way was this really a B.Visible remix of Restless Leg Syndrome’s already incredible ‘Fiddle Dee Dee’! Hell yeah it was/is! By way of showing your thanks, before grabbing the exclusive download of this next gem, pleeease (if you’re not already) start follow B.Visible’s SOUNDCLOUD as well as checking out and considering purchasing his recently released excellent DEBUT 12″ release >>HERE<<. Right..all done that? Sweet! So here’s your next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that link for exclusive download!).. are a true gent, and absolutely brilliant at what you do..never ever stop! Comments upon his player NOW please folks!! 96bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #3: If You haven’t already twigged, you’ll all soon start to notice that my Anniversary Super Scour is full to the brim with a choice selection of a years worth of my very best new found Scour friends. Hungary’s brilliant Nynfus Corp tick this box without question. I had a sneaky feeling that by my inviting them to join this exclusive Super Scour party, that they wouldn’t disappoint, and I even secretly hoped they might just deliver something a little bit alternative from the norm. Exceedingly pleased to announce that they have come up trumps for the Scour yet again. This next remix is absolutely beautiful, and as hoped, has Nynfus Corp stylee written all over it! Please get busy following their FACEBOOK FAN PAGE as well as their SOUNDCLOUD, and I’d highly recommend you even check their latest 12″ release too..all of that to be done please, before helping yourself to this next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that link for exclusive download!). Huuuge thanks as always absolute pleasure to support again you via this Super Scour #52! 😀 97bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #4: It’s a bold statement, but I think I’d safely go as far to say that my fairly recent new found love for midtempo glitch hop came about on my very first Scouring and hearing of the truly exceptional work of Autralia’s Blunt Instrument. Since first discovering them I have had no hesitation at all in supporting all of their generously offered brilliant free tunes via Scour. Over these last 12 months I have seen them deservedly pick numerous new fans and followers, release a truly awesome DEBUT EP (<< buy it!), as well as getting involved in some huuuuge gigs around the globe. These guys are living proof that loving what you do, and taking time to perfect some incredibly difficult skills, can indeed deliver success. What I love the most about them though, is that, even after reaching these new found fame heights, they still remain genuinely top, friendly, and extremely generous blokes. There was no question about me inviting them into Scour #52, but in all honesty I was literally flabbergasted (and slightly weepy with joy!) when they hands down agreed to get matter how busy already, and with no questions asked whatsoever! For this reason alone EVERYBODY should not hesitate to get involved following their FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and their SOUNDCLOUD, before loving their truly awesome, especially written for Scour #52, donation..available via this next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that link for exclusive download!). Fellas..simply, thank you for being just you! 100bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #5: Hello hello..look who we have here then! Was undoubtedly a given that grand master of the re-bake, new found very good Scour pard, all round top guy, and of course lucky Scour mascot DJ Daigo would get an invite into Super Scour #52 eh! To be fair, even if just one of those aforementioned facts were true, he would have received his invite, but..he is all of them, and more! So, again..I insist EVERYBODY needs to be following his FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and his SOUNDCLOUD right now please!! In return he has very very kindly and generously donated to The Scour for you all, one of his very best re-bakes via this next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that link for exclusive download!). are an absolute legend..but no more keeping me up until the ridulously early hours on facebook chat you here me! least not until Scour #104 anyway! 😉 102bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #6: Sadly, a couple of my original invitees into Super Scour #52, couldn’t quite get their tracks finished in time. Fortunately, after 1 year of Scouring, I’ve become pretty well practiced in lining up plan B’s. I first introduced you all to the very very good work of J-Sound! just last Scour! I have secretly had my ears all over his Cloud for a little while before that though. When after telling him his tunes were awesome, and very worthy of Scour support, he swiftly agreed to get them mastered, and this next tune instantly went top of my Super Scour #52 substitute list. No facebook fan page to follow here yet, but you’d be crazy not to start following him on SOUNDCLOUD..immediately!! I’m hearing great things in this work, and I know for sure there is more to come! So..lucky for all of you, Mr J-Sound! becomes the worthy recipient of Super Scour #52’s wildcard, and in return he kindly offers us all this next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that link for exclusive download!). Humongous UPs buddy..this remix is awesome! 105bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #7: I’ve been Scouring the awesome work of El Bomba on and off for the last 52 Scours. His is another Cloud that I have enjoyed watching gain plenty of deservedly earned new found followers. More recently he’s had a few tasty releases under his belt too (his latest of which can be found >>HERE<<). Knowing how busy he was working on all these, as well as his constant working on personal ammo for his gigs, I wasn’t 100% sure he’d find the time to deliver something for Scour #52 too, but knew it would be rude of me not to invite him to get involved, just because I thought he’d be too busy. Was absolutely delighted, not only when he immediately accepted, but also when he flooded my inbox with extremely tasty potentials to choose from. Took me a long while, but after agreeing with me it would benefit from a little extra wub wub, my ears eventually decided this next gem had to be the one (..errrmm..of two!). Yes you read that correctly, the very generous El Bomba has given up two brilliant tracks exclusively for Scour #52. This first one comes free!! Well almost free..just your courteous thank you comments, FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD following is expected in return for his >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< please! (<< I'm sure you all know what to do with that link by now). Awesome work as always buddy..thank you so much for sharing with Scour #52! 😀 110bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #8: So what’s the deal with El Bomba‘s second Scour #52 exclusive offering I here you ask?’s right here, BUT..this is the first of three EXCLUSIVE tunes within Anniversary Super Scour #52 whose download links are currently purposely HIDDEN. To be frank, it annoys me a little bit of a lot when I check back on tunes I’ve Scoured and notice that their SoundCloud plays have increased dramatically (often by well over 1000 plays in a week), yet only a handful of people are courteous enough to take a few seconds out to leave the Cloud owners some supportive comment love on their players!! The Scour is here for EVERYBODY folks!! Especially so to help support the artists/DJs/producers who make and share brilliant free tunes that make the cut each week. It is because of MY love for ace tunes that I Scour for you ALL, and in return I always request that you at least leave some Scour word spreading thumb love, which in turn helps support the Clouds I chose to Scour. If there ever was a Scour that i wanted to share with as many people as possible it’s this one. So..assuming not everybody is going to leave comments on players, the next best thing to help ensure the word of this extra special Scour get’s spread as far and wide as possible, is that it at least receives a new world record breaking thumb score! This is the first of 3 tunes whose download link will appear ONLY when the Scour’s previous World Record Facebook ‘liking’ thumb score (currently standing at 344 and held by Scour #41)..gets well and truly obliterated! So..if you want to get your mits on these hidden download links please tell EVERYONE you know to ‘like’ and share the word of this Scour! Simples 😉 HIDDEN DOWNLOAD LINK NOW OPEN!! Grab your >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 110bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #9: Anniversary Super Scour #52 would nevr be super enough without inviting ‘fresh on the scene bomb making machine’ Father Funk to the party now would it? It’s been my absolute pleasure supporting and guiding him into the scene via Scour support over these last couple of months. In return he has very very generously offered up, and shared with us, some of the very best free tunes out there on SoundCloud ( my humble opinion). His sound is already unique, he can churn out a banger week, and being that he’s only recently turned 18, he hasn’t even got involved at University to start studying how to do all this ‘properly’ yet! A natural talent without doubt, I foresee very promising things in store for this young man, if he can keep his feet on the ground, and learn that even with his talent he needs to be patient. I’m sure then he will get exactly where he wants to be! For now though we are all lucky enough for him to still be sharing exceptional tunes like this one, via this his latest >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Just one more thing..195 FACEBOOK FAN PAGE followers is STILL not enough! His SOUNDCLOUD followers are picking up nicely, but, if you’re still not following that, get on it right now too. Please, everybody..get involved!! And Will..thank you again fella, for sharing exclusively via Scour! BigUP! 😀 110bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #10: Comes to you via the incredibly talented DJ, master of the mashups, and bootlegger extraordinaire DJ Jimi Needles. This will be the first of the three hidden download links to be opened up, and will be made visible as soon as I see that this Anniversary Super Scour post has been delivered, ummm.. let’s say 250+ of your finest Scour word spreading ‘likes’! Whilst you’re waiting get busy spreadin the Scour #52 word and following Jimi’s FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD. Pleeease! HIDDEN DOWNLOAD LINK NOW OPEN!! Grab your >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 110bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #11: Mr Bobby C Sound TV has got to be one of the hardest working artist within the Ghetto Funk scene right now. Not only has he just released yet another Ghetto Funk 100% FREE Digital EP just yesterday!! He also finds time to to put together videos for the majority of his releases too! As if that wasn’t already enough, soon after inviting him into Scour #52, he informs me he’s also been hard at work producing his FIRST EVER 100% ORIGINAL joints too!! my astonishment he then very happily agreed he’d be delighted to offer not just one, but two of these exceptional tasty tunes EXCLUSIVELY to Scour #52!! Now if this hard work and generosity isn’t enough for you to deliver him copious ammounts of comment love, and start following his FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and his SOUNDCLOUD before downloading this next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<..then even Fat Harry may stop loving all your balls! No doubt Sir Bobby may also decide not to give up the hidden download link to his second 100% ORIGINAL and exclusive tune quite so readily either! You have been warned! 