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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 19/09/13

By September 20, 2013Blog


Damn it..91 Scours later and it would appear that I’ve at last run out of ways of alternative ways of saying hello!? Oh well, I’ve gotten around it, let’s move on. Warm welcomes from myself (Spinforth) and my trustee blurb writing sidecarkick (Fat Harry) to this, your very latest..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #91.

Promised myself I’d only spend 5 minutes writing this boring bit up here this week, and I’ve already taken longer that thinking of a new way to say hello, so basically that’s pretty much it from me this week. Juuuust before hand you all over to FH though, here’s one final (..guaranteed, probably) shameless Spromo™ plug of recently released ‘Scoured Cream: Vol.03‘…especially for any avid Scour fans whom may have been holidaying under a rock for the last few weeks! It’s been a tremendous run of 3 weeks at the very top of Juno Download’s charts, (..all entirely thanks to YOU, and you, and you,and you, and yeah also you recurring), but at long last we’ve been very deservedly toppled by the mighty Skewiff (.featuring MC Rayna)’s ‘Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom LP‘! Congratulations to you dudes and dudette, took you long enough 😉 but, I’m very happy to concede the title to you both, just for a little while at least. I trust my tail left that spot nice n warm for you!? Anyway, for anyone reading this whom hasn’t a clue what I’m talking about..I’m leaving this plain, yet somewhat fancy, SoundCloud player below in hope of picking up a few stragglers, and see if i can pull off another miracle. No harm in trying to keep this friendly little fight at the top of going eh! 😉

Right, that’s me all Scoured out, time to hand you all over to Fat Harry for the necesary introductions!

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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Huge thanks to DJ Chamber for stepping up to the blurbage plate for the last Scour #90, I think the term ‘Ogre’s Choad’ will stay with me forever. Big happy-ending, Godzilla sumo wrestling love to you fella!

SCOUR #91 EXCLUSIVE #1: Titan Sound‘s Selecta Demo invents the musical version of the telephonic device. How on earth have we existed as a species before this point?! Rodney P wrapped around a J-Star instrumental? Of course! We all slap our heads and realise how stupid we’ve all been. Eureka! Tune in next time, we hear he’s doing something dead wrong with breast milk… Biggups for the Scour exclusive sir..grab your copy via this very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 82bpm

Warm welcome to Scourgin™ Jabberwockk! More sass than Clint Eastwood in ‘The Good, The Bad, The Ugly’ He actually knocked on the door of Scour HQ in a poncho, cowboy boots and a cigarillo hanging menacingly from the corner of his mouth, I answered in my spiderman dressing gown, elmo slippers and chubba chops lolly in the corner of mine. We both stood there staring at each other with steely eyes whilst we fingered our weapons as the music from his silver pocket watch played out…then we fist bumped, high fived and spent the day watching musicals, proving once again, that no one can stay angry in a poncho. Welcome to The Scour! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 84bpm

I love this ‘gentle easement into the Scour’ we’ve got going on. Alific keeps it on the down low, with this specially arranged freebee taken from his brand new LP ‘Echoes From The Soul‘..which is great! Unfortunately it appears we’re all under arrest, Boooo! Unless he’s a snooker player and we’re actually under a rest, or he’s been hanging out with Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan and been throwing a few frames here and there in which case we could be both. Ah well, this is a sweet tune and the snooker analogy does nothing for a track that could be totally at home on the Justified soundtrack. Probably playing whilst US Marshall Raylan Givens shoots someone with a tattoo. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION/OR >>HERE<<. 85bpm

Scour Records superhero B.Visible returns! The man who constantly cranks out fresh sounding, quirky beats. This B.Visible slice is no different, utterly charming, odd and refreshing. Standing out from a pack of testosteroned high school jocks (I don’t know what that actually means – jockeys? It can’t literally mean Jock strap wearers surely?) like a pale skinned delicate nerd hero who we all know will beat the bullies and get the girl in the end :enter about 40 movie titles here: Or he’ll go all Glee, who knows?! He’s aces though! 90bpm

Before we welcome Nerub to The Scour, i’ll need those of you that can to remove your trousers, draw the curtains and get the scented candles out. Yes friends, it’s the erection section! Let all your bits hang free and have blood drawn into them through whatever means floats your boat. Whilst I have a love of all things brassy and stabby and therefore a natural hatred of all things brassy and Kenny G-ee, I don’t care that this steps close the the Gee man, not when it’s so very classy and beautiful. If AIR did a Daft Punk, expect this to be on the album somewhere. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 92bpm

