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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 01/08/13

By August 2, 2013Blog

Hey up ducks! (..yes Fritz, that was especially for you cause Fal Town misses your legendary party face!)..hoping all whom take time time out to read this intro bit up here are feeling all good. Spinforth here, with Fat Harry (<< now with brand new Facebook Fan Page!) soon to be bringing up the rear (..ooh err!), both warmly welcoming you all to this latest big little mega catch up (..yet again) number..otherwise know as your 88th Scour! So yeah, avid Scour fans amongst you may well have noticed us sneakily go AWOL last week. Apologies for that, although I have to admit it was entirely intentional in an attempt to ensure I won't have to be Scouring for you all during the weeks directly before and after this years Boomtown Fair Festival. Instead we’ve just temporarily switched to 3 week gaps between Scours #87, #88, and post Boomtown #89 (due week commencing August 19th, after which ‘normal’ biweekly Scour service will hopefully resume), thus allowing us both time to prepare for our 6 (..yes that’s SIX) confirmed (so far) sets, as well as allowing us the essential week completely off afterwards to ‘land/recover’! For anyone heading to what is without doubt the maddest city in the UK, quite possibly even on the entire planet, our set times and venues are now all 100% confirmed as follows:

22:30hrs >> 00:00hrs The Immortal Engine – Hong Kong Ping Pong set.
00:30hrs >> 02:00hrs Boomtown Bobbies – Spinforth set.

00:00hrs >> 01:30hrs Spaceport: Terminal 2 – Hong Kong Ping Pong set.
03:00hrs >> 04:00hrs Madame Electrifie’s Laundry Service – Hong Kong Ping Pong set.

14:00hrs >> 15:00hrs Boombox Stage – Hong Kong Ping Pong set.
22:00hrs >> 00:00hrs Last Aid – Hong Kong Ping Pong set.

Blimey..knackering just thinking about that lot, best ensure I’m packing plenty of Bramandy I guess! 😉 Anyway, we most definitely can’t bloody wait, and very much hope to see plenty of Scour following friend faces at one, or any, and/or all of the above next week!

Right, reckon that’ll do for your main intro, time hand you over to Fat Harry to introduce my Scour #88 final cut picks. Lashings of ball loving props due to Harry this week please folks (..perhaps via mass thumbing of his new Fat Harry Fan Page – final plug!), he’s very very kindly found time to get involved in blurb duty whilst at the same time moving all of his possessions out of the flat that he’s being kicked out of first thing in the morning. I popped round to see him at lunch time, just to make sure he hadn’t bitten off more than he could chew in offering his Scour services..took an action shot of him mid clear out (as displayed above)..he seemed to be cracking on pretty well, not entirely sure why he was donning his rabbit baiting/dogging costume, but he was without doubt thoroughly enjoying himself dressed up as his snack lunch! Welcome to Fat Harry’s world! 😉

That’s me done, heeeere’s Harry, aaaand…

Enjoy! x

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I should be doing much more cleaning and packing but…

Obviously Jpod‘s very close to our HKPP hearts, his ‘Deep River’ remix has opened/closed many a set and even opened our last mix tape too ( one soon(ish) come). It’s nice of PHNX (..welcome to The Scour fella!) to give it a deep bluesy nipple-twist. Is that work house whistling? I’d best pull on my dungarees and put this really cute piglet down. See ya later Mr. Teets! N’aaaaaw, look at his scared and hollow eyes, so cute! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 82bpm

Get your brasso out for the lads! Why? because there’s a whole load of brass that needs polishing and i’m covered in straw and banjos and piglet tears! Another fresh Scour face belonging to Mr Jennings sprinkles the crunk all over Gene Krupa’s Do You Wanna Jump and it sounds utterly fantastical. I wonder if someone will do this to Rihanna in 80 years time? I’ll do it if no-one else fancies a go. 90bpm

More genius reworking ahoy! Poldoore throws us a bone in advance of his album coming soon on Cold Busted. This sneak peek preview track being one of 23, from various artists, featured on the latest 100% FREE Cold Busted sampler, which has something for everyone’s ears! Good for soul strutting on the promenade with your best badger or badgette. Watch out for those foxy Mods though, they’re bad news. Anyway, Poldoore – Wicked track fella, our eyes and ears are peeled for the album! 91bpm

