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Pack ’em up, pack ’em in, aaaand…just a few words of thanks before we officially begin! Spinforth here, expressing my sincerest and the most thankfullest, truly honoured and most privilegedest (the latter not a real word but just been made up for emphasis purposes), of THANK YOU’s, going out to every single incredible body who kindly voted for >>THIS<< and >>THIS<< and >>THIS<< aaaand >>THIS<< to happen to SCOUR RECORDS last weekend, at the Breakspoll International Braekbeat Awards 2013! 🙂

Oh my Godness (..not a typo)! I’m still pinching myself every 10 seconds, even now. Not woken up yet, award still sat next to me on my ‘desk’/bedside table. I do believe this could actually be 100% real life, never even in my wildest dreams come true business..come true! Rest assured, although genuinely completely and utterly surprised by this result, we’ll very happily and proudly accept it. Not only that, we’ll also do our very best to live up to it, and are relishing the challenge/opportunity to do so. I personally am quite literally lost for words as to how further to express my gratitude to all whom took time out and voted Scour Records for the WIN! This is real life proof of that which I often find myself preaching to up and coming Scour Stars..that patience and hard work will always reward you big time..eventually. Real life proof of the existence of that thing I’ve dubbed rad ‘Scourma™’ on a several occasions. Real life proof that this rad Scourma™ would appear to have found it’s way back to ME in my world. Well I thank you ALL once again, from the bottom of my everything, to your everybodies, for your truly legendary support! Special shouts go out to Ghetto Funk HQ for their supporting of all things Scour, and of course to the Scour Superstars of ‘Scoured Cream Vol.01’ – B.Visible, J-Sound, The Fritz, WBBL, Joe Revell, Father Funk, Kotch, Hong Kong Ping Pong, and Pugzilla & Envious Mind – for helping deliver the award winning goods via the debut release. Jack & Dave, you two get a second extraspecial second mention because this is the latest winning rung of our 5-6 year long (..and counting), truly epic, HKPP journey. Biggest of UPs to us pards, I never ever imagined or expected we’d reach these heights..and all through our having so much fun, and in our loving what we do do! Sweet sweet HKPP team effort! 🙂

Right that’s me all thanked out. Time for a few pleases if I may. Please bring yourself to any or all of the following imminently forthcoming HKPP gigs…


SATURDAY in Fal Town: Spinforth & The Fritz @ the all new..and very good lookin’ Cribbs Cafe/Bar

NEXT FRIDAY in Fal Town: Hong Kong Ping Pong proudly present Defunk @ The Watermans.

Look forward to seeing some friendly funked up faces partying at some of those.

That’s your intro over, time now to launch a fresh bunch of 100% FREE awesome tunes into the Scourlight™ for a couple of weeks. It’s 24 deep this week, no exclusives (..been a tad busy), but all undoubted winners in my ears! Look out for ‘Scoured Cream Vol.02’ clips arriving here around about this time next week, aaaaaand, until then..

Enjoy! x

P.S. Keep up to date with all things ‘Scour’ via the Spinforth Facebook Page liking button below..

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Right then..been a long little bit of a while since I’ve gotten involved in the intro blurbing bit down here (..apart from necessary editing of a couple of Fat Harry’s ‘slightly’ overly explicit expletives). Expect nothing short of comparatively crap, and far less comedic intro’s than you’ve recently been treated to recently. Actually, considering the time, and the fact I refuse to get less than 3 hours sleep ‘again’ tonight,..might even be safer to say expect nothing short of; short, straight up, and directly to the funkin’ point this week. Y’all ready? set? Sweet. So let’s..Scouuurrrr!

