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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 03/10/13

By October 4, 2013October 5th, 2013Blog


How do’s all yee Scour fans, followers, lovers n thumbersa..and a Happy Scourday™ to you all to boot! It’s us, Spinforth and Fat Harry – both a little worse for Fresher flu’ey business wear, but alas – back once again to deliver you all your fresh..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #92!

So yep, due to us both feeling somewhat under the weather this Scour, strapped for spare time cause our 9-5’s have gone bananasley busy, and both half deaf thanks to poppy’ing n clicky’ing infected ears – we’re admitting to delivering you a bit of speed Scour this week. Sadly no time to hook up any exclusives, but still choc full to the brim with no less than 23 of the finest 100% FREE joints to be found on SoundCloud over the last couple of weeks. Almost time to hand you all over to Fat Harry to introduce my latest ear picked bag of treats, but before I do, just a quick heads up to any body reading this whom might be out n about in Bristol next Saturday night, October 12th…

If you haven’t heard the English Disco Lovers *** Interstella Space Ball*** party news already..Myself, Sammy Senior, J-Sound, and Waggles will be hosting the **STAR WARS FUNK ROOM***, from 22:00hrs – Late (04:00/05:00am stylee late) at this mighty fine looking event for lovers of all things disco and, of course, Funk (..primarily of the Ghetto variety!). We’d be absolutely delighted if you’d bring your party faces along, promises to be an awesome night full of quality beats and the fanciest of dresses, all accompanied by lashings hugely talented and super glam Interstella Circus Performers! Party well n truly ON..just click the flyer below for full line up and event details! 🙂

The Interstella Space Ball Flyer

Right, so that’s me done for another Scour, and that’s one less away from the magic/miraculous #100! Blimey that’s starting to sound scarily start sending out some invites soon I guess. Switching y’all over to Fat Harry..the Scour-bridge is all yours pard!

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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Thanks bud. Right on splendid people! Spinforth and myself are both walking wounded this week, he’s suffering from ‘too much work work-itus’ and I have full blown ‘not enough hours in the day-ids’. Nevermind! We are as addicted to delivering you The Scour as a silken sack of unicorns are addicted to pretty pink ribbons. So…

First up tonight is DJ Skiptrack, delivering a chilling half time (mostly) drum and bass funk dagger. It’ll be slid between your ribs and take your breath away before you know it. Cold as ice. Welcome to The Scour! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 85bpm

What’s this? Ben Hedibi bowing out of the production game with a farewell bootleg? Whilst we wish him all the best for his wedding we hope he won’t entirely be leaving us and our ears and hearts and our nipples alone. Who’s gonna flick our beans now?! (Put your hand down Sammy!) Keep your eyes peeled for Ben’s album in the new year, loads of Scour love and best wishes from us fella, whatever your plans, you’re sure to be missed in these realms. 91bpm

Perennial bean flicker DJ Maars is back! “Yes yes y’all, and you don’t stop!” He’s getting mighty fine at this production game. He owns his own private rooms in my 90-100bpm section, when I dig through my crates his hand reaches out and grabs mine, then pulls me close and blows gently on my face, he practically turns around, looks at me over one turned shoulder, places his finger to his lips, lowers his secretarial-style glasses and in a deep husky voice charged with ball-exploding temptation and the promise of hot love, begs me to pick one of his tunes for the dance floor. Phew! 50 shades of winning! 92bpm

Oh Herro Supa John! Big jaunty mash ahoy! Loads of fun, extremely well put together, not sure what I want to do more, put on a vest and unleash the guns, tie a handkerchief around my head, dagger my cat in my thong or just pretend i’m a deckhand from Captain Pugwash. Damn it, the cat’s just gone! Oh well, it doesn’t matter, the thong might pinch a little but i’m happy! Warm welcome to The Scour Sir! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 93bpm

New Zealand’s K+Lab unleashes all the dirty massive wangs on this Hermitude edit. It’s ok, we’re reliably informed no actual wangs were harmed in the making of this monster. As per usual K+Lab flays the living bejesus out of it. None other than the mighty Scrumb sums it up best when he leaves the poignant comment “I think i’m pregnant”. No kidding fella! Please pass me the opiates and the petroleum jelly, for I am sore downstairs x 90bpm

Holy Funkasaurus Batman! Welcome to The Scour Canada’s The Real Molloy – hell of an entrance fella! Errrrm, will you be paying for the damage your funky bomb caused in our Scour bunker? There’s literally crisps and dips and thongs and tights and haribo over all the walls…actually it doesn’t matter, we have a full array of insurance policies taken out through all the money we made on being wrongly mis-sold PPI after we kept knocking our own walls down with our own erections after we purchased all that viagra from that Nigerian General who gave us all that money in the first place! Thank you spam god! and Thank you The Real Malloy! 100bpm

This could be my favourite Temple of Boon tune yet! That’s saying something considering all the times he’s appeared in The Scour with his top mash-works. He’s the King of the funky beat and the Queen of squashing potatoes up into a creamy pulp. Is he from New Zealand? Of course he is! 101bpm

Sexy ragamuffins and all-round Mr Myagi’s, The Allergies continue in their well trodden path of helping to repair the world’s soul by producing music that both makes you feel like a tooled up Borstal breakout about to rip some ‘new ones’ and a Tibetan pacifist kung fu monk that could, if he wasn’t so in control of his emotions, kill you with a well aimed one inch punch (by definition all one inch punches must be well aimed, other wise they’d just be one inch nudges) :Wax on wax off: 101bpm

