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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 10/01/13

By January 11, 2013Blog

Happy New 2013 folks! Spinforth & Fat Harry here, trusting you all had an funkin’ awesome one over the festive break, and warmly welcoming you to..your first Scour of the year..Spinforth’s Biweekly Scour #76!

So yeah, me (Spinforth) first up..just with a speedy little intro before passing you over to my trustee comedy blurb writing sidekick, Fat Harry! Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for the absolutely incredible support shown in landing Scour Records debut release ‘Scoured Cream: Vol.01′ Juno Download Christmas #1 spot..across ALL genres no less!! Not only that, it’s remained Juno’s number one best seller, across all genres, for the last 3 weeks now. One word..WOW! I of course had high hopes, having put my ultra fussy ears faith in the featured Scour Superstars, but even my own high hopes have been massively exceeded here. On behalf of Scour Records and all the artists..’we thank you, and you, and you, and you..recurring’. 😀

Aaaand..for any one out there whom may somehow have missed the last Scour of 2012, and/or has yet to stumble across my relentless promo plugging of the release.. here is my final (probably) plug via Scour for (..even if I do say so myself) the exceedingly rad debut release. If you’re not already following Scour Records SoundCloud and/or Facebook Fan page – no time like right now!! I assure you, you don’t want to be missing out on the forthcoming releases we have planned for 2013!

Release date: **OUT NOW**
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Right, so that’s my shameless self promotion over, time now to pass you over to Fat Harry for the intros on this very very tasty first Scour of the year..Scour #76!

Gazillions of word spreading ‘likes’, comments, favoritings, followings, maybe a tweet or two, and of course, all those lovely thumbs of yours at the ready please! Aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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AfroQBen? At the top of the scour? What kind of devilment is this? It’s some chunky assed sexy Mos Def-ilment at it’s very finest is what it is! You don’t need me to tell you to loosen that belt and slinky your jeans down low……lower……LOWER! That’s it dog! Mmmm yeah, you got it working homes. It’s like a Hurricane! Brrrrrr! Scorchio! 84bpm

What the double deuce?! Defunk second on the scour bill? My world is turning upside down! I normally expect these fellows to be further up the bpm-richter scale. Regardless I’ll keep calm and insert verb, insert noun. I love Defunk. I love his ears, his artwork and his spunk. Any man who can turn George Formby into a wobbly laser legend needs all our love and support imo. He’s just unleashed yet another EP of mixed delights – ‘Demixes‘ – and we’ve chosen to go with ‘Flow’. Dive in! 88bpm

Bringing the wobble skank is UNU‘s second scour appearance with a tasty Jay-Z edit. (That’s UNU, not UNO which could be weird if someone asked you to play that whilst you’re djing.) I was playing behind a bar once and got asked if I had “any Galliano”, I did! “Jus’ Reach or Totally Together?” I asked. “The drink” they said. (Old school DJ Faux Pas) 89bpm

Common’s second vocal appearance in this week’s scour, he’s so fine. This time with Zap Mama and Talib Kweli, remixed by Tunisia’s finest, Ben Hedibi. Dare I mention you should have a good old rummage through Ben’s Cloud, lots of golden sweet treats await you over there my friends! (That’s the same line I used on the umpa lumpas when I lured them into cages for evil Bill Wonka) 89bpm

Scour Records Superstar, King of the freaky beat, B.Visible offers up this sultry retake on a late 90’s popular dance extravaganza. (Wandume Project – King Of My Castle 1999 pop pickers) As ever the man is a quiet genius. Sorry to say I’d better pull my trousers back up now, shame for the ladies but my swag meter’s running low.

DJ INKO! Monster Monster! (Seriously! – Me and the Flat are monstering around the front room) Lots of fun with this Lil’ Kim edit. It breaks my heart to ask you snuffle through his soundcloud page for the dreamy truffles that lie within, as that’s practically the same line I used on the lil’ baby piglet to get him into the sty for the opening credits of ‘Babe’ (..Spinforth’s favourite film!) 95bpm

With all the turbulence to do with the new soundcloud it’s good to know there are still some things in life that are guaranteed: G-strings are only sexy on ladies. Suckling on animal nipples is only cute if you’re the biological offspring. Lynx deodorant doesn’t work like it says in the adverts. In reality the Karate Kid would have been beaten to an absolute life changing pulp, flying crane or no flying crane. T.Rice cracks out solid gold boogiefunk edits like a boss..again! 97bpm

Keep it down! If you’re with me then keep your voice down whilst I go through DJ Maars‘ bins. I’ve hidden in his shower, under his bed and stood outside his bedroom window with a ghettoblaster held high above my head playing ‘In your eyes’ by Peter Gabriel and he still hasn’t even registered my existence. I’m at my wits end. Unrequited love is the worst kind of love, there must be something in here! Ooooh….some blazzin’ reggae, don’t mind if I do. 100bpm

New to the scour Empresarios provide a nice refresher for all you snake hipped Herb Alpert mentalists out there. I have an horrific story of the one night I spent in Tijuana which has no place in such fine company, let’s just say it involved tequila, some faeces, a swing, a metal table, a balcony, an imitation rodeo bull and some nails. Bloody tequila! 100bpm

SCOUR #76 EXCLUSIVE #1: Waggles might have lost his ‘Scalli’ but he’s lost none of his nose for a dance floor bomb. This is his…..umm, twelveteenth? Scour appearance and he’s going from strength to strength. This brilliant remix (of Dj Alias‘ already awesome ‘Empire’) has got quite the adult content (..courtesy of the incredible Imagine This) so please keep it way from my nan as she still carries the scars from when we both accidentally watched the Witches of Eastwick finger themselves to orgasm alone in the same room after a Sunday roast back when I was an adolescent. Awkward. DOWNLOAD BUTTON NOW ACTIVE 100bpm

