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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 13/06/13

By June 14, 2013Blog

Well whaddya know! 3 weeks (..since very well received Scour #85) and an absolutely incredible Sunrise Festival 2013 later, we’ve landed/recovered/after-sunned ourselves back into our ‘real life’ modes, and literally gagging to unleash this latest Scourfull for you. Yep, yep it’s us, Spinforth and Fat Harry (..whom is your Master of Scourmonies™ for down below in the business end) warmly welcoming you to..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #86!!

I gotta be ultra quick up here this week..down below you’ll find no less than 30..errmm I mean 36..actually scratch that, technically speaking this Scour is 40 FREE downloads deep!! No complaints please…else I’ll take another 3 weeks’s 3 week bumper catch up mega Scour..and even if I do say so myself, it’s one of my favourites least the last one!

So..time to get this latest Scour show on the road, how about’s we kick off Scourceedings™ with some exclusive business? Any Too Many T’s fans in the Scour-pad™ (..aka: ‘House’ – cheers for that one Luke Stereo..I’m pretty sure I heard it from you first, only took me about a year to remember to use it!). I’ve been receiving loads of requests to support some of the non finalist’s entries..but that would be uncourteous on the actual finalists, and bearing in mind at least 3 out of 4 of these finalists are regular Scour-hold™ (..that one’s entirely just this second mine! 😉 )..names, Ghetto Funk HQ have very kindly arranged for them ALL to feature here, together, exclusively first..ALL with their FREE DOWNLOAD buttons now switched to ON! Big big congrats to Shaka Loves You, Chrispop, Funkanizer, and Morlack for getting so so close to that coveted top spot..deservedly reached by the brilliant d.end in d end! (..see what I did there!?). Grab all 4 downloads here first…

..aaaand then/now, time to get involved with Fat Harry, and his loveable balls. Switching you all over to him now, to introduce no less than 30/36 (’ll see when you reach the Curevball) 100% FREE TUNES, all loved by my fussy ears during my latest Scour n deliver mammoth catch up mission! Scour word spreading thumbs up all round, if you download even just one of these tunes, in return please, time for you all to…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

30 tunes to get through, time for lubrication? No madame. No time for lubrication. Lets go at this hard and fast, rip and ruin each others clothes and share some serious love burns and sofa stains. This Scour is packed full of Scourgins™..12 of them to be precise! (Competition time – Free Scour sticker posted to anyone who can name all of them!)..12 Doe-eyed, demure Scour Virgins and me. And these speedos…..and these marigolds……Enough of the sexy talk! It’s Scour o’clock!

Ultra addictive Reginald Dub from Riddim Tuffa Sound to kick off this week’s Scour…..Hang on, isn’t this lady singing about our very own Spinforth? “Bubblin a Spin!” I think our hero might have found a new anthem. Expect this to be his ringtone by the end of the night “Spin!” It’ll be the first song in all his sets for the next year, he’ll probably have it on repeat in the office and pipped through to the HKPP bathroom too. Good job it’s awesome! 85bpm

Hip Hop Jazz Sir? Well alright! I don’t know whether I want to pop a cap in yo ass and show you the inside of my pimped out crib bra…. or gently remove my prize silk stockings and sequinned gloves as I light another woodbine in my cigarillo holder to this latest Ben Hedibi remix. You decide my sexy flappers, just don’t ladder my hose. 88bpm

Keith Lawrence & Temple of Boon! Just proves it’s worth taking time to suitably name your child. Keith Lawrence, awesome as he is, is no name for a loveable rogue archeologist who travels the world to unearth artefacts of…..hold up. Keith Lawrence is exactly the kind of name you’d expect for an archaeologist, scratching around in some Norfolk burial site with Tony Robinson from Time Team. Indiana Jones is NEVER a proper name for an archaeologist! Sort it out Spielberg! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 90bpm

Barry White. The walrus of love, the zebra of sex, the badger of fingering, the Lord God and saviour of sweaty fat blokes the world over. Kill Emil gives him a 91bpm workout, which is just about as much as his poor old heart can handle..what’s that? He died?!! 10 years ago?!!!!!!! :runs out of the internet crying: 91bpm

