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Easy all, pleasure to announce..we’re back! Please excuse the extended Easter exceedingly eventful and hectic March required an additional chilled out week away from my virtual word, to recharge the Scour batteries and enjoy a little more ‘real life’ than I get time to most weeks. Was bloody lush! Can’t say the same for the backlog it created though! Still ploughing my way through last bits of that (..your reply is forthcoming!)..but, with the steadfast assistance of Fat Harry on blurb duty, we have successfully (..i hope/think) managed to Scour n deliver a suitably tasty inflated (to make up for the missing week) fresh Scour #82 for you all. Here’s us both welcoming you to your..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #82.

So yeah March was nuts! The completely unexpected, overwhelming, yet very very happy Breakspoll win, followed swiftly by Scoured Cream: Vol.02’s release arrival, followed the very next day by Tremor Soundsystem presenting Scour Records Launch Party at The Lanes (..what a sweet night that was!), and then..just a few day’s later ‘Vol.02’ lands our 2nd number one across all genres over at Juno Download. A truly mental month! Just wanted to give out one last public shout out of my sincerest of thank YOU’s to ALL whom have spent some of their hard earned pennies picking Vol.02. I can confirm that you are all rad, and have extremely good taste in ace tunes! 😉

Anyone reading this whom has absolutely no idea what I’m going on about, please feel free to treat your ears to the SoundCloud set immediately below. Please excuse the shameless self promo in advance, I’d be foolish not to attempt to lure a few last straggling assured this will be it’s final little push via Scour Power!

Release date: **OUT NOW**
Buy Scour releases at Juno Download

Right..So that’s my latest excuse of an intro over! Time now to unleash no less than 28x 100% FREE tunes, including 3x kindly donated exclusives that, along with Fat Harry, constitute the main ingredients of your fresh Scour #82! Supportive word spreading thumbs at the ready, tuck your gorgeous ears in, aaaand…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Sniff the glove! No? Oh…. I don’t blame you, especially knowing the amount of veterinary birthing’s i’ve been involved with these past few weeks. Kiss the ring then? No? I don’t blame you for that either! Although the wrestling in Nicaragua were some of the cleanest bouts i’ve ever fought! (no biting, gouging or angry hooking) Lick the Chalice? yes? result! I knew you had a certain twinkle in your eye! Good news is it’s not my Chalice you’ll be licking, it’ll be the long legged lover from Leeds…….DeeeeeeeJaaaaaaay LeyyyyyyyyGooooooo! turning his finely chiseled hands over Guinney Pepper’s vocal, with two fingers of Sister Nancy underneath. Top work fella and welcome back to The Scour! 85bpm

A warm Scour welcome back to My Therapist! The lovely fella hasn’t appeared since……ooooh, Scour 42! (One of the best Scour pictures ever in our opinion) Wow, I was like, 12 years old then! Back then he was tastefully mashing Rodney P and The Artifacts, he’s only back again tastefully mashing up more top reggae/hip hop goodies for your ears/eyes/balls to love. Purleaseee check out his SoundCloud bio – it’s sheer class, like a pair of posh lady tights. 95bpm

Keeping in the raggedy hippity hoppity intro’s we so love at The Scour, please find enclosed this super fine mash of Express Yourself from Temple Of Boon (He’s from New Zealand dontchaknow!) Roots Manuva & Chali 2na chaser. Down the hatch? ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 96bpm

If you’re going to lose your Scour virginity it might as well be with a track that EVERYONE WILL CHEW YOUR ARM OFF FOR! Ha! Welcome to The Scour Dr. Spider and very excellent work indeed. I was gutted to have missed out on the recent Opiuo tour due to him playing every damn night we were. This helps makes up for it! Make sure you leave him a heart and a comment (Or we’ll take you out danger dogging) x 95bpm

…Or we could tap the main source! Danger Doom get’s the treatment from the man himself. Opiuo has all the traits a real man should have. Strong hands, firm breasts, big bushy beard, the ability to take down a bear with one punch. What’s not to love here! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

We’ve been tapping our camel toes to this all week in HKPP HQ, between bouts of ‘Guess Who’ with the squirrel and ‘baby oil twister wrestling’ with Morphosis (Naked from the waist down) Warp9 are obviously legends and Kenny Beeper is a proper dance floor hustler who knows his beans. Warp9’s original is immense, Kenny’s re-rub pours sex glitter all over it. Double Boom! 100bpm

