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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 18/10/13

By October 18, 2013Blog


Easy all, and warmest of welcomes all round, from myself (Spinforth) and my very very special guest intro blurb writer (X-Ray Ted), to this, your latest edition of Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour..numero 93!!

Sadly no Fat Harry on duty this week due to work commitments. Which, along with a few other unforeseen spare time sapping circumstances in my own ‘real life’ world, almost forced a week’s postponement of this weeks Scour. At least that was the story until good pard and absolute legend X-Ray Ted offered up his guest blurb writing services, which in turn encouraged me to pull an all nighter to catch up with my Scouring last night. Turns out that our hard work has paid off, and with a big joint effort we’re back on track to deliver you this, my 93rd Scour!

Have to admit I’m absolutely shattered though, and so..I’m pretty much ready to hand you all over to ‘Ted to introduce this weeks mighty fine selection ( all trust ears by now right!?) of tasty free treats already. Juuust before I do though..a quick heads up to everybody and anybody whom might be out partying for Halloween in Bristol **NEXT SATURDAY** (26th). For those whom prefer their partying to feature lashings of Ghetto Funk flavoured goodness courtesy of Featurecast, BSide, DJP, Goodgroove, Dancefloor Outlaws, Hong Kong Ping Pong, Sammy Senior & Detta…there really is only ONE place for you party faces to be, and that is undoubtedly at Ghetto Funk’s 3rd Birthday takeover bash, which we are celebrating at Bridewell Island, Silver Street, BS1 2AG Bristol, as part of the sure to be awesome Wonka-Vision Halloween – Escape From Zombie Island!! Still a few tickets available, at £20.00 per pop, don’t sleep, grab them >>HERE<<..and right now!

Enough from me, I desperately need some sleep. Switching you all over to the one, the only, the Scour #93 saviour..Mr X-Ray Ted!!

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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Hey y’all, X-Ray Ted here being entrusted with stepping up in replacement of the one like Fat Harry. I’ve been at this most of the day today, hats off to Spin & Harry for their dedication and hard work each Scour, getting involved really does shed a very different Scour light on proceedings! None the less, it’s undoubtedly a true honour and privilege to be involved as your guest blurb writer for Scour 93! 🙂

Firstly, I’d like to say thanks to everyone in this Scour for sharing their free music. Secondly, as a producer who has gained pretty much all of my following via the power of The Scour, please do make sure that you comment, share, follow the artist, like, re-blog, repost, and so on. One little click goes a long way, and it means the world to us!

Anyways, back to business…if y’all really like to rock the funky beats, somebody say hell yeah!

SCOUR #93 EXCLUSIVE #1: OK, you Scourlicious bunch, let’s get started! And what a way to kick us off… First up, we have Ozzie-mash-up-master Mr Tom Showtime showing us exactly what he does best. This sumptuous, jazzy blend of (my personal favourite tune…EVER) The Pharcyde’s “Passin’ Me By” is as silky-smooth as Fat Harry’s glorious, hairless phisique – and almost just as naughty (almost). Big ups to Tom Showtime for sharing this little beaut, and if you like what you hear, don’t forget to go cop his endless supply of mash-up-fire from his SoundCloud!!! >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 90bpm

Let us now welcome the first of this week’s Scourgins™ in the form of Belgium’s very own R.O..and what an entrance he’s just made. This neuro-bouncy-bassy twist on Caravan Palace’s “Je m’amuse” really does tick all the boxes – “Can I play this at peak time?” YES, “Well produced?” YES, “Does it make me feel like I should be holding a cigar, sipping a Martini, and sporting a prohibition-era pure silk suit, while a gaggle of flappers show me just enough thigh to be considered somewhat racey?” YES! All I can really say now is “YES, R.O. – hell yes”..and thanks for sharing. 90bpm

