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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 22/08/13

By August 22, 2013Blog

Easy, and happy Scourday™ to all! Spinforth and Fat Harry here once again, serving up your fresh Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #89!

No beating round bushes with this main intro section this week. Before we get down to a very tasty 26 (plus 8) tune deep Scour 89, we’re going straight in with some hot off the press Scour Records news! Any one keen for a sneak peek of forthcoming ‘Scoured Cream: Vol.03’?? Perfect, cause that’s what we’re showcasing here first! Ready? Set? Heeere we/you go!

“The nuts are growing hotter and fatter!

We’re ultra excited to announce that ‘Scoured Cream Vol.03’ is finally ready to be unleashed to all your wonderful ears, hearts, minds and crates. Incredibly big ‘Thank youuuu’s’ and highfive’s to all whom supported Vol.02, and kept it up top in the Juno Download charts for so long. We felt a bit like that Gangnam Style fella probably felt..except we’re obviously not quite as popular in South Korea as he is..but we do have a great business plan for Asia somewhere in our biscuit jar, so you never know!

The bi-weekly Scour is continuing to unearth some extra-sexy-fresh contributors to Volume 03 include Leo, Howla, The Phunk Junkies and El Bomba. We warmly welcome them all and ask that they pop their clothes on the side, we’ll be with them shortly. We also welcome back the man with the Lycra pants J-Sound; the really, really incredibly good looking and caring fellows Hong Kong Ping Pong, collaborating with the astoundingly Adonis-like Warp9 chaps; the musical King Kong that is WBBL; aaand that filthy hell-raiser Father Funk.

All basses are covered, sexy pants are on, love helmet straps are firmly clasped and armbands are fully inflated. Let’s dive in! (No bombing or heavy petting please).

Big love, aaaand..enjoy, ‘Scoured Cream: Vol.03!” 🙂

Release date: **Thursday 29 August**
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Promo Feedback:

Stickybuds: “I have FIYA and Long Road in my Shambhala set, been caning them, excellent tunes.”

Featurecast: “Nice release guys!”

DJ Yoda: “Nice stuff!”

BadboE: “Its all about the swing jams this time – and there are some fine ones on this release. You can always count on WBBL and Father Funk to deliver some fresh funk bombs! Great summer release…”

Basement Freaks: “Father Funk dose it ,cool stuff”

Barry Ashworth/Dub Pistols: “Another big package!”

Daddy G (Massive Attack): “The El Bomba tune is a great little party track…in my box!”

Funkanomics: “Looooots of goodness in here, great package to get any party started, full support !!”

Lewd Behaviour: “Amazing pack of tunes…WBBL, Father Funk, and Leo are the winners for me though – HUGE!!”

B-Side: “Been waiting for this for ages! Great stuff as always!”

Ed Solo: “Howla & WBBL are my favs!”

Detta: “Another set of pure bangers!”


Hoping that introduction to Volume 03 met with multiple ears’ approvals!?

Now, without further ado, time to switch y’all over to Fat Harry! Biggest of UP’s in advance for your Scour 89 word spreading thumbs! Tuck in, funk on, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Bad boy Ben Hedibi cleanses our pores, opens our third eye (..easy Sammy) threatens to feed us with hessian biscuits and shows off his home made cheesecloth dungarees before hitting us with some fatback drums and some right proper swear words courtesy of the Gravediggaz. Tasty! 84bpm

Welcome back to The Scour Notes Floats, courtesy of Love Our Records! Quality slice of Sesame Street hip hop pie. I picture myself in the video to this, jivin’ down Sesame main street like Gene Kelly in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. Highfive Big Bird! Ya big freaky bitch! A swift but happy kick to Oscar’s dustbin, heheheh, look at him scowl! Wait a cotton picking minute! Mr Snuffalufagus looks sad, let me help……:inserts arm into Mr. Snuffalufagus’s vagina, pulls out a baby Mr. Snuffalufagus: Group n’awwww. Camera pans in on to my ‘buddy Christ’ grin and raised thumb. Up pops Mr. Admiral Akbar! “It’s a wrap!” ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 86bpm

This is fast becoming Sesame Street Village! DJ Inko wants in on the action, cut to him jumping around a farm, painting numbers in inappropriate places. No DJ INKO! Not on the cow’s arse! Cut again to DJ INKO walking into Bert and Ernie’s house..Oh hell yeah! That’s the moneyshot right there! Roll the credits. 93bpm

Odjbox finds the equivalent of a cheeky £60 stuffed in the bum pocket of an old pair of jeans. Result! We love everything this man does, really nice to hear what he’s done with a bit of hip hoppery. If I could only find where the hashtag key is on my mac i’d say he could stuff something in our pockets anytime (hashtag) Chatham. But I can’t find it! Which is probably a good thing otherwise :fade: i’d be like I :fade: was when I :fade: first found the Low Pass Fade :fade: :fade: 94bpm

