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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 05/09/13

By September 6, 2013Blog


How do’s? And Happy Scourday™ all! Blimey those those last two weeks flew by. Guess it’s been a long while since I only left you hanging for two weeks mind, but with our UK festival season now sadly over, hopefully Scours will start getting back to the more normal and regular biweekly business for you all..probably.

So yeah, here we are once again, myself (Spinforth), and Taiwan based multi-award winning, internationally touring DJ/producer (originally from Bristol, UK). Founder of Bass Kitchen Worldwide..DJ Chamber welcoming you to Spinf…hold up, wait a second..DJ who?? This isn’t ‘normal’!? Far from it. Where the funk is Fat Harry!? Oh right yeah, I remember now, my trustee sidekick has sloped off gigging on a school night and left me in charge of blurb duty. As if I was ever going to find spare time to do that too! I considered it, for about two seconds, but then thought, hmmm…there must be someone out there willing and able to step up to and fill his massive shoes..and as if by magic, in pops a facebook message from the one and only biggest shoe wearer I know of in the world, the Scour saving legend Mr DJ Chamber! To be fair, he was actually only messaging me with a tune for consideration (’s ace, and would have happily Scoured it anyway bud) but then..he foolishly kindly offered if he could be of any assistance. My prayers were answered, the first EVER special guest Scour blurber outside of the HKPP crew camp was snared very warmly welcomed! I’ve no doubt whatsoever he’s massively regretting typing the words ‘let me know if you need help with getting it done, if i can step up and lend a hand someway i will‘ but, I honestly can’t thank him enough for doing so. I was stressing out big time about getting this latest Scour job done until that moment. You’re a true gent dude, now all I need to do is help you hit YOUR 10,000th Facebook Fan Page liking >>CLICK RIGHT HERE<< yes? Done may blurb away until you wish you’d never written those words again! 😉

Right, so that’s easily enough of an main intro already I reckon. Mostly all bloggledegook, but looks impressive..better than some of my more recent copouts anyway. I’m sure there’s something else I need to be saying before we head down below though. Oh yes..just a quick little HUUUUUUUMONGOUS and sincerest of thank YOU’s going out to all whom have treated their crates to a copy of ‘Scoured Cream Vol.03’ over this past week. Of course i had faith in the featured Scour Superstars and their awesome tunes, as well as secret high hopes that it might just about be rad enough to win us a hat rick of Juno Download #1’s. Wasn’t counting any chickens though, so when it reached that incredible height, across ALL genres no less, at precisely 01:00hrs last Friday night/Sunday morning..I yelped a little, and very speedily proceeded to get even more pissed than I was already! You beauties..such a treat to see several months of hard work from all the artists involved ( well as one or two hours put in here and there by myself) rewarded with a third number one best seller in a row. Incredible. Anyone still reading this wondering what all the thankful excitement is about, here comes a little treat for you all. EXCLUSIVE World Premiere of WBBL‘s Juno chart smashing ‘FIYAH!’ anyone? Take a canoodling at the back please, now enjoy this veritable visual feast of an accompanying video, courtesy of the absolute dude of dude of a duuuude, whom goes by the name of Amp’l Beats. 🙂

Release date: **OUT NOW**

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That really is waaay more than enough from me now, time to serve up my 90th (crikey..getting close to 100! I wonder whom might be interested in getting involved in that then??) mixed bag of Scoured goods, by handing you all over to my very very special guest, please give him the warmest of Scour cometh Sir Chamber the 90th Scour saviour!

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Big thanks for letting Spinforth down Harry 😉 ..these rather large shoes you left me fit just perfectly! It’s an honour and a privilege to be invited to be the first ever guest Scour blurber (or ‘blurbist’? ‘blurbster’? ‘blurbette’? ) outside of the Hong Kong Ping Pong crew. “Sup” SoundCloud playaz! While Spinforth is off foraging for bassnuts in the woodlands of life, and Fat Harry is getting high on bath salts or something, I’ve been left in charge. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. I say watch out because I’m about to repeatedly slap you in the face with my laptop keys. Hold on to your sideways turned baseball caps everybody because shizz is about to get real. We’re going deep people – balls deep! Ready? Set? Let’s Scouuuur!!

Mr NOG crosses a bunch of cool genres together to create something original, awesome and as far as I can tell, entirely un-Star Wars related. Soulful yet banging! Jumbo-ups to NOG for this one, doper than a failed international sporting event urine test. 89bpm

Lushiously delectable chilled out hip-hoppy vibes from Canadian Scourgin™ (Scour virgin) turntablist and producer, RileyJ. Welcome to the Scour Mr J. I hope losing your Scour virginity to my words isn’t too painful. Congratulations on creating a tune which is marginally more relaxing than getting head from a sexy toothless beauty. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 90bpm

Nice work Sammy Senior, high five! This is what Sammy calls ‘Sunday morning Hip-Hop’. I’m usually far too asleep, hungover or drunk to consciously experience Sunday mornings, so its a crying shame to suddenly find out that I’m missing out on a bunch of tunes which sound as sweet as this. 90bpm

