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Happy 1st of Movember y’all, infected ear fixed up, mammoth catch up inna speed Scouring stylee completed, so time once again to welcome one and all to my latest..Spinforth’s Weekly(ish) SoundCloud Scour #72!

I’ve kept you hanging long enough, so gonna get this bit over and done with nice and speedily. Just wanted to take this opportunity to express my utmost thanks for the truly overwhelming show of support shown to last week’s unveiling of the ‘forthcoming’ brand new digital label that is..Scour Records! Just in case anyone up in here has been living under a rock for the last week and a half, may I recommend clicking on the logo below, which will take you to a place well worth liking. Once involved over there feel very free to follow the links to SoundCloud and Twitter..after which, ALL will ‘fairly’ soon begin to be revealed! 😉

If you’re a Scoured head ( it past or present) whom has only just stumbled across the aforementioned mind reading style answer to your potential thoughts..’yes’..of course you all ‘may be’ welcome! You should all very well know how fussy my ears are by now though..ALL tunes submitted for Scour Records’ consideration must be of the absolute top notch creamiest of the crop style variety, and most importantly..NEVER EVER before heard by, or shared to, anybody but your own ears! Feel free to message for further details. ALL good? Sweeet.

Right enough shameless self’re all here for FREE tunes, and I understand you’ll be wanting them right now! So, allow me to cometh my/your latest picks of the last couple of weeks. Personally I’m pretty pleased with the quality of this Scoured n delivered bunch, very much hoping you lovely lot will be too.

So without further ado..listening ears, comment typing fingers, and faceboink liking thumbs all at the ready, aaand..

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Alrighty then..gotta super dooper quick with the intro’s again this week, y’all know me well enough by now, taken the last whole two nights deciding upon this week’s picks..not left myself enough time for the niceties! So, here we go..

Very welcomed ‘part of The Scour furniture’ Skeewiff warming up your ears this week! Usual incredibleness..but with a classical reggaefied twist. No one else (..that I’m aware of) would get away with this, nor do it such genius justice! Hat (..and all other surplus to requirements clothing) well and truly off to you sir(s)! 70bpm

Can’t actually believe I’ve not Scoured him since Anniversary Super Scour #52..that’s somewhat criminal of me! Warm welcome back to The Scour for Greece’s brilliant Funkanizer please folks! Been far too long dude..this edit is ace!! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK VIA BUY THIS TRACK BUTTON. 87bpm

SCOUR #72 EXCLUSIVE #1: Here’s your first of two very kindly donated Scour EXCLUSIVES..2nd on the trot offered up by good pard Titan Sound‘s Selecta DEMO (..aka: DJBBB). It’s another superb reggae-hop blend that’s both fitting and truly worthy of full Scour support. Please don’t forget to thank him via a comment and/or like upon his SoundCloud player BEFORE grabbing your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Bloody big nice one pard..not sure I’m actually out this weekend yet, but keep me that latest BnC on ice yeah! 😉 90bpm

Switchin it over to hip hop mode next..and sticking with that vibe for quite a while this Scour. Big big big fan of this next artist, whom I have indirectly Scoured before now via Sblmnl‘s excellent remix of Dj Alias‘s ‘Empire’ supported in Scour #68. Those in the know will no doubt recognise who’s name is about to follow! Yeah of course he’s from New Zealand, and his name? Well his name is ‘Imagine This‘, and his lyrical work and style is top top notch. Been keeping an eye on his Cloud for a little while now, and been hoping the download of this one may switched on soon. Well what do you’s our lucky day! Please show your appreciation folks..and if you didn’t know already, get to know, and start following his SoundCloud immediately! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/HOPEFULLY COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION. 89bpm

Here’s another Scour superstar that I’ve neglected for waaaay too long! Welcoming Austria’s B.Visible back to the Scour! This track being one of six (..and my personal favourite) off of the recently unleashed Decktales (= Stylestab & B.Visible collaboration) ‘Dream Sequence EP‘. Hoping all your ears agree that it’s dope! 91bpm

Equally dope is this ‘unofficial’ remix of Danny Brown’s ‘Grown Up’ from Germany’s Q3000 95bpm

Seriously torn whether to support this next brilliant mash up from Australia’s Skinny.B this week. Not because it’s not DEFINITELY is! More so because the original remix from Poldoore is utterly brilliant too. Clearly I made the tricky decision..just hoping I’ve made the right one! 😉 95bpm

