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Easy all, and a warmest of welcomes to my/our/your latest..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #84.

Fat Harry has definitely had a much much more eventful day than myself this week, so..with the exception Scouring n delivering this week’s supported pot of ultra tasty 100% FREE tunes, including no less than 5 ultra tasty Scour Exclusives..I’m pretty much handing the reigns entirely over to him this week (..please read on, all will soon become apparent how his day has hands down beaten my latest hectic n crap day at my 9-5 office). Juuuust before I do though, I must take this opportunity to make anyone and everyone residing in the South West (..more specifically, Kernow) very aware of the following Scour Records Party event happening in Fal Town **THIS FRIDAY/TOMORROW NIGHT**. Please just clickety click upon the following event banner for full details…

HKPP & Lo Down Events presents a 'Scour Records Party'

Checked? Sweet. Hope to see YOUR most awesomest party face there then. Now without further ado do do..heeeeres Harry! 🙂

Cheers pard! Yep, epic day that. Speed awareness course done. Set off from Cornwall nice and early this morning with my brand new birthday car stereo all primed for a 7 hour round trip to Dorchester. iPod filled with fresh scour goodness, sun shining, blue sky, chance of strong wind later. Filled the van up with diesel and realised i’d left the stereo cable for the iPod back at the house. Meh, DAB radio baby! Only I couldn’t get a station, couldn’t tune it in to anything. Bugger it, i’d wasted enough time and google maps was telling me I didn’t have the time to head home. No sexy stereo, but blue sky and sun shine, that would have to do. Half an hour in to the journey the power steering went. Hmmm, that was a bastard, the van’s a bit of an ox, never mind. Blue sky, sun, a bit of an upper body work out, all good…..until I hit the A35, then tractors all the way! Was today national tractor day? I was following the slowest, biggest tractors driven by the farmiest farmers in the world ever, I could literally smell the badger on them. I spent the last 40 miles tail gating, speeding, overtaking, undertaking, basically breaking a whole raft more rules of the highway code to get to the bloody speed awareness course in deepest Dorchester than the one rule I did break (coming back from a gig a 4.15 in the morning!) I arrived just as they were about to lock the doors in a state of quiet road rage (with ‘no power steering’ post work out wobbly arms)

Course done, I had a clear run back to write the scour blurb. No sweat. An hour in and Spinforth sent me a text to see how the course went and my expected ETA. With my new safe driving knowledge I pulled over and removed the keys from the ignition before I called him back – I asked him if that was part of the test – we lolled. As I got back in the car the battery light went on, alternator gone. That would explain the lack of power steering then! Wind was picking up, sky was going grey…

By the time I hit the motorway the weather had gone all out biblical. The rain was too much even for ‘triple-extremo’ windscreen wiper speed, the wind was so horrendous I was white knuckled on the steering wheel with my hands gripping on for dear life at the ‘ten to two’ position, assisted by my knees at what can only be described as the ‘twenty past eight’ position just to keep on the road! The muscles were burning, I was cursing like a farmer and driving no faster than if I was in a big tractor reeking of all manner of badgery. Trying to ‘drive’ that van in those conditions was like trying to keep an angry, writhing, bucking goat with guns attached to it in a constant choke hold to prevent it from shooting me, whilst I was wearing stilettos and we were both on a trampoline. I was still an hour away from home when a thick cloud of fog descended, I couldn’t believe it, it was like some funny bastard threw a wet duvet over me and the goat and the guns and stilettos. It couldn’t get any worse I thought to myself….just as my lights started to fade and my windscreen wipers started to slow down. Arrrgh! Still 40 miles away from home! Those were some of the hardest miles of my driving life! Forget the speed awareness course! I’ve just returned from a ‘wrestling a gun totting goat on a trampoline in stilettos with a duvet with no windscreen wipers or lights in triple driving rain through a blanket of thick fog in the darkness course! And I survived! I want a cuddle.

Just to write the scour 🙂

So here goes,

Enjoy! x

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Big things afoot for Imagine This (IT to you and me). Crazy-rad MC skills from New Zealand’s finest. You might have heard him on the recent Ghetto Funk release he had with Funk Ferret, super fine that was too (..we get chocolate cabana bars from Slim’s secret stash he hid in the eighties every time we name drop a GF EP). Anyhoo, IT, super slick, you’ll love his SoundCloud and you’ll need to keep an eye on him, before he explodes! Not literally. Hopefully. Definitely. 85bpm

Top hip hoppery from Ben Hedibi – I seem to recall he’s been Scoured before, this is a quality slab of classic Hip Hop, proper moody and ‘gun fingaz’. I’ll be back in a sec, just going to see if there’s any chocolate coins left from Christmas that I can sellotape to my digits so I can give this track it’s proper bling rating… …damn! I Bloody ate them all! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 92bpm