DJ Rebel….you genius! Cheeky cheekiest re-edit of Bill Haley that has had me limbo-ing underneath every two points that are joined together in HKPP towers. I’m currently stuck under the axle of my van with the blood turning toxic in my entrapped legs. I’m writing this via my iPhone whilst waiting for the emergency services to free me and possibly amputate. I still love you DJRebel! Legs are overrated anyway! 90bpm

Locked-in-your-set-for-months-tune alert! Top blending skills from The Mother Chip, amazing work fella, we are fully loving it! Don’t be scared when I say I’m about to go rummaging through your bits, i’m purely referring to your soundcloud account. 96bpm

HKPP fave’s Jinx In Dub come at us like a troop of funky dub monkeys under mind control drugs from the king of funky dub monkeys, Sir David Attenborough, who sits in a chair, oiled and naked except for a thong of banana leaves, being fanned by two giant leather clad Orangutang’s, controlling all the monkeys. He’s a bad mamma. 95bpm

JaPetto to the rescue! This sublime downtempo frozen chill brick is the perfect way to tame the the dub monkeys! JaPetto removes his bass trousers and slows it all down, works a treat too. Give him some thumbing love x ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 96bpm

Some fresh Record Time/The MuthaFunkers business for you..feating Vicious 5150 and Mista Mead. The first and last time I drank Mead I apparently wore a chicken, tried to buy a child, urinated in a cigarette vending machine and shaved a cat. I don’t believe it myself as I love cats and chickens and kids and cigarette vending machines! Nevertheless, Ghetto Funk Health and Safety rules dictate that this track must come with a safety warning. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

Opiuo back with a bouncy P-Funk BOMB! I went to the doctors with a touch of the cat aids the other day, I presented the prescription at the boots counter and they gave me this track! Opiuo. Utter boss, (..and boss of Otters – keep that to yourselves though) BassFunk uber-legend, party starter, hit with the ladies, curer of all ills. Scour Facts!! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

You must know by now that we at HKPP are simple and literal people. When Ronseal told us to treat wood good, we wined and dined all manner of trees, sticks and twiggery. When DJ Wood told us to ‘Get Bendy’ we did that too (..much to miss HKPP’s disgust). When Love Our Records told us to love their records we did, and we still do. We love ’em. ‘Player One – Who Am I’ is no exception. I’m loving it right now. Ooooh yeah. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 101bpm

Boogie machine T.Rice is at it again. I’m pretty positive he doesn’t sleep, or if he does he sleeps on a bed of hip hop nails hammered into a bed-sized plank of disco. Possibly with a pair of technics as pillows and recording studio pyjamas. His toilet is likely made entirely of drum and bass. 103bpm

One second in and I already love love love it, then DJ INKO adds a lick of cut the cake, two fingers of MC Lyte, a drizzle of MAARS and extra points for utterly graphic porn reference in the intro juxtaposed with nursery rhyme outro. Personal Scour hero! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 106bpm

“Where’s the blues, benders?!” We hear you brothers and sisters! Keep your pants on! Step forward Scourgin™ ( get this one for free!) Dj Savage Henry with a very respectful and funky boxcar blues prison anthem. Hobo-tastic! How savage is Henry you ask? He doesn’t go to Burger King for ‘happy meals’, he has his own paper crown and furiously sits outside farmers cow sheds with a knife and fork just waiting…..not that he can use a knife and fork. Welcome to the Scour dude! 106bpm

Has anyone at Ghetto Funk mentioned Sunrise festival yet? No? Oh, right, well allow me! It was wicked-bad! Some of the best DJs in the world became magnetised and were primordially drawn to a field in the south of England for four of the funniest, funkiest days ever. As if that wasn’t enough, some of the loveliest Ghetto Funk friends and family were there too. Not only a joy to hang out with the DJ’s and producers we all love, but an honour to share that love with some of the most wonderful 19k plus Ghetto Funk followers. All mental, all about the love, all very likely to be there next year. If you didn’t make it you really should do next year, put it in your diaries right now..even better get involved in some Super Earlybird Ticket business and bag yourself a bargain! A.Skillz (amongst others) blew the roof off the Ghetto Funk Nightclub (standard), and he has recently offered up this freebie (Legend). 105bpm

