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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 14/11/13

By November 15, 2013Blog


Easy all, Spinforth and Fat Harry back with you once again to warmly welcome and deliver upon to you, this..your 95th edition of ‘The Scour’!!

No point me (Spinforth) beating around any bushes up top this week, seeing as it’s both Scourday™ AND Scour Records‘ debut Artist Series EP release day, I’m shamelessly taking this opportunity to get busy with some label promo up top this week. Namely in the shape of introducing to all your gorgeous ears – and hopefully (should said ears chose to love) soon to follow your crates – to the long awaited ALL ORIGINAL debut Artist EP, from Scour Stars Cedar Senior & Imagine This! This one has been a good 12 months in both the making and then patiently waiting in line for it’s opportunity to shine, and so now it gives both myself and all the artists involved huge pride and pleasure in announcing that it’s time for unleashing has at long last come! 🙂

Featuring an awesome glitched up vibed original mix, plus 4 top notch remixes from..Grand Master Hip Hop Doer DJP, Ghetto Dub vibes deliverer Father Funk, Ghetto Funk vibe deliverer J-Sound, aaaand everyone’s preferred Ghetto Bass vibe impregnator Howla..all spanning a choice selection of The Scour’s favouritest genres. Our aim and hope is that this release is packing a little tasty something for is ‘the way of all things Scour’! But don’t just take my word for it..time to feed your ears via the following links. Meet you down below dreckly. 🙂

Release date: **OUT NOW**

So how was it for you? Find at least one your ears loved? Bagged it? Liked it? Shared it? Sweeeet (..and thank you!)..plenty more of these forthcoming in the Scour Records pipeline. Don’t worry, the Scoured Creams will continue too..but with these artist EP’s we aim to reflect and showcase ALL of the varied flavoured vibes that are regularly loved and supported via The Scour. Expect surprises galore, but ALWAYS endeavouring to feature a little something for everybody at all times!

Right then, that’s my intro bit done done done..time to switch you all over to Fat Harry to introduce this Scour’s 23 ear-picked freebies! Until next time…

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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Hello ladies! Hello genteels! Hope all your erections and erectettes are happy and warm and rash free! Straight into this bi-week’s goodies (fnar) with upside down legend Ennio Maccaroni. I say upside down as his usual appearances tend to be at the ‘business’ end of The Scour. Talking of business, i’ve yet to put my finger on whether Susan Cadogan is singing about the release of a large and potentially unruly stool movement or just about some quite exceptionally robust yet glowing sexual escapade. Well. If i’m going to put my finger in it i’m hoping it’s the later. Hurts so good! 82/165bpm

Loads of love for Dub T with this awesome back door ‘wiff. Excellent ideas well presented, extra super cool points for just deciding to stop at the end, sometimes you simply need to exit a tune by wanging it into a tree. Top darts! Welcome to The Scour fella! Pop your clothes on the side, we’ll be with you as soon as we’ve finished shaving, warm-gluing and rolling these hamsters in glitter. You brought the toilet roll tubes and the zippo? Good man x 80bpm

Wicked stompy hip hop use of Das EFX over epic Grecian plate smashing soundtrack! If you haven’t already joined Michael Lener’s Soundcloud Page then consider yourselves scolded, not bad scolded like taking a Yakuza finger, more like I love you but you’ve had a cheeky poo on my carpet and whilst i’m mad I also know it’s my fault for leaving you locked in the house all day whilst i’ve been at work….and you’ve got the biggest eyes that break all mens hearts. N’awwww. I give it my highest crockery rating of a twelve piece dinner set and a gravy boat. Mashup’ers take heed..instrumental version available >>HERE<< too! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 92bpm

Beautiful soulful hip hop Owlery from Mad Colour. We promise, by all the gimp masks, codpieces and general dogging paraphernalia which we own, and we own an awful lot, especially when you consider we own shares in Horbart long haulage, that we own the dodgy lay by at the top of our road and that we know Howla….that you will absolutely love this! 93bpm

