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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 21/03/13

By March 22, 2013Blog

Happy ‘Scoured Cream: Vol:02 **OUT NOW**’ day, aaaand Tremor SoundSystem Presents Scour Records Launch Party’s eve ya’ll! Been a mega mission to squeeze this into my world this week, with planning for the aforementioned ‘Happy day, aaaaand eve’ having sapped a huge amount of my spare time up recently..somehow juuuust about scraped enough Scour Power out of my reserve tanks to Scour n deliver a fresh batch of freebees for you all though. So, here’s myself (Spinforth) and Fat Harry warmly welcoming your gorgeous ears n balls to their very own…Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #81!

Right, I’m so close to failing this Scour mission through risk of falling to sleep on you all that I’ll keep this intro ultra brief/copied and pasted from my recent Facebook statuses. Just two important heads up that are well worth a more detailed mention…

To anyone out n about in Bristol **TOMORROW NIGHT** (Friday) please consider coming to get involved with Tremor Soundsystem Presents ‘Scour Records Launch Party’, featuring a Scour Superstar studded lineup of HKPP, J-Sound, Father Funk, Kotch, WBBL, aaaand Pugzilla & DJ Envious Promises to be a sweet sweet night indeed. And all for the extremely reasonable price of absolutely **100% FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT** (Doors: 21:00-03:00). And your excuse for not partying with us is?

And coincide and celebrate the launch party was ‘Happy Scoured Cream: Vol:02 **OUT NOW** day’!! 🙂 Grabbed your’s yet? Flying up the charts already thanks to an incredible first 24hrs showing of support. Still requiring a little big big push to nab that #1 spot from Goodgroove’s – ‘FEATURECAST Remastered & Reissued’..which surely you’ve all purchased by now? How’s about we do a deal..EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF AT JUNO DOWNLOAD if you purchase your fresh Scoured Cream before Monday 25th anyone? 😉

Release date: **OUT NOW**

So that’s me completely done in and Scoured out folks, gotta wrap this up to grab me some party sleep! Time to hand you all over to my trustee comedy genius blurb writing sidekick (..all start picturing Sir David Attenborough right now)…herrrres Fat Harry!

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Cheers Spin’! Ready all? Let’s Scour…

It’s hard not to be in utter shock and awe of Freqnik & WDRE, if they were celebrity chefs you know they’d be in the Anthony Bourdain mould; seen it, done it, snorted it off every hot ass the eighties could throw at them and come out the other side with the scars and the knowledge and the ability to have you trussed, basted and ready to roast with an arse full of garlic and rosemary before you could say “Isn’t this the Three Degrees..” Yes, yes it is. 92bpm

Monetrik is fantastical! I’m astounded this track is a SoundCloud freebie, it should be on the next Carnibal Records release (If you haven’t you should check out their first seven EP’s >>HERE<<). This song is basically the soundtrack that will play in your head when you win the lottery and stroll down the road for the first time as a multi-millionaire. You’ll be the same as you were yesterday but with the world a fresh playground of opportunity and fun. Which must be why I love Monetrik because he reminds me that life is all about carefree strolling and having fun (and buying lottery tickets). ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 94bpm

Talk of the devil! Palov (of Palov & Mishkin and Carnibal Records fame) rocks up with a bagful of musical cartoon frogs playing trumpets. On further reflection I think Carnibal is a real country and is where all Willy Wonka’s umpaa lumpaas live and gayly frolic. The only thing that could make this track better was if an oiled up Sir David Attenborough was doing the vocals and the video showed vast herds of umpaa lumpaas roving wild over the sun drenched plains of Carnibal. Please don’t let him die before this happens! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

When fellow DJs post on Facebook that they’ve just ‘smashed it up’ I think good on you fella, you’ve had a good gig but…smashing stuff up? Is that a good thing? If Stylust Beats posted a link to this track and said he’d just ‘smashed it up’ I’d utterly believe he’d literally done so, I’d want to know a body count, how many arms were ripped off, did they die or did they turn vampire and did he really kill that ‘f*%king band? Top Camanche work fella! 98bpm

Like Ron Jeremy, it just keeps on coming! More good time revelry ahoy! Blend Mishkin this time – Are they cornering this scour? More happy trumpets and computer battleship explosions firing indiscriminately over swanky klaxons of stone cold love! What is not to like? Still envisioning an oiled up Sir David Attenborough somewhere, only this time in a close fitting PVC catsuit. I accept he probably will die before that ever happens in real life :can’t have everything. 98bpm