I’m loving this joint from Yuanan “J.A.R”, i’m jumping it and jamming it and bogeling it good and proper. Am I happy? As a badger in a red van. Am I carefree? As a towelette with wings and a pair of roller-skates. Do I have any idea what they’re singing about? Not a clue. Do I care? Not really (..unless it’s racist) which it 97% probably isn’t. Big Tings Yuanan! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 93bpm

SCOUR #89 EXCLUSIVE #1: Right my friends, brace yourselves. Not one but NINE free and EXCLUSIVE tunes in one link, courtesy of Blend Mishkin and Cast-a-Blast! Excuse the cut and pastage from their SoundCloud page but you deserve the full facts on this one – all monsters!!! “Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together…. The hugely acclaimed ‘We Are Roots’ release from Grecian super-producer Blend Mishkin & legendary New York native MC Jamalski was received so well that it would be a crime to stop the journey there, so, the next stage was to gather up some top-tier like-minded talent and release the official remix e.p including offerings from DJ Tzinas, J.Bostron & Barney Iller and which again positively delighted the masses. So what next??? Well, after seeking out the finest mashup maestro’s from across the globe and setting them to task, what we are now able to unveil to the pleasure of your expectant ears an official mashup compilation. With contributions from Blend Mishkin x2, Max RubaDub, Titan Sound x2, DJ Cut La Vis a.k.a. Immortal Soundboy, Bruce Missile, Supa John and Mrbigk who would have thunk that one release could have generated an opportunity to involve so many respected key figures in the scene. So without further delay we proudly present to you the final instalment of the epic ‘We Are Roots’ saga…’We Are Mashed Up’..which, thanks toCast-a-Blast’s kindness coupled with Spinforth’s Scour power, is all yours 100% FREE via the following >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 98bpm

There truly are some remarkable producers ploughing their craft on Soundcloud, which is admittedly why we’re here in the first place (..guzzling from the swollen teat of the Soundcloud beast, mmmmmmmm, sour milky goodness!) Marvel Years is one of those. Epic Soulbass in the style of Griz and DJ Sol Rising, truly epic shizzle. The kind of shizzle a fatman could lose himself to on his iPod on the cross trainer in the gym. Eyes closed, head back, tongue sticking out, sweating heavily, throwing a ‘body-wang’ in lieu of a real one in case he loses his balance and falls off. For all intents and purposes looking like a man in the throes of a heart attack. Oh yeah! I’ve never done that, not earlier today. No Siree. 100bpm

SCOUR #89 EXCLUSIVE #2: Imagine This is in the house..with an exceedingly tasty debut joint from his forthcoming brand new EP, which is kindly being opened up for FREE download exclusively for The Scour! I can imagine him knocking on the door on Noel’s House Party (..classic 90’s Saturday early evening family TV for all you non UK-ians out there) wearing some serious black leather outfit. He’d straight out head-but and drop Noel before he’d even crossed the doorway, he’d then take a cockney walk up to Mr Blobby and punch him square in the flange before making his way to the gunk tank, climbing up to the top, dropping his tight leathers and curling one of his finest onto the hapless victim below. Wallop! 100bpm

Welcome to The Scour New Zealand’s Groove Mantis! An honour to have you bud, pop your clothes on the side, we’re just going to dip our hands in a bowl of resin and then in a bowl of sweets, be right with you! Are the rest of you ready to bounce? Groove Mantis breaks down The Freestylers’ Pain Killa and delivers some moody party funk. Haribo Styleeee! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

Lordy Lord, was there ever a more perfect match. JPOD the beat chef and Beats Antiques, on one side we have the pomp, whomp and style of the main man Jpod, on the other we have Beats Antique, made of brass bands, glitch and string quartets. It’s like a musical algebraic fraction – Educational! 102bpm

Yeeeeeehar! I love this so much. Makes me want to go out and buy a rifle, a donkey, a poncho and some cowboy boots, not necessarily in that order (do crocs make cowboy boots yet? I do like a comfortable shoe) Was this in Django unchained? If not it’s a shoe-in for Django unchained 2 ‘Citijzens On Patrol’. Warm welcome to the Scour señor Cheshire! 105bpm

Treat time! jaw dropping funk re-fix of Sisters Love’s Mr Fix It courtesy of Norway’s DJ MAG. Stone Cold screaming dynamite funk with fairly epic big sprinkles of smarties, jelly slices, hundreds and thousands, caster sugar, maple syrup and bacon bites and heresies peanut butter pieces. At least this’ll be in the crates longer than my teeth will be in my face. 101bpm

Oh hi Fdel! (Faints) Only the man I consider to be one of the original pioneers of funky breakbeat. Can he kick it? He can do what he likes! He’s the love, the life the legend that is FDEL! Will I lick it? Only if fdel asks me to. Unless it’s biscuits, then i’ll lick it. Go on then. 103bpm