Kickin’ off this week’s Scour inna ultra fresh Gramatik fashion..not just his legendary self though, right here is the debut joint from his new found collective whom go by the name of Extraordinary Magnitude. It’s the 100% original beats our ears especially need to be tuning into, this track being a mashup of one of the instrumentals from their forthcoming LP “Proportions” (..arriving via Lowtemp this Summer). 86bpm

I’m giving him an A+ for patient persistence..BUT an F for spamming my status with this tune last Scour..averaging out at a still Scour worthy C- (..would be higher if this ‘pella a sounded a bit crisper bro!). Big fan of the original, and of DJ Yamin‘s version (from way back in Scour #54 times), and there’s no doubt about it this mash up works. So New Zealand’s Mr Sample Gee..all of the above luckily lands you (at long long last)..your very own..’Welcome to The Scour!’. 93bpm

Hmmm..those last two intro’s were definitely ‘straight up’, and ‘directly to the funkin’ point’..must try harder with my ‘shortness’! New Zealand’s Temple of Boon back up in the Scour..tasty little golden aged flavoured mash! 100bpm

Aha..I can do it, let’s try it again. With 85318 plays (at time of Scouring) I’m suspecting plenty of you will have already clocked this ATCQ remix brilliance from Brooklyn’s highly skilled Bit Funk. Yep, I know you have Carol!, BUT..for those who haven’t..time to give your ears a treat! If you’re reading..’Welcome to The Scour dude’. 100bpm

Hang about! What no reggae vibes!? Hold your it comes! Raaaad tune from the Irish Moss Records/Dirty Dubsters camp(s). Now including correctly named/tagged up linked MP3! God if I had a pound for every one of those I find each week! 😉 Absolute beast of bassline. 100bpm

One more before we bring the funk. Master Ace has never sounded so irie! My ears love, love, LOVE this Qnoe, and yes I’ll admit it had accidentally slipped under my Scourdar™, thanks for firing it my way ‘just in case’ bro! 🙂 100bpm

Some one said ‘bring the funk’..ahh yeah that’d be me. Nice one ADSKI, perfect little edit right here for doing just that! 100bpm

Likewise to freshly Scoured Dj O’ quality funk, and with a little dash of hippity hop on the side too. This is good shit dude..’Welcome To The Scour’! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 102bpm

Seems no Scour is quite complete without an offering from Greece’s Grand Master Inko these days. I’ve lost count how many tunes it’s been since his debut via Scour #69. It’s completely and utterly impossible for me to ignore remix work as brilliant as this. Hoping you’re not getting bored of being Scoured yet bro. 😉 Oh yeah..whilst we’re all here, may as well let you all know that the rumours are most definitely 100% true ( if I’d let any lesser labels snap him up) out for forthcoming ultra tasty Inko releases..arriving later this year via Scour Records! 🙂 102bpm

I’d completely lost count of how many times good pard Selecta DEMO (aka: Titan Sound x 0.5) has been Scoured since his debut in Scour #44 too. I’m reliably told this is now his 8th appearance..that’s a very healthy looking 10% Scourate™! Good work bud, loving this one too! 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 103bpm

Defunk followers and fans may well recognise the name..but right now it’s time for his debut solo Scouring! Warmest of debut ‘welcomes to The Scour’ for Canada’s Mr. Føx!! Just 35 followers at time of Scouring, judging from this offering (and his recent collab with Defunk..supported just last Scour) I think we can safely say he deserves a fair few hundred more than that. Absolutely LOVING this dude, incredible wubbles..more please! 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 104bpm

Staying in Canada, and welcoming the seriously dope DJ Bryx back to The Scour. Anyone noticing his account expired a few days ago..downloads are well and truly back special Scour request. This is mega fire dude! Cheers for sorting out the last minute panics. 105bpm

Happy Thurscourday Bobby! Directly to the funkin’ point this week = We love you, please come back. Harry was wondering what colour pants you are reppin today (..trick question)?. This is booming bloody great! 108bpm

Lazers OFF. Groooooove ON! Pure Honkey Phonk‘ey stylee fire indeed see’s a welcome return to The Scour from one of Germany’s finest funksters Mr Jayl Funk! Really really lush tune/edit here bro. Big UP! 109bpm