I’ve just realised i’m guilty – as are most of you by the looks of it – of not following DJ Steve Jones. He’s practically moved into The Scour these past few months and i’ve been loving and playing his tunes without showing the basic courtesy of even clicking his follow button. How utterly rude of me! This is the only way I can explain his followers number 600, he should have thousands of us drooling over him! Please pretend this is a musical porn movie and give his button a cheeky flick x ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

Always a treat when Solo Moderna throws up a new tune. The man is a musical equivalent of ‘being John Malkovich’ always fresh, always pushing the boundaries, always has the knack of somehow using the perfect vocal to match his latest mental musical invention. If he were a cheese he’d be a Stilton. Like a Balkan Wallace and Gromit on Class A’s. “My legs feel like they’re made of plasticine Gromit!” They are sir! 100bpm

The hardest working gentleman remixer in the world ever DJ Cheapshot is at it again. I don’t know how he does it. I’d put him in the ‘shock and awe’ category of Freqnik & WDRE, but i’m still chaffing and a bit teary from all that rosemary. Fine work Sir! 102bpm

Baron Von Freear drizzles his glitchy goodness over Beth Orton’s beautiful vocals on The Chemical Brothers classic Where Do I Begin. Sexy, factual, sweet and amazing. Just like the man himself! 102bpm

DJ Yamin beefs up (with added donkey, horse and moonwalking pony is a glory) Dr John’s classic. Stone cold funk. 105bpm

Sine Sickness reminds us all to doff our caps to the late, great Kenny Ball. Ladies, gentlemen, swingers, pray raise a glass of your finest porter to one of the world’s leading brass men. Simple sweet genius. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 105bpm

Have much to thank the Dutty Moonshine boys for, not only are they real in the flesh proper diamond geezers, they are also currently promoting the amazing defunk whom we had join us at our most recent HKPP show and who was glorious! They’re still touring, so get yourself out to see them if they’re anywhere near you – you’re guaranteed an amazing night. No, not only that but they are continually spoiling us with free swinging bombs like ‘Hipbrass’. Don’t be fooled by the 1.25 minute clip, the link leads you to the full glory! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 107bpm

Beautiful blending work from Australia’s Yum Cha. Stanton’s remix of Deekline & Solo’s Handz up over Booka Shade – dreamy and hot, like a psy-trance grrrl wrapped in three duvets. 108bpm

J-Sound, Spinforth & The Fritz‘s ‘Thank you’ song up next. So good. I know that probably sounds like nepotistic twaddle, but it does what it says on the tin. As an aside, yesterday I struck a deal to rent my CDJs to The Fritz for the price of ‘some northern slang’. How cool is that? (Duck) (He threw that one in for free). Expect the next Scour to be brought to you with many more ferrets than there are now. 110bpm

Adltup might be relatively new to the production game but we certainly think he’s on the right track (Boom – self high five). One to keep an eye on Scourers! Solid funky hip hop business like a boss. 110bpm

I’ve been listening to this all week, so my room is now littered with the debris of multiple pairs of exploded pants. I’m going to spend this weekend making a ‘pants magnet’ to see if I can get all the bits back and rebuild them, like a 6 million dollar underpants man. Some of those pants were lucky! I can’t just forsake them that would be wrong, just like Beatsmith & LaFunkt‘s Zebra Funk has only had 471 plays in 7 months – that’s even wronger! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

SkiiTour rule! I imagine them to be the Canadian version of Baywatch. I know if i’m stuck in the powder surrounded by sharks, polar bears and lions that the Skiitour dudes will come surfing along on the the back of an avalanche in super slow mo and tight hammocks and big afros to save me from my impending doom. No Hassle. 110bpm

This is double barrelled triple awesome! Get your swinging pantaloons on quick smart! really tight wobbles from Kid Kasino over a swing monster jam. Three minutes of happy happy joy joy! 85/170bpm

Aaaand finally..let’s Curveball! Skeewiff‘s remixed Papa Loves Mambo? Uh Oh! Right. Fernando, you will have to go round to Danny La Rue’s estate and barter for all his feather boas. Hector, you will need to go and quietly shave bagpuss’s soft underbelly for we shall need to enhance our eyelashes. Lorenzo! To me! We will create the finest of silk worm farms and harvest the sheerest tights known to man or beast…what do you mean how many denier? All the denier! It’s a Skeewiff tune! Julio! You’re where? Well get back from the schoolyard right now, we’ve got work to do! 160bpm

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