Aha..Minoru‘s back! One of my favourite Scourees! Always love what he comes up with. Have a delve into his SoundCloud drawers for some liquid pleasure….much like the Witches of Eastwick did. (Sorry Nan!) 100bpm

Scour Virgin alert! Ladies favourite booty, Foxy lady gets a re-rub from Shåkasøünd, Sounding great until you get to the end, when he launches it all in to space, or as they say in Brasil “Wang em uma árvore!” Aye Carumba! 103bpm

The Allergies aren’t Scour virgins are they?! How did this happen? Check out those fatback drums! Hip Hop should be many things, but to me it should always be fun, and full of impossible to clear samples, which is probably why I still think 3 feet high and rising is one of the best albums ever! Duke Moneyshot and Baron Von Rackabeat we salute you Sires! 108bpm

If Ronseal or Wickes made stone cold funk monsters they’d have to have a product in a can called ‘Jim Sharp‘ He’d live in the corner of the garage or the shed and when shit got real bad and you needed something coated in some honest simple goodness you’d open him up with a screwdriver, give him a twirl with a bit of doweling and slap him on liberally over the affected area. His slogan would be something simple, factual and down to earth “Jim Sharp, stopping shit from going tits”..or something less sweary. 109bpm

SCOUR #76 EXCLUSIVE #2: Superfort has gone and won himself a Fatboy slim remix contest – that’s because amongst other things (Raconteur, lothario, sex machine, lips for a-kissin, hit with the ladies) he possesses the keen ear of a fox. This remix is a sheer and utter joy and makes me want to drink beers with him all night whilst we yellow finger each other and talk about inappropriate stories that we’ll later regret – wait, hold up – we’ve already done that. In that case it’s your turn….Let the Superfort legend in to your lives! Can I get a witness! Please get busy leaving him your word spreading comment love, BEFORE grabbing this VERY kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 109bpm

Old Scour hand JaPetto makes an extremely welcome return with this tasty, off the chain, take on a Cocker classic ‘Feelin’ Alright’. ‘Slightly’ controversially..The tune that got away from Icons 3 we reckon! I doff my cap but you can leave your hat on. (How have I not been given a book contract yet?) 108bpm

ıllectrix delivers the best intro ever since Les Rhythm Digitales released tunes! Hehe, maybe. It’s a damn tasty treat of a track. Moombah-anything can polarise opinion, but so can a plate of magnets and we all need a little bit of iron inside us from time to time. 108bpm

45 seconds in to this tune and i’d already hit the download button and clicked on ‘follow Razle Dazle to the ends of the earth’ button. Jump on him!, get thumbing! show some love! Some things are just inevitable. Eureka! 110bpm

Continuing in that vein, welcome back, for his second Scouring on the trot (’s as though Spinforth had pre-planned it 😉 ), to BONDi Stereo who has kindly offered another brilliant track from his fearsomely amazing ‘Spitfire Funk’ EP. Another instant scour legend! :swoons: 110bpm

SCOUR #76 EXCLUSIVE #3: Hold it right there! X-RayTed too? This scour has probably just turned into one of my favourites ever. So many great up and coming producers in one room – I’m going to need a bath chair, light sedation and socks gaffa taped to my hands to stop me from pawing at them in wonderment. 111bpm

I love Monkeys and I love hustle. Ba$$ Invaders have gone straight for the jugular here. Flat out, balls to the floor (..they would have been to the wall but they’re big balls) funktacular. 92 plays in a year? You are sometimes a cruel beast soundcloud! Good job The Scour is here to right these kind of wrongs! 128bpm

Hopefully by now LEYGO will need little introduction. Leeds fan, winner of the 2012 finest funk beard wearer this side of Nagasaki award. Yup, you know the fella. Well, sure as eggs is eggs, he’s back in the scour with this high tempo, ass shaking retake on the Freestylers Push Up. Good Nasty! 135bpm

Ahhh, Skeewiff you tease! Skeewiff always makes me feel like i’m a winner, like I’ve gained something spectacularly cool, something that money can’t buy, like i’m Han Solo wearing Michael Caine’s glasses driving Steve Mcqueen’s Ford Mustang with Kojak’s lollipop in the corner of my mouth with Dirty Harry’s Magnum strapped to my moleskin Versace trousers under Clint Eastwood’s poncho sporting a Burt Reynolds’ moustache and the breasts of Dolly Parton….well, maybe not the breasts. Wunderbra! 140bpm

SCOUR #76 EXCLUSIVE #4: How to top that? There is only one way, it’s Northern pin up o’clock. Ladies, Gents, Lock up your ferrets, hide your pigeons and pray make way for, ‘Front Row People’ mastermind, Scour Records Legend The Fritz, with his lovely ‘Lilly’ Remix. Tight trumpets Fritz, tight like a tiger. 172bpm

Finally the curveball! If you come on a my house I honestly don’t know how i’d feel about it. It could get confrontational or I might see the funny side. I’d certainly tell everyone in the next Scour. There would definitely be tea but i’d draw the line there. I wouldn’t give you a christmas tree or a pomegranate or a peach or a pear or probably any kind of fruit at all, as Asda’s fruit is raw for about 16 days, ripens in the space of 6 minutes then rots away merrily. How Della Reese can afford to look after such degenerates is beyond me. But credit again to DJ Prince who nails another tastefully fine remix. Tidy darts. 128bpm

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