Didn’t take Shaka Loves You long to return with…an absolute monster of a tune!! Trust me, move along to the 1:00 mark if you don’t believe me..savour the underlying classic funk vibes for 45 seconds, and then, surprise…BOOOOOOM! Great work fellas, really tight. 110bpm

Australia’s BONDi Stereo‘s back. Glitchin’ up Laura Mvula rather nicely. Solid work again here bro! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Savages Y Suefo turns in an absolutely genius remix of Mr Bird‘s ‘Cenora Com Noz’. This, along with two other 100% FREE remixes – one being from Scour Superstar Joe Revell – are all taken from his top quality NEW ‘Bird Bird Bird’ LP. Which unfortunately I’ve not yet had chance to check yet but, judging from these 3 giveaways, I’m suspecting it to be an essential immediate purchase. 112bpm

Hold up!! I hear miraculous word of a Grand Master Blurber King (aka: Fat Harry) unexpectedly returning home in time to finish me off! Whoa..the intro blurbs, *finish of the intro blurbs!! Time for me to jumping back up top for the speedy main intro, passing you all over to my trustee sidekick..herrrre’s Harry! 🙂

Savaloy! Sorry for such a late entrance – just got back from seeing cockney national treasure, Mickey Flanagan. A hero. If I can capture the joy in his story about flicking cold baked beans from his pubes at late night telly back in the early 90’s i’ll be rich man. So i’m jumping in at 115bpm with a proper ‘pie n mash’ of Beenie Man, with a tasty sprinkling of Deekline & Ed Solo swinging it along in a proper tasty dancehall knees up mother Brown styleee..all served up, fuse lit and ready to blow up your floors, by Canada’s Catalogue Sound. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

Proper jump up funk o’clock! Honestly, you’d expect nothing less from, freshly Scoured, The Funky Boogie Brothers. The kind of song that makes us poor UK residents realise that it WILL start warming up soon and that it’s nearly time to unsnap the speedos from winter storage and start swaggering down the avenues and alleyways. Race you to Brighton pier! Check out the DJ Steve Jones Edit too, he knows his budgies. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Aliens in Denmark show why I can never hate Soundcloud with any real passion, no matter how hard they try to drop their own ball. I don’t know many other websites where you’d get to bump into such an utterly top darts tune! The perfect musical score if ever the muppets did Dallas. Two thumbs! 122bpm

I’m sure Spinforth was just ‘saving’ all these for me! Completely up my Peckham Junction! Francis Red I/we love you! We’ll be driving past your house tomorrow on our way to play ‘oop north’ (Bournemouth) If you find a naked ginger man in your shower with a stupid grin on his face don’t be alarmed fella..Spinforth sent me, therefore there will be a happy ending! 128bpm

As morphosis is going to start to learn to drive I’m actually looking forward to teaching him the finer points of white van driving tomorrow so watch out anyone on the A303, we’ll be learning how to drive at 70mph within inches of the car in front whilst flashing our main beams and rolling fags at the steering wheel with one hand whilst gesticulating out of the window at complete innocents with some booming background big fat bass booming from the natural speaker formed by a mostly empty white Peugot partner van. Hmmm, might even be playing something like this…from Goosebumpz 132bpm

I was only thinking the other day about some of the old Scour legends that we haven’t heard from in a while, like Ronald Aquinas, and blow me here he is with a tasty double dubby treat! If this is the first time you’ve come across him then you must do yourself a favour and check out his cloud, reckon you’ll love him like we do. Great work sir and an honour to have you back! 75/150bpm

Aaaaaand finally, this week’s Curveball. I’ve normally I run out of puff when we hit the curveball, and they’re usually of a particular resonance to the nut gatherer, this week there’s no problem. DJ Twister keeps it tight and treats Otis with a simple and beautiful reverence. No need for a big fanfare or a story about getting nipple clamped. Just Otis being loved. Perfect wind it down ending to yet another mighty fine Scour! x 105bpm

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