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Yo yo yo..right that’s as Christmassy as we get! So, movin on. How do’s all? Spinforth here with Fat Harry bringing up the rear (..possibly a bad choice of words!?) and lending his blurb writing hand with the intro’s this week, cause I’ve been a tad busy getting a certain Scour Records debut release ready to roll out. More on that in just one seconds time after this..’Welcome to Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #75!’

Before my very big please..just a quick thank you to DJ Danz (<< legend!) and Taking The Piste (<< superb hosts)..not forgetting the 4 Alpine venues, particularly so the incredible Dicks Tea Bar Meribel, for taking myself and Morphosis on our first ever HKPP tour of the French Alps last week. Such a rad week. Can’t wait to hopefully re-run the fun later this season!

Right then..time for my please! Absolutely no point in me bullsh!tting around the bush, I’m blatantly about to use this latest Scour post to promote Scour Records exceedingly tasty debut release ‘Scoured Cream: Vol.01’..which has now been available for purchase exclusively from Juno Download for a mere 24 and a little bit hours. Please excuse this shameless self promotion should you already have picked yourself up a copy (..I thank you sincerely), or are planning to soon (..I thank you sincerely), YOU may proceed immediately to the business end of The Scour. EVERYBODY else..hold up! Please take heed of the following ‘suggestion’…

Not ALL music is FREE. Especially so when it’s as hard worked upon as the following awesome 8 tracks from my hand picked selection of genuine Scour Superstars. I assure you that your ears and crates are gagging for THIS..and I would genuinely LOVE you all to consider buying this very hard worked upon Scour Records debut release, both in support of The Scour, and for yourselves..for Christmas!

Release date: **OUT NOW**
Buy Scour releases at Juno Download

Enjoyed? Loved? Bagged? Awesome of you, nice one. Trust me..take those tunes out and they will destroy your dancefloors, plus your purchasing of that release has now helped ensure both The Scour and Scour Records future success into 2013. Oooooh..I can’t wait to unleash some of the forthcoming releases that are being worked upon. You’ll here news of them her first of course!

So that’s my intro done..time now for you ALL, to get involved in the final Scour of 2012. Ears UP, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Crack open the speedo draw, turn the central heating up, (or spray deep heat on your limbs) fill a tumbler with a tot of rum (or mouthwash) put your espadrilles on your feet (or crocs n socks) and swagger around your front room to Alific – for summer is just around the corner friends! 85bpm

Smelly bottom. Why is it so rotten? Only you can answer, was it the bacon cabbage and nesquick chocolate milk? Was it the musky octopus snack from Lidl’s? DJ Cut La Vis asks pertinent questions assisted by Black Twang and JahMali. 88bpm

Warm welcome back to the scour for Sexy Sam the ladies man. Mr. Redmore proves that a good mash up should sound easy and effortless. If you like this you really should dive into his SoundCloud archives as it’s laden with similar deep fried golden nuggets. Dip in! 91bpm

Continuing in the warm welcoming back and hip hop glowy-goodness, have a cheeky butchers at what Bluntskull‘s been up to. Dog’s got chops. Looks like Spinforth’s been flexing his Scour Power again..**NOW AVAILABLE WITH 320kbps DOWNLOAD LINK FOUND IN TRACK DESCRIPTION** 92bpm

I’m going to out myself and admit Sola Rosa can do no wrong in my book, but my book is basically an 80’s porn mag found in the bushes on the way back from school :win: I have a very clear image of what that vocal conjures up in my mind and if you could see her you’d drool too. Dj Alias (NZ) supplies the bass, the bleeps and possibly the baby lotion. Be right back… 96bpm

Blend Mishkin! What the hell has he been up to? Many things knowing that cheeky fella! Along with working on a new ep coming out on 22nd of this month and supplying this excellent remix for Max Rubadub, he’s also managed to find one of the best SoundCloud avatar pictures around. Zoom in! DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE >>HERE<< 95bpm

AfroQBen has put together his own ‘axis of evil’, except it’s not really evil, in fact as it’s a musically based axis and i’m slightly dyslexic let’s call it an ‘axis of Elvis’. A combination of Stickybuds, (Teen Wolf heart throb) Noiseshaper (Amazing shoe) and SEED (German Jamiroquai’s) Genius! Just make sure you don’t pretend to put the three together in the club in case someone comes up and shouts ‘Scour!’ at you 🙂 98bpm

