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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 23/01/14

By January 24, 2014Blog


How do’s Scouroops™, and welcome to the last EVER Scour….of double digits! 😉 Spinforth here, soon to be followed by Fat Harry bringing up the Scourear™. Yep, seems it really has ‘almost’ happened – three days short of three whole years Scouring (Est.January 26th 2011), and now just one Scour short of the magic/miraculous 100!! Whoever would have funked it!? I know I certainly wouldn’t. I’ll save up the emotional speech for the big one, for the now just the customary warmest of welcomes to all, to..Spinforth’s Biweekly Soundcloud Scour #99!

Keeping it short(ish) but sweet up top this Scour. Need to try and get myself more than 3 hours kip tonight in an attempt to keep myself fresh for a drive up to Bristol tomorrow where myself and F’arry will be getting our safari on and delivering the HKPP goodness at FIVE DOLLAR SHAKE presents: DJ Cheeba, Deekline, JON1ST, Hong Kong Ping Pong, Mafia Kiss, The Dance Off, and Five Dollar Shake DJs. Promises to be a sweet sweet night, not only cause of the rad line up, but also cause we’ll be celebrating Scour Records Superstar X-Ray Ted‘s Birthday, aaaand..I get to don my disco bear suit (been far too long) – it’s anyone’s guess what Fat Harry will come as..worth the ticket price alone to find out! Undoubtedly the hottest ticket in Bristol tomorrow night, still a handful left, snap em up >>HERE ASAP<< to avoid disappointment on the door.

One last piece of sizzling off the press Scour Records news before you all duck down below. A huuuge pleasure to announce that our 2nd Artist Series release has arrived and is ***OUT NOW*** exclusively available from Juno Download. The Superstars of this release should be very well know to all avid Scour followers, previously Scoured on a total of 12 occasions between them, but now they join collaborative forces to deliver a truly awesome four track artist EP, choc full of win and laced throughout with all of the beloved Scour flavours – mini Scour in one release stylee!! Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to two of Greece’s very finest, namely S Strong & Funkanizer‘s delectable ‘Groove Gigolos EP’. Voila! 🙂

Diggin’ this release? Your word spreadingComment‘, or‘, and/or click of theRepost ↻ Buttonare all warmly welcomed. Many thanks in advance. SR HQ. 🙂

Release date: **OUT NOW**

So, how was it for you? Discover at least one gem within that tickled your drums? If you loved it enough to purchase, we thank you sincerely for your custom. Already doing very well in the Juno charts after just 24hrs – it would be a huge honour and a privilege to topple the Broken Beat chart on our first shot – in my fussy ear’ed opinion the work on this EP is well worthy of achieving such heights. Our fingers are crossed, and our wood being touched (..not that sort of wood!!) that it’s winning in your exquisitely tasteful ear’s too. 🙂

Right, that’s me all Scoured out, time to get tuck in to the free feast of Scoured treats below. Meet you all back here in a few weeks time for the all exclusive ‘Celebratory Centenary Scour #100’ party. You are of course all invited, plus I have a select few special guests coming along to play musical bumps!

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x
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Cheers Spin’..F’arry time! Scour 99! Wow, one away from the big 100…feels like we should mark the occasion with something special 🙂 Big thanks to Magnus on Fire for stepping up to the blurb plate last time round, sterling job fella, we owe you a pack of polos and a topless massage x

We always like to start the Scour with an offering to the Gods of bass with something a little warm and comfortable, like urinating in a wetsuit, or on a catsuit, or on a cat – just kidding, we would never wee on a cat! Unlike those Dirty Dubsters! They squirt their fuzzy bass scent all over the place like drunk and leery Thundercats! Watch out now, they’re aiming their reggae hoses at us all – run! RUN! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!! 65/130bpm

Dub T can’t stand the rain, we feel you fella – we hate the rain too…and thrush. Don’t let them tell you that yoghurt is good for thrush, I spent a small fortune filling a bath with muller fruit corners and all I got was bitten by ants and bombarded by flying fox bats. They might look cute on telly but not when they’re dive-bombing for your glacier cherries! DUB T crumbles a Snoop Dog vocal into a choice blend of Missy Elliott, all rolled up in a tidy Telephone Riddim single skinner. Trail Blazin’! 80bpm

Warm welcome to The Scour L’Entourloop! Pop your clothes on the side, we’ll be with you just as soon as we’ve finished making these dogging masks….L’Entourloop hails from France, I don’t know if they have dogging in France? Le Chienning? Does anywhere else ‘dog’?. Hey other countries! Do you do dogging? Or is it strictly a filthy English truckers thing. I now desperately need to know! Howla would know. 82bpm

First of two freebies this Scour that come courtesy of the ever awesome Free Breaks Blog, via their recent celebratory 5000 likes giveaway, this one from Sir Very fell-down-the-stairs of Missile is back! Good day to you Bruce! Welcome back to The Scour. We always love your work, nothing different here – solid reggae mash that would grace any warm up set…or a badger set, in fact any set, excuse me whilst I pull some deep, slow lunges to this bad boy. Oooooh yeah, I can feel the tension releasing in my groin, Oi Oi, not like that! It’s technically known as the Hip Adductor, which is Bruce Missile down to a Tee. King and Ice! >>CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD COURTESY OF FREEBREAKS BLOG 5000 LIKES GIVEAWAY<< 97bpm