SCOUR #84 EXCLUSIVE #1: Maybe Greece’s DJ INKO can lend me some bling? Yep, he’s here again, and offering up another mighty fine hip hop cut, on a reggae vibed tip this fresh you can still see the blood globules on it from all the prison tats. Yes! How many Scours on the trot is this for him now?? Anyone not yet following his Facebook Fan Page and/or SoundCloud PLEEEEASE get involved immediately and BEFORE grabbing your very very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. What a proper and true Scour legend..he even found time to deliver this week’s Scour pic too. Time now to show him oodles of player comment love in courteous return! 95bpm

Djtzinas has been away from the Scour for a while, hatching plans for world domination probably, or wrestling goats, or both! Who knows! As long as he keeps releasing dance floor sunshine bombs like this he can do whatever he wants! Skank me like you want it. DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 98bpm

Scoured Cream Vol.02 Superstars Basement Freaks are keeping it all sunshine vocoda, P-funk and sex-nasty brass! Oh what brass! I can hardly hit the right keys on the keyboard i’m swaggering that hard. So P-funk it hurts. The biggest compliment I can pay them is that it makes this pasty fat ginger kid from England feel like the Mr Boombastic love child of Bootsy and Huggy Bear. We play both types here mister; Starsky AND Hutch. This absolute gem being offered up for FREE to celebrate the imminent arrival of the incredible “Funk From The Trunk” album release on Jalapeno Records, available to purchase >>RIGHT HERE<<from next Monday! Oooh..and scroll down a bit for your SCOUR EXCLUSIVE showing of the accompanying video. Thanks for the early hook up G’, you’re a true gent! 🙂 95bpm

ACCOMPANYING SCOUR #84 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO (courtesy of Maculate & Amp’l Beats):

Oh my word, whom has Spinforth freshly Scoured up for us all here then!? Keeping all the swag and adding a massive dollop of “FENTON!” is this cheeky beast from Austria’s Speo. Understated and also fearsome. Like a dog chasing deer through Richmond park. Speo, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I love you and i’m now following you sir! Welcome to The Scour! 100bpm

SCOUR #84 EXCLUSIVE #2: We have had our thumbs up so hard and so rigidly for this next tune at HKPP HQ that I’ve had to create my very own muscle relaxant based on KY Jelly, Deep Heat and stinging nettles just to help loosen us up. Scoured Cream Vol.02 Superstars Warp9 (<< please follow) have teamed up with Switzerland's Essex Groove (<< please follow too) to give us the exceedingly good stuff. Makes me want to make a montage of me learning to play the harmonica (..I want to play a harp more than anything…but I don't actually like the idea of putting and sliding all that spit and metal in my mouth - fillings). Please ensure you are following all aforementioned SoundCloud links (just click on the artist names!!) BEFORE going in for your very very kindly donated >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Awesome fellas..more please! 😉 100bpm

SCOUR #84 EXCLUSIVE #3: This next kindly donated exclusive properly brought the tent down when we played it out at the Masked Ball last weekend, and was one of the reasons I was so excited with my new van stereo and my 7 hours to enjoy this on a few repeats, you can see/hear why! Top top work Leo, Spinforth advised me you were one to watch quite a while back per he’s/you’ve just proven him right – You can be my pants swinger anytime x Get involved in your >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< folks. 100bpm

How mental do you like your swing? This mental? A bit less? Step forward the good gentleman Banja for his debut Scouring. He’s got you covered! Goosebumpz and Parov Stelar, very swing, very different. Friendly, warm and slightly disconcerting, like entering a supermarket and seeing a dog tied up outside waiting patiently for its owner to return, the dog is cute-ish and completely non aggressive, it’s making no movement or gesture other than having a huge erection and tracking your every move. Good work here dude, welcome to The Scour! 105bpm

SCOUR #84 EXCLUSIVE #4: Incoming! Another huge tune that saw me pawing and slobbering over Spinforth at the ball last weekend. I told Tamar (aka lady Spinforth) there was nothing dodgy going on! I squarely blame Howla for being an utter funk don. You know someone’s a bit special when, oooooh probably his last three tunes I’ve dropped my sandwich and made a beeline to ask ‘Who the hell is THIS?! Howla. That’s who. Dirty. And sexy…aaand with plenty more to forth I reliably hear! Grab it, But only AFTER leaving your courteous comments please, via this >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 105bpm

