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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 11/07/13

By July 12, 2013Blog

Easy all, we’re back! Have you missed us? Me (Spinforth) first up, welcoming you to a very over due..Spinforth’s Biweekly (..although not so biweekly as they should be during UK festival season) SoundCloud Scour #87!

Been a mega mission catching up with 4 weeks of Scour backlog, has sapped ALL my spare time this week, so I’m massively copping out on this main intro section this Scour folks, i just need to get this one out there and don’t want to keep you waiting patiently any longer. Don’t be fooled by this crap excuse of an intro me, the 28 FREE (.bar one) tunes below are all mega dope, and in my fussy ears opinion..ALL essential crate fodder. The 7 very kindly shared Scour Exclusives, extraspecially so!

Time now to hand you over to Fat’ve got two weeks to lap this one up, please do all you can in that time to spread the good Scour word, aaaand..

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Along with all the festival shenanigans i’m currently moving house at the moment, wrestling the ‘Do I really need that?’ question against the ‘but I paid £30 for it’. I’ve got stuff in boxes to throw away, stuff in boxes to keep, stuff in the middle awaiting to be boxed, stuff in one set of boxes calling to be let into another set of boxes….pah! All I really need are some shoes, the speedos, a knife, some oil and the boot polish….possibly the squid outfit. For the sake of the things yet to be boxed, tonight’s scourblurb will be super briefs (like the speedos).

If Quavers made non cheesy marshmallows, and it came in mushroom tea form, it would taste like this! Top Quantic re-work from Alific! Welcome back to the Scour sir. 83bpm

SCOUR #87 EXCLUSIVE #1: Yes Selecta, we do read the tags, especially when we’re scouring 🙂 As ever, ten times now Scoured, Titan Sound‘s Mr. DEMO delivers the big business, large like a… a…… purple headed monster (..thanks Jurrasic 5) tight like a……tight like a…….tight like a red fox! (..thanks again Jurrasic 5). Get busy showing your appreciation for this gem of a 1st (of 7) Scour #87 exclusives please folks, via word spreading comments all over his SoundCloud player, BEFORE getting involved with your very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that for your download!!)..thanking you kindly please! 90bpm

Scourgin™ Ahoy! Welcome to The Scour..Greece’s Michael Lener (aka: Turntablist and Beat maker
for Beat Frenetics Dj team)! Pop your clothes on the side, we’ll be with you in a sec, just washing the red off! It’s ok, it’s not blood, we run a clown euthanasia clinic in our spare time. Beautiful mash up sir! 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 92bpm

Welcome back to the scour to The Grand Duke Bruce of Missile! Been too long fella! Loving your Djtzinas blend, if you haven’t yet then do check out Mr Djtzinas himself. The instrumental of this is also available for FREE download >>RIGHT HERE<< ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 94bpm

Mr Benn is a one man permanent summer afternoon! This tune is released as a prompter for his debut album coming out this Monday, so keep your eyes/ears peeled for that. Can’t believe all the years we’ve been enjoying Mr Benn that this will be his debut, i’m excited like a dog with three tails and eighteen nipples! 98bpm

Scourgin™ Ahoy! Welcome to The Scour..Jake Scarbrough! Pop your clothes on the side, we’ll be with you shortly, just washing off the tears, it’s ok, they’re not real tears, we run a correctional home for wayward crocodiles who use emotional blackmail to get what they want. This gorgeous tune being the lead track of his Gravitas Recordings EP ‘Antics’, which can be grabbed for completely and utterly FREE from this following >>DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Great work dude! 100bpm

Big things coming from Imagine This, you heard it here…errrr, probably not first seeing’s as how he’s already a legend! Anyway, you should click his ‘FOLLOW’ button immediately, aaand his ‘LIKE’ button whilst your at it..because we know what’s coming your way in the not too distant future and let’s just say it’s better than the emoticon of the head banging badger throwing a ‘wang’. Enough. Said. 100bpm

Set phasers for ‘Good Christ!’ Hope your pants are on nice and tight people! (Or that you’re wearing any pants at all Sammy) Large slice of neck punch glitch coming your way courtesy of Speo & Master Tony D 100bpm

SCOUR #87 EXCLUSIVE #2: TobyONE we salute you! What a belter of a tune! You are an evil genius, in a good way..just like Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the first Batman film. “Where does he get such wonderful toys?” Ummm, he probably makes them Jack, seeing’s as he’s an idle multibillionaire. I might or might not make a personal ball licker if I had billions and a lot of free time….that could be why i’d make such a poor superhero. Drop him some word spreading comment love please folks, and then feel free to get involved with your 2nd (of 7) >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 104bpm

SCOUR #87 EXCLUSIVE #3: Scour Legend DJ INKO very kindly offers up this super freaky belter of an Alkaholiks remix for your 3rd (of 7) very kindly donated Scour #87 exclusives. What’s that? I can’t hear you over my cuban heels clicking on the pavement as I swagger down the street in my full length purple boa feather coat and my dangerously jaunty fedora. Pimpin! Get very acquainted with your >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 105bpm