Norway’s Blowshitup is on fire with this glacially stone cold Charles Jackson edit, so stone cold your tongue would actually stick to it! So make sure you give him a good thumbing, not a tonguing. Even typing the word ’Norway’ puts a shiver through me, it’s so chilly here in the UK that i’ve run out of Empire Strikes Back animals to cut open and sleep in! 99bpm

Towerblock rocking Canadian B-MID is back! The Prince of wobble! The Lieutenant Governor of Glitch! The Mary Poppins of Bass! (prequel) His tunes are always inspiring, beautiful and crunchy like you’re a pack of biscuits in the glove box of his car, which is being slammed into a wall and filmed in a slow motion scientific car crash to aid the safety of other, future biscuit/bass lovers. Oi! This custard cream’s all metally! 95bpm

Bryx. DJ, producer, lover, is there no end to his talents? Not really, listen to what he’s been and gone and done to top Ginge Ed Sheeran! Ed’s wicked, lovely tunesmith, but you wouldn’t ever say he was hard as nails. Bryx has created a real life Ginger Robocop! All that’s missing here is a metallic promise that you have ’20 SECONDS TO COMPLY’ All that red, I worry about the possibility of rust, Bryx has probably got that covered too. Classy bird that he is. I’d buy that for a dollar. 100bpm

Welcome to The Scour Yanivi! My my! What have we here? Lasers is what we have here friends! Laser and more lasers, tied to the underbellies of an advancing horde of Mega-Foxu (Gigantic metal Japanese foxes) We’d salute you Sir, if we weren’t cowering behind our sofa, with knees a knocking, teeth a chattering, pants a filling, bladders a (an?) emptying! Good christ man, the floor is shaking so hard i’ve bitten my own tongue off – you win Mega-Foxu, You win! – oh, by the way, check out the real life carnage of this tune, courtesy of Plymouth’s legendary Bassfunk Crew >>HERE<< ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 100bpm

Fellow stalkers followers of J-Pod the beat chef will have heard and loved his Blues & BeBop mixtape released this past summer, well bugger me if he isn’t giving the individually crafted-with-love tracks away. Free. Like they’re air or something! Air of the rarest kind though, the sort of air you’d savour after spending a whole minute nuzzling the musty gusset of Sammy’s wetsuit. Not only will J-Pod be giving away a free track each week, he’s also got a brand spanking new all original 5 track EP coming out soon, called ‘Taking a Deep Breath’ out on Additech, (again, hopefully, not from Sammy’s mucky hooch). Eyes and ears peeled people! 103bpm

SCOUR #99 EXCLUSIVE: J-Sound is a lovely man, one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet, he loves everything, he loves ponies, he loves butterflies, he loves ribbons and bangles but most of all, he loves Ice Cream. He hates only one thing, other people eating ice cream. I was eating a nice Vienetta slice and he came at me without warning, I tried to fight him off but he slapped me upside the head like he was in a bloody fight scene from The Bourne Supremacy, no quarter given. “EASY MATE” I cried, “It’s only Ice Cream! You can have it!…just a little lick for me though, yeah?” :ooof: :owwww: :Slap: :Whack: :chop: :twist: :snaaap: OWWWWW! No no no, no ice cream sound for me, Matt ‘J-Sound’ Damon over there’s got it all. Cornetto? Click on the following text to grab your very kindly donated..>>100 SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 105bpm

Dephicit is a dark horse, don’t approach him from behind, when you feed him sugar cubes make sure you keep your palm flat, and for god sakes, stay well clear if he’s starting to get a frisky look in his eye, tell tale signs are a shivering of his flanks, a pricking of his ears, a raised neck, a flared nostril or a thoroughly massive erection. Today you may notice he has a raised tail and some anal winking, don’t worry, it isn’t defecation, it is a monster groove though! Whoa there boy! 110bpm

Incoming Free Breaks Blog freebie number two. Who’d a thunk that a Bombstrikes artist could ever possibly be a Scourvirgin?!! It’s illogical, it doesn’t make any sense, it’s like you making me a documentary that displays in vivid and glorious technicolor that bears only defecate on porcelain flushing toilets, or that you get car jacked by Stephen ‘Screamin Jay’ Hawking who says to you, “…come…..quickly….we…..must….tell….Fat….Harry…something…about…the…Pope…” I feel a bit giddy, like I did when I found out in Jedi that Luke and Leia were brother and sister, then I remembered what happened in Empire and wondered how far that all went once the camera crew left. Welcome to The Scour Herbgrinder! Pop your clothes on the side if you would be so kind x >>CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD COURTESY OF FREEBREAKS BLOG 5000 LIKES GIVEAWAY<< 112bpm