😉 Accompanying video now available >>HERE<<. 110bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #12: I tried my very best to keep my plans of Scour #52 top top secret for as long as I possibly could, even from Ghetto Funk HQ bosses Slim (aka: GoodgrooveRecords) and Mr Will Streetwise. I was doing pretty well, until this next remix landed in my inbox, and was kindly offered to me as a 100% Scour exclusive! Both Will and Slim’s support and willingness to allow me pretty much free reign over the Scour, to share and support literally any Scoured up music to my ears, during the last 12 months has been nothing short of legendary. So..I decided crumbling was my only option! Both Slim and Will received their belated invites, this first of which is available here..yep, you’ve guessed it, as yet another >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Aaaaaand..Welcome to my Scour boss! 112bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #13: So here’s The third and final track featuring a download link that is currently purposely HIDDEN.. It’s Bobby C Sound TV‘s very generously donated second 100% ORIGINAL tune, exclusively given up for Scour #52. But you can’t have it yet!! I’m thinking either a 500+ world record smashing thumb score, OR 100+ unique Scour word spreading comments, below the blog post (which ever comes first) will set this one free! Over to you..if you want this tune, get busy thumbing and spreading your love for this Scour EVERYWHERE!! 😉 UPDATED accompanying video now available >>HERE<<. HIDDEN DOWNLOAD LINK NOW OPEN!! Grab your >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 113bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #14: last, it’s time to welcome the one, and the only WBBL to the Scour party!!, Without any doubts, the biggest, tastiest, wbbliest, and very soon to become juiciest and ripest fruit of my past years worth of Scouring! Absolutely brilliant to see all of his talent and hard work deservedly paid back via his incredible forthcoming Ghetto Funk debut release! Mega BigUPs to GF HQ for signing him up, and even bigger of UPs to all of you out there who plan on adding his incredible forthcoming piece of wax to their crates! Trust’s an essential purchase! Absolutely chuffed to bits when he told me he’d be delighted to get involved in Scour #52, and that was before I even knew what he had lined up for his gift. No doubt loads of you have been hanging out for this one after seeing it pop up on his SOUNDCLOUD or FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. It’s easily my favourite new remix version, has the WBBL touch written all over it. So I now have the imense pleasure to announce that this next link is the >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<!!, we’re ‘almost’ quits fella! 😉 Thank you so so much for this one buddy! 113bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #15: So that’s about as far as I got with my blurb writing lst night. In the interest of doing ALL i possibly can to deliver this Anniversary Super Scour #52 whilst it’s still Thursday 01/03/12, I’m going to have to switch into speed blurb mode. Apologies in advance for this to those whom I’ve still yet to introduce, I sincerely hope none of you take it in anyway personally, I just would quite like more than 3 hours sleep tonight!! Time now to unleash a long wanted and awaited, and very very popular Hong Kong Ping Pong joint! You should all know by now there ain’t no party like a Hong Kong Ping Pong party..we all funkin LOVE to party!! Time for you ALL to grab your very own copy of Ghetto Tuff via this..>>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<…especially and exclusively shared for the Scour #52 party! Bloody bigUPs and nice one to Morph’ for letting this top cat out of his HKPP production bag. Big love fella! 😀 114bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #16: We three at HKPP simply cannot get enough play out of Latvia’s DJ Rudd’s recent Big M Productions ‘Funky Breakout EP’ (<< buy it!!). After Scouring him a couple of times over the last year, I've become pretty good facebook chatting friends with him too. Such a friendly and appreciative chap, who shows nothing but genuine love and praise for his HKPP and Scour support. A very very hard working guy too, but even after he received a slightly belated invite into Scour #52, he still agreed to give up some of his valuable spare time to produce, master and test out, an exclusive made for Scour 'Old School Edit' of one of the joints from his EP that we love so much!! This is legendary Scour #52 support of the highest I must insist that if you're not already, please please please get following his FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD as a scratch back show of respect and appreciation to his dedication to the Scour. Only then can you feel guilt free when you grab this next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Rudolfs sir..when HKPP come visit Latvia, drinks are most definitely all on US!! Top work, top tune, top dude! 115bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #17: Would undoubtedly have been waaaay too rude of me to invite just the one Ghetto Funk HQ boss to my Scour #52 party! Time to give a VERY overdue and warm welcome to the brilliant Dancefloor Outlaws (aka: GF Boss #2 Mr Will Streetwise, and partner in crime Robin Parris). Top top work on this one fellas, thank you so much for sharing exclusively with Super Scour #52. If your foolish enough not to already be following their FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and/or SOUNDCLOUD, you’re missing out..time to put that right right now, before you grab the next..