JPod – Now if you know me, you may know about my worrying addiction to fried chicken, ribs, and anything coated in peanut butter; but when this man’s in the kitchen I can order nothing but the soul-food special of the day. Legendary veteran JPOD (the beat chef) kindly dishes out his remix of 1 Giant Leap’s “Inspiration” with sumptuous flavor by the bucket-load. But flavour’s not enough for this man, this perfectly crafted “World Music” style masterpiece is produced to a standard some can only dream of – keeping the Earthly soul of the original but adding crisp drums and an astounding bass sound. Gordon Ramsay can f*ckin’ do one, Jpod is the only chef we need. 94bpm

SCOUR #93 EXCLUSIVE #2: Chalk those hands, polish your bat (Oh, Matron!), and get ready for a home run, because next to step up is German hard-hitter, Qnoe; delivering a fine swing to knock competitors straight out of the park. Flipping Greg Nice’s “Set it off” with a dub-reggae skank, we’re certainly on to a winner here! This one goes straight in my crate, massive shout to Qnoe for this kind donation! >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 97bpm

While Spinforth’s out there popping Scour cherries, he still finds the time time to give us all a little pork, as such, we welcome our second of this week’s Scourgins™; Sausagefinger. Bred wild in the Arubian wastelands, and known only to the locals and tourists as “Frank Furter”, his real identity remains a mystery. This time laying his meaty digits on Grizmatic’s gritty, bass-heavy “My People”, and converting it to a tight, sub-powered Electro-Soul roller with a familiar vocal cut to keep things extra spicy. Large ups to Saugsagefinger for this meaty main course. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 98bpm

A man who needs no introduction. If you don’t already know Gramatik, get to know. Laying down a tasty, modern day Bootsy-style funk weapon, this has been on repeat all day at X-Ray Towers. I could write for hours on how much I’m loving this one….but I won’t as we have a lot to get through, all you really need to know is “new, free, Gramatik” the rest speaks for itself! 98bpm

Next up we have Re-funk hero, Late Knight, masterfully taking to Big Daddy Kane’s “2 Da Good Tymz”. The hard hitting ‘pella, finely blended with that classic Honey Dripped glaze creates a laid back funk-filled infusion that’s almost irresistable. Make sure to head over to the Welsh dragon’s cave for some pure heat. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

What’s this? Spinforth breaking a golden Scour rule!? Fair one though, definitely a tricky decision picking a winner out of these two. It’s Late Knight, back once again with the ill behaviour – but this one has an extra dash of stompy-goodness. Crafting beats in his cave, the dragon breathes fire again to deliver another intelligent blend; this time with a Re-funk of Brand Nubian, “Don’t let it go to your head”. Massive thanks to Late Knight for the double offering! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 103bpm

Deep beyond the depths of Berlin’s infamous house & techno scene lays a mysterious beast in the form of aleksey! Bringing funky-fresh re-rubs to the table that pack some serious dancefloor punch. This “funky burrito bootleg” of The Pharcyde’s classic “Ya Mama” tastes as good as it sounds (and sounds as good as it tastes). Props to aleksey for putting this out, this is some instant head-nod material. 105bpm

SCOUR #93 EXCLUSIVE #3: Warning, floor-filler alert!!! This next offering come from a Scour Mega Star, a fine young specimin who tore up this year’s festival scene – if his lady-melting sideburns, and explosive DJ style weren’t enough for you, he also merits in being (in my opinion) one of the most versatile and promising young producers in our scene. I’m talking, of course, about Father Funk. Yet another bass-fueled banger with an oh-so-fluid funk from Cumbria’s finest! 105bpm

Yet another Scourgin™, and certainly not today’s last, let us introduce Mr. G!. This track slapped a big fat smile right on my face as soon as the beat kicked. 109bpm

SCOUR #93 EXCLUSIVE #4: It’s time to say congratulations to Shaka Loves You, not only for reaching a mighty 1000 followers on Soundcloud (don’t forget, always room for more!), but also for hitting the Juno chart hard with their current EP. This one’s a celebratory freebie the guys have been kind enough to give away, so massive props for that. Here’s to the next 1000 dudes! >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 110bpm