Cue some proper Vic Reeves leg rubbing from me, Sola Rosa‘s in the house! Excuse me while I get sexified…shirt unbuttoned scandalously low, Farah’s ironed, sovereign’s polished, ginger moustache soul-glo’d and heavily doused from head to toe in Old Spice; I am ready for the possibility of love action! Honestly don’t know how i manage to stay so single, might try a roll neck under a raylon blazer next week. Temple of Boon‘s on the blending duties, The Herbaliser and Jean Grae with a touch of Sola’s Wiggle. Keep updated on all things Sola Rosa >>HERE<<, and all things Temple Of Boon >>HERE<<. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

SCOUR #88 EXCLUSIVE #1: One man army Sir Bruce of Missile‘s back in The Scour. We know! We tried to keep him out but he’s a bloody musical Johnny Rambo. We chased him off a cliff and he survived by….falling heavily through the branches of a tree, on our way back to HKPP HQ he’d made many traps, causing Spinforth to fall quite badly and graze his knee. He practically wiped out our entire umpa lumpa mercenary force and they cost a fortune to train! So for a bit of peace and quiet, here he is with this tremendous mash of Eve & Q-Tip. (Bruce! You’re in! Please stop covering yourself in mud and get out of our garden!). Don’t forget to leave him lashings of ‘thank you’ comment love, BEFORE getting involved in your very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that for your download!!)..thanking you kindly please! 97bpm

Hello The Dirty Dubsters! How dirty are they? I hear you ask. I don’t want to put you off your shreddies but they are covered in uncontrollable real ill sh*t, not pleasant I hear you scream. Au contraire! This is the crunchy nuts and has been a staple of ours for ages. Vocals from Afu Ra and cuts from DJ Mek. Yo Adrian! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

A warm welcome back to The Scour to Bag-O-Beetz with a cheeky block rockin’ Roots Manuva edit. I can’t help but picture Sir Bag-O in my minds eye as a ruddy farmer with a hessian sack of beetroots, followed by a cloud of dizzy whippets and a bandolier of pheasants slung over one shoulder. My fault not his. My brother grows beetroots in his garden, and onions and potatoes, in fact he grows all manner of vegetabalry, I fear I might be dead inside as although I try to get infected by his joy I just think “Meh, I could buy your entire garden for twelve quid from Asda”. Veg-hater. 100bpm

Norway’s Blowshitup wins this Scour’s award for the most assertive name. I hope he’s a good carpenter/bricklayer and plasterer, there’ll not be many repeat bookings otherwise. What a great idea though, earn hard dollars DJing then blow shit up, then earn more hard dollars hiring yourself out as a shit blown up repair man – He’s a genius! Although saying that I have a Norwegian friend who blew two fingers off making a home made bomb (I don’t know why – Lovely fella, crazy drunk) – at two digits a pop that’s 5 gigs before you start looking downstairs. I can hear exactly why Spin’s picked this one for the final cut…mucho mega dopeness about to enter your crates and ears! 100bpm

With nearly 100,000 plays in 48 hours it seems slightly odd pointing you in the direction of Grizmatik‘s new colab, but we love Griz and we love Gramatik, and if even one of you has managed to steer through the last 87 Scours and not have stumbled on their musical gold then it’s worth the nod. Electro Soul is it? Cool, whatever it’s called, put this on a set of headphones and let the sheer sonics clear your head and heart out. 98bpm

Minoru‘s another sonic genius, he’s created some true gems and if he was, say, a cow, the day he made this track I would have liked to have gone round to his barn and milked him, because a) he’d make one hell of a funky cow, possibly wearing star-shaped sunglasses and wellingtons, and b) his udders would have been filled with liquid quicksilver (Technically a cow has only one udder and four beautiful teets) and his manure would have been solid gold (ouch). Minoru. One very funky quadruped. 100bpm

Gentleman rabble rouser and King of Queensburies Ewan Hoozami gives his own Bulabeats release of last year a proper good pasting and an almighty nose box. Ooof! He’s a cheeky one! Catch him at Funkington Manor at Boomtown Fair next week. He’ll be taking on all comers in the boxing ring like an old school carny champion of champions. his southpaw is only bettered by his northpaw. Is that a boxing phrase? It is now! :wallop: Ow! No, it isn’t. Catch up next week fella, hoping Spinforth’s sneakily planned surprise earns us a brownie point or two! We’ll happily be on emergency Funkington call in return should you require such services at all ;). Oh yeah, almost forgot, this one’s a FREE download stylee celebration of your forthcoming ‘Manorism EP‘ innum. Out next week, and we suppose soon to be available to purchase amongst your other releases >>RIGHT HERE<<. 100bpm