Scourgin™ Ahoy! Welcome to The Scour DJ Galletas Calientes! Pop your clothes on the side, we’ll be with you directly, just getting this tattoo removed, it’s ok, it doesn’t really say ‘Hate’ on that knuckle, it was supposed to say ‘Hats’. We really like hats. A lot x 107bpm

How many hooks can Automatic Reaction‘s MF Rex get into a tune? Many hooks is the answer! Clearly this will become Miss HKPP’s new favourite. It ticks all the boxes: A healthy dose of Shimmy Shimmy, a pinch of Ugly Duckling, and two fingers of Jackson Sisters. I like it Rawr! (..and/or cooked to a medium well). 107bpm

Scourgin Ahoy! Welcome Greece’s (hang Spinforth in the market for a new holiday destination!??) DJ Snatch! Oh no you didn’t! You’ve only gone and drawn a happy face on one of the best Elvis tracks ever! I want to move to Hawaii and drink rum and do nothing but recklessly shake my tail feather whilst watching the billions pile up in my bank account in royalties from my ball licking device! The King is dead! Long live the Bossa, the Nova and the Babies! Fantastic re-work sir!! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 107bpm

Everybody in the house make some noooooooise! This tune will forever remind me of sunrise (..anyone mentioned that yet?) and of a topless Pat Butcher. Shewring! Legendary Scour Superstar Father Funk helps out Scour Records celebrate it’s 6 month birthday in true party styleeee! 110bpm

Scourgin™ Ahoy! Welcome Long Beach California’s Cyran! Mental entrance fella! Like the Minder having a fight with the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, and both of you crashing through the window of the saloon i’m drinking in – utterly excellent! The only way you can top that is by spending the next three minutes throwing the most crazy dance moves then moonwalking off into the sunset with all the ladies. Hey….come back! Cyran! Come baaaack! …..dammit I hate it when cool dudes steal all the ladies and moonwalk off into the sunset, leaving me with Terry the Minder and a load of broken glass. 112bpm

Scourgin™ Ahoy! Tick tick tick tick, boom indeed ladies and gentlemen. Welcome The Man from DelMonty keeping it Rhyll. Cameo and Eminem and BASS and lasers and wobble. It’s real easy, just follow the beat. Holy codpiece batman! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

Three months since Buddy Breakz‘s Tobe Tronic last made a Scour appearance, seems like only yesterday! Easy spreadable bass music for those that love butter but hate the way it buggers up your sandwiches. Smooth work fella! 120bpm

SCOUR #87 EXCLUSIVE #4: Here comes the other half of Titan Sound, aka: Pappa Demus, nipping in at the post with a very tasty 4th (of 7) kindly donated Scour 87 exclusive. So that’s both Titans in the same Scour..good work dudes!? Guess that’s what happens when you have short arms. Just kidding! They have have some of the longest arms I’ve ever seen, and some of the finest legs and hats too! Pappa D has kindly opened this treasure up for us to enjoy, how rude of us not to partake. Summer skanking sir? Don’t mind we I do! Top mashin’ dude. Here’s your very own >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<..use it wisely, and please leave him some courteous SoundCloud player comment love if/when your ears choose to love it! 127bpm

SCOUR #87 EXCLUSIVE #5 **FREE DOWNLOAD FOR 48HRS ONLY**: Now here’s a VERY exclusive treat, hooked up by Spinforth and his infamous Scour Power whilst after after after after partying, at Glastnbury Festival, with the legendary circus leader Mr Freear himself no doubt. Knowing the mashed up state Spinny enjoys getting into at festies, I’m surprised he even remembered meeting him, but by all the vague accounts of Miss Polly Cupcake’s Guerilla Members Club; floppy discs; stone circles; and pianos underground; wombling free..he/they almost certainly probably definitely did! And from their partying arrives this gem of a Slamboree & Beans on Toast collaboration EXCLUSIVELY FREE FOR 48HRS via the Power of The Scour..and telling it like it is! Sadly I think now know who was with me that memorable night in my pop up giraffe tent. How can I apologise? I honestly didn’t know where my hands went! I thought they were real life cartoon hands. Oh, and can you please come back with my wet wipes at some stage, thanks! Get very speedily involved in your >>48HR SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<…by Sunday it gets switched back to bandcamp, where it will no longer be free! BUT..there’s a remix package coming soon that will doubt Spin will have that stashed in his cheeks already, and be all over that one too! Big UPs the Slamboree massive! 129bpm

ACCOMPANYING VIDEO..filmed entirely at this year’s incredible Glastonbury Festival!

