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Easy all, Spinforth here, just briefly before very soon handing over the Scour stage to my trustee blurb writing sidekick, the one and only (yep..just like Chesney!), Fat Harry! Back once again to welcome you all to your latest..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #85!!

So..before you all head down below to the eargasmic’s me giving you all fair warning that, with UK festival season commencing next week end, you ‘may’ happen to find the definition of ‘Biweekly’ turn a little fairly big bit more sporadic than the Oxford English dictionary has led us all to believe. Who are they to tell us what words mean anyway..what are they some sort of linguistic bible!?? Can’t possibly be, their definition of the word Scour bears no reference to this blog..they clearly have no idea nor authority on the subject. Ermmm..where was I? Ahh yes..UK festival season KO! You’ve all got your Tickets (..still some left) to The GhettoFunk Nightclub at Sunrise Festival 2013 right? Featuring, all these dudes..

A. Skillz | Featurecast | Basement Freaks | The Captain | The Funk Hunters | Too Many T’s | DJP | B-Side | Goodgroove | WBBL | Father Funk | Will Streetwise & Profit | Detta | Spinforth | Hong Kong Ping Pong | Luke Stereo | Sammy Senior | The Fritz | J-Sound | Waggles.

No maybe’s here, it’s a simple ‘Yes/No; answer. If you’re a ‘Yes’ wo/man..move along please, very much looking forward to seeing and partying with you there (..I still can’t believe GF are putting on a whole festival..especially for my birthday! True gents. 😉 ) try and get there early Thursday if you can, to catch Scour Records Superstars (..and me) taking over the GFNC on the Thursday night. Aaand..if you’re a ‘No’ wo/’ll need to stop right here and grab yourself one of >>THESE<< me, they’re amaaaazing! 🙂

Right..that’s enough Spromo™ from me..time for you to treat your crates n ears entirely and absolutely FOR FREE! Until next Scour..please be my honoured guests..get tucked in, funked right out, familiar with Fat harry’s loveable balls, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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One hand typing ftw! I seemed to have spent this past fortnight between scours with some kind of seven dwarf/man flu type affair and have mostly been feeling sleepy, grumpy, chilly, snotty, sweaty, shitty and achy-breaky, without once going to the docs (because i’m still – deep down – pure rock!) I just had a quick disco nap before starting this latest blurbathon and have woken with possibly the coldest hands in the world ever, fortunately I seem to also have the hottest balls which is why this Scour is brought to you via the gift of one hand typing. Have 6 days for this to clear up before SUNRISE FESTIVAL! Also known on my personal internal calendar as Man up o’clock!

SCOUR #85 EXCLUSIVE #1: Thanks then to B.Visible for assisting in my road to recovery via his callanetics programme. His tracks always get me. First listen never fails to get my head nodding, second listen and i’m adding a cheeky shoulder strut, third listen and i’m head banging like grover from the muppets all whilst sat in a chair in the kitchen with one hand cupping my hot balls. I pray the neighbours can’t see me. Taken from his very recent 5 track ‘Para Batik EP’..get involved in this particular joint entirely FOR FREE, via this very very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< just click those words!!). 90bpm

Keeping the head nodding going and I don’t mind telling you i’m adding a knee tremble or two (mental freestyle yo!) That’s how i’m rolling. IT is back! And so is hand number two! Now we’re cooking, look at how fast i’m typing, like, twice as fast 🙂 Skillz Imagine This, big ups to DJ Alias on the remix. 91bpm

I consider it a cop out to cut and paste other people’s blurb and slap it in here, the whole point of the Scour blurb is to be both personable and irreverent (..and from now on to try and keep one hand on a pair of balls), BUT..I think we’re about to unleash something special on you all and his own blurb expresses it better than I possibly could. Please, let’s all give a huge and warm welcome to The Scour – hailing from Denver USA – the skills and sounds of sixteen (yep 16!!!) years young Lidsky!!! “Frozen In Time is the debut release from 16 year old Colorado native Lidsky, and in spite of the title, the EP moves across all spectrums of music history effortlessly. Vintage samples find themselves to be perfectly at home alongside retro 80’s synthesis and smooth vocal chops ripped straight out of 90’s boom-bap rap. Every track on the EP has something a little different to offer, and reveals a small part of Lidsky’s eclectic musical interests. The opener, “Feeling Tha Blues” flips a Muddy Waters sample into a huge, incredibly danceable booty-shaker of a track. Likewise, tribute gets paid to jazz legend Ornette Coleman in “To See The Light” in a way that not only reflects Lidsky’s love for Coleman, but also his philosophies on music as a whole. You won’t want to miss this!” 94bpm