Here’s a big melodic boom bap mashup from New Zealander Temple of Boon that is definitely posessing something sweet. ‘How many MCs must get dissed?’ Its a question which has been troubling scholars since it was first asked in 1993. Sadly, we are still no closer to an answer with expert opinions on the subject varying wildly. 95bpm

Sam Redmore has ‘worked it’ extremely well with this tropical mashup. I have little to no knowledge of Latino music – I guess this is samba or salsa or rhumba or something… It’s definitely good though, that much I can say for certain. Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaa. 96bpm

I will be writing this in the style of the Beastie BOYS! That’s why I’m shouting the last word of every SENTENCE! The interestingly/intriguingly named Yuanan “J.A.R” has put some tasty dub vibes under the Beasties vocals which work surprisingly WELL! When is a phat remix not a phat REMIX? When it’s a “J.A.R.” MASHUP. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

Wilkommen to the Scour Mr per.du (another Scourgin™) – WARNING: This mashup is serious, it may or may not make you delerious. Bladdy nice this one – Busta’s gone all light and twinkly – I never thought I’d see the day (although, actually, he did release a Christmas tune duetting with Justin Bieber a while back – Seriously, Google it, you’ll vomit in your own mouth)… 95bpm

DJ Chamber!? Never heard of him! Oh wow, I don’t know what to say, I really didn’t expect this, haven’t prepared anything, speechless really. Mr Spinforth has scoured my new remix! This is a little awkward – What I will say is this – this is probably the single greatest digitized audio recording which has ever been created. Somewhere between Glitch-Hop and Hip-Hop, I have invented a new style which I’ve coined ‘Glip-Hop’ (TM). Glip-Hop WILL be the next big thing, just you wait and see… 94bpm

Whooooo’s that? Its Mr Showtime – Tom Showtime! This is a lovely little mash of Charlie the magical talking tunafish and Mr Manuva over a KMD beat which does exactly as it says on the tin and Kauses Much Damage! Any tune that mentions Van Goughs missing ear and a spandex pants leg is aaaalright with me. If you like this one then keep checking up over at Tom’s Soundcloud Page as he’s giving away a tune a week for the next few weeks. 96bpm

MEGA LOVE for this one!!! In a word – ‘Gospelicious’. In 5 more words and a letter, Alific and Bishop D are awesome – To add a further 40 words to the mix – If you are digging this, you will want to check out Alific’s forthcoming LP – ECHOES FROM THE SOUL, which will be released very soon (September 10th). If you are not digging this, there might well be something wrong with your ears. 100bpm

When’s the last time you heard a funky diabetic? Its a question which has been troubling scholars since it was first asked in 1993. A warm welcome to The Scour to Canadian beatmaster and Scourgin™ – DJ Pump! A dark and dirty, almost unhygenic remix with an unexpected switch up two thirds of the way through – Perfect to shake the walls of underground basement clubs all around the world. Oh my gawwwd! I give it three thumbs up. 98bpm

This tune packs a Mohammed Ali style punch directly to the testicles – in a good way. What I’m trying to say is that its powerful. With what I can only describe as a bassline phatter than an ogres chode, Scourgin™ KUI. is kicking some major arse on this one. Certainly going in my cd wallet. Merci beauKUI! 100bpm

Noice! Timothy ‘Timaaaay’ Wisdom has gone done an audio beauty here! Paradoxically speaking, this sounds like what I imagine retro will sound like in the future. Earplugs… where we’re going we don’t need earplugs! Once this baby hits 88 beats per minute, you’re gunna hear some serious shi… 101bpm

Proper head bobbing vibes from Shåkasøünd on this one. More chilled than the contents of a fully stocked Smeg (teehee) fridge/freezer unit… Anyway, sit back, relax, pop your feet up and prepare to be washed over by a calm ocean of funk and rhymes – don’t listen too closely to the lyrics though as they are a little bit ‘real’. 102bpm

Bouncy goodness from the ingeniously named Stabfinger & K.D.S Welcome to the Scour you pair of massive Scourgins™. This French duo blend together a little of this, a little of that, a little of Afrika Bambaata, a little of De La Soul and a little of Joseph Julian Gonzales for good measure to make this chunky groove. Tres bon mes amis! 100bpm

Check it out – It’s that (possibly) Brazillian tune that everyone knows and likes but noone outside of Brazil (or its probably fairly nearby country of origin) quite knows the name of or words to – Great job on the remix duty from The Spank!! You da Mendez! Really nice switches between the traditional (hopefully) Brazillian bits and trap! 105bpm

GhettoFunktastic take on the White Stripes classic ‘Seven Nation Army’! This isn’t the work of any old DJ, this is SOME DJ motherlovers! If you like this, be sure to check out his recently released first ever vinyl record (available >>HERE<<) featuring the incredibly talented Mr Imagine This. 105bpm