Bag-O-Beetz rejizzles Scour legends Warp9‘s Gypsy Djazz! A bit of gypsy, a bit of jazz, a bit of Shureshock. What mentalist thought that would make for a great musical combo? Mr. Beetz did! And he’s a twisted genius for doing so! Don’t piss him off though or he’ll drop down from your bathroom ceiling on a ninja cord and pour a shoal of breast fed laser clad miniature piranha into your bath water. Stop! It tickles! 103bpm

SPONKY (great name!)..Welcome to The Scour meine schöne Freundin! Meine Damen und Herren, bereiten Sie Ihre Hose, Socken, Kittel und Lederhosen haben gut und wirklich gerockt off! Wise words Google translate! This is the sound of Michael Hasslehoff making sweet love to an extremely drunken Kit whom has wet himself, whilst Airwolf the helicopter and Pamela Anderson watch on admiringly drinking schnapps and flicking the V’s at Davina McCall. Pure Jim’ll Paint It in musical form. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK COURTESY OF GlitchHop.NET AVAILABLE >>HERE<< 105bpm

Scour Legends Warp9…. wait, we’ve already done that. Hell, who cares! Warp9 come at us like an angry and aroused donkey, all elbows, hooves and frothy, filthy jazz! And we love it! It Ain’t right! 106bpm

More dextrous than a funky monkey with four arms, three tails and twelve thumbs, DJ INKO twerks Timothy Wisdom within an inch of his life. Sir Timothy takes it like the boss he is though. He doesn’t own the jauntiest of hats in the world for nothing! He has style and panache in spades, more than enough to keep the slinky Inko at bay, He can’t lay a glove on him whilst Sir Tim tells him to keep getting his hands up, this one will be decided by the judges scorecard. :Butterfly/bees: 106bpm

At first I thought Fritada De Cumbia was a deep fried delicacy of Northern England and Skeewiff might be laying down recipes for a new cookbook. I can picture him on masterchef wearing a fake bald wig over his flowing masculine locks, over gripping the desert spoon like Popeye after a spinach rush, chowing down on some poor fools pudding whilst maintaining eye contact and laughing evilly and jotting down the details into his secret cookbook, muttering something like ‘buttery biscuit bass’. But no! Skeewiff is merely laying down another Cumbia/Moombah bomb from the wondrous Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom album, which you have no reason not to own by long as you’ve bought ALL THESE first! 😉 108bpm

Pinocchio! I am your father! JaPetto gets all Darth Vadar on our asses and makes an epic deathstar of a galactic party bomb! How good is it? Ask anyone on Aldeeran, they’ll tell ya! Oh……too soon? 110bpm

Is that Sir Timothy of Wisdom again? Why yes it is, getting his hands all up in the air and suff! Anyone would think Sir Tim had recently unleashed a FREE Acapella Pack or something!? Ahh..I see! Moving on..Super laser baseline remix by Tone-E/Symptom. I think Tim would very much approve. Scour Golden Seal of Approval. 115bpm

Been aaaaages since we’ve heard from DJ August (Scour #63 times aaaaages ago Spinforth reliably informs me!), doesn’t really matter when the big chief comes out with wickedness such as this! Utterly splendid scat-work, which alone earns nothing but utmost respect and love in my book, but then my book is called ‘lover of scat and all scat related paraphernalia’. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Bad habit baby! Really? Nope, it’s just Djrebel being all amazing again, which must mean it’s skank o’clock! Slightly odd to see him all the way down here, he usually graces the upper echelons of The Scour, no less lovely though, in fact i’d like to see more of him down here, the foxy trickster. Huuuuge thanks for switching the download of this one on especially for The Scour buddy..please don’t forget to send him your ‘thank you’s’ folks! 120bpm

Lock up your livestock! Francis Red ‘s back in town! That means he’ll own all the swing and all the wobble and certainly all your bass will belong to him. If you have anything on your speakers that’s, you know, breakable, you might want to take it off now. Likewise, if you’re wearing any kind of embarrassing ‘Where’s Wally’ underwear you might want to remove those too, as your trousers are about to explode! 122bpm

Keeping in the swinging pants vein, here’s DJ Django, you might remember him from Scour 89 getting all wobbly in St Louis, well, he’s only at it again! this time with more swing and more shape throwing when you’re either in front of the mirror cleaning your teeth or on the dance floor pretending to be a sex monkey. Either way it’s all win x ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 85bpm 125bpm

SkiiTour are one of our favourite double acts in the world, always fun, big with the snowmen, massive hair and some of the best jumpsuits in the business. The Cannon and Ball of Canada. There’s nothing that can beat them….unless….they could somehow team up with funkmeister Slynk. Ha! Like that could ever happen…..hold up! 125bpm

Banger Alert!!! Like a gang of mad muppet chef’s, CMC & Silenta mix Skrillex and Dire Straits and come up smelling of cookie monsters and Bert and Ernies! Yeharrr! Put your hands up those puppets Timothy! 😉 132bpm

Accompanying video courtesy of the ever awesome Amp’l Beats

This is amazing! We’re long time HKPP lovers of everything Taggy Matcher put out and I built my entire first set around ‘Thought it was you’ by Herbie Hancock, and I HAD AN ETCH-A SKETCH! Great work all round JR.Dynamite Edits, proving once again that an awesome tune and an awesome idea isn’t triple awesome unless you have awesome artwork to go with it! Hifive fella and big love! 165bpm

Annnnd finally..:Ooof!: This is a mighty Curveball! Shimi Sonic hits us squarely between the nuts like James Bond sitting in a chair getting a knotted bit of rope swedged at his balls by an angry Oriental gent. :Yikes!: Have some! 78bpm

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