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Easy all, and a warm welcome to your latest edition of Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour, numero 77!

I’m literally here for about 2 seconds this week (..not counting the 20+ hours it’s taken to make my selection of this week’s picks of course) cause I’m absolutely bloody knackered, and have a seriously bangin’ (not in the preferred way)..headaaaaaache.

Before I hand you over to Fat Harry though..just wanted to point out that it’s ‘that’ time of year again!! Huh? You know..the time of year when all you see on Facebook every day is people requesting/begging that you vote for this, vote for that, vote for me, vote for them. Yep, you’ve guessed it..that’ll be the Breakspoll – International Breakbeat Awards time just around the corner then! begging here, BUT..i’d be a fool to miss this opportunity to allow you permission to ‘compare my notes‘ that I prepared earlier! 😉 Just incase you can spare a few seconds and have yet to vote yourselves of course. If that’s the case please feel VERY free to consider ‘The Scour’ (best blog – hmmm..maybe next year I’ll make that drop down menu? I’m very sure I’ve worked as hard as some of those who have!!), ‘Scour Records’ (best new label), ‘Beating The Crates’ (best radio show), and of course not forgetting, two years in a row shortlisted, ‘The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club’ (best small event). Nice one. 🙂 it’s time for me to sleep..whilst it’s time for you to…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

FAT HARRY DISCLAIMER: Today’s scour blurb will be brought to you with my flatmate playing Battlefield 3 in my turtle beach headphones shouting all manner of cultural filth at the telly and also, in my ear, so this will be a challenge.

Make a brew, relax, clear the next hour. Have a comfy seat, kick the cowboy boots off, loosen those buttons, maybe take the trousers off completely? I’m not pressuring you. Put the arm bands on, place the snorkel between those soft lips and dive in! It’s scour time!

Centre passing off this week’s scour (tip o the cap to the ladies netball) is a right old behemoth wall of skank from the first of this week’s Scour virgins Version Big-Fi. I would say stick it in your pipe and smoke it, but that’s a lot of pipe-age. Forget the smoking! That was so last season! Just turn up the volume and say hello to our good friend; warm fuzzy bass. 90bpm

We know this is the second scour running that T.Rice features but there’s a special reason. He unleashed this beast four months ago but it has only been available for a couple of days. Hands down the best intro ever. I don’t care how many remixes there are of the old gold dust vocal when one’s as good as this! :starts skipping: 91bpm

Some of the best things in life are for experimental use only. DJ Inko‘s remix of Nas is right up there along with Candles that burn ear wax, Taekwondo, pedalos powered by stilts, Life-like lady dolls and the secret forums of chemists. You knows it. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 96bpm

SCOUR #77 EXCLUSIVE #1: Oh my head is hurting! A couple of legendary Scour stars make a tune for Scour Records which gets mashed up by another Scour star producer Jesswah, which then get featured as a Scour Exclusive? It’s a double triple…or is it a triple double, either way it’s quite tasty indeed! Hang about..I see what Spinforth has done here. Just last Scour he assured us all that his Scoured Cream Vol.01 plugging via Scour was done and dusted..probably. The sneaky mother funk hoarding squirrel! Grab your very kindly arranged/donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<, BUT..freeloaders beware, this Sendspace link will fry your hard drive in 20 seconds if you fail to drop this SoundCloud player a courteous thank you comment in return! You have been warned. 98bpm

Sammy Senior is covered in hair! It’s growing out of every orifice at an alarming rate. I’m looking forward to catching up with him over the summer because, not only has he a world of (probably very mucky) stories to tell from his ski season, he’ll also look lovely when I plait his mane with ribbons and pretty things. Wicked tune Sammy, get a haircut or face the wrath of the ribbons this summer 🙂 97bpm

If you’re into your Ghetto Funk you are surely au fait with Dusty Tonez top hole bootlegs. Love the simplicity he’s used with this Buffalo Springfield classic. Like an OCD’s pants and socks drawer, it’s very tidy indeed. DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD. 100bpm

He’s back! We all knew it would just be a matter of time. DJ Daigo brings the ‘akunamatata’ to most things he touches – maybe he’s been at Sammy Senior’s hair? Hmmmmm. Anyway, stop the press! Nicest man in the world tinkers with Arrested Development classic draped like a jesters purse over Quantic & Nickodemus! You heard it here first (except for the 4,530 of you who have already heard it) but you others, YOU heard it here first 😉 DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD. 100bpm

