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Easy all, and welcome to another edition of the ‘Spinforth & Fat Harry show’, more commonly known around these parts as…Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #79!

Me, Spinforth, up first..very speedily cause as per usual we’re running pretty late. Been a massive mission getting this one ready this week..not helped in the slightest by my perhaps just a tad excessive partying last week end. Quick big big thanks to Mooqee & Pimpsoul for coming down to Kernow and blowing the roof off the Watermans (..the way they love to do do) last Friday..incredible night once again. And big big thanks to The SnowDome IceBar for inviting us to party with them in Frome on Saturday night (great gig..look out for their next one), and last but by no means least huuuuge cheers to The Spaceport : Terminal 2 for finishing me/my weekend off in rad house party style by inviting me to play (for a mere 7 hours straight) after picking me up from the Frome gig. Bloody love you guys, just what I needed after 3 hours sleep from the night before! 😉 Jokes was my genuine and absolute pleasure to meet and party with you..can’t wait to re-run the fun real soon.

So that’s the pleasantries sorted, who’s up for some super upfront ultra ultra creamy SCOUR RECORDS ‘Scoured Cream Vol.02’ sneak peek business? Anyone?? More than a few of you? Perhaps even EVERYONE? Aha..I knew it! Here it comes then…

Gives me great great pleasure to officially ‘leak’ this rather enormous little teaser video ( the brilliant Amp’l Beats & PureSoul) of, undoubtedly already world renowned superstar, (I still can’t believe I’m about to type this, but I’m sincerely honoured to be doing so)..the incredible BASEMENT FREAKS.

This MEGA banger ( me it never ever fails!) plus 7 other ultra creamy tracks arriving late March exclusively via ‘Scoured Cream Vol.02’. 🙂

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So NOW (if you aren’t already) have I convinced you to get involved in the getting extremely exciting Scour Records show? Please be my very welcomed guest guests over at any (or ideally all) of the following links, to keep up to date with the all forthcoming news and releases…


Right..that’s your wetting of appetites intro over, time for your actual Scour! Here’s Harry accompanied by a 22 FREE tune deep fresh Scour #79! Big UP’s all round for tuning in, aaaand…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Hollar! Running a little late tonight as i’ve been babysitting the Morphosettes. As i’m a babysitting virgin I wonder how many proper babysitters said ‘no’ before I got the call. I thought it would be funny to arrive topless, kick the front door in and demand who needed breastfeeding….glad I fought that urge! I reckon i’ve done alright, cracked out a few old war stories and acted as a human climbing frame, whilst pretending to enjoy Ben and Holly’s little Kingdom (best bit is when Ben toot’s his horn – all else is gashment) and shusshing the kids through Peppa Pig as that shizzle is mental good.

Opening up the scour in a proper Reginald-stylee with an epic, cockle warming waddle-aye daying skankasaurus beast of a tune from Version Big-Fi. Get your dinosaur arms out and Roarrrr all over your front room! Let me see those arms….I can’t hear you roarrrrr! (Sorry, I think i’m still in babysitting mode!) 85bpm

Jim Sharp! Welcome once again – love what you’ve done here. DJ MAARS said it best when he wrote “Your soundcloud is a serious journey!” Here here that man! Someone else said they “love the respect Jim always shows to the originals”, he’s hit the nail on the head too. Top work fella, as ever. 92bpm

This bloody scour is fast turning into ‘the tip of the iceberg’! So many of the Scoured artists SoundCloud pages need some serious digging. Mop Mop is the latest that tickles my nipples and will require me at some stage throughout the coming week to unbutton my jeans, blow up my arm bands and rummage through his epic output of funk gems – good job this is now a biweekly Scour! 95bpm

Quick change of venue, back home now with a bit of a bump – Flatmate insists i’m not actually Mary Poppins, which is a bit of a blow for him as his medicine will now taste decidedly less sugary and he’ll be on the naughty step if he doesn’t stop playing Montell Jordan and start singing supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus along with me…. Sammy Senior you cheeky monkey! You’re fast turning into a happy swinging Scour machine! Loving your work/balls/hair. 96bpm

Remember what i said about Minoru Minoru last time? He’s only gone and done it again, I don’t want to say ‘I told you so’ so I won’t, I will say if he ever tours the UK I hope he hasn’t seen the film ‘misery’ as i’d be sorely tempted to ‘hobgoblin’ him – in a good way! I’m you’re number one fan Minor-u :takes off top, puts on lederhosen….fetches sledgehammer: 100bpm

One of our favourite Scour tunes from last year was Jamko’s ‘Jack, i’m mellow’ (..from Scour #62 times), he’s back again with his delicate and cheeky wobble swing – We hope you like! 100bpm

What the hell else are we going to do when Scour Superdooperstar WBBL brings out a bouncy slice of naked joy? Share it with you all? :check: Put it on loud and bogle around our front rooms? :check: Cut out WBBL’s FB photo, glue it onto the top of a mop, lilac talc our hands/put on marigolds and slowly clean the bathroom floor? :check: 100bpm

