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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 09/01/14

By January 10, 2014Blog


Happy New Scour folks! Hoping you all had a Joyeux Noël and that 2014 is treating you right so far. As you’ve no doubt of gathered by now, we’re back! Scour Power batteries fully recharged – after a much needed extended Chrimbo break – and raring to unleash 4 weeks worth of backlogged ear picked 100% free Scoured gems upon your gorgeous ears. I say ‘we’..unfortunately Fat Harry can’t be with us this Scour due to a recent unfortunate incident with a rare breed turkey and a bottle of hand sanitizer, which somehow resulted in severe bout of genital chafing, and by all accounts Fat Harry suffered really badly carpet burns to his knees! (..hope they scab up nicely soon pard!). But fear not, long time Fal Town pard ( residing in Bristol) and latest Scour saviour Magnus On Fire has very kindly stepped up to the special guest intro blurb writing spot to ensure your first Scour of 2014 reaches your crates in time for your forthcoming weekends. What an absolute legend for getting involved at such short notice – and you’ll soon discover he delivers a sterling blurb-job™ down below too! 🙂

So, before I pass you all over to our special guest, I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincerest of thank you’s to everyone whom has supported Scour Records 1 year anniversary gift which we released just before Christmas – namely our Freemixed Nuts: Vol.01 compilation, featuring Scour Superstars Father Funk, Leo, Warp9 and The Phunk Junkies. Crazy amounts of plays, downloads, word spreading shares, favourites, comments, reposts, the whole kit and caboodle – somewhat overwhelmed by the incredible support shown in fact. No doubt about it you’re all true legendary gents and gentesses for spreading the word of it (and of the artists whom kindly featured) very far and wide indeed. Made our Christmas – thank YOU!! And for anyone whom missed it, please be our fashionably late welcomed guests via the following playlist…

Just one more piece of very happy and surprising Scour Records news to share that rolled in earlier today – in hope that at least a few people read this bit up top. Absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated (..amongst numerous other very worthy contenders) in two categories at this years UK Glitch Hop> Awards Poll 2013. A true honour and a privilege to just be nominated up in here no doubt! But should anyone reading this feel we happen to deserve to actually win either ‘Best UK Label‘ or ‘Best UK EP‘ (for Scoured Cream Vol.03) categories, whom can also spare a few very speedy moments to place your votes..we’d be truly honored if you’d consider Scour Records when you do do do. Thanking you kindly please in advance. 🙂

Right so that’s me done. Time now to pass you all over to, and warmly welcome, Scour #98’s special guest intro blurb writing saviour Magnus On Fire, whom I’m half expecting to have since blocked me from Faceboink after learning the hard way that accepting a request to write intro blurbs to a 30 tune deep mega catch up Scour is perhaps not the best medicine whilst off sick from work riddled with the dreaded man flu! Thanks again dude, you’re both a natural at this gig and an absolute trooper! 🙂

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x
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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or send in a private message to my Spinforth Fan Page.
Cheers Spinny! Good evening, ladies and germs, Magnus On Fire at your blurb-job™ writing service, welcoming you all to The Scour! Grab your beverage of choice, settle in, and get ready to give your ears the audio equivalent of the Insanity workout. If you’re not in a puddle of funk-flavoured sweat by the end, you’re probably doing it wrong.

First up this fine evening is South West UK’s own MadColour with a gorgeous slice of refried soul guaranteed to get your head bopping as you cruise round the ‘hood with your three-wheel motion on. Or something. Smooth as butter and twice as creamy. 80bpm

If there is such a thing as a Scour regular, then Melbourne-based Brit DJ Maars is probably it. It’s not just because of those incriminating photos he has of Spinforth and Harry attending a squirrel orgy in the forest, but also because he drops groove-laden reworks like this reggaefied Naughty By Nature classic so hard that he leaves craters all over the dance floor! 90bpm

Next up is Tunisian beat-master Ben Hedibi, keeping the biggedy-boom bap alive for the sake of future generations. Won’t you think about the children? Ben sure does, and this awesome remix of Das EFX’ Real Hip Hop does more to keep the planet on the right course than all the Unicefs and Oxfams you can think of. Diggidy diggidy! 94bpm

Aha! And so we come to the first of this evening’s Scourgins™! Come in, don’t be scared, just take a seat over there and help yourself to the bumper pot of lube. Howla, don’t frighten the new kid! Sammy, take your hand off his knee! Things are fast getting out of hand, but luckily DJ Ali B doesn’t get intimidated that easily, not when he has The Beat to keep him safe. Funk so chunky you’ll think you’re a chicken. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/HOPEFULLY COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION 96bpm

DJ Rebel is back again, this time with a soulful dub rework of Sly & Robbie’s cover of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues. One of Marvin’s first loves was an exotic dancer by the name of Titty Tassel Tony, and you can be sure she (he?) would have loved getting down and dirty to this little treat. Stuff some cash in your pants and let’s get busy, baby. 98bpm

