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Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour 31/10/13

By October 31, 2013November 13th, 2013Blog


Happy Scourday™ all, and warm welcomes to your special Halloween edition of Spinforth’s Biweekly SoundCloud Scour #94!

Hold up! ‘So what’s so special about it?‘ I hear you ask, ‘It doesn’t even have a Halloween flavoured picture!?‘’ve nailed it in one! What’s special about it’s to another year of me continuing the Scour tradition of not much giving two hoots about festive themed music suitable for playing on just one day of the year! Personally I don’t play ’em, and chances are by the time many of you check this post it’ll no longer be Halloween anyways, so instead I much prefer to continue to support ace music that can be played on EVERY day of the year. So, with the exception of a couple of slightly Halloween’y tinged comedy blurby bits from my trustee sidekick Fat Harry (legend for fitting in this week bud, thanking you!), expect nothing but ‘standard’ Scour service at all times, featuring another healthy serving of 100% tasty free treats..all of which are suitable for spinnin’ whenever you so choose or wish! All good? Good.

Right then, time to get busy unleashing some of this Scour’s treats! Juuust before you all head down below to the business end, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce your ears to a very tasty brand spankin new album from forthcoming Scour Records Superstar Imagine This!! Two whole years in the making, musically solid, mixed and mastered superbly, and lyrically both powerful and ultra tight. Easily well worthy of paying hard earned money for, BUT..extremely generously being given away for the unbelievable price of >>FREE TO DOWNLOAD RIGHT HERE<<. Undoubtedly well worth a donation to be honest, but, being the true legend that this man is, that choice is entirely yours! 🙂



Alrighty..that’s the main intro done, just wanting to wrap it up by expressing my sincerest thank you’s for the 1000+ thumb barrier busting support shown for previous Scour #93..absolute legendary bunch of well trained Scour word spreading thumbers you! Really does help motivate me to keep on Scouring for you all every week..keep ’em coming please! That’s me out…time to switch over to Fat Harry to unveil and introduce a fresh batch of Scoured n delivered treats.

Scour lover thumbers at the ready, aaaaand…

Enjoy! x

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Cheers Spin’! Hello devilishly handsome Scour dudes and dudettes! It’s time to be impregnated by His majesty the wall of sonic fertility that is the monster master of funk, Sir Skeewiff. Before you can make any kind of remonstration he will gently relieve you of all your undercrackers and generously smother your nether and tether regions in lashings of sweet chutney funk. Thank god it’s autumn or you’d be covered in swarms of wasps eager to get their chops sunk into your tart and fruity sweetmeats. 88bpm

This is smoking like a fox in three smoking jackets, five cravats, two pipes and twelve pairs of carpet slippers. Hobo With A Laptop (welcome back to The Scour fellarino! – you may remember him from Scour 72) has produced another belter! Tidy remix of Krooked Drivers’ Only For You. Funkier than a plastic bass on a plaque of wood that sings and dances to Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ Winning! 90bpm

Welcome to The Scour The Geek x Vrv! Is that some seriously slowed down Stevie in your pocket or are you just pleased to see us? Superstition has never sounded so menacing, it feels like i’ve been stabbed in the ribcage by Kermit…I’ve loved him all my life but never truly trusted him since I saw his reaction to the two girls one cup video. 91bpm

For those whom skipped the main intro up top, here’s Spinforth’s pick o the bunch! Forthcoming Scour Records Superstar (..2 weeks time!) Imagine This Music is so hot right now! ‘Do It’ is taken from his superwickedbad album which Spinforth may or may not have alluded to earlier. His vocals are of such quality (IT’s, not Spinforth’s – he wails like a squirrel in heat) that you can expect them to be sought after by a slew of producers forming an orderly line inside his email inbox. That’ll be the only way to avoid all the pushing, shoving, merking and twerking. Get involved! 92bpm

We were getting slightly worried by Bryx’s absence – how silly of us! He’s dropped four monsters on his SoundCloud page in a month, our favourite being Which Side Are You On. We know which side we’re on, the side without the rats anus! 95bpm

I thought I might be tempted to go to B&Q, buy a nail gun and pop a few flatheads into my groin if I ever heard Busta’s Woo Hah in another edit, so it’s hats off to Andow (welcome to The Scour pard!) that I actually love this. Ever since watching the end scene in Lethal Weapon I’ve wondered if you can actually buy nail guns from high street retailers…google says not only can I buy one less than a mile away from my house but that i’d get another for free! Wow! Two nail guns for the price of one! Anyone using ODB’s Shimmy Shimmy Ya acapella? Just kidding! Bang Bang! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 98bpm

Bit Funk crack’s open The Pharcyde vaults and rework’s Runnin’. Such a tune, I tend to get a bit cranky when people rework the classics, it’s like thinking The Mona Lisa would look better with a moustache and a peekaboo bra (she would). However, there’s nothing but love here, Bit Funk has turned in an exquisite low slung rework that struts harder than a peacock with a pocket full of viagra and a palate of UV paints. 100bpm

Glitch Groove! Sounds precariously close to ‘electro camel toe’ or some other soft porn euphemism, but you know me, i’m all over the toe! This fresh freebie from Beat Fatigue belts and swaggers like Ron Jeremy with two penisis….double peni….. a penis and another penis….meh, it’s cock heavy and I like it! I give it my highest porn score of two thumbs x 104bpm

Tom Drummond is a bit of a boss. I’d call him a ‘dark horse’ but like his remixes, his horses are highly glossed affairs, often garishly coloured and wrapped in bright ribbons and strawberries and funk and joy. They eat carats, not carrots. His studio/stables can be found at the end of any rainbow, next to the pots of gold. 107bpm