Tom Showtime gets his Rastafarian honey bear army out again to drizzle the good stuff over N’Fa Jones’ Life’s Just a Game. Showtime’s Rasta bears went on the same training course as Willy Wonka’s Ummpa Loompa’s, so they know their shizzle, they have a love for the dancing and singing as well as a general attentiveness for the sweet stuff. They do shit in the woods, but it comes out as ready wrapped Ferrero Rocher nuggets of goodness – like all his tracks, really – rhumba! 94bpm

Odjbox is back! I think I might have said the same thing three months ago after a prolonged absence from the swing-cat hipster. It’s always a pleasure to see what’s been flicking his beans in the studio. It’s Odjbox so of course it’s going to be classy and sassy like a badger pimp overlord, hustling his hareem of badger sows all over the farmyard and country lanes. How much for a cheeky hand job Mr badger? asks Mr Rabbit. Mr Rabbit might have lucky paws but he is a bad man. Welcome back Odjbox! 95bpm

DJ MAARS back in The Scour again, that can only mean there’s another Reginald Banger in the offing. There is. It has the seal of approval from the three tramps i’ve kidnapped and am keeping in a well in my kitchen. I can see their heads bobbing up and down. Hang on a sec, brb :runs off: PUT ON THE LOTION TRAMP DUDES!! :runs back: They love it. Skinsuit! 100bpm

Crack open all your Xylophones! Jabberwockk brings the Caribbean flavours like a limbo-ing Sir Patrick Moore (RIP) in a grass skirt, trying to keep half a coconut shell filled with malibu and cocktail umbrellas from spilling onto his thongs whilst balancing two fingers of mescaline in his other ham type moon fist. Hoola Hooper! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 100bpm

Good time rocking riddim’s belonging to Supa John, adopted and remixed by FunkFreak to extra sexy effect. Wicked scratching to boot. I know it’s good because the ants have stopped skulking across the kitchen table towards the madeira cake and have started jauntily marching like they’re being watched over by a scout for the next Disney movie. Top ant control work FunkFreak! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 100bpm

AfroQBen does things here with the squelchy baseline that makes my bowel resonate. Every time it kicks in I can feel it squeal with laughter like it’s a big girls blouse being tickled behind the bike sheds. Ben I love you and your hair and your other hair (for you have more than the average bear) This is proper lovely. 100bpm

SCOUR #95 EXCLUSIVE #1: Leo needs to sit on the naughty step after this swear-a-thon. I stand corrected, there’s no actual swear words in here, I think there’s room for some though, perhaps we could make some? I favour ‘clownanus’ and ‘badmonkeybutter’. In fact, I think Leo should go and sit on the awesome step! This one’s undoubtedly a very worthy Scour hat trick scoring doozy! Congratulations fella! 🙂 Click on the following text to grab your very kindly donated..>>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 102bpm

Welcome to The Scour The Floozies! Thank you for bringing the lazer pornfunk with you! FACT. Never has a tune screamed sex and robots and lasers and bears more than this one. FACT. I’m thinking of changing my name to Mullerlicious, so that when that desperate housewife, or pussycat doll or whoever is doing the current muller yoghurt advert puts a spoonful of Muller’s deluxe corner into her mouth (with the little dusted balls of perfection – her words) I can high five myself. For everyone enjoying this gem (and/or when the download slots run out), time to get involved in their excellent brand new ‘Tell Your Mother’ LP, available 100% for >>FREE RIGHT HERE<<!! 106bpm

Talking of funky bad, here’s Robster Dobster the Ladies Lobster with ANOTHER laser monster. I’ve yet to settle on a permanent name for the dream maker himself, i’m liking LL Cool Bob. He’s cool, he’s called Bob, the ladies love him and he looks good in lobster red leather. Alright, he might not have actual claws but his laser funk is the best euphemism for massive choppy dog-chop lobster laser claws i’ve ever heard! And I know you were just thinking the same thing too! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 106bpm