SCOUR #89 EXCLUSIVE #3: Forthcoming ‘Scoured Cream Vol.03‘ Superstar El Bomba is pure boss. A pure slab of party starter. I’ve said it before but he’d be my ‘go to’ wingman every time. I love that man! He poses a good question though….I wonder who would rock the party better? The ladies or the fellas? Well, I like the ladies. And I like the fella’s. There’s only one way to find out. FIIIIIIIIGHT! After which feel free to grab your very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 106bpm

Captain Flatcap get their wobble whippets out for the lads. Quality mash of the Average White Band that swings, wobbles and boogies all at the same time – well, it is what they do best. Top flute work that kind of reminds me of that wickedbad Csango Boogie tune from a few years back. Tip of the flat cap to ya squires! 106bpm

Breaking News! Jazz K Lipa makes fresh claims over who shot the sheriff. Of course he doesn’t, but the innuendoes tend to get a bit weaker the deeper we get into a 3 week gap Scour-a-thon of 30-ish tunes :looks hard at Spinforth: What the German maestro does do however is breath fresh fire into this Clapton classic. In Thailand they call him Ellic Crapton, which is both slightly racial yet factual. They also call them The Scorchions, which always made me feel happy. 108bpm

Scour virgin DJ Clairvo (Yes indeed, we didn’t believe it either until we checked the Screcords™) delivers this super, sharp, smashing, great bomb on our laps. Excuse me whilst I tuck ten dollars into his thong. The legend has appeared here many times with his Nynfus compadres, a very warm solo welcome to The Scour dude, pop your clothes on the side, you know the drill x 109bpm

DJ Asi-C invents new superhero; The Steel Finger! You saw him here first folks! He’s already been approached to appear in the next X-Men movie with a lucrative spin off series of movies in the vein of all the Wolverine films, where he gets drunk a lot, has dark bouts of sheer moodiness for no real reason, smokes cigars, and has a finger made of steel! Expect lots of flamboyant and reckless pointing of digits, especially the one made of STEEL! Why is wolverine so sad btw? He’s got the best hair outside of Paul Shane in Hi-De-Hi and has massive claws for picking prickly pears! Wolverine needs to be more like Baloo bear! Well its a doo ba de doo! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 109bpm

Goldrush time! A man who’s gone full-Baloo is the Slynkmeister! (….and look how happy he is Wolverine!) His remix of The Horndogz is of course extraordinary, what’s even better is that one of my heroes Sir Fred of Wesley makes an appearance! Gold right there! Do yourself a favour and check out the band camp links to the horndogz, there be gold in them there tunes! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Slynk, SkiiTour…It’s like a mini Shambhala in here! Skii bring the awesome sauce to A Tribe Called Quest’s Award Tour….Damn was this really released in 1993? We is getting old! Shhhh, who cares, that’s music for ya! Taken from the Midnight Marauders album and still sounding fresh twenty years on, unlike me who makes involuntary kung fu movie noises every time I bend down :Hiyah!: Big ups to the SkiiTour boys for being all round amazing fellas! 118bpm

I have to admit to hating this Robin S tune with a passion back in the day. DJ Groovecellar drops his bang on it with a cheeky pinch of J5 and it’s now not only acceptable…..dare I say it, it’s quite bloody good actually. Kill me! 120bpm

UK Hip hop is dead! Long Live UK Hip Hop! Step up to the throne Joe Publik, of Born Ina Barn fame, serving you here with a quality slice of Itchycoo/Teudorian/Galliano/garage/Hip Hop taken from his ‘I fancy a rant EP‘. Hmmm..what’s better, Garage or Hip Hop, oh wait, we’ve done that…just enjoy, it’ll get under your skin soon enough, that’s a promise. 125bpm

DJ Django Wasn’t he in…..No, he wasn’t but sweet hells bells what a tune to remix, some sweet St Louis Swing wobble, I’ll be snuffling through his soundcloud when I get a spare minute that’s a given. If you like C@ in the H@ or Defunk you’ll be pointing all over this like The Steel Finger! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 155bpm

What’s better than Toots & The Maytals? Who said Drum and Bass?!! Why I oughta! Hang on a sec, i’m just getting a call from Hiphoppapotamus…He says no problem, Toots & Drum and bass coming right up, you lucky people! 174bpm

SCOUR #89 EXCLUSIVE #4: What’s better than Betty Wright? Who said Drum and Bass?!! Who is that guy!? Get him out of here before I..hang on..i’m just getting a text from ‘Stone Cold jazz tights’ J-Sound…..He says no problem, Betty and Bass coming right up! Lucky, lucky people! Get busy grabbing your 4th and final very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< but pleeease don’t forget to leave Stone Cold a thank you comment in return! 180bpm

And finally, this weeks Curveball! When it’s all going a bit mental and you need a timeout, there’s no finer way to relax than spending three minutes in the company of Ian Britt. Give him a like, the man has a voice like an angel and the arms of a Bangkok masseur. Remix tastefully handled by Greece’s Michael Lener. Consider yourselves well and truly curveballed. Big love xxx ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 92bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.

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