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Easy all, and welcome to your latest edition of the Spinforth & Fat Harry show..much more commonly also known as around these parts..Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #83.

Turns out both myself and Fat Harry are running a lottle bit late with Scourceedings™ tonight, so..we’re both on a mega speed blurbing mission to try and catch up a bit and in an attempt not to keep too many of your ears up all night! Just before you all drop down below to visit’s me very swiftly throwing down a few courteous thank you’s whilst I await Fat Harry to fill my inbox with his blurb!

First up..numerous absolutely enorrrrmous thank you’s to YOU! Yeah you. Yep, and you. And of course, most definitely you too!! Thank you to EVERYBODY whom delivered their word spreading thumbs all over previous Scour #82. You’ve only all gone and delivered it a world record smashing thumb score! Not just any old world record though, oh no far from it..Scour #82 has become the first Scour post EVER to break the 1000+ thumb barrier. Absolutely INCREDIBLE show of support which has made me a very happy Squirrel. Cheeeeers all. 😀

Moving swiftly on..two more thank you’s before handing you over to Harry. A couple of tasty looking videos arrived at Scour Records HQ this week, big big thanks for those going out to…

Maculate, who delivers a quality little vid to accompany Warp9’s brilliant ‘Lucas With The Glitch On’, taken from ‘Scoured Cream Vol.02‘.

Aaaand also to PureSoul & Amp’l Beats for serving up this incredible, and now **FULL LENGTH** version of Basement Freaks absolutely enormous ‘Insane Brains’, again taken from ‘Scoured Cream Vol.02‘.

Release date: **OUT NOW**
Buy Scour releases at Juno Download

So, before my completely useless broadband connection decides to flip out on me again, I’m calling that an Intro, and swiftly signing out to grab some much needed sleep! Hoping everyone finds something that their ears love as much as mine amongst this Scour’s 100% FREE Scoured n delivered treats! In my fussy ears opinion every single one of the 21 tunes supported below is a winner..but then this is The Scour, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Supportive word spreading thumbs at the ready, heeerrres Harry..

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Two more Scour weeks have passed and Sir Attenborough is still alive! :joint high fives: I’m making the most of the time we have left with the National Treasure. Sadly I have had to stop falling asleep to his natural history shows after a particularly savage dream about a troupe of sexually active monkeys that left me traumatised and in a lot of phantom pain for days. I’m all good, the mental scars are healing and i’m now getting comfortable drifting off at bedtime with Sir Brian Cox.

First up tonight is a real winner and perfect Scour starter for ten. Spain’s Yuanan (J.A.R) gets all skunky over Missy Elliot – who wouldn’t if we’re being honest? ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 84bpm

I woke up last night at half past stupid busting for a pee. Determined to keep in ‘the zone’ I went to the toilet with my eyes closed, I missed the toilet, peed all over my leg and caught my toe on the edge of the bath. After a massive bout of super quiet screaming and cleaning up I hopped back to bed all bitter and full of self loathing. Awake I powered up Facebook to see if anyone else’s life was worse than mine and found this bad boy from Will Streetwise, as I lay there all tension melted away and I was sleeping like a baby before the end of the track. It’s either full of win or full of rohypnol. You decide! 87bpm

Titan Sound‘s Pappa Demus liberally splashes the kind of skank i’d welcome on my leg. Honestly, he’s that much a nice bloke you wouldn’t begrudge him even if it wasn’t skank. 90bpm

Temple of Boon‘s up next, still skankadelic with a very tidy bit of vocal action from the D&D Allstars (Amazing). We know you’re gonna dig this! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 91bpm

SCOUR #83 EXCLUSIVE #1: Monster alert! We can pretty much guarantee this will be in all your sets this weekend….and next weekend….hell, this will be there for years! Titan Sound‘s Selecta DEMO (hang about..both halves of Titan Sound in the same this a first!?) teams up with Blend Mishkin to bring you the summer lovin’. Time to treat your crates via clicking on the following very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 92bpm

Utter sex machine Mr Fresh picks up the pace but still keeps it ‘Big with Reg’. ‘Is that slash on guitar?’ I hear you ask, no sirs and sirellas, that’s DJ Alias! 100bpm

SCOUR #83 EXCLUSIVE #2: What do cows, boats, Nans, jazz fans and suspect packages have in common? Anyone? They should NEVER be rocked. Howla don’t give a f*nk, he metaphorically just put my Nitroglycerin in the pockets of my Nan’s favourite cardigan, put her on the back of a cow called count Bessey from Ronnie Scott prize winning herd and shoved hard! Boom! Get busy clicking on your very own Skeewiff approved, >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 100bpm

