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How do’s all, Spinforth and Fat Harry back here for you once again..and yep, running a tad late once again too! Best I just crack on and greet you with a warmest of welcomes to this rather splendid..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #78!

Two tiny weeny very very important pleases’s before I hand you over to Fat Harry..

Have you all sent in your Breakspoll – International Breakbeat Awards votes yet? If not, please consider having a gander over here for some helpful tips. 😉

Still unsure? Well, in that about you come and join us NEXT Friday at our monthly residency (always 3rd Friday of the month) at The Watermans, Falmouth…where we can prove it to you. Mooqee & Pimpsoul are back in town, to celebrate Morphs’ birthday. Any one in attendence last year will know how good this will be! Pleeeeease come and re-run the HKPP party fun! 🙂

So that’s my slightly poor excuse of an intro over..good job this week’s Scoured n delivered tunes are all ultra sweet nuts. Here now, without further ado, have yourselves a Scour #78, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Up from the depths! 30 Stories high! Breathing fire! It’s head in the sky! The Scour! The Scour! The Scour! ……………..blurb by Fat Harrrrryyyyyyy.

Soundclouders and Spinforth do all the epic hard work, whilst I pop along and drape my soft glittery balls over everyone else’s sweat and graft – Like Godzooky in a ginger wig. Welcome one and all to scour 78!

Straight in with this absolute Stompa monster from Scour virgin NOG (welcome sire!). It sounds like the love child from a mucky night spent with B.Visible, J-Sound, Spinforth, a phalanx of gimps and northern pin up The Fritz. Party Poppas! 83bpm

SCOUR #78 EXCLUSIVE #1: Danger! Bruce Missile is on the re-rub! Cheeky Blahzay edit, very kindly donated free and all exclusive-y to The Scour. Warming up your dance floors like a speeded up Mr Myagi rubbing on and rubbing off inna Chinese burn styleeee! WARNING!! Spinforth has assured me that all of this week’s exclusive downloads have been booby trapped with a virus that automatically sends your mobile phone number to Dominos Pizza, whom will then proceed to harass you (up to 16 times a day via text message) to purchase your dinner every night from their ‘local’ store..conveniently situated 300 miles away! This virus will activate should you rudely decide not to leave a courteous word spreading comment on ALL supported players featured in this Scour..understood!? So, off you pop to do just that, BEFORE you grab your first (of 4) >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<

Keeping it in the kung fu chop chop vein, check out this superbad Wu-Tang Edit from Ben Hedibi. This will definitely be on the soundtrack when Hollywood eventually remake Monkey Magic arrrrr Pigsie! – mark our words tripitakas! 95bpm

Prepare to have your nipples tweaked and your veruka slippers rocked off! Immense half pipe of hip hop ahead! Courtesy of fresh Scour dudes Notes Floats, as good a track as you’re likely to hear this year. Last one to hit the ‘follow’ button on ‘Love Our Records‘ is a massive Chris Browner….Ready? Steady? Hey! You cheated! :not the face, Chris!: ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

Blend Mishkin is touring! I’m booing that he’s not touring the UK. Boo! But i’m cheering that he’s released a new tune to celebrate. We were lucky enough to have him play on his last tour and can STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you catch him on his current jaunt around Europe. A true legend. 98bpm

SCOUR #78 EXCLUSIVE #2: Northern pin up The Fritz is in the house! Please! Ladies! Gentlemen! PLEASE! Keep calm! No pushing! Please keep behind the barriers! I promise there’s enough pen for everyone’s breasts to be signed! Sir! Put those back on! Madame! the sign says no bottles….ewwwww! Received any unsolicited texts from Dominos recently? Want to keep it that way? Thank you comment first, and then tuck in to your >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 103bpm

We at HKPP have been rinsing this J-Star tune in our sets over the years ( we have so many of his tunes). Amazing of him to offer it up as a free wav download, we’re pretty certain you’ll love it too – or i’ll come round your house and private truffle shuffle for you. Oooh, by the way, he’s got an album coming out soon – do yourself a massive favour and pre-order your copy now >>RIGHT HERE<<. DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE VIA SOUNDCLOUD PAGE 105bpm

SCOUR #78 EXCLUSIVE #3: Pass me my razors Spinforth! I feel inspired and sexually expressive! Thank you tobyONE…great reworking of a Brazilian classic. Mas Que Nada literally means “arrrrrgh! It burns! IT BURNS!!!! So…very….much…burn!!!” It never looks that burn-y in the pictures, how on earth do they do it? Say your thank you’s please, and then, get involved with your >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 110bpm