>>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Humongous UPs..and Will, thanks for having me and my silly little Scour thang every week! Pleeeeease can I have a Scour holiday after this one? I’m thinking I may have just about earned it!? 117bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #18: Was a pleasure to meet this next Scour #52 invitee in the flesh at last weekend’s Breakspoll awards! Funkanizer is his name..and making seriously awesome tunes which I simply can never refuse to Scour is his game! Slightly wishing I hadn’t got quite so smashed after our Breakspoll HKPP set, cause I never did find him to again, to buy him a drink to thank him for this, his awesome, especially made contribution to Scour #52! So how about we all get involved following his all new FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD as a show of respect instead please. After doing that feel free to get involved downloading the >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<..thank you please! Top top stuff buddy..look forward to partying with you in Greece sometime in the not too distant future! 118bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #19: This next truly awesome and dynamic and funky duo 1st appeared way way waaaaaay back in only my second ever Scour. Ever since Livingstone & Canosis‘ continued Scour support has been second to none! Knowing how busy they both are these days, I was seriously chuffed when they accepted their invite into Scour #52. True legends the both of them, and exceptionally talented at all they do. Previously rocking separate facebook and Soundcloud pages, they’ve at long last sorted themselves with both a BRAND NEW combined FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD..for EVERYBODY to start getting involved in RIGHT NOW please!! Once done..feel very free to click upon this next >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< for their incredibly tasty latin flavoured funk joint..yet again made and delivered in the nick of time especially for Super Scour #52! Enormous thanks for this one fellas..and Dave miss your funkin ace party face too bro, good luck with those 40 pages! 118bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #20: It’s been a true roller coaster of a ride ensuring local legend Daytoner made it to the Scour #52 party! Plan A’s, B’s, C’s D’s and even E’s have all been involved at some stage along the epic journey! I’ve actually lost count of which plan we’ve actually ended up with here!! It doesn’t matter to me one jot though, I LOVE all of his work, and by far the most important thing is that we got there in the end! (..roughly about just 2 hours ago!). Have been lucky enough to have been road testing loads of his edits and remixes for sometime..they ALL do the business, and very importantly ( the DJ game) the ladies love them all. Be on the look out for anything forthcoming with his name on it, especially so for his long time in tha making forthcoming LP. Keep your tabs on him by following his SOUNDCLOUD. His final contribution to Scour #52 has been on his cloud for sometime, but only now, via his generosity and of course the Power of my Scour, has he very kindly agreed to give it up via this.. >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Thank you so so much buddy, plenty of faff, much ironic laughter and a few minor headaches along the way, but we got there in the end! Happy days..and thank you so much for your unwavering and continued Spinforth & HKPP support buddy! 😀 120bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #21: One of the very first nanes on my Scour #52 invite list next up. Have thoroughly enjoyed supporting ALL the brilliant work of Mr Joe Revell via Scour over the last 12 months. Tune after tune, he’s been getting better and better and better! Astonishes me that ( far as I’m aware) no one’s snapped and exclusively signed up his production talent yet. Never had the pleasure to hear him DJ too, but I’m suspecting he’s equally rad at that too. Roughly 500 of you following his SOUNDCLOUD (at time of writing), in my opinion, he deserves at least double this get on it! If you doubt me (you really shouldn’t)..but if you do..time to check this utter brilliance! Of course invited, arranged, written and kindly shared to Scour #52 via this..>>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Big big tings predicted for you Joe..I genuinely and sincerely hope so for you anyway. Thanks for everything these last 12 months fella! 🙂 120bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #22: You all should know by now of my LOVE for real hip-hop! So when I was shared an early version of this next joint by Mr Del Gazeebo, I immediately loved it, buried it deep down in my cheeks and earmarked it for a very very special Scour occasion! I think Del may have thought I’d forgotten all about it until he received my invite to get involved with it into Scour #52! Squirrels never forget fella..this is a very well know fact! Needless to say I’m pretty sure he was delighted to receive his invite into Scour #52, and set about on the mammoth task of mixing this one down no less than 11 times, to get it sounding just right for you all!! If that amount of decdication to his Scour #52 spot is not enough to get you following his FACEBOOK FAN PAGE then how about the almighty prospect of ALL of you who get involved following his fan page RIGHT NOW..becoming eligible and in with a chance to win a pile of his long out-of-print, & in many cases impossible to find, classic vinyl releases (and digital packs of all of his stuff for you digi heads)! Consider this all part of a Gazeebo and Spinforth 1st anniversary bonus celebration! Competition announced this tomorrow & closes next friday! If that wasn’t enough to tempt you here’s his awesome remix of Bomb the Bass’s ‘Megablast’..shared to all Scour readers via >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< ONLY! (<< right click and download linked file on this one!) Good luck to all who enter..and Del sir..thankyou thankyou thankyou! 