Absolute fire from GRiZ (ft. The Floozies). The Whoozies?? look ’em up, it’s yet another top tip from Spin’! Their funky guitar line receives an almost liquid, Nu-Disco boost that can only be described as straight pimpin’. Another track so smooth that it, once again, makes me want to highlight it’s likeness to a freshly-shaved Fat Harry, but I won’t, it’s just too arousing a thought. This tune taken from Griz’s incredible brand spankin new album ‘Rebel Era‘ available >>FOR FREE RIGHT HERE<< 110bpm

Some big-boy business from another Scour Records Super Star – Leo (UK), you never cease to amaze me. Some may not know, but Leo built a cyborg version of Glen Miller that he kept in a cage and poked with a drumstick. Eventually, the Glenborg grew concious and broke free, the untamed swing-beast is tearing up soundsystems and raising havoc on dancefloors worldwide. This one will have you bouncing off the walls before you can say, “Holy sh*t, a robot Glen Miller!!!” 110bpm

Party people in the house, this is a big room, late night weapon. We all know the time when you need something filthy, but familiar, well DJ Dylan Sanders delivers this honestly titled “Drag and Drop Mash” of Pyramyth’s “Cowbell Rock” and the ever-crowd-hyping House of Pain ‘pella. Plain and simple, this naughty little 3 minute wonder can blow the roof off if used effectively – it’s even got a massive bomb drop in the middle! 110bpm

Munich’s up and coming Ike Aligbe returns to The Scour with a gritty re-boot of Turntablerocker’s circa 2000 jam “A Little Funk” with bassline that could tear a man in two. Yet another floor-filler, you lot are being spoilt! Thanks to Ike Aligbe for sharing. 110bpm

SCOUR #93 EXCLUSIVE #5: Scourgins™ a plenty today! And a massive welcome to Canada’s CrashCourse, smashing on to the Scour-scene with “Mothership” (ft. Hazardous). Rumor has it he is hard at work on a whole slew of new releases and preparing for his “The Finer Things” Tour upon his EP release in December 2013. Big up yourself CrashCourse, and thanks-a-plenty for this very kindly donated 100% FREE (by Scour Power request)…>>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Big UPs for the exclusive hook up up dude! 110bpm

GOD DAMN..where/how does Spinforth consistently find them!!? Fresh-faced Brighton based producer Gary Stabler bringing it LIVE with his entrance to The Scour. What an incredible track to pop his proverbial “Scour cherry” with, too! Certainly a very promising individual right here..forever remember where you heard him first!! I ‘wonder’ if Spin has already made that call? 😉 No doubt a very silly question..can’t wait to hear more! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

It’s everybody favourite Shake & Bake Scour veteran, Nottingham’s one and only LEYGO! Coming through with a lively mid-tempo re-boot of Duck Sauce’s feel-good hit “It’s You” which offers the kind of warmth that can only be likened to climbing into the pouch of a funky / friendly kangaroo, and is packed with enough bounce to back up my whimsical metaphore! Nice one Leygo, we salute you. 115bpm

Is it really a surprise that a href=”” target=”_blank”>Bobby C Sound TV strikes again? This man has the lazer-funk Midas touch. Less lazer-like than usual, however, is this booty of De La Soul’s “Saturdays” – transforming the hip-house twinged original into a pumping, yet soulful, floor-filler. This is another top quality, pounding, funk-weapon to add your collection of massive Bobby C. bangers. Thankyou, Mr. Collins 114bpm

Sadly that’s all X-Ray Ted has time to muster up for as far as intro blurbing goes this Scour folks. So, time now to switch back to little ol me (Spinforth) to wrap up the last few picks. Before we move on though, please give it up for Ted’s Scour Saving assistance, by way of being sure you’re following him on >>SoundCloud HERE<< and/or >>Facebook HERE<< pleeeease. In fact, why not go the whole shebang and check his >>current EP HERE<< too! Gigantic’est of UP’s for your Scour saving assistance dude, you’re a true legendary gent! 🙂