Something to clear your palate? It can only be Cumbia o’clock courtesy of SuperPendejos! I’ve no idea what they’re saying, possibly something like “Frank was nice, he looked after his donkeys well, he smoked only a moderate amount, but then he went a bit mental and set up some ropes into a bizarre catapult system, and wanged himself into a tree. Frank es un plumcake. Whatever they’re saying, it makes me happy! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 106bpm

SCOUR #77 EXCLUSIVE #2: The MuthaFunkers are dirty. Good dirty. I hate to say it again but you really need to have a butchers through their SoundCloud stable of meaty beats, which is pretty much exactly what I said to that fella from Tescos. Get busy dropping your courtesy thank you comment(s), and then, and only then..grab yourself >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 108bpm

What’s this? Spinforth breaking one of his golden Scour rules!! Featuring DJ Inko, twice in the same Scour! (..perhaps he’s tapping him up for forthcoming a Scour Records appearance or something..that would be a great look!) Yeah, we know but, but, but..they’re both too good! Brass and Q-Tip over those drums makes my pigeon stand to attention. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 105bpm

If you’ve been to any HKPP set over the past three years you might have heard this once or twice! Now set to free download by the mighty Slynk. Grab it and put it in your box :insert your own pun here: DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD. 107bpm

MC Lyte’s ruffneck has been one of my favourite vocals for years, Benji Boko is lovely (and searches the interwebs for ‘sex’ which gives him automatic legendary status in my humble opinion), New Zealand’s BdP likely knew all this the ragamuffin! 108bpm

SCOUR #77 EXCLUSIVE #3: I saw this Chrispop tune on Facebook earlier in the week, being short on time, and after reading a few comments, I shrugged and didn’t bother listening to it as I assumed it would be making an appearance in this week’s scour…aaaand Voila! Big UP to Herr Pop for sharing exclusively! Freeloaders who’s hard drives have yet to self destruct, this time your back ups are at risk too. The courteous comment leavers amongst us, feel very free to grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 108bpm

Aelian made two of my favourite tunes last year, Dubbwebb has only gone and popped old 2pac on one of them and made it funkin super great! Nice work sir. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 110bpm

SCOUR #77 EXCLUSIVE #4: The third scour appearance in a row from the jaw droopingly funky (auto spell correct but i’ll leave that one in!) Bondi Stereo (’s almost as though Spinforth pre-planned it!). So let the salivating begin! Thank you comments up on his player please (we couldn’t help but notice a rude lack of them last Scour!! You do want the fourth and final track of this EP to arrive soon right?) and then..go grab your very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 110bpm

Starting to pick up the pace now with this freaking awesome bouncy swag from Honkey Phonk Master Jayl Funk. One of those tunes that you just know will rock your dancefloor. Get on it. 118bpm

SCOUR #77 EXCLUSIVE #5: Delivering your 5th and final exclusive..Welcome to The Scour Bobsan! Sprinking his Slovakian hundreds and thousands onto an Isley Brothers classic. This is good, very good. I wonder how many people have reached this tune by typing the word ‘duck’ into soundcloud. There are 10 groups under the tag of ‘duck’…I want to join one! Download button now switched ON, by prior Scour Power arrangement..go grab it! 120bpm

HKPP antennae has just gone into overdrive! Balkan beats, pornographic villains, a litre of vodka, volume at 11. Check, check, check and I love you! Where’s the kebab shop? Where are your roller-skates? let’s shave our heads! :jumps into the harbour: Here’s freshly Scoured Arnivore! with a little collab assistance from Slamboree’s Ocelus. Rad. 122bpm

Oh such a classic from F-Block – I love this Thurston Harris original, loved the Ill Advised remix a few years back, and now I love this! I am clearly a cheap musical man-whore, but so what, aren’t we all?! :shares cheap musical man-whore love: 180bpm

Aaaaaand finally switching you all back over to Spin’ to round up this weeks round up via Curveball! Cheers Harry..quality blurbing skills as per, ‘slightly’ less comedic than of late maybe, BUT..inna speed blurbing stylee, which I for one fully appreciate cause it means I’ll hopefully get more than 3 hours sleep tonight! Big UP pard, and thank you! So yeah, rounding Scourceedings up with this gorgeous little Manu Chao remix from New Orleans DJ Yamin. Bloody beeeeauuuuutiful..nuff said. And that’s a goodnight from us..cheers for tuning in, catch you next Scour! 88bpm

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