😀 120bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #23: Bloody hell..only 4 more left to blurb about!! I’m fading fast..but determined to keep going for you ALL, I might even finsh this before midnight after all!! Next up another seriously funky and very desrvedly up and coming dynamic duo, as well as avid Scour fans and followers Nev Scott & Waynessential. Had no hesitation in inviting these two into Scour #52, because they are one of my top tips for big things in the next 12 months, plus they regularly heed my ears advice on their work, and very kindly allow me to road test some of their forthcoming gems. They definitely come up with a lethally dangerous floor filler for us all especially written for Scour #52, and for it we should all thank them by following their FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD right away please! Look out too for something exceedingly tasty dropping from them digittaly on Big M later this month.and in the meantime get very busy spinning this >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< wherever you play! Enormousest of UP’s fellas..thanking you kindly for this awesome contribution to Super Scour #52! 😀 120bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #24: A very very late R.S.V.P. from fellow GF crew members and fellow bloggers, The Funk Hunters was received just today! An absolute pleasure having them join in the Scour #52 party, with this bomb of a transitional tool, that they’ve stayed up ALL night getting ready and mastered especially to give away to Scour #52, via this >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. It was 05:00am that they put the finishing touches to that is some serious dedication to the Scour party! Not only that they even managed to work on a video for it too! At time of writing this hasn’t quite popped up on YouTube yet..but I’m assured when they wake up it should eventually be found >>RIGHT HERE<< (HD viewing recommended!) Dudes..can’t thank you enough! I sincerely hope you enjoy your Super Scour #52 company! 70/140bpm>>88/176bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #25: I don not believe it!! Not far off 12 hours of intro blurb writing and I have finally reached the final (pre-curveball) invitee to the Scour #52 party. Please all be up-standing for the utterly brilliant Mr Ronald Aquinas!! Ronald was one of the very first people to respond to my invite into Scour #52, and to say I was delighted to have him on board is a massive understatement. Seems ages ago now that he shared me two tunes to pick my favourite from, and which he then happily agreed to get sounding incredible especially for Anniversary Super Scour #52. Both tunes were awesome (as is all his work), but this one was exceptional and made me go all warm and fuzzy inside! Had always hoped someone that i’d invited may pull a DnB number outta their bag..but never ever expected to be lucky enough to land one as utterly genius as this! My penultimate request to ALL to get involved in following his FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD, by way of showing your apprecaition for his amazing work and generosity to Scour #52..pleeeeese! Done? Nice crack on and grab your copy of this gem via this penultimate >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Ronald, you thoroughly deserve ALL the success that you are currently reaping buddy. Please please come back to The Scour again soon though..very keen to share your brilliant work anytime you so wish buddy! Aaaaaand..on behalf of everybody grabbing your download, I for one, thank you! 😀 175bpm

SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #26: Aaaaand finally, Anniversary Super Scour’s CURVEBALL! Without a doubt the most difficult position to fill in an invite only Scour. So, who did I turn to and invite in especially to fill the spot? Well..there was only EVER one contender for my ears. He’s the ONLY person, in a years worth of Scouring, to have held this position THRICE, and so was always my first and trusted choice. Please give a warm welcome back to Birmaigham’s Mr Sam Redmore! As hoped and expected, his contribution is completely different to all other tunes made for Scour #52. But as with all his work, it’s undoubtedly beautiful, and most definitely top top quality! Can’t recall ever supporting ‘Folk House’ via the curveball slot either, so…as with ALL his previous contributions it’s a very worthy and welcome alternative to all the bombs that have just preceeded it! Sam..thank you fella, a Scour #52 Curveball job very well done! And every one else my final request to follow a FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and SOUNDCLOUD that has very kindly and generously worked hard for, and generously submitted exclusively into my The truly epic Anniversary Super Scour #52, to make it by far, the most amaaaazing of Scours to this date! So here’s your final (until you deliver enough love to open up he hidden download links) >>100% SUPER SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<.106bpm

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