Right then, so on with Scour 93 show we go! Please excuse my comparatively rubbish intro blurbing skills in advance. Been yonks since I got myself involved in this bit..for good reasons too, I nearly always ran out of time down this end, and tonight I’m definitely true to old school form. Plus Fat Harry always been a gazillion times better at it than me! So..It’s time to engage speed blurb mode in he hope that I can get this puppy out for you all tonight. Apologies in advance to the forthcoming tail enders. Rest assured my ears are still absolutely loving your tunes (hence their inclusion in the final cut)..just an unfortunate scenario that this week I’m massively strapped for spare time.

Next up..we see/hear the return to The Scour of Nottingham’s very own Jamko (..huuge thanks for your consistent Scour support bro!)..whom has not been seen in these parts since Scour #79 times)! Warmest of welcomes back fella, an absolute pleasure to support you as always! Have to say this funky as hell number caught me by very pleasant surprise, undoubtedly ‘Pant Shakingly’ rad work here bud! More already know what for! 😉 115bpm

I’ll be first to admit that any worthy Scour wouldn’t be complete without some Skeewiff action these it via front and/or back door Wiiff, I’m ceratinly not complaining..he’s quite possibly one of the most consistently legendary super star Scour fans/followers/friends out there, and so fully deserves a shout as often as possible i think/hope we all agree! Seems we’re rolling back door Wiff stylee this week, via this very tasty, fully approved endorsed (official instrumental version is yours to download for free over >>HERE<<) masheduppy business from Psychotropic Frequencies! Even though his singing is still atrocious (in my ears opinion)..Eminem has never sounded so good! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Just three slots left (..including curveball, which actually consists of 6 tunes this week, but waaaait for it!)..and all being filled by Scourgins! Time to switch it up drum n bass’y stylee with this mega dope nugget from Australia’s Sunny! Originally planned to be DnB remix of Gangsters Paradise..but instead turned in to this wubbly gem. No complaints here, great effort. Warm welcome to The Scour dude! And thanks for sharing. 175bpm

Last up, pre curveball..I know there’s quite probably definitely millions of them already, BUT until now, I hadn’t stumbled across a DnB version that was, in my fussy eared opinion..’Doin’ It Right’. Aaand then, out of nowhere..well, out of my inbox actually (cheers for the heads up Sam Hextall), up steps this wicked bootie version from the Scour’s penultimate Scourgin, Bluewire! Great work dude..and a warm welcome to The Scour with it sir! 178bpm

And last, but by never ever ever means in any way whatsoever least, we land at this Scour’s Curveball! It’s from a yet another Scourgin™ (..sort of), and it’s absolutely bloomin’ badass’ly gorgeously brilliantly genius work, from someone whom we are ALL very very familiar with in Scour-land, just that usually he goes under a different, much more well know Scour guise/alias! Proving that he’s a supremely talented Scour legend (..not that i personally ever had any doubt whatsoever), it’s time now to introduce you all to a ‘new’ kid on the Scour block, whom goes by the name of Stylus*..’one of’ the exceedingly awesome alternative sounds of none other than Scour Superstar Father Funk!!! Been meaning to let you know for aaaages pard (just biding my time until they were all available for a good ol fashioned Scouring!), that this right here is indeed right up my cuppa tea! Sterling old school instrumental hip hop/Mo Wax’y vibed work. Great stuff. get involved folks, please follow Stylus* SoundCloud >>HERE<< and/or Stylus* Facebook >>HERE<<. And needless to say, if you’re not already following Father Funk’s Facebook, thats exactly why this genius EP ha been missed by your ears!! You can’t say I’ve never warned you! 😉

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.

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