Keeping to the love theme and another warm Scour virgin welcome to Soleance! It’s like the start of an early eighties soft porn sex romp comedy with horrific innuendos and racy puns…..wait, that is what it’s like every week! Carry on up The Scour! Good Job then that Souleance keeps it stone cold funky with a reworking of Brenda Russell’s A Little Bit Of Love. Not a Porkies in sight! 92bpm

SCOUR #91 EXCLUSIVE #2: Bring out your dead! Del Gazeebo‘s back! And he goes full Monty with a proper tasty mash of The Cure, who, along with Prince, holds godlike status as one of mine and Spinforth’s very favourite of artists. I led a troubled youth, a ginger kid who loved Goth music and dressed like he was in Miami Vice. I’ve since been to Miami and now know it is no friend to either the ginger or the goth! Who’d have thought ODB would sit so smoothly with Robert Smith, the man who invented putting on lipstick like you were in heavy turbulence or were auditioning for Batman’s arch nemesis. Del knows both his onions and his eggs and serves up the best Scour exclusive onion/egg surprise you will have ever tasted! Get involved in your copy of this gem via this very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Please don’t forget to say ‘thank you Del’! (<< feel free to copy and paste those words if you're here as a lazy freeloader! ;) ) 95/190bpm

SCOUR #91 EXCLUSIVE #3: Bruce ‘Good Game, Good Game’ Missile continues to bring all the girls to the yard. Yep, you guessed it, it’s his bloody milkshakes. I’ve watched him through his kitchen window, I’ve gone through his bins, I’ve slept in his bed when he’s gone to the yard and danced around his front room in his underwear but I still can’t find his secret milkshake ingredient! Short of threatening to kill his cows (..I never would!) or inventing the Jimmy Choo Milkshake i’m at my wits-end. Bruce don’t care, he’s there in the yard, completely oblivious of my milk plots, covered in all the girls and all the milkshakes and all the wicked mashups! Silent salute to you Sir! Grab your 3rd (of 4) kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 96bpm

Switching our bitter focus from Bruce’s milky German boobs to New Zealand’s Sample Gee. I wonder how many reworks of Eric B & Rakim we’ve featured in The Scour over the years? Probably loads, none more cleverer than this moody beast. If Baloo was the jaunty prickly-pear bear from Jungle Book, this is very definately Barry, Baloo’s alcoholic, monosyllabic brother who lives in a trailer in the woods, owns a gun, drives a harley with ‘I hate fancy ants AND buzzing bees’ sticker and drinks whiskey malibu chasers all day. Big Bad Barry – Jungle Boogie! 99bpm

Oh hey Stylust Beats and Wick-It the Instigator! You’re probably aware by now that Wick-It holds a special place in our hearts, we rarely let one of his releases slide past your discerning ears. Not everyone’s cup of earl grey we know, but always good value. Like a bag of tangy haribo x DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

Welcome to The Scour Orphic Official! (The unofficial Orphic can absolutely do one!). More wonk than a chocolate willy factory. Fact! Reckon you’ll like this one, if you do be sure to have a little listen to his Stevie Wonder Higher Ground edit, reckon you’ll find that tidy darts too. 98bpm

Easy now! Strap yourselves in and prepare for possible nosebleeds! Twelve tracks in and we’re just about to break the 100bpm mark – this might be the gentlest of Scour’s ever! Well don’t worry, I wasn’t joking when I said strap yourselves in. We’d like to welcome and generally turn you right on to the sounds of Beat Fatigue (..remember that name!). Utterly infunkincredible blues wobble that will have you squealing like piggies, reaching for the moonshine and praying to the Lordy Lord above! Bad luck and trouble? We don’t think so. 100bpm

I love to swing! I hate swings! I hated the park as a child, dangerous things, we all just used to push each other to the point of falling off the swings at high speed, same with the roundabout, and I get filled with a cold dread at the memory of the slide after the time I carved ‘Gail Stamford’ in a love heart and felt guilty for weeks over my criminal act of petty vandalism, never mind that it was driven by the pure unrequited love an eight year old ginger boy with freckles had for the Gail ‘the county swimming champion’ Stamford. I understood even then what unrequited meant even before I knew the word. She was a sleek otter though and you would have all carved her name into the underside of the slide if you knew her! Anyway, pardon me The Jenova Collective! There’s something about swing when it comes at you at 100bpm that just grabs you by the nuts (or nutletttes) and makes you want to dance like you were in Fat Sam’s speakeasy! :custard machine gun: 100bpm

Talking of custard machine guns, bring with, you’ll need them again here! DJ Snatch delivers the prohibition funk with a kinky retake of Tutti Frutti. Fun, good times, and possibly the funkiest guitar lick in the world. If you owned a pony and you left him in the stables for the weekend with this tune on repeat you’d get back on Monday to find him covered in glitter and ribbons, possibly covered in pink body paint, in essence trying to become a real ‘my little pony’. It could even be where the moonwalking pony started out. 100bpm