There’s something about Minoru….Is it because he looks like Cameron Diaz? Is it his Matt Dillon-ish teeth? Is it his Ben Stiller-esque broken fremen? Maybe it’s just his choice of hair gel? Nope, it’s his double awesome bassfullness and his general God-like mastery of the Glitch anthem! 105bpm

Old Scour-hands among you will know by now, that not only do we big up our favourite up and coming producers, make up words, talk a lot about speedos and uumpa lumpas and monkeys, squeeze as many references to HKPP in as we can without being beaten up by Ghetto Funk HQ, put our own remixes in at every opportunity, plug our nights (Oh, Stickybuds is playing with us on 21st June, doncha-know) BUT…Spinforth purposely plans and compiles each and every Scour as if it was a DJ Set, it’s all set out in BPM order, and follows a nice flow (..similar to any given HKPP set – Owwww, we’re sorry Will!). ‘The Scour flow’ is one of our proudest parts of The Scour. As if by magic, that flow continues with K+Lab, who has also featured heavily in many an HK:Slim hooks an umbrella round our neck and drags us off stage: This tune taken from his recent and brilliant Spacedirt LP, on Junkfood Recordings..and offered up for FREE just in time for Scour day! Coincidence? I doubt it..reckon Spinforth’s been tapping up the New Zealand legends again! Go get your wallets involved for the rest of the LP >>RIGHT HERE<< 107bpm

Another highlight of Sunrise…(has anyone mentioned how good it was yet?) Was meeting Sir Giorgos of Basement Freakington. Nicest man in the world and, only losing out to DJP (pink trainers) and The Captain (cybernetically enhanced pheromones) as the sexiest man in the world!! That’s not bad going at all. His new side project The Spank! is hotter than a jumpin’ jive fox, and we all know how hot they are! Get onboard now whilst the getting’s mega good. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

You wouldn’t punch a giraffe, you wouldn’t kick an otter, you certainly wouldn’t flick the V’s to a Llama, you might cuddle a badger, but only if it was tranquillised, they are niggly bastards outside of cartoons and children’s stories, you’d probably stroke a hamster, unless you were Richard Gere, you’d certainly French kiss a chimp – ah ah ah, don’t say you wouldn’t, you haven’t heard Basschimp‘s Preacher Man yet, have a listen then tell me you wouldn’t tongue him. You dirty pigeons! DOWNLOAD LINK/BUTTON ARRIVING SOON. 110bpm

Yes! I’ve been waiting for someone to do justice to Snow’s Informer, I knew it would be coming, Step up to the plate Switzerland’s DJ GROOVECELLAR. Tidy darts fella! Twenty years on and i’m still none the wiser on just what the hell he’s on about, other than informing and bum licking. Which i’m all for, except for the informing part, that’s not cool…..and I have certain personal guidelines about bum licking. I think it was Detta or B-Side and I who decided we were all for bum licking up to and including day 3 of a festival. But not day 4. Everyone needs to draw a line in the sand somewhere. Welcome to The Scou…oops, almost gave another of this Scour’s 12 Scourgin™’s away! 😉 110bpm

Right. It’s time to get serious for a moment. Excuse me whilst I roll my sleeves up and sweep EVERYTHING off the table onto the floor in a fit of seriousness. Every once in a while a tune comes along that strikes a chord at a deep down level. As soon as you hear it you know it’s got your name written all over it, you already know where it’s going in the set, you know which gigs you’ll be playing it at and it makes you smile knowing all the people it’ll make happy. Qnoe’s Eena Meena Deeka was one, J-Roc’s Nickelodeon was another, Featurecast’s Rock Ya Body, A-Skillz & Krafty’s Happiness, you get me. Here’s another one: Grinny Grandad‘s Swim Fish. >insert biggest of grins here< 112bpm

Closing in on his 100th soundcloud track and celebrating recently being signed to Finger Licking’s management, Bobby C Sound TV, the only man in the world, besides Michael Jackson, who can pull off a red leather two piece suit. Seriously picture that for a moment. Trousers. And a Jacket (not any old jacket, a jacket cut short, cut tight, with a funkload of buckles and tassels) Now, picture yourself wearing that suit. It can’t be done. Bobby can do it. He’s so red leather ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 114bpm