SCOUR #75 EXCLUSIVE #1: Laaaadies and Gentlmeeeen, welcome to the main event! Fighting out of the red cornerrrr, weighing in at 174 pounds of solid steel ball lovin’, The Auckland firebrand! The Southern Hemisphere super steer, The Lieutenant commander electric sander giant coriander oil tanker salamander from New Zealander…..:breathes:…..Sir Jooooeeeeeee, the red fox, RevellllllllllLL (NZ) (aaaaaaaaa)Let’s get ready to rummmmballlll! 100bpm

I’ll be with you in a sec, i’m just putting the finishing touches to this clay likeness of WBBL‘s face, just in case he walks into this room. I’ll pretend i’m blind like the lady in the Lionel richie video and he’ll pretend he’s Demi Moore in Ghost.. Yehar! We all love plaster of Paris! Shush Spinforth! What do you mean it’s not plaster of Paris? Kill Paris? :Slams down keyboard and runs out of the room in tears: DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

Using one of my favourite funk riffs ever, (AVB’s cut the cake) Synchronice smashes the back doors in with this Glitch Hop mobster monster. Old and new, ying and yang, ebony and ivory, perfect harmony, side by side on my keyboard, oh lord, why don’t we? Enough said. 100bpm

Ouch! Jesus Christ! This next tune just smacked round the back of the head! The Outrage! Oooof!! It just struck me in the knee with a wooden cudgel! That my friends will smar…Owwwwa! I liked that tooth! This must be TYR (pronounced Tire) the god of single combat, victory and [Twang! There go my ribs!] heroic glory. Not only is he a bit feisty, he produces rock ‘ard hip hop funkstep. Nice. Just don’t kick me squarely in the nuts with those size 10 steel toe caps…..SOFT THUMP! 100bpm

El Bomba is The Man. Everyone needs an El Bomba in their lives, the sort of fella who’s got your back in a fight (you didn’t see it but he came at Tyr’s like a spider monkey) The kind of guy that will be the first one naked at a swingers party, like it ain’t nothing. The stage diver, the yellow fingerer, the ultra legend. The Man. And he is too. DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 104bpm

We had an HKPP moment last night, where pretty much at the same time all three of us got stuck in the internets door frame as we rushed online to inform each other of this amazing artist we’d just found on soundcloud. Sheer Joy. You’ll want to get following him right now because BONDi Stereo will be massive!! You heard it here first. 102?bpm

If you take away the erotic stockinged, 8 inch high heels, Sola Rosa tattoos on my chest and billiard ball in my mouth under-current from how I feel about Sola Rosa, we end up with how I feel about S Strong. Which is swingy and happy and down right jaunty (..and which i’m sure he’ll be mightily relieved to hear!). Check out ‘The Rover’ DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE >>HERE<< 105bpm

Love loves to love. Fact. I’ve loved Booker T for ever, Hip Hug Her being one of my favourites. Really loved the Danny Massure edit he did about a year ago, everyone loves snoop and I have loved everything Kenny Beeper touches (not in that way) Add all of those things together and we’re entering a double triple helix of love. Is that too many? 110bpm

Not only has Cristian Cabrera Dj Criss got an ear for a solid mash, he’s also got his promo shizzle locked down tight as you like! Other soundclouders need to check out his self representing and bow down in awe, he wins this year’s ‘no stone left award’ Check it out! 110bpm

SCOUR #75 EXCLUSIVE #2: Intrigued, I put ‘Actus Reus‘ into wikipedia and it gave me this: “The terms actus reus means: “an act does not make a person guilty unless (their) mind is also guilty”; hence, the general test of guilt is one that requires proof of fault, culpability or blameworthiness both in behaviour and mind.” Which is interesting and factual but not really amusing or blurbworthy, but at the end it also said this ” (_!_) ” which is internets for an arse, which made it all worthwhile. Enjoy the tune, it’s wickedbad 🙂 110bpm

SCOUR #75 EXCLUSIVE #3: Can you smell bacon? Huzzah! Yes you can! It can only mean that the maddest barnet in breakbeat is back! DJ B-Side was kind enough to let us have a sneaky road test of this latest beast on our recent Alps tour and it went off big styleeee! He’s only gone and offered it up as an exclusive to us all! Avalanche! DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE VIA SOUNDCLOUD PAGE. 110bpm

We’ve had Beаtsmith on here before with a wicked bad tune if memory serves. Anyway, he’s back with terrifying effect! Take an AOR guitar riff, drop it in a hessian sack of anvils and hammers, melt it in a furnace at 2000 degrees, pour it down the back of godzilla’s pants, punch him in the face and try and ride him over the top of Niagara Falls! Utterly mental! 113bpm