I don’t quite know how to prep you for this one from freshly Scoured Astrio. It’s a bit off kilter Bhangra styleee, it’s a bit funky anthem, it’s certainly summer soulful struttin’, it’s a bit boom bappy and it’s also a tag team wrestling ring full of angry terminator robots high on the scent of John Connor wearing the metal equivalent of sumo loin cloths going hard at each other like they thought Pacific Rim was a fly on the wall documentary. Truly excellent! Two thumbs! And a very warm Welcome to The Scour dude! 100bpm

Everyone’s favourite pocket rocket Howla‘s in the Scour house! Lock up your livestock! Howla’s a one man ruckus/party/porn movie and before you know it any empty tubes of toilet paper will be long gone, along with all your hamsters and gerbils. He’s such a legend you wouldn’t mind one bit. St Louis Steppa is a stone cold bombtrack. If you missed it you should also avail yourself of his recent Bombastic Jam track ‘Had to be you’’s also dynamite. (no real hamsters or gerbils were harmed during the writing of this Scourblurb). ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 103bpm

SCOUR #88 EXCLUSIVE #2: There are a fistful of really exciting producers out there at the moment, in my humble opinion one of the most excellent is J-Sound. His progression over the last twelve months leaves me quite breathless ( do steep hills, running after ice cream vans and auto-erotic asphyxiation). To celebrate 2,000 plus soundcloud followers, and to compliment his brilliant new ‘Super Nature EP‘ **OUT NOW** on MustBeat Records and available to purchase >>HERE<< he’s very kindly offered up this Scour Exclusive. I’d follow him if it wasn’t for the restraining order. Apparently some people don’t like being handed shower gel whilst they shower – who knew! If YOU are guilty of not being a J-Sound follower ( really have no excuse whatsoever seeing as he is such an absolute legend of a Scour Superstar!!), please get involved following his SoundCloud immediately, and his Facebook Fan Page to boot, BEFORE then getting involved in this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that for your exclusive download!!)..thanking you kindly please! 103bpm

As a dedicated follower of Homebreakin records I fully credit DJ Spilt Milk for first introducing me to the joys of Opiuo via his wicked ‘Get With This‘ colab with Neighbour a fair few years back (..previously supported in Scour #40 times) – check it out, it’s still an essential tune! It’s a joy to welcome him back to The Scour with this electro funk monster. Is that a snippet of Rasmus at the end? I might just be getting all nostalgic and dewy-eared. 108bpm

‘Let me clear my throat’ has to be a contender for the most horrific song title whilst also being an all time amazing tune award. Would we still love it if it was called ‘Watch me scratch my ass’? (12″ Remix entitled ‘Not just a quick tickle but watch how I twist my back and really get the fingers jammed right in there) Yeah, probably! Ladies man and all round saucy Jackadore X-Ray Ted sprinkles just the right amount of sexy sauce on the original to spruce it up and send your dancefloors crazy. Although dropping the ‘coming on everybody’ vocal does little to lighten the whole throat clearing thing. Not that i’m complaining! Gold. 110bpm

D*Funk is a soundcloud hound of the highest magnitude! His Grits N Gravy label is non too shabby either. Sadly for him his Major Lazer remix deadline date was missed, happily for us he’s very kindly shared it for our listening/downloading/hoarding pleasure. Get Free. Thank you bud! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Welcome to The Scour Ad’N’Kuts! This is for all the G’s and G-ettes, and the hustlers and the hoes (and the rakes) and the drummers, especially the wicked ones, oh, also for the people with tourettes. Out of interest, are there any un-wicked drummers out there? Drummers that help the aged? Run errands for the infirm? Knit warm coats for small dogs during winter months? Whilst we’re on the subject is being an OG like being in highlander? Surely there can only be one Original Gangster, which would make all the other Gangsters fake MF’s….hold up, i’m getting the hang of this! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Look, it’s T.Rice, what do you want me to say? T.Rice is essentially the same thing as a musical royal seal. You know the quality is assured. You know it’ll be tasteful, you know it’ll be polished and dripping in high-end finish. The only difference is that unlike dirty expensive normal royal seal products, T.Rice also means free – which is great for us hoi polloi. You deserve an OBE T.Rice (..I know, I know, i’m here all week!) 111bpm