Next up..It’s Grant Lazlo time! Which is like hammer time, except with less hammers and trousers and more fist pumping swing anthems and frilly pantaloons! This is so good, will certainly have you jumping around your bathroom in the morning. Perhaps a new alarm for the iPhone? A better way to start the day I can’t imagine. 130bpm

Scourgin™ Ahoy! Heavenly Father takes a swing at the Cantina band! I’d love it if they ever sang like this. Classy like a box of sheer tights. The Father will probably wear those tights properly on his legs and make hot loving to you or wear those tights on his head and properly push a shotgun under your chin and tell you to fill his sack with all the valuables (and no funny business). Either way we’re fully onboard! Oh, and Ahoy! Welcome to The Scour! 132bpm

Another Ahoy to Scourgin™ MrBiGK! I don’t believe he’s a Scour Virgin! But them’s the facts! Hello to you sir, please consider yourself warmly welcomed to The Scour! 75/150bpm

According to his SoudndCloud bio, Mr Equilibrium is 15 years old. That is ff’in mental! At fifteen I couldn’t even spell equilibrium! I was too busy dreaming Vicky Holice would notice me and think that ginger people with freckles wearing pastel clothes and espadrilles, like they did in Miami Vice, was cool (Juxtapose that with a love of Siouxsie and the Banshees and being an owner of all The Cure albums – it was an interesting time being 15). Anyway. Mr Equilibrium is straight up triple amazing and i’m looking forward to more from the young scamp! BTW Imagine my surprise when I bumped into Vicky Holice at a house party about 10 years later and she was a full on goth who dread locked my ginger hair and did great justice to underwired underwear. Funny how things turn out. Welcome to The Scour dude! Please show him the warmest of Scour welcomes by lashings of comment love on his player, and then nip over to Love Our Records Cloud for your >>DOWNLOAD LINK<< super quick, they’re currently limited to 100, although Spinforth has sent the request for more. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 165bpm

Prepare to be fingered by the work of a mad genius! Dr Who, Mr Vegas, Fatboy Slim and Sir Skeewiff. Yup, all those things blended together to make the invasion music for when the giant ants attack and take over the earth. How ever will we survive?!! (Giant kettles) Oh my giddy Ocelus!! 170bpm

SCOUR #87 EXCLUSIVE #6: One of HKPP’s favourite people o’clock! The man that leaves no musical genre unturned (..although his back catalogue is a little light on Mongolian throat singing if we’re being brutally honest!). DeFunk returns to The Scour delivering your all your very kindly donated 6th (of 7) exclusive, and he’s in both top form and style. Liquidy summery reggae vibes anyone. Salmonella has never tasted so good! We hear word of a 9 track Defunk album arriving in doubt you’ll hear further word of that right here nearer the time. For now..get very into this >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Big UP’s dude..this is an absolute corker! 176bpm

SCOUR #87 EXCLUSIVE #7: And for your 7th and final Scour #87 exclusive! Another HKPP favourite person – they’re like buses this Scour! Actually, they’re not but go with it! Spinforth’s love of all things ATCQ, and our general love of everything Lewd Behaviour puts out, made this a stonewall ScourCert™. What an absolute legend holding it back exclusively for The Scour! For best results please put this on a system that has some mega bass, then give him all your word spreading comment love, and then, and only then love grabbing YOUR kindly donated >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<! Tuuuuune. 174bpm

I’ve not personally met Jimi Needles but his aura, balls and reputation precede him in spades. Everyone we meet says he’s a party starter like no other, and with secret weapons like this who can argue – that he has even opened it up for us for our pleasure is a mark of his largess. Thank you bud! Infinity is no doubt in progress right here!! And that’s me speed blurbed out for anther mighty fine Scour..passing you all back over to Spin’ to wrap this puppy up! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 176>>103bpm

Nice one Harry, yet another Scour miracle pulled out the bag, without your invalubale blurb writing assistance I’d still be going at this one during my lunch break tomorrow! Can’t be risking that two days in a row – day job pays the mortgage!

So..27 utra tasty freebees later we’ve reached the Curveball slot, at long long last! No comedy stories involved introducing this one, in fact this this week’s curveball isn’t even free! Hold it! I decide what makes the curveball’s Scour, my rules! Anyway, I’m sure no one expected to be asked to pay for a Scour right there is your curviness! Story behind my reasoning for supporting this one, even though it ain’t free..previously Scoured (..waay back in Scours 46, 47 and 49 times) DJ Golden Toast messaged me recently, asking kindly if I could drum up some Scour support for a 27 track compilation album called ‘The Bounce Doctor’s’ that has been compiled and put out there specifically to raise some much needed funds to help pay for his mothers surgery, and after treatment, from a recently diagnosed form of aggressive colon cancer. Didn’t have to consider the request for too long..even if this Scour support only raises a few extra dollars, they’re dollars that could make a massive difference to the life of both his mother AND to him. So here it is..two options here, pick up the whole 27 track LP for a mere $11.11, OR just this one tasty track, for just one single tiny weeny $. We can all afford $1 for a worthy cause surely!?? I sincerely hope so anyway..if you’re waivering, how about consider the tables being turned, we’d all appreciate the same gesture I’m sure..and so now, get involved in doing the right thing please! Here’s wishing Mary Lee Goldsmith a big big “get well soon” from The Scour, and to you Ananda..stay strong, it’s one of life’s test can be beaten! Hope this support helps you out a little bit dude. 96bpm

And that’s another Scourful delivered for you all back in couple of weeks all being well, inbtween now and then I have a certain Scoured Cream Vol.03 to get wrapped up and fired off to mastering! 🙂

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.

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