What can we say about Slynk that we haven’t already said before? He keeps raising the bar? Pah, we say that every time he releases another tune. That he’s a living breathing shinning example for every up and coming producer out there? Yawn, already said it. That his sonics keep getting more joyous whilst he still keeps his funky tail-feather utterly shaken and clearly on view for you, me, him, Ray and everyone else to have a look at? Booooooring! Said it a thousand times before. He was raised by a shark and an eagle? He can’t turn left? He knows kung fu? There’s nothing left to say, he needs his very own personal adjective: Ultraoutstanderillo! That’s what he is. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 118bpm

Where’s all the ladies at? Don’t look at me! I didn’t do anything! Ask DJ Caseybeats. He knows. He also knows how to throw down a freaking awesome electro swing time bomb – We’d be mightily obliged if you could find it in your hearts to give him some proper Scour loving, and also If you could ask him to point me in the right direction of all the ladies, that would be greatly appreciated too thankyouplease! 116bpm

Ahhh, the Scour flow is at it’s finest again – this is so much fun for us, it’s the blogging form of DJing! (FTW) The Squirrel Nut Zippers get deeply twisted by the Almighty I.Z. as soon as I get some free time i’ll be burying my head in his soundcloud breasts and motorboating my way through his back catalogue with relish and aplomb, this could be the beginning of a beautiful romance! 120bpm

Big ups to the Savages this week! Our second Savage brings the fun and frolic to The Worldstylers Rastafire. How Savage are Savages Y Suefo you may wonder? Not quite as savage as Savage Henry, but still quite savage-y. They’ll not think twice before they take your eye out if you look at them funny, so keep your feet moving, your mouths grinning and your hands in the air – which is handy as that’s exactly how you’ll behave if you catch them live in Budapest. 120bpm

Who’d have thought i’d end up liking a Pitbull track? …Rhythm Scholar knew I would, when he fused that rapscallion with Toots & The Maytals, The Temptations, Lightin’ Rod, Doug Lazy, Lou Donaldson and Brick. I’m not even joking. This is majestic and cleverer than two Yodas in a hall of mirrors. 127bpm

OMG, not only are we flowing musically, we’re flowing with words and references – it’s like DJing with letters! This Arnivore! & Ocelus track resonates a lot with me as I’ve spent a year smoking this mental electronic cigarette that looks like a frikking mini-clarinet, meh, whatever, I’m now addicted to looking like a man who loves tiny Jazz instruments. Anyway, every time my flatmate sees me pulling on my nico-clarinet he hums the cantina theme from star wars and I play along and pretend to be one of the cantina band, this can go on for minutes at a time and has been a running gag for just over 12 months….you can imagine the fun we have in my house, really, you should come round. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 132bpm

Johnny Pluse is a cheeky one, always there with a weapon or two in his bag, ‘Never Get Old’ with MC Coppa was a treat, one of many Johnny’s released, was it on Bulabeats, I can’t remember. Anyway, those two are nothing short of dynamite together. Well blow me if DJ AKA – Fresh from his AMAZING remix duties on Sir Timothy Wisdom’s ‘Get Your Hands Up’ Remixed EP – has just dropped my jaw on the floor with this Game of Thrones triple dragon of a remix. The heat is on, my blonde haired, perfected breasted friends x DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 175bpm

Aaaaand finally..This week’s curveball! We say’s actually more of an entire baseball park, as it’s an entire EP! Not just any old tat either, you know us by now! This is one of our favourite EPs from the always sexy, freshly squeezed Fresh Kingdom Label showcasing the skills of Javier Morillas. Have been rinsing these for ages, still do, because we fear change and we love Javier. Check him out, and follow the label – you’ll be happy you did, we promise. Oh yeah..and you’ll be wanting ALL of these for FREE via his very kindly opened up Bandcamp link >>RIGHT HERE<< …don’t forget to leave your thank yous, pleeease! That’s us well and truly Scoured right out for another week..back with as soon as Spinforth has recovered from his Glastonbury Festival Escapades, where he’ll be proudly reppin’ for HKPP! Until then..happy Scouring, love your balls, and goodnight from us! xxx

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