Huge bear hugs, Irun Bru kisses and warm welcomes to The Scour for Glasgow’s finest party starters Shaka Loves You with this Commodores party bomb. Loving their sounds and loving their ethos. Top work party fellas! 110bpm

Long legged Leeds fan and ladies love Leygo has once again come dangerously close to ending all life as we know it :shakes fist: This time he’s only gone and created his own musical version of the Higgs-bosun project by sprinkling his own brand of dark matter genius over Featurecast’s feindish genius over Public Enemy’s original genius. That’s genius to the power of….loads. Incredibleness! 110bpm

Well don’t I feel silly, Timothy Wisdom is a living legend and I consider myself privileged to have met him, same goes for Sir Nick Thayer. As the title suggests Tim has made a tune entirely from Nick’s loopy bits and I loved it! Fresh from the heady leather leotarded delights of Beyonce’s Superbowl half time show I took her advice and tried to put my ring on it. Now i’m tagged and have a restraint order against me and face being arrested should I get closer than 200 meters to either of them. Both myself and Spinforth are surprised you’ve not heard these next words before,’s your ‘warm welcome to The Scour buddy’. 110bpm

Bobby C Sound TV is at it again, this time by accident. Ha! Nutter! Only Bobby could make an epic wall of laser funk by accident. Probably accidentally knocked up a video for it too..yarp. Does anything slow the man down? If he was thawed out in Jabba’s palace you just know know he’d have everyone rocking with a 5 hour AV set he’d put together whilst he was frozen solid in carbonite. Pure legendary mentalist! 110bpm

Warp9 are one of my new favourite producers, have been loving everything they’ve done, love their sound, love their ideas, purchased a couple of their tunes from Beatport, and have been generally just all round loving their balls. Imagine how the items of my half eaten sandwich slowly dropped to the floor when I saw they’d remixed the salty balls off of the one and only beat chef himself. If I can painfully keep the Star Trek analogy going, they’ve turned an already sultry Deanna Troi, into a heaving Seven of 9. I canna take anymore captain!! 111bpm

I’ve spent the week stripping literally days of accumulated junk out of my iTunes and was very pleased to reacquaint myself with an old D.End EP which I’d completely forgotten about – how very rude of me. Do yourself a big one and after grabbing this tasty edit go and check out his stuff, quality business. 113bpm

Great Skankin Stevens in the sky! Dreadsquad crack out the brass and get all ska on our asses! Utterly fantastical Polish stomp. You love a bit of it you dirty pigeons! 127bpm

SCOUR #78 EXCLUSIVE #4: Like a slow motion lycra man-bomb, Scour Legend J-SOUND launches himself off the top rope and utterly lays the smack down on us with his Barratt Strong re-beef. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s probably heavily mashed and processed horse giblets, but it is definitely full o’ meaty goodness :findus keepers: Thank him first pleeeease..and then go get your very very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 132bpm

Minor-u tickles my fancy in the same vein as Warp9. Fresh ideas, exciting sonics, big balls. Oh and he’s got 29 tunes for you to have a listen to on his soundcloud page. When I see that I just can’t resist, I’m like a soundcloud Roger Rabbit reacting to the ‘shave and a haircut song’ I simply must check all his other tunes out, there is no genetic way for me to refuse! 140bpm

You might remember UNU’ from a couple of scour’s ago. Well blow me if he’s not come up top trumps again, you are sooooooo going to love this! Oh look, he’s also got 26 tunes on his soundcloud….unbutton the trousers, blow up the arm bands and get the kettle on, you will need to make tea! 140bpm

Oh my word. Another new face warmly welcomed to The Scour. We think you’ll agree this is quite a special track. But first may we save you the time searching (for you surely will) and just give you this link to C@ in the H@‘s EP on beatport >>RIGHT HERE<< Now press play and enjoy the swinging filth in all its glory! We love you!! x DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 143bpm

Aaaaaand finally handing you all back to Spin’ to deliver you this week’s Curveball! Thank you, thank you, thank you..Fat Harrrrryyyyyyy! 🙂 Another invaluable helping blurb writing hand held out this week, genuinely massively appreciated pard, I may actually get to work no later than I always am tomorrow morning after all! . So yep, rounding up this week’s Scour is the incredible DJ INKO!! Hang what’s curvy balled about that? He’s practically part of the Scour Superstar studded furniture these days. Well yes, that’s all entirely true, BUT..right here he’s delivering us all a whole, completely 100% free, album full of brilliant Inko remixes! It would be breaking a long held golden Scour rule for me to feature a whole album via The Scour..lucky for everyone I’ve decided rules don’t officially apply in the Curveball spot then then isn’t it! 12 brand new bloody brilliant FREE Inko joints anyone? that Buy button right now! Various bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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