Kind of feel a bit bad as this has been my shower song all week. Yup, I’ve been rubbing and scrubbing my bits to this since I downloaded it. Step back Ladies! Not only has Sammy Senior bought this tune out as a thank you to his 3000 soundcloud followers, he also has his very own Ghetto Funk 4 track EP out this very day! For Free! Yowzers! 105bpm

Dusty Tonez has a new EP out and guess what? yeah you got it, it’s proper dance floor gold. To celebrate the latest release he’s even gone and thrown open his Daft Punk Remix of Doin It Right for our pleasure! Am I an idiot? Only now have I realised that Daft Punk have never shown their faces. I just thought they were like a French motorbike and sidecar racing team, that’s a job for me btw, being ballast. If anyone needs a ladder held steady or summat, give me a shout x ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 106bpm

Welcome to RaBo & SnoB! Cracking way to make an entrance. Kicked our doors in, fired their guns in the air, shaved our cats, tattooed our goldfish and are now taking their motorbikes apart in our front room! Me and Spinforth are cowering in the bath like lilly livered lady folk waiting for them to go and buy more grease for their quiffs. Let us know when they leave – thankyouplease! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

New Zealand’s (..oh for Godsake, please will someone based in New Zealand book him and Lady Spinforth for a tour? Sometime’s it’s like we work for the New Zealand tourist board!) Dj Alias free’s up this strolling funk beast, more swagger than a badger with a stealth technology bodysuit and a sniper rifle (and thumbs) (and the correct training). Addendum: James Evans – ‘Fingers crossed that works..gagging for a Christmas holiday!’ Dave Raybould – ‘If it does i’ll actually fully expect a postcard!’ 112bpm

Aleksey! love what you’ve done here! What did I need right now? Along with my cappuccino and cigarillo? Gil Scott Heron is what I needed! I didn’t even know it. With added T-Connection to boot! Diamond geezer. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Shake it like you want it! Nobody puts Fat Harry in the corner! These are just two of the things going through my mind as I bogle back and forth across my desk in my wheeled office chair (not a wheelchair, i’m not ironside) Oh, what am I doing now? I’m seductively rolling you a cigarette across my inner thigh, pretend it’s the finest leaf tobacco, not Cutters Choice, oh and pretend that I wax my inner thigh and that it’s not a matt of sexy gingerness (which, ironically is where Cutters Choice is harvested from in the first place) Thanks to Hubbz for the work out and the dreams of sex, big cars and rum! 120bpm

SCOUR #91 EXCLUSIVE #4: Sweet Jebus! Those pesky fellas Restless Leg Syndrome are killing me! I’m belly dancing my office chair to literally pieces! I’m stealing their blurb for this: “In the case of their second EP “Dabkeh” (**OUT NOW** and available >>HERE<<), named after a popular Mediterranean form of line-dancing, the subject of the musical explorations is the Arab world. The three guys from RLS spent quite some time mining old vinyl or cassettes to create the tracks on this EP, in the hopes of getting some wild Dabkeh moves started on dancefloors worldwide!” Jellybelly! Time to get intimate with your very very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<..right there! 142bpm

If jungle or D&B is your thing Jinx In Dub will need no introduction from us, you’ll be all over him like dancing ants in pants. Should by any chance you be unacquainted then please take this opportunity to have a look at his wares – this tune is massive, we know because we heard it justabouteverywhere over the summer – it’s what the word anthem was invented for and i’ve never heard a noise that so aptly defines the wob wob’s as on Liquid Stranger. Utterly butterly! 165bpm

I’ve never been too sure when it stops being drum and bass and starts being Jungle, maybe it’s the massive amounts of humidity? The monkeys? Perhaps it doesn’t matter? All I really know is when a tune gives me a big grin and this is one of them! Ricky Tuff delivers the musical fire! Literally! 175bpm

Where was this tune earlier when I was full of innuendo sauce and fully flowing double entendre juice?! I would have had a field day with ‘You Can Ring My Bell’ Unfortunately, like the last soft breaths of a hurricane i’m a spent force by the time we get to the Curveball. I will have been sat at this desk for 6 hours and thinking purely about how many hours of sleep are left before ‘work work’ comes a knocking. However, this is X-Ray Ted we’re talking about, Scour Records Hero and our very own bona fide ‘Saucy Jackadore’! So, just for you Ted. I reckon she’s talking about her G-Spot and possibly reaching an orgasm and likely offering the chance to do those things to you! Like Batman, myjobisdonehere – see you next Scour hombres! 125bpm

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