SCOUR #83 EXCLUSIVE #3: Get your monacles out, it’s time for a bit of cheek to cheek action. (Not like that Sammy!) Sine Sickness is back for his thoroughly deserved Scour hat trick, bringing the ‘how very dare you’ to the table, dropping his trousers and showing off his very swingy pantaloons. Featuring MC Dubba Beatz raising his blunderbuss and slicing us to smithereens..and oh, it’s just lovely! And, it all yours via getting busy with your click on this >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 100bpm

New favourite C@ in the H@ flings another dark swing treat our way like a frantic funk monkey. Our ears believe he’s utterly blessed..and fast becoming Miss HKPP/Lady Spinforth’s favourite too ( one tell Bobby C!). Top top work again fella! Great to welcome you back to The Scour! 100bpm

This is absolute dynamite from DJ Sol Rising, he is the sound of Ghetto Funk going all ‘Sergeant Pepper’ on our asses and it’s beautiful. I don’t know if I want to become a boxer or join the Hare Krishna. :Gives him a hug, then pushes him away and bounces around him with ma dukes up, then hugs him again, and cries, and gives him a flower: DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD. 104bpm

DJ INKO‘s back! That should be his slogan, he should have it on the back of his Dizzy Jam t-shirts. Chrispop says it best on the track comments; ‘Yep. Straight up winner’. Nothing more to say other than……please do that with your T-shirt DJ INKO, thankyouplease! DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD. 106bpm

More dance floor gold from Dusty Tonez to celebrate the release of his new EP which you can grab >>RIGHT HERE<<. This one will be in your set tonight, sure as eggs is eggs! DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD. 110bpm

Hold it. Can I get a drum roll please? Spinforth, this is rubbish. We need to invest in a drum rolling machine! How else are we supposed to introduce the man, the lover, the legend, SLYNK! This is an absolute bomb too – as if it would be anything less, I know. He keeps upping the funk ante, just when you think his last track was possibly the funkiest track you’d ever heard, he pops along all hair and coolness and out funks himself. Incredible man, incredible production, Incredible glasses, blinding tuuuune! 110bpm

Technically I don’t really like Moombah, BUT..some of my most favourite dance floor peak bombs are Moombah, all the Moombah we’ve posted in the Scour, that we technically didn’t like, I also love. Oh, and I treasure all of SelectaDEMO’s Moombah mixes too, so..I suppose it’s no surprise that I really love this track from freshly Scoured (..courtesy of a Chrispop tip off) 2irie, even though I technically don’t x 110bpm

‘One to watch’ Buddy Breakz/Tobe Tronic from Germany shows exactly why they’re one to be watched. No, not by licking the sugar from your donuts and putting them back in your cupboard (..although I hear he does that too) but by releasing beauty breaks. We have our ears on you sir! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Oh my. DJ Dub:ra compresses the shizzle out of A.Skillz, Works a treat too. From now on when I see them on telly I’m going to call them Zub:ra’s and imagine them dancing to this. Possibly also moonwalking. 111bpm

Coops crack’s open a bottle of tasteful Glitch Jazz. Can I call it Gizzle? Glazzle? Gachz? Hmmm, just sound like porn mags from the eighties. Let’s just call it that CooPs is a legend and he always brings the good times – No Sammy, not those kind of good times! Sorry CooPster! 113bpm

SCOUR #83 EXCLUSIVE #4: Holy Smokes he’s done it again! Some things go together like….a hand in a glove. Heh, kill me now. Seriously, some things are mean’t to be together. Starsky and Hutch, Cheese and biscuits, pants and socks, serial killers and help with sofas in the back of vans, ebony and ivory, and WBBL and Daft Punk..let’s not ever forget the gloriousness of >>THIS<< (from waaaaay back in Scour #17 times). Now Joe throws his love lassie over another Daft Punk tune, and comes up with sheer gold! Shredded! Time at last for you to get involved with this VERY VERY kindly donated >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 116bpm

Often artist names and tune titles don’t necessarily reflect the content of the track. They can be a bit ambiguous, arty or utterly leftfield. Not here friends, oh no. Let out your inner electro, get thee to the centre of the dance floor, loosen those slacks and throw down some serious robot moves for Norway’s Blowshitup 123bpm

All round top eggs and top cats, Dutty Moonshine grab the bull by the horns and throw down some serious bouncy swing bizzle. Top track – top artwork. Although, i’m pretty sure that lady in the picture is wearing one of my very sheer socks as a glove. Not that it wouldn’t be the first time. I digress. This is a Bang Bang Banger! Get to it! 128bpm

Aaaaand finally, back over to Spin’ for this Scour’s Curveball. Cheers pard, saved the bacon once again! Australia’s JR.Dynamite Edits deservedly lands this week’s Curveball spot, with this genius, beautiful and top top quality mashup of Ben Harper Vs Grandmaster Flash. Trust me..this works an absolute treat! Warm welcome to the Scour dude..this is grrreat! 108bpm

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