Say whut?! I’m going to cut and paste DJ Cut La Vis‘s own blurb to introduce this as there’s nothing I can say that better’s his own words. Ultra respect fella. “In 2004 Radio 1 Xtra celebrated 25 years since the release of the seminal rap masterpiece “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill gang. Bernard P Achampong produced this UK version with 12 of the finest MCs on the scene. The full line up: Rodney P, Chester P (Taskforce), Kano, C-Mone, Yungun, Sway Dasafo, J2K, Swiss (So Solid), Baby Blu, Skibadee, Luc Skyz (Poisonous Poets) and MCD. Check the amazing original >>HERE<< and tell Bernard what an imense job he did. I’ve selected my favourite verses (..though all of them are dope!) and added a little bashment flavour to boot, just in time for festivals and carnivals everywhere. Thanks to Bernard for his blessing.” 112bpm

Robster Bobster the codpiece Lobster’s back (aka: Bobby C Sound TV)! Of course he is! he’s like the tide; inevitable and unstoppable. Which is a good thing considering all the fish he keeps putting lasers on…What’s that? Base?……Not Bass?…..Are you sure? No Lasers on ANY FISH AT ALL?! Bugger. If there’s anyone in Amsterdam who has Bobby’s silver slippers – Roy Bekhuis i’m looking at you – can you please keep hold of them, he’ll be needing them for his Autumn tour, thanking you! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 114bpm

Tom Drummond you are the bomb! Beautiful and delicate re-work of a Steely Dan classic. I didn’t know that Michael McDonald did the BV’s, god damn that man’s a silver fox, larynx like a jester’s purse made of the finest silks. Taught Kenny Rogers EVERYTHING about owning a silver beard. I salute you for the loving memories! By the way, this is an amazing website for any Kenny/MM/silver beard fans out there: 116bpm

The intro to this always makes me think of the scene in Blazing Saddles when the different gangs of ne’er-do-wells are signing up for Hedley Lamar’s pillage of Rockridge; “Some breaking and some rapping and some breaking and some scratching and some breaking and some graffiti and some breaking” Errr, you already said breaking “I like breaking!” I like breaking too – hellish on the knees though. Basement Freaks add a smidgeon of Dizzee and a pinch of DJ Angelo and unleash yet another party banger. They’re just too lovely! 117bpm

It’s Summer skankin’ time! Shaka Loves You enough to share their very appropriate and sunshineingly happy edit of Groove Armada’s ‘But I Feel Good’. Calm down at the back! You’ll spill your strawberry cider! Is that really a drink? Who cares! it’s the summer and the sun is out and there’s not many wasps and Shaka Loves you! 124bpm

There’s four things I love in this world more than anything. Free money, free chickens, microwave ovens and custom made kitchens which are delivered to my door, oh, and yo-yo’s I love yo-yo’s. Wait, that’s five things. Anyway, those are five solid reasons why Ike Aligbe‘s very welcome back the scour! Tasteful re-work of the minefield that is ‘Money For Nothing’. All I need now is some help shifting these refrigerators and these colour TV’s. Who’s with me! 128bpm

It’s been a hard slog writing this Scour with one hand, all thanks to the mauling I received from Dj Savage Henry last time out. Uh Oh! he’s back! Henry, please! For the love of all the gods of man-typing take a leg this time! Only joking, i’m the fastest one finger typer this side of Nagasaki, do your worst! First rate remix of Foreign Beggars’ Hold On (and i’m not just saying that because I like my one remaining arm) Welcome back to The Scour dude! 144bpm

STOP THE PRESS! The Breakbeat Junkie releases a tune that’s chock full of win and fun and frolics…..oh, that’s not really news at all, quite standard for The Junkster! That’s why we love him! Hang on a mo, is this yet another backdoor re-wiff? I believe it is! You can’t keep a good man down, not even with a half nelson! Top work all round fellows! No-one does brass quite like you do brass. Aye Carumba! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 165bpm

Aldo Vanucci (real name Alan Zanussi) and Baron Von Don Dave create a thing of sheer sass and awesomeness.. Jaw dropping like the first time you saw the Giraffe head-butt footage or the viral drummer (..he looks a bit wicked) Enjoy! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK COMMENTS. 174bpm

Qnoe is a Ping Pong favourite, love pretty much most of what he does, this is no exception, just goes to show what you can achieve with a good idea, a steady hand and a bit of bongo bong. Hear this playing at many a festival near you real soon, no doubt! 93/186bpm

And finally, this week’s Curveball! What better way to finish off our mid summer season festival Scour special with a smile and a cracking end tune from Scour newcomer Jamie Berry – not your normal standard curveball fayre, but it’s summer and life is good and we’re full of love and joy and happy-happy good cheer! May we all get really burnt, have incredible hangovers and get to hang out with our old besties and meet new besties! See you in a few (three) weeks xx 121bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.

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