Shaka Loves You. Yes! Result! Last time I saw the Shaka boys and played that game it came up that ‘My bike was shit’. What’s not to love about this! Turn This Thing Around is one of 4 tracks available for free as part of their ‘Party in a Box’ Edit packs. How awesome are Shaka Loves You? Imagine if you’d led a full and balanced life, punched a bear, snorted a line off of Mary Poppins’ ass, wrestled a crocodile, tamed it, became it’s friend and guardian, formed a successful and syndicated crime fighting duo with it, then, finally at the end of your days were actually killed by Brick from Anchorman with a trident and the last three words you ever heard on this planet were ‘I Love Lamp” quietly whispered into your ear, just for you alone to hear. Then you were given a full viking burial and your burning longship was gently pushed into the harbour by a team of Elvis lookalikes – THAT’s how awesome ‘Shaka Loves You’ are! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 112bpm

SCOUR #99 EXCLUSIVE: Father Funk needs little ‘fluffing’ from me this week, I’ve got to keep something in the tank in the ‘off chance’ he makes an appearance in Scour 100. Let’s just keep it simple, like a pure monk in a plain wooden bunk, clear white walls, a simple cross, prayer beads – Hang about……I know my beads and those are anal! Father! :shakes fist: Click on the following text to grab your very kindly donated..>>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 114bpm

Welcome to The Scour Я0M0R! Pop your clothes on the side please, i’m just going to lift your wallet and get your credit card details, I’ve spent the last six hours and forty minutes trying to get the ‘R’ turned around. I started with a knife, it slipped and I gashed my hand, I used mirrors but with all the blood it slipped from my hand and nicked an artery, in a fit of pique I went at the keyboard with a flathead hammer, raging at the screen like a monkey with a bone from 2001 A Space Odessey. My flatmate broke my door down and called in an ambulance, I’ve just got back from A&E and am all good to go, except i’m tightly tucked into a straight jacket and am typing this onto a keyboard that could politely be described as looking like it was owned by the doctor from the human centipede with a chuppa chop lolly sellotaped on to the end of each elbow! Your credit card is just in case Apple care won’t cover it. Sexy tune fella! 113bpm

Heh, I mostly write these blurbs as I hear the tunes for the first time, I had to delete this one and start again because I went in all ‘jaunty big guns’, and this tune by Sine Sickness is not about that in any way at all. Sometimes – you may have noticed – I can get a bit carried away, but this track deserves nothing but utter respect, it has a plain beauty that makes me want to mind my manners and hold doors open for it. Big Love x 125bpm

Budge over Will Smith, I think you’ll find it’s Grant Lazlo who is Legend. This is the kind of Zombie movie someone should make, no one’s done dancing zombies since the Thriller video – it’s time for a dancing’ zombie/undead return! By the power of Greyskull! 130bpm

Wood’n’Soo go all dramatic! And we love it! Chilled Bass thank you very much indeed. The musical equivalent of getting a massage by a blind Chinese wise woman. All deep and chakra freeing, mmmmm, yeah. On a lighter note, the wav form looks like the skeleton of a fish, a bass perhaps? Who knows, but it’s fishy and it’s bassey and it’s chakra-y and just damn fine. Tight lines! 150bpm

Welcome to The Scour……..Featurecast? We can confirm that in, :ahem: clears throat, loses weight, changes colour of skin, grows taller, gets mad skills, releases an album, gets grammy, stars in a film, wins Bafta, becomes a millionaire, makes a line of clothes, releases 10 more albums, marries Beyonce, makes and sells own scent, becomes a gruffillionaire, steps up to the mic and says in my best Jay-Z accent “99 Scours and Lee Mintram ain’t (been in) one” Put a ring on it! 176bpm

Jungle Boogie and Bass? yes! As weird and wonderful as The Snoop Lion documentary! Warm welcome to The Scour Pragmatik! Pop your clothes on the side, we’ll be with you as soon as we’ve got our fingers out of this Chinese puzzle doll, who knew they gripped so hard? South west Bassfunk crew member Pragmatik demands pants to be thrown at him, we played with the Bassfunk crew last month – not like with the doll – he made it very clear all our pants belonged to him, commando and swinging free like three Baloo bears, who were we to argue. Bare necessities! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 188bpm

This remix by Ageless is wonderfully menacing, it could have been played in any scene from Full Metal Jacket…ummm, i’ll pick the scene where they ‘soap’ the big fella. Future classic this one, don’t judge it straight away, let this one play a few times and seep into your pours like some kind of L’Oreal ladies skin cream, because you’re worth it. It’ WILL become essential on your player x 96bpm

Look at the time, it’s Curveball o’clock already. Welcome to The Scour Running Numbers! We’re lucky enough to be playing with these rapscallions on the 15th February at The famed Watering Hole in Perranporth – extremely excited about that, but more importantly, they are wonderful people, and they’re all getting married to each other and we love them dearly! Thank you for your time. Next time is Scour 100 – please bring cake! 150bpm

Diggin’ these Scoured tunes enough to download? Please pay your dues to the artists whom have kindly shared to you for free, via your word spreadingComment‘, or‘, and/or click of theRepost ↻ Button. Many thanks in advance.

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.

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