Sometimes people’s own soundcloud blurbs say it better than any words anyone else can muster. Tosses & Varvez‘s is one of those: “Tosses and Varvez from Italy, the music concept, always lookin at the dancefloor, is based on the mix of their unique experiences in order to create an hybrid sound composed by many-sided scratches, pressing beats, funky bass and synth. The guys play the live act “BEATS’N’SCRATCH”, a 4 hands dj-set and scratch. The Beat’n scratch mix series on Another mutual appointment is on Junodownload with T&V chart on breakbeat dj chart with a lot of views.” Amen brothers! 116bpm

This is simple dynamite! Jim Sharp I/we love you! 115bpm

If you don’t remember the banana splits (Saturday morning UK tv back in the day) then let Dj Steve Jones show you how much fun they were. His mash of Dynamite MC and ‘Pull up your jeans by It takes two to tango‘ has absolutely nothing to do with the banana splits other than it perfectly encapsulates the boundless joy of youth, cool kids cars, oversized sunglasses and animal suits (and generally the opposite of all things Noel Edmunds). 122bpm

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of this next guy. Bobby C Sound TV? He’s pretty good. Lulz, sorry Bob, just kidding! He’s so big in the game I don’t know if he bothers putting clothes on anymore. If he does it’s probably studded red leather (with the studs on the inside) Not only has he probably produced 3 tunes in the time it’s taken me to write these few words he’s also made videos for them too. Like THIS ONE because he is simply amazing (..make that 4 tunes). 120bpm

The scour is a family-orientated, warm and friendly place so i’m going to turn on the non sweary feature whilst I say “Sweet fluff a duck, I dodgy flu flu valve god’s honest truth shilled a brick” when I first heard this! OMG You will love this soggy bottom banjo banger! (By the way I hereby claim that as my prison name) (‘Banjo Banger’, NOT ‘soggy bottom’, that could get me in trouble quick fast). Introducing sⓜ▲ḻḻŦ✖Wn ĐJs & Grandtheft! Nice find Spinforth. 126bpm

Always innovative bearded wobble monster Wick-it the Instigator is back in The Scour. The man is a gorgeous tune making machine and whilst he has a legion of followers on his Soundcloud page, every once in a while he produces a tune that YOU SIMPLY MUST HAVE, I think he’s the kind of dude that if I were an evil overlord living in an underground lair and had him hog tied on a spit over an open fire with 12 walking sharks in metal plated armour with laser guns pointed at his heart that I would still be the one at a disadvantage. Epically winning! 82bpm

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Nope, it’s Mel Uye-Parker who is very much in the billiard ball park of knee trembler Sola Rosa (shudder) That to one side (cold shower) Reckon you’ll love this bumpin DnB Loopcrew Remix of Yes King’s Overproof. DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE >>HERE<< 172bpm

Listening to Skeewiff is like being tickled to the point of near urination by a topless amazonian goddess in a pink and fluffy Rio carnival outfit wearing a glove made out of mouse whiskers. If you could bottle it and take it into the Dragons Den it’s likely the only thing to make Deborah Meadon put her hand in her pocket, yes, it is that good. Skewy Skewy Sauce. 78bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball(s)! I love the curveball, I love that we play them at our HKPP after parties at that special time of night when there is essentially one last man standing (usually The Mayor). I smile now because when Mayor plays this we will all be spangly and tired and we’ll all be sitting on sofas or the floor and our feet will be going at million miles an hour whilst for all other intents and purposes we will appear to be dead, except for the foot tapping and the big smiles on our cold sweaty sheen faces. Big Love..93 ‘Til Infinity (The Apple Scruffs Edit) stylee! 107bpm

I’ll hand you back to Spinforth now for the second curveball, before I do i’d like to thank you all for following us in 2012, what we do is an honour and a pure pleasure (except for setting up the pa in the rain). Oh, and if you want to know what ‘Northern Pin Up The Fritz’ actually looks like – check out the santa picture of curveball 2. Aye Up pet. Over to you homie…

LEGEND..cheers pard! Yet again you have single handedly saved the Scourday™! Right apparently it’s Christmas in a few days, I know this cause of all the dodgy Christmassy mashups and edits that have been arriving on SoundCloud this last week or so (..avid Scour Followers will know I’m their biggest anti-fan!), and the fact that I still haven’t done ANY christmas shopping whatsoever. I had promised not to include any Christamssy tunes, BUT..Mr Jack Frost kindly sent this next edit, and I thought..hmmm, that isn’t actually very blatantly christmassy too much at all! wins the one and only spot for a festive Scour tune of 2012. Congrats are the winner! 71bpm

That’s your Scourful for 2012 folks. Biggest of ups for all your support over the last 12 months. Been a bit of a vintage year for me to be fair..and you lot have played a huge part in making it so. Big UP your rad selfs! See you all back here in 2013. Big love and mass respect, Spin’ x

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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