Massive footist and amazing Bristolian brother from another mother DJ Chamber’s up next with this sweet and sexy Dangerous boot – he so super fly! 100bpm

Completed your BONDi Stereo ‘Spitfire Funk EP’ set yet? Here’s your 4th and final..’perhaps’ even best till last, title track stylee instalment! 101bpm

Massive tune from Scour virgin DJ Asi-C. Is he a bird? Is he a plane? Is he a ginger? Spinforth (..who’s beard definitely displays a hint of ‘Sun-In’ once every couple of week’s) and I were wondering earlier what countries had gingers in…China? No. Spain? No. Greece? No. I’m not actually sure we even exist anymore, outside of Hogwarts and Scotland and freckles of England. Grab us and make love to us quickly! You’ll miss us when we’re gone ya bastards! Errmm…where was I? Oh yeah, well by the looks of things he could be another of Spin’s freshly Scoured gems..just 27 SoundCloud followers and a tune this good! How!?? ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 101bpm

A warm, sweaty, bingo-winged hug and hearty Scour welcome to Understand! Fun, chunky and lasery like all good lasers ought to be. Welcome friends! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE >>HERE<< 105bpm

I love funk and foxes (and badgers) and Defunk. I love it when the fox and Defunk team up, i’m sure they did a banging hip hoppity beastie boy tune which I can’t find at the moment in my itunes….but then again I think the new itunes search facility is massively floored and set up to not find the songs I specifically want. :flingspoo: Anyway, the two team up again and keep it straight on the funk bus with this Temptations rework – an absolute badger! Can’t wait for him to come party with us at our HKPP residency on Friday March 15th! 🙂 108bpm

Newest Scour bosom buddy DJ INKO’s back in the house! He’s on a roll at the moment, I popped my head into his studio and saw him beating his chest and jungle yodelling in a pair of pants like Tarzan. I barely had time to jump clear as all the animals came running to help him with his mixdowns – at least we know how he’s managing to crank out so many top quality tunes! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 108bpm

This next bunch of charlatans only made it on here by promising to stop sending us items of their underwear in the post. Inverse perverse blackmailers! 112bpm

One of my oldest most favourite tunes ever! remixed by one of the freshest Lady Loving, beard wearing, jaunty hat sporting, leggy blondes this side of the Papplewick Pumping Station. Iiiiiiiit’s Leygo! Insanely good squire! 115bpm

Hold up it’s the mighty Skeewiff! That can only mean you’re about to be transported to a world of Brazilian female ummpa lumpas in thongs of strawberry liqorice and tiaras made from cabana bars singing songs at you about chocolate and porn and exotic oils from the very many sexy cousins of the coconut. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 118bpm

If there’s any loose change in your pockets better take it out now lest your landing gear get damaged. Who let the snakes out?! (Leo did) (….and it’s bloody amazing!) 118bpm

Raw funk edit of Rufus Thomas by the Psychotropic Frequencies….it’s hot, it’s ready to trot, it’s 200 and some seconds of cameos sweaty codpiece in musical form! Leave him your courteous ‘thank you’s’ please. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Seriously good darts from JaPetto..again! Huge edit! I’ve got a big grin in anticipation of either playing it to a crowd or being in a crowd when one of you brothers or sisters plays it! Let’s make it happen! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 124bpm

I hope that like me this will have you (oldun’s) rushing for your INXS albums. Aah, nostalgia is sweet, Chunky reworking from the 1987’s KICK album, which led me to my ‘Listen like thieves’ album, then ‘The Swing’…..n’awwww, cheers D*Funk (..the other, down below one!), mighty fine rework and thanks for the trip down memory lane to boot! For those not already in the know, this is actually the 4th (of 4) track off his recently unleashed completely and utterly FREE ‘Breakfest EP‘..which is well worth your checking out (Spinforth sends his sincere apologies for not managing to fit you in earlier dude, but he always knew he’d be in for this one – his fussy ears favourite one can only assume!). 128bpm

Got your tool? What tool? This F*nkin tool :wallop: Thanks Ambassador Streetweise, with this ammo you are spoiling us! Heh, auto correct made that ‘soiling’, thought i’d override that one 🙂 Consider yourselves spoiled and soiled! Back over to Spin’ for this Scour’s curveball… 152bpm

Cheers Harry! Awesome intro blurb skills once again! And invaluable assistance ensuring this week’s Scour get’s delivered (more or less) on time. Wrapping up this weeks Scour #79 with a tune that, i’m fairly sure plenty of us will have sobbed along to at some point in their lives..I’m not ashamed to say it used to be a ‘break up’ favourite of mine, waaaay back in the day(s). I was definitely missing this rather tasty RaggaDub Edit from Mr Mick Collins-Gellar from my life though. Great great work dude! Hoping I won’t be requiring it any time soon myself, but regardless..Thanking you sir! That’s me 100% Scoured out..cheeeeeers all! 🙂 x 75bpm

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