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our next tune comes courtesy of the wonderful DUB T! Known throughout the world for his embroidery skills, here he’s skilfully sewn together some classic vocals with a stomping Mungos Hifi riddim to a create a mash so tasty you’ll devour it by the bowlful. Nice work fella! 98bpm

You know, sometimes a mashup is so right on that you can’t help but wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Brighton town’s DJ Cut La Vis never disappoints and here he’s combined one of my favourite tunes of all time, Lee Perry’s “Jungle Lion” with Nas, Kanye and KRS ONE to redefine the word “Classic.” 100bpm

Now that we’ve got past the initial awkwardness, had a couple of cocktails and put our keys in the bowl, it’s time to introduce our next Scourgin™ for 2014. Go wild, throw your pants (and other assorted clothing) and give it up for the wonderful Audited Beats! This lush edit will lay you down by the fire and give you sweet lovin’ all night long and still be there in the morning for some spooning and a fry-up. 100bpm

Love Our Records have been filling up our ears with loveliness for just over two years now, and this next tune is no exception. A funky, bass-driven version of the awesome debut from Player One that will have your toes tapping, your head nodding and a big assed grin spreading across your face. More slinkiness than an army of cats. 101bpm

Canada’s contribution to bass music has always been phenomenal, and Edmonton’s Flavours continues that fine history with this sexy, glitchy tune that will have you bumpin’ and grindin’ on complete strangers til you’re blue in the face. Fuzzy bass, spacey synths, stylish scratches and more claps than a Victorian brothel, Flavours just wants your juice, and who are you to deny him? 100bpm

Continuing in a glitch-hop vein, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the third of today’s Scourgins™, Melbourne’s own Boifrenz. This tune had me grinning like a mental patient as I bounced around my padded room. It’s fairly criminal that, at time of writing, Boifrenz only have some 78 followers on SoundCloud. With tracks as sweet as this, you can be sure that number will rise, and fast. Get on over and show your love and you can tell all your friends “Oh yeah, I knew them before they were famous.” Welcome to the Scour! 100bpm

What can I say about Defunk that hasn’t been said before? Not only is he one of the world’s fastest rising production talents, not only does he wrestle bears wearing only a snakeskin thong, not only does he have the psychokinetic power to make your feet move involuntarily, he’s also a jolly nice chap. Makes you sick, doesn’t it? This time around he’s reworking the mighty Pretty Lights and boy, he nails it. Hard! In the face! 101bpm

I love a bit of glitch, me. I love it when a sound creeps up the back of your hearing and tickles your brain, makes me go all tingly. Our next track is courtesy of yet another Scourgin™, (they’re coming thick and fast this week) Germany’s LxOx, and it’s tingle-tastic. It’s a bumping, squelching sexy party based off a chunky blues riff that will touch you in all the places, especially the ones you don’t talk about in public. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE HERE COURTESY OF GLITCH HOP COMMUNITY 104bpm

It’s pretty bloody cold here at this time of year, and I’ve been wrapped up in all the scarves and coats I can find, chugging Lemsip like there’s no tomorrow, yet this next tune from the well-Scoured AfroQBen had me in my bermuda shorts and sun lotion before you could say “Summer Summer Summer-time.” Packed full of James Brown samples, this little gem will help get you through the winter like nothing else. Bring on the summer! 105bpm

Yeah Baby! Latvia’s DJ Dub:ra knows what’s good for you, and this week, what’s good for you is beef! More specifically, a beefed up remix of former Masta Ace Incorporated member Paula Perry for you to get your teeth into. Slick drums, great flow, wobbly bass – just the ticket! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE VIA BUY THIS TRACK BUTTON 105bpm

I don’t always rock, but when I do, I always rock steady. Dj Prime knows exactly what I’m on about, as he proves with this sharp re-edit of The Marvels cover of the Aretha Franklin classic. Lean and mean like a stripped down, mud-wrestling dwarf challenging you to a reggae-funk dance-off. 106bpm

Djspiltmilk is obviously a keen horticulturalist, as he’s dedicated this next tune to all the flowering plants in his greenhouse. If talking to your plants makes them grow faster, this downtempo funk number will have them strolling down to the shops for a packet of fags and some kingsize rizla. Serious groove and cowbell beat plant food every day of the week. 107bpm

You might be thinking that Morris Chestnut is either an obsolete make of 1970s motor car, or a 1950s East End villain, but you’d be wrong on both counts. What he is is a funk-powered dance machine, and further proof, as if any were needed, that there is something in the water in Bristol… Another glitchy, bluesy track, chops provided by the late, great Muddy Waters, destined to rock crowds around the world. 108bpm