Keeping with the lasers and the funk and the breasts (..there were no breasts, stop dreaming, there will never be breasts in The Scour – move along) Inspir (Welcome to The Scour dude!) craft’s the funkiest and chunkiest of tracks on his anvil l’amore™. What’s an anvil L’amore? Inspir’s from France, hence his anvil of love is all L’amore-y. Where in France is he from you ask? He’s from Brest :cannon fire and fireworks ensue – Fat Harry cartwheels away from the internet: 110bpm

What the hell is that on the floor? It looks all squiggly! It is, for it is my intestines and kidneys! So be very warned! You might need a cork and some elastic bands ready before you listen to this utter love-bomb from Ageless. What a way to lose one’s Scourginity! This track tugs bitter sweetly at my heart strings the way all good soul should. I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Well, as my flatmate cleaned today and there’s not too much dust on my innards, I shall laugh as I scoop myself back inside myself. Yeeharr! 110bpm

Dutty Moonshine drop down through their gears to glitch out High Contrast’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. How good do you think that’ll be? Aye, you’re not wrong either, it is that good. The Moonshine boys go from strength to strength. I’d like to see them play live somewhere soon….hold up! They’re touring! And they’ll be playing at Bassfunk with our very own Spinforth on 23rd November in Plymouth! And the northern pin up (aka: The Fritz) will be there too! And Mrs Spinforth! And The Mayor!! Bring on the good times! 110bpm

SCOUR #95 EXCLUSIVE #2: All this talking about Moonshine’s got me a thirst for blues and banjos and chain gangs and interbreeding and pigs snuffling for truffles. Step forward Brazil’s Shakasound, and consider your troughs well and truly swilled out, your cousin’s neck covered in a nasty looking love bites, your very own ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’ onesie and your very own directors cut of Deliverance DVD. Mongo loves sheriff Bart! Click on the following text to grab your very kindly donated..>>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 11?bpm

Slynk’s in the house! If Slynk was in my house i’d probably stand very still and stare, his eye might be drawn to the well of tramps but i’d casually shuffle around until I’d hidden them, perhaps throw a blanket over the opening. I’d hug him, of course, i’d be scared to break him or startle him (like a deer) I’d probably make him some tea and offer to show him the castle where the man wanged off the dog that time (’s what our town is famous for). I’m hoping he’s touring soon so we can actually recreate that exact scenario, perhaps with less tramps. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 110bpm

Sam Redmore! Sexy Sam the drummer man! Sam’s a Scour favourite, with his lovely face and always exquisite remixes. It would be grossly unfair to call LFO wobble producers as building site labourers, but if I were to do that (which I’m not) then Sam would be a wizened old sculptor (with an epic beard) sat in a loincloth made from the purest silk taken from worms who were hand massaged every day (with happy endings), chiselling Adonis-like statues from blocks of marble hewn from Gods own quarry. Tap tap! 112bpm

Sammy Senior remixes JBrown and the Mic Smith! Amazing work! Sammy has been touring the world this last year with his famous golden afro. The afro was horribly stolen from him at one drunken party by Jason and the Argonauts and he’s now touring the world again to get his golden fleece back from evil Jason. I saw him in Bristol recently fighting with a load of reanimated skeletons. Go Sammy! 114bpm

This one’s special. You’ll need to make a space for this in your crates pronto! Superbad party block rocker remix from Qdup and AGFA, tipping their cap to the great and the good. Lean back when you play this, it just reached out of the internet and punched me in the face, that’s how rock hard this tune is! 115bpm

Welcome to The Scour…..Fort Knox Five! Wow! That’s like welcoming real life royalty to The Scour! I’m almost lost for words! I’ve gone all shy and mumbly. FK5 we love you, your tune is fiyah! Let me know if you need anything, blue M&M’s, me in a princess Leah costume – of course the Jabba’s palace one! Really, whatever you want just name it! We love all your balls x 129bpm

So that’s this ultra tasty forthcoming curveball! One step closer to the big 100, today marks The Scour’s first proper original release, this appeared on our Facebook this week, we have a potential new local home gig for HKPP tomorrow – it’s all winning. What better way to wrap all that sexy goodness up than with the spectacular Greg Blackman and the always inspirational DJ Vadim, AKA Hartley & Wolfe. Take it away fellas! 93bpm

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