Get your tabla’s out for the lads! New Scour legend, DJ Inko‘s back again with a veritable Bollywood bomb! If you find yourselves bellydancing towards the kettle or boggling off to the toilet, consider yourselves fairly warned. The man is on fire! (..we recommend sudocrem for that). ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 98bpm

Cheeky mash for all of you funkdoobiests who love a bit of refreshed and revajazzled James Brown. I know I do! DJ Feva asks you to lie still whilst he artfully applies the glue and the beads to your Essex pitchers mound. Serve me up a ‘slow knuckler’! 99bpm

SCOUR #82 EXCLUSIVE #1: C2C! Why?! I don’t know! How can you improve an already perfect tune? Well, those dudes know better than us mere mortals and as i’m sure anyone with a Facebook account opened this past week has realised, they’ve thrown their ‘Happy’ stems up for all the hound dogs to sink their teeth into. No-one has a keener nose or sharper teeth than big balled Bruce. Mr Missile steps right up with a nicely slowed right-the-hell down version for the strollers out there, not. Get your very kindly donated Scour Exclusive on to your iPod quick smart, via this! >> >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 100bpm

SCOUR #82 EXCLUSIVE #2: Set pantaloons for ‘swing’! Chrispop drops his funky biscuits over this Balkan Gem from Kaligola Disco Bazar. Chris encourages you to check out the band >>HERE<<. After being horribly robbed of all his cash and valuables recently, we urge you to help him back on to the oligarch road by visiting his Poppin’ Style Emporium. All done? Sweet. So now it’s time to get involved with Scour #82’s second (of three) Exclusives, via this kindly donated >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 102bpm

It Takes Two To Tango is one of those artists you can’t believe hasn’t been in The Scour before. Thanks to our friends at Bassfunk for flagging up his skills a few months ago. Our apologies though, we’ve been taking our tops off and playing volleyball on the beach to this for ages. It wasn’t until the squirrel spiked me earlier this week, we tripped and stumbled. He fell into my arms and said ‘you can be my wing man anytime’ that we snapped out of it and thought we’d better share his SoundCloud quick sharp. Like we’re supposed to! 104bpm

We had the extreme pleasure of playing on the same bill as Captain Flatcap a few weeks ago. These gentlemen are as sharp as a bag of bobcats. About to take the world by storm we reckon (Spin’..have you made that call yet? Ahh yes..silly question). Personally I think a Flatcap Sex Machine can’t be too far off. Sure fire festival winners, if they’re on the bill do make sure you get your doff on, you won’t be dissapointed. Oh….and a big big welcome to The Scour! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 105bpm

Three Scour virgins in a row? It sounds like the plot of either a nursery rhyme or a particularly horrific eastern european porn/horror movie. Fear Not! It’s JiggyJoe! Hang on! How the hell are you a virgin Joe? You’ve had more hot mashups than i’ve had hot pot dinners! Anyhow, a very warm welcome sir! 105bpm

SCOUR #82 EXCLUSIVE #3: Sex bomb Father Funk thanks his recently reached three thousand SoundCloud followers with this set ripper. His tallness is not only a pin up, a top producer, a perfect place to meet in public places, he’s also a lovely geezer and an absolute player! I don’t really know what that means, but by christ he is one! Grab your third and final very very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< and right now you sexy things! And as Spin’ would say..’almightiest of UP’s buddy..thoroughly deserved!’’s almost as though he’s in the room!? 106bpm

Another camel toe tapper, DJ O’Tools has been on our HQ sound system all week. I played this in the car when I went dogging earlier and had one of my best night’s ever. A couple of owls, a cat, three badgers and a particularly fine fox. Love fully expressed! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 106bpm

DJ Steve Jones makes full use of the Basement Freaks Cash Money stems and comes up with the goods yet again. If we did a Scour Top Trumps, Steve would score the highest in ‘one man funk army power’. A stone cold machine! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 106bpm

Lovers of the finer things on soundcloud will already know all about Fingerman. Pedigree oozes out of his Cloud like Linseed oil rubbed into a particularly cherished Gunn and Moore cricket bat. Or the flaps of an extremely dastardly deer stalker. Or the lipstick of a favoured red setter. I love it! 107bpm

Tasty original mid-tempo funk groover from Cedar Senior up next. He’s one to watch this year according to the squirrel himself (..and who are we to argue!?). Hmmm..I sense something chewing in those funk hoarding cheeks. Guess time will soon tell. Maybe it’s worth everyone who’s not already getting involved in Cedars SoundCloud and Facebook Fan Page ahead of that aforementioned telling time! 107bpm