We love Notes Floats Notes Floats (c/o Love Our Records), this track really reminds me of PM Dawn (what’s that Spin’? Ahh..Digable Planets you say..yup, them too!) and all their associated goodness. I also love that the EP is called ‘The Unlikely Punch’. My mum punching my nan in the throat is unlikely and is a mental image that is both hard to shake and makes me smile (No way my nan could take my mum…..unless she first threw an unlikely punch)….. (to the throat) Beautiful. 94bpm

Oi Oi, back to the Reggie! And about time too I hear you sound boys wail! When we first started doing the weekly HKPP radio show….many years ago, it was all reggae mashups and broken beat, there was none of this here Ghetto Funk, no LFO wobble, hence whenever a tune with a bit of wobbly bass came along Morphosis and I would pretend we’d passed wind and say “Scuse Me” on the microphones. Sounds juvenile but we did this week in, week out for about three years and it won us an award so don’t judge! This latest monster from AfroQBen 92bpm has bought all that back, and so on behalf of myself and Morphosis all I can say is “Scuse us!”

To mine, Spinforth’s and Morphosis eternal shame we once hosted a night for a mate at a dying venue run by an utterly shady sociopath. He’d booked Bastard Jazz label boss DRM and it was possibly the worst attended gig we’ve ever attended…and to all intents and purposes we looked like the promoters. It must still rate as one of the worst days in DRM’s life. Whilst he can never get that back, we can help repay him in a small kind by pointing you to DJ Captain Planet‘s wonderful remix of Zongo Junction. Up the elephants and round the castles! (We’re still sorry Bastard Jazz, it wasn’t us, honest!) 95bpm

SCOUR #85 EXCLUSIVE #2: Re-jigging my crates last week due to being poorly and I remade room for Fat Freddy’s Roady (..I was a fool to let it go in the first place!). If only I held off a week I could have dropped in this latest stick of dynamite from Scour Records SuperstarJ-Sound (now fully christened by Miss HKPP/lady Spinforth as Jevsband). Is he a mind reader? Possibly not, otherwise he’d know we’ve ran out of sugar and i’m drinking my tea without any and it’s utterly horrific! He is a legend though and I can’t wait to wrestle with him at SUNRISE FESTIVAL!! 🙂 What you waiting for? IF you’ve dropped him a word spreading player comment, feel free to get involved with your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< just click!) 96bpm

Time for the tidy horns! Step forward DJ Nu-Mark, sharp suited hip hop for all the ladies and all the gents. Unrelated but this is the soundtrack to how I imagine DJP gets dressed in the mornings: Two second brass alarm blast, no yawning, straight up and funky within nano seconds. Tight, crisp funk trousers on, one leg at a time. Moonwalks and robots around his wooden floor putting on all manner of funkery, stops by the door on his way out – sex glasses: On. Beamer Keys: in Pocket, Ultimate funk loafers: On feet. Total time to get ready: 3.29, he’s fresh, he’s on it. Let’s Go! (Please don’t tell DJP I dream about shit like this). 97bpm

To continue the theme is DJ INKO (Scour Fanfare!) More sharp hip hoppa doppery, fine like spiderwebs, silky like conditioned pubes. How does he do it week after week? (Pantene probably – Who knows!) We absolutely love it/him though, and so long may he continue to crank out the real good stuff x DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

Free download from Howla DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. – Okay Boogie, as you can imagine it’s full of swinging win. For the more altruistic of you, you could consider paying for the WAV, I did and I feel utterly amazing like i’m supporting a really good cause: Namely keeping Howla in iron Bru, sandwiches, speedos and plug ins for his mentally good bonkers swing! Do it! And if you’re diggin this one try THIS OTHER RAD NEW ONE on for size too! 103bpm

Aha! This has had my pants swinging all week – I love what they’ve done with it, would be utterly impossible of me not to remind you all of this version by Defunk which is also double bonkers good, which has a special, sweaty place in many of my sets, normally coming back down to half time after a mental bit of D&B (Big Love Logan) and big love to Smokey Joe & The Kid for being super sexy swingin’ cats too. DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 104bpm