Another Beatsmith & LaFunkt monster coming your way? Surely not! I’m afraid so. Sigh 🙂 This was also lined up on today’s iPod ready for me to pretend to shoot lasers from my hand guns at the cows lining the route to the Dorchester speed awareness course. I’m gutted because a) it would have kept me amused for minutes and b) I seriously think the cows would have loved it and played along, possibly even saying “Owwww, he shot me!” and thrown down some epic pretend deaths to the horror of middle England. DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 109bpm

Oh yes he did! Scene sex machine Lebrosk, who is 100% the nicest man in the world, blends Palov’s ‘That’s All Folks’ with the Sugarhill Gang to great effect. I love lebrosk, I love palov, but who’s best? There’s only one way to find out…FIGHT! 110bpm

Sammy Senior. New-age Gentleman, lover of fine moments, scholar of life, a joy to be around, owner of the devil’s very own pubic haircut, producer with all the destructive potential of three angry volcanoes. Check out his latest offering for the re-launch of the mighty (fellow blog brother ‘sports’ bum taps) Free Breaks Blog. Nice new look fella! (..another bum tap) Hehe, we do seriously love and appreciate the effort you put in but, it does feel a bit like a good way. Top work Sammy, keep ’em coming diablo! 110bpm

Bro Safari take time away from what I suspect isn’t shooting boys with tranq darts from jeeps painted in zebra colours (..but should be!) to bring us this Moomby Bomb! I love it! Even though I (and Spinforth) still ‘technically’ don’t like Moombah, but this is absolutely double ok duck! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Hot on the heels of their last Scour appearance with a tidy Arrested Development mash, Dusty Tonez continue to roll out the (once again) free good stuff. Low slung sleazy wobble funk over a pinch of 2pac and Dre’s California. like mixing chocolate, fudge and tizer, you can’t help but come up with pure win. Top blending fella! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Ferris Beuller. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone know the effects? Anyone? Anyone know? Scour people? Anyone know what vice president Bush called this in 1980? Anyone? Something something Petto? Anyone? JAPetto! That’s who! Oh yeah (bam bam) (chick)…(chikka chikka) DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 112bpm

SCOUR #84 EXCLUSIVE #5: Scour Superdooperstar J-Sound missed the deadline for the C2C Happy entry date. This makes him very :sad face: However we completely and utterly less than three him (you know..’<3 him'..yeah Spinforth didn't get it either!) because, whilst we make all the politically correct commiseration noises, his sadfacedness is our secretly unabashed happy glee-filled faces as we get to get a copy of it! Everyone, please send J-sound your happiest most saddest faces x ..and then, and only then feel free to grab your 5th and final >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 113bpm

The Funky Boogie Brothers ask us what is Skeewiff? Ha, we ALL KNOW by now what skeewiff is. Skeewiff is the joy of shooting real cows in lush fields with pretend lasers from your fingers as you drive past them in the summer with the roof down and your hair streaming glitter rainbows of Timotei and wham bars! We knows it! It’s also this rather splendid piece of, Skee-approved! (..although somehow Spinforth spied it first) bigbeat awesomeness. 125bpm

Ennio Maccaroni is back! The musical motorcycle chop shop repair man returns with his own special and compellingly unique style. The only thing that’s constant is that he normally appears in the Scour a couple of tracks before the curveball, other than that he’s the grand master of styles. Like a Kung Fu Gok Wan (..look at the bangers on that!) 130bpm

Oh this next one’s a doozey! Musical Haagen Dazs ‘pralines and cream’ dribbled over the naked teets of Fred Flinstone’s pet dinosaur. Cherenkov Riddim, click their ‘follow’ button, we believe there’ll be much to tickle your fancy’s on their page, it’s absolutely chock full of block rocking good things. Yabba Dabba Dooooo! Aaaaand..welcome to The Scour! P.S. Trouble grabbing the DL? – it’s a right click and save as jobby. 175bpm

And ‘almost’ finally.. Curveball’s. I love ’em..this one by U9lift no exception. I usually hand you back to Spinforth so he can wrap things up as I metaphorically backflip out of the blog, slapping myself on the back for a job well done (even though I’m not sure that more than three or four of you read the accompanying blurb – and hey, I don’t judge, sometimes i’m so busy I have to put ‘have a poo’ into my daily schedule assistant else I don’t get to go (until it’s way too late). As i’m on an epic roll today, thanks to my near death biblical murderous goat wrestling awareness course, I thought i’d see this one through to the very end and Uh oh!…once again it’s too late! I forgot to update my scheduling assistant! :walks like an Egyptian away from the blog and upstairs to the toilet: – :Shouts down the stairs: “Until next time scour pals!” 77/154bpm

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