Welcome back to the Scour Dj Steve Jones! Where would we be without your rare mashing skills? Blending James Brown with the massively under-rated Sweet Tee’s “I Got Da Feeling”, Steve serves up a nostalgic, piano-driven funk masterpiece that wiggles like an unexpected snake in the underpants. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON 110bpm

Uh-oh, who are these miscreants approaching us from a dark and shady side alley, fingers clicking like the Jets and the Sharks? Why, it’s only three of the hottest producers the UK has to offer, here to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Scour Records Superstars Bear Twists, Father Funk and X-Ray Ted have combined their huge talents into a power rangers-style mega-talent and used it to launch this bass and horn heavy “Little Green Bag” remix into the stratosphere. Beautiful work, boys. 110bpm

Make way, little people, for the one and only, the man, the hairstyle, it’s Sammy Senior! If you get the chance to see this funk-fro wielding megastar on his musical journeys, don’t miss out or you will be kicking yourself for the rest of your days. This latest joint is a funk odyssey fuelled by some choice Sly Stone samples and driven by drums that will slap that look off your face and replace it with a rictus grin of pure orgasmic pleasure. Special bonus tip: Follow the links and find an entire album of wonderment courtesy of Radical Mixtape Recordings. Win! 110bpm

In the future we will have fully functioning sex robots that will cater to our every whim and desire, no matter how sordid and filthy. Until that day comes, however, we will just have to make do with Howla, whose carnal appetites are so legendary that he is fast becoming world renowned. This next track is actually the sound of Howla getting down to his sexy business. Not kidding, he’s a screamer! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 115bpm

Let’s step things up a little, shall we? This next tune is courtesy of our next Scourgin™, the delightfully monikered Manc Called Adam (MCA). I’m going out on a limb and assuming that his name is Adam and that he’s from Manchester, but you never know, I’ve been wrong before. What is indisputable is that this funky, horn-filled remix of “Bad Habit” will have you screaming his name in seconds. Quality stuff. 124bpm

Friends of the Scour CMC & Silenta are off to Canada soon as part of their effort to spread their funky love all around the planet, but before they depart there’s just time for them to slip this little gem into your orifices. Blending a groovy reggae vibe with some old school swagger and a heap of breaks goodness, this is the tune that keeps on giving. 127bpm

Our penultimate Scourgin™ of the day is Dj Brett Rock, who certainly lives up his name with this hard-hitting funk and soul extravaganza. Brett used to own a record shop, and seems to have busted out most of his record collection on this track, cuts and chops coming from all over the place. The horns gave me the horn. Welcome to the Scour, Brett, I think you’re gonna fit right in. 128bpm

We all love Skeewiff. How could we not, when he gives us such loveliness to listen to. To celebrate and honour the ‘Wiffster’s incredible 15 years of service to awesome tunes, have a go on this marvellous tribute from The Funky Boogie Brothers. This one will not only make you dance, but could also quite possibly heal the lame and raise the dead. Tremendous stuff from Minsk’s finest. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 135bpm

Our last Scourgin™ of this outing is a bit of a surprise, as they are certainly not new to the world of groovy tunes, and it’s a joy to see them represented in the Scour. Renegades Of Jazz have been delivering soulful funk parcels like a musical UPS for a few years now, and are staying true to their German heritage on this glorious number by remixing renowned German bandleader Günter Noris in their inimitable jazz-breaks style. 140bpm

Eh, that Timothy Wisdom knows his business alright. Not only a legendary hat wearer, but also a craftsman of the highest order, and this latest tune does not disappoint. As the man himself puts it, “a sexy number for a sexy evening with sexy people”, this funky drum and bass rework of Quasamodo will bring the party to a huge mutual climax. Which is why I’ll never work as a janitor. Imagine cleaning up after that? 174bpm

What’s this, DJ Rebel seems to have snuck back in through the back door. What’s that you say Rebel? You want to play one more? Well, it’s certainly unusual, but who am I to argue? I certainly won’t get in the way of a remix of Oscar Brown Jr, owner of one of the finest beards known to humankind. This tasty little re-edit is a bluesy foot-tapper with a sax hook so sexy you’ll be quite smitten in no time. 85bpm

Aaaaand finally we come to our Curveball and it’s none other than that all round excellent chap and superb producer, Bristol’s very own Waggles! This charming remix is filled with interwoven rhythms and cheeky little guitar licks and a gorgeous lead vocal by Burkinabé singer Victor Démé, a musician who only released his very first record at the age of 45. I’m not sure why he waited so long, but I’m glad he didn’t wait any longer, and I bet Waggles is too. Fried Gold. 95bpm

Diggin’ these Scoured tunes enough to download? Please pay your dues to the artists whom have kindly shared to you for free, via your word spreadingComment‘, or‘, and/or click of theRepost ↻ Button. Many thanks in advance.

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