Bristol’s finest cricketeer, country gent and all round bounder and top cat Ewan Hoozami does a bang up job of remixing Lazy Habits. Double top sir! Great to welcome you back to The Scour, get over here! 104bpm

Sweet space funk from freshly Scoured LabRat, a beautiful track that reminds me of both Dad’s on Display and Aelian and summer and cider (..and wasps and stinging nettles – but in a good way!?) A musical dime bar, smooth on one side, wavy on the other, sweet and crispy in the middle. Bugger. Now I want a dime bar! 110bpm

Like the way The Scour flows? It’s not accidental you do know that I hope 🙂 (Spinforth takes great great pride..and additional hours considering each Scour’s ‘flow’ – recognise.). More space funk coming your way, DJ Chamber (massive feet) teams up with DJ Syko (massive balls) Glitchy and Jazzy like dirty porn filmed on a xylophone. What’s not to like? 110bpm

Scour heads up!! Get liking The Spank!’s Facebook, get following The Spank!’s SoundCloud..right now! A side project of the world renowned Kings of good things The Basement Freaks it’s probably a certainty that they will post up nothing that you won’t give your highest rating of two thumbs up to. Naughty like a have been warned. Welcome to The Scour in this incredible sounding new form G’! We love you/it!! 🙂 The Spank! 110bpm

Oh here we go! I think we all know what Spinforth had in mind with Aleksey!‘s remix of Framework’s ‘Ain’t No Use’! Time to give the lad a big fat dose of Scour welcoming thumbing, some hearting, and some all round loving good vibe feedback. Don’t bruise him, this one’s a keeper! Go team Scour! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Shaka Loves You! We love you! We love Shaka! We love brick houses! much better than we love straw houses, but we love them too!…and we love hitting ’em (..only in the throat and only when people are unprepared) That’s a whole lot of love. Sadly for Shaka the Soundcloud policebot doesn’t love them at the moment, and have kicked their other recent beauty remix into touch, can grab your copy of it via their YouTube channel right >>HERE<<. Great work all round fellas..see YOU at SUNRISE FESTIVAL! 🙂 112bpm

This Scour has had more virgins (aka: Scourgins™ – Spinforth’s latest invention) than I can poke a stick at….not that I’ve ever poked a stick at anyone, let alone specifically virgins. How could you tell a virgin from a non virgin anyway? A diving rod? They’re a bit stick-y. Seriously, people should keep away from other people with sticks that wish to poke them and I honestly can’t see stick poking ever being a reasonable method of courtship outside of a Channel 5 gameshow. “Let the prick with the stick get hit in the dick by the chick with a kick (or a brick)” or something. Think of a name for the show…’Virgin on the Ridiculous’, ‘Take Me Eye Out’..Meh, you get the idea! Anyhoo, welcome to The Scour Ike Aligbe. Top remix work on Higher Ground – love it Sir! 127bpm

I love baby lotion! many uses, none of them related to babies in my experience, well, maybe in practicing for them….what? Baby what? Sorry everyone, Spinforth is poking me with a stick, BRB

:clears throat:

Babylon! Your days are numbered! Wise words from Ras Stone, Dub Terminator with Bandulu dub in this heavy dub-tastical monolith. Not being one myself I always wondered how Ganja farmers ever got anything done, other than pestering their flatmates to go to the shops to buy chocolate and assorted biscuits. Let alone making massive trouser wobbling bass monsters such as this. Maybe they’re all shop owners? I’m not judging. Enjoy! 133bpm

Aaaaand finally..this Scour’s Curveball! I’ve spent my spare time this week trying to write an interview for The Cuban Brothers – which is incredibly hard when, if you think as I do that they’re utter gods of funk, i’ve had this creepy version of writers block whereby all I can picture in my minds eye is a forty foot high sweaty codpiece pre owned by a giant Cameo (Word up!), the pheromones of Barry White stoppered up in a lynx style deodorant can and of course, James Brown. What a relief, therefore, that Sam Redmore (King of the curveball) once again comes to my rescue and eases the massive codpiece and sex musk out of my minds eye and leaves me with the simple and timeless joy of the pure funk of James Brown. it doesn’t have to be hard. Thanks Sam x 97bpm

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