Bring on the virgins! Not now Joe! Ladies and gentlemen may we introduce you to the very sexy swagger of LaFunkt. Vancouver based wobble tiger! Stand in the sweet spot of your speakers and freak out! If this was Daft Punk’s new tune we’d all be soiling ourselves. I say let’s pretend it is and bring on the soil! 110bpm

What else can we bring on? Virgins, check. Night soil. Check. Ummmmm, trumpets? Owwww! WHO THREW THAT SHOE?! These aren’t just any old trumpets, these are the mighty Blunt Instrument‘s trumpets! The Gods of Glitch have been away from The Scour for too long! They’ve not been idle though. We hope you’ve been loving their recent EP’s as much as we have. 110bpm

Listening to your mixtapes, Mandorli seems to have been as loved by you as he is by us. Solid HKPP fodder these past six months. He ups his tempo on a brand new FREE EP (released by Moshbit Records), we’ve picked the title track Miami Spins, but they’re both immense buzz saw funk tunes. Like the sound of having your wisdom teeth taken out but feeling no pain… 😉 110bpm

I honestly don’t know how Timothy Wisdom isn’t president of the world yet. He’s talented in every aspect of the game. He is heartbreakingly the nicest guy in the universe, he’s polite, he has a beard, he can play the harp like a boss, he could drink us under the table and hold off a zombie attack. He also has the most unique set of chest hair ever given to a human man. Is it a unicorn? Is it a playboy bunny? It is the mark of a genius. I vote for him whatever he’s standing for – and you should too! 110bpm

Busta is the man! If someone assassinated Timothy Wisdom (yeah, but please don’t!), Busta would become the next president of the world! Everything I said above about Tim Wisdom applies to Busta…except for the harp. And anyone can learn that old thing 🙂 ..Just kidding! Busta is the second nicest man in the game and he deserves your love and support, if you see him in the flesh just run at him and give him a big hug, say it’s from me and he won’t cut you! His production is the dogs chops but seeing him live is a must, as is grabbing his recently unleashed 100% FREE 4 TRACK EP. Put him on your bucket list. 115bpm

Have I really been at this for 6 hours?! I’d better start pulling my finger out, Spinforth wanted an early night..not morning! DJ Alias (Hello New Zealand!) is back! You should already be following this man, although hopefully not in real life as that might freak him out. (Waves skin suit at DJ MAARS) Feeling Good? That’ll be the massive amounts of xannax i just put in your tea x ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Another big week for the gang of rapscallions at Slamboree HQ. Supporting Public Enemy! Hugest of ups, well earned and thoroughly deserved! How to top it off? Hmmm, why not release another Bomb! Like Captain Flatcap, these are definitely festival ‘must sees’ We can’t wait to catch them again at Boomtown. Scour Records ‘Scoured Cream: Vol.02’ star Waggles on remix duties banana fella! 120bpm

Talking of Boomtown, last year we were lucky enough to count the warm bosom of our friends at the Snow Dome Ice Bar as our base of operations. They looked after us with multiple offerings of sets/tea/iphone recharge points/warm love and we were fortunate to be able to hang out with Indidginus Top Dj, top producer and all round top fella! We’ve been loving his work all year but this one really made our knees tremble! If you have a spare five minutes you really would love a rummage through everything on his Cloud, we’re sure you’ll find some absolute golden gems. 174bpm

Winding up for the big ending now..Dreadsquad back up in The Scour delivering a DnB flavoured belting beauty! Everyone roll your necks, gently from side to side please – I do not want any muscles pulled this late in the day! Ok good! Start rolling your shoulders, watch those elbows! Sorry madame! Ok, don’t roll your shoulders if you’re on the bus. Everyone else not on the bus, roll those shoulders, now backwards – oooooh yeah, feeling good? Right, you’re looking nice and loose. If you could just pop your clothes on the side…not for me! For Spin’ & the curveball! 176bpm

Aaaand finally..let’s Curveball! Cheers Harry! Rock solid blurby skills once again..we thank you! So..not actually the curviest of curve balls in the word this week..infact in many a recent Scour this would have fitted in equally well in a ‘normal’ spot. I ran out of those this week though..but had to find this a spot. My fussy ears believe it to be lush, could only be made lusher with a ting little bit of added wubble. Even my ears ain’t that fussy though, so time to welcome back Wales’s Sine Sickness for his second Scour on the trot. Wicked work buddy! What you got hidden up those sleeves of yours for us next? Your Scour hat trick challenge is most definitely..ON! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 125bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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