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Scoured Cream Vol.03 Star Leo (UK) is muskier than a 70’s porn star, bushier than Brian Blessed’s beard in Flash Gordon and sleeker than an otter’s wet, beautiful, innocent face. He puts the ‘eye’ in Tiger, the ‘Oh’ in Hawaii 5, and the Screamin’ Blues! Good ladies, gentle men, roll your biggest drums and pack your very finest of cannons, it’s peanut butter Leo time! 108bpm

SCOUR #94 EXCLUSIVE: Wow! Not only is Dj Detta a ‘double top’ sex god, a cheeky production guru, a DJ of exquisite touch and feel, owns the best dog tongue photos in the world (N’awwww)..He’s also produced a stomping remix of one of last year’s bestest tunes ever! Aaand, he’s even stamped The Scour into the intro! We love that!! – even if it is just as a SoundCloud Police diversion tactic ..fear not the intro in this very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< is entirely DJ friendly! What a legend, huuuge welcome back to The Scour buddy! 🙂 110bpm

The nicest man in the world might be too much pressure to place on the shoulders of someone you’ve never personally met, but by all damnation I love the cut of DJ Daigo’s jib! In a world of instant H8rs (i’m so street) Daigo stands head and shoulders above the herd as always having a positive outlook and generously spending time to support all that’s great and good. We salute you sir and we love this badass medley of wolves you’ve put together, the internet is a better place having you in it, even if you do massacre baby rabbits in your free time…but we know you don’t :crosses fingers: 110bpm

We mentioned earlier that we were getting worried about Bryx and that he’d loaded his page with four monsters…well, here’s one of the other ones – it’s got fangs and pointy elbows and wings and extra fangs! We thought it might be a bit wrong to drop two Bryx’s into one Scour but the fine gent has graced so many HKPP sets over the years that who cares, it’s a small way to thank him for his monsters, and it is Halloween after all 🙂 111bpm

Rockin Robster is back! I now class my life in two halves, Before Bobby C and After Bobby C. I doubt there’s many people in the world who are still on BBC time, if you are, prepare to be ABC’d to death! I watched one of those programs on late night TV about how stuff works, this particular show was about how lasers work, it was just a picture of Bobby C smiling and lunging in a red leather suit (like Michael Jackson in the thriller video) and a pair of silver slippers (lost somewhere in Amsterdam) Shaamo! 112bpm

I love Fred Wesley! I love Wesley Crusher from Star Trek The Next Generation! (such a cool head on shoulders so young) I love peas! (At first I loved them because when I was told to eat my veg as a stroppy teenager they were the first veg I could swallow with no need to chew – only last week did I accidentally eat mushy peas for the first time and fall in love with peas all over again) I’ve loved the JBs since I first heard ‘Little Boy Black’ (check itttt!). And I love Pecoe! He’s gone and mashed all that love up in one handy three minute package of ultra-love. We hope you love it too x 115bpm

Unless you are near a defibrillator or are planning on playing this latest freebie from The Funky Boogie Brothers anywhere outside of the A&E car park of your nearest hospital, you’d best hide the lino from all the ageing B-boys out there! Before you know it middle aged men of dubious health quailty will roll up one trouser leg and start poppin’ and lockin’ all over the place, Youth clubs in the 80’s were where the art was learnt, but these are not transferable skills! Check your work place carefully before unleashing this beast, when the emergency services attend it will look like a load of broken one legged flesh robots strewn around the floor and toilets clutching at various parts of their ageing limbs/chests. B-boy warned! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Extremely fortunate to meet the wonderful Hiphoppapotamus last weekend in Brizzle, such a nice fella, lovely beard, great legs, incredible stamina! We were dropping like flies but the mighty HH’amus just kept on going..and if memory serves he actually left under his own steam, unlike Howla who’d got everyone pregnant again and drifted out of the building via the chimney. If you’ve missed him up until now, be sure to check out his ‘Cloud, there’s plenty of tricks and treats in there (We promise that is our final tip of the cap to Halloween). 128bpm

Put your party pants on! Or feel free to borrow mine, I have a spare pair somewhere…actually, all my pants are ‘party’, all my socks are funky, all my hats are jaunty, all my ponchos are happy and all my gimp masks are sweaty – much like Jamie Berry’s, the master of swinging-pants-good-time-fun-tunes. This rework of Paolo Nutini’s pencils is right up there! 127bpm

And last up pre-curveball..huge welcome to The Scour….Freerange DJs!! How the Jeremy Beedle have they not been here before?!! Those fellas are Cornish ultra legends, the evening news team to our channel four news team – if you move in such Anchorman circles…not that we’d ever fight them with tridents, they’d whoop our asses! Jaw dropping remix work from Ave Freerange, getting all moody and 808 over Slamboree’s Cheeky Peepers (Out now on Rat records) Come get a taste! ( touching of the hair or face!) 130bpm

Aaaand finally time to dish up the Curveball! Welcome to The Scour…..Backbeat Soundsystem! Right, this is getting weird now. Backbeat and Freerange are practically our neighbours/brothers. a) How have they not been in a Scour until now, and b) are they like buses?! Fear not Scourers, Backbeat are pure amazadelica! They actually make the sun come out all year round, I went to a recent gig and needed suncream…..but then again, as a ginger I need factor 50 inside the house! Anyway, have a listen, you’ll get my point. Happy curveball! Happy Scour, Happy Halloween! Like Arnie in the fat lass suit from total recall, we’ll see you in two weeks! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD/IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 135bpm

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