Bravo Scoured Cream Vol.03 Superstars Warp9 – Warps 1 to 8 had nothing on you sir. You may very well have created the single funkiest tune since funk records began. Get your glittery flares, afro wigs and star shaped sunglasses ready for this one – BowWowWow is so fly it suffers from intermittent bouts of altitude sickness… 106bpm

LabRat & Jamburglar (which might be the best producer name of all time) have created a sickness so ill that it has already killed several listeners – What I’m trying to say is that I like it and its very good. To quote ‘William Alexander Dyer’ (from the Soundcloud comments of this tune): “nice one boys” – To which ‘Nicklas_Washing’, thoughtfully adds “Biu biu biu”. Right on the money as ever Nicklas! 108bpm

SCOUR #90 EXCLUSIVE: Hang about, Spinforth explicitly informed me there were no exclusives this week!? Ahh..I see, it’s from another Scour Superstar, I guess we’ll allow this behaviour from the boss! Father Funk‘s funky fertility is positively oozing from every pore with this remix – somebody fetch a mop… Wobbly wub-wub awesomeness throughout this retardedly good remix! Bonus points for including minimal Fergie in this edit – Very nice work! Get involved with your very kindly donated >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<..right there! 110bpm

This ones hot like mustard! If you don’t know how to spell the word ‘BEAT’, this tune should help. Good work, T.Rice. This one is almost as old skool as Adam and Eve. Early 80s disco breaks never sounded so fresh. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me T.Rice, shame on me… 115bpm

Absolutely love this! Welcome to the Scour for the first time ever Funk Monks’ Mr Lev Melvin aka:Whiteboy Funk. If this one doesn’t send you into a frenzied spasm of twerks and booty shaking then you may well be paralyzed from the midriff down. Slappa de bass! 115bpm

This ones bouncier than a spacehopper filled with laughing gas. Australian badman Dastardly Kuts aka ‘Dick Dastardly and Kutley’ (..not really, I just made that up) has made a right good mashup here – Blending Breakbot and all round Scour Superstar WBBL with the not so docile tones of the Ying Yang Twins and Bubba Sparxxx. Marvellous! 116bpm

Doug ‘D*Funk‘ Masters has dropped another badboy choon ladies and gents! Bang Bang Love sounds like something I may or may not have experienced on my recent Thailand tour. Chunky beats and a great bassline make this tune go bang bang. Clinically obese-ups to you on this one Mr *Funk. 117bpm

Awwwwwww yeaaaaaaah!!! This little number is rather wonderful, a bootleg of two classics which winds up being more uplifting and positive than [SPOILER ALERT] the ending of every Disney movie ever made. I struggled to type the description for this tune as some guy kept telling me to put my hands up as I listened to it. Grand job Tom Drummond, just grand! 116bpm

Oh shnap! I have a new favorite version/mega mashup of Gravel Pit. This ones got trumpets and stuff – Proper cool! Extra large-ups to Beat FreneticsMichael ‘Lene on me, when you’re not strong’ Lener! Nipple hardening stuff. Ever wondered what the gravel pit they refer to actually is? I did, so I Googled it – turns out shes talking about her vagina. Yikes! 125bpm

THIS. IS. DOPE! Quite literally music to my ears. Muchos respectiatos to Joe Revell for cooking up this phat little broken beat beast of a remix. If you are wondering how you can get yourself high, theres a few methods I’ve found work well. Spinning around for a while usually does the job. If thats not your cup of tea, you could try holding your breath for a bit (but not too long). If thats too hardcore for ya, sometimes standing up quickly can provide quite the headrush! 125bpm

This choon packs ‘oodles’ of floor shaking sub – Proper space dub vibes – And then just when you least expect it, it hits you with a tasty double time breakbeat. Thaswhaimtalkinbout! Pant-creamingly good, nice work Indidginus! Now where did I put my ‘erb… oh, good god, stood up too quick! 😉 140bpm

I thought you could only love a tune in fairly tales… Then I heard its bass, now I’m a believer. Without a trace, of doubt in my mind that its going in my crate. I’m in love with this remix… Great job DJ Snatch you cheeky little Monkee. Tastier than a double pack of Tesco’s delicious egg custard tarts made with double cream and sprinkled with nutmeg. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 162bpm

And finally we arrive at this weeks Curveball. I actually have a friend who has suffered from a curved ball ever since he sat down too fast on a hard Ikea chair named Ivar in 2004. He was never quite the same after the incident, both testicularly speaking and in general – It certainly didn’t help his confidence that people started calling him ‘flatpack bollocks’ and ‘Ikea meatball’. Anyway, enough about my scrotally lopsided buddy, lets talk about the final tune of today’s Scour. Well basically its really groovy and stuff so get it and that yeh?! WARNING: If you suffer from kaleidoscope eyes as a result of listening to this tune, we recommend you consult a medical professional ASAP. Big love Rhythm Scholar! And that’s me, your guest blurb writing host DJ Chamber, all done and completely and utterly Scoured out! 93bpm

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