SCOUR #72 EXCLUSIVE #2: Here’s your kindly opened up second (of two) exclusives folks. It’s another high high quality remix from AfroQben, this time round he’s worked his magic with Lil Jon’s ‘Snap Yo Fingers’. Easily on a par (if not even better than) his ‘Next Episode remix‘ delivered to you all a couple Scours back. Awesome support shown for that one, let’s re-show our support for this one too please, BEFORE hitting up this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<! 96bpm

I did give you fair warning this Scour was rather hip-hopful! Here’s Mr Cheapshot..doing his incredible thing to Ice-T on this occasion! How good!? VERY. 97bpm

Tricky decision continued.. I know there’s plenty of you out there who don’t read these track intro’s, let alone click on all the supplied hyperlinks that take aaaages to hook up! Couldn’t go neglecting the original remix from Belgium’s Poldoore. Think I’d go as far as to say this is ‘probably’ THE best remix of this (and/or any other) Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth classic that I have ever heard. Welcome to The Scour dude. DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD. 98bpm

Let’s start dropping in a lil bit of glitch..reckoning this one from LA’s Hobo With A Laptop is gonna surprise a few pairs of ears! I don’t actually have a word to describe how much love mine have for it! Be may need to give it until the half way mark..ready, set..go! Oh yeah, almost forgot..welcome to The Scour bud! What a tuuuuune! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

More Ice-T anybody? This one’s been re-worked by Norway’s Blowshitup. I’m definitely digging it, and it’s without doubt worthy of another..’Welcome to the Scour bro!’ 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK VIA BUY THIS TRACK BUTTON. 100bpm

My introduction of Hiphoppapotamus to you all went down rather well a few Scours ago. Pleasure to announce, he’s back.. 100bpm

Sincerely hoping there never comes a time when my Scourdar fails me, and/or the Clouds run dry of freshly Scour finds! Here’s another exceedingly tasty sounding fresh one. Introducing London’s DirtyPhonic to The Scour! 100bpm

New Zealand’s Mikey1point0 and Mike T ‘just’ missed the final cut with this one just last ears have had a change of heart. Fits in with the overall vibe much better this Scour! 100bpm

This glitchy number from Australia’s DJ Axe fits in pretty sweetly too! Ace work here bud. 100bpm

Errmmm..back to New Zealand again..and I ‘believe I’m correct in saying (although keeping track is getting incresingly difficult these days)’a another ‘Welcome To The Scour’ here for Tone-E/Symptom too. Bloody BIG edit right here! Free track number one off his forthcoming ‘Crash Mash EP’. 100bpm

The Bee Gees ‘Stayin’ Alive’ has NEVER before sounded this good! Almightiest of UP’s to San Fran’s K Theory!! 103bpm

Here’s what I’m hoping will be a very welcomed surprise for bloody good Fal Town pard (..although strictly speaking he’s a northerner!) The Fritz!! Always entirely to blame for my partying hard antics every weekend..i believe we had a weekend off planned this week end!? Wanna re-consider bro? You ‘may’ owe me a celebratory pint or two! Genuinely gives me great great pleasure to Welcome you to The Scour, at long long last buddy! See..told you mastering was important! Keep your ears peeled on this Cloud folks..he’s FULL of great ideas for ace tunes..and I’m reckoning he’s starting to crack the technicalities too! 😉 103bpm

Canada’s 4Mat is back for his second Scouring on the trot! Total of five now I believe..and they’re getting better every time bro! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 107bpm

Here’s what happens when two Scour friends get together and decide an already awesomely remixed tune requires a further remix! Top work here (..originally from DJ Chamber) but re-remixed brilliantly by Vancouver’s JaPetto. Rather larrrrge! 108bpm

Not gonna lie, DJ Wood’s is still my favourite (..crikey not played that bomb in a long time!) BUT..this freshly remixed version by Norway’s DJ MAG has just jumped up to become my second favourite! Top work again here buddy..hoped I’d found a hidden gem when I unearthed your Cloud back in ’61. You’re proving my ears right dude. Keep them rollin’ please! 110bpm

So..10 months later (..and STILL he’s fresh on the scene, and undoubtedly a mega bomb making machine) Father Funk reaches his 2000th SoundCloud follower!! Not many Clouds out there (if any) that can boast such a consistent run of Scour support as this young legend. He’s at Uni now..learning how to do this business properly! God help a hell of a lot of already brilliant producers once he’s graduated..first class honours material already I’d say! Congratulations on reaching the milestone so speedily buddy..I’ll take a tiny bit of credit for giving you the stage to show off your thang..but ultimately YOU are the Father Funkin man! Here’s his celebratory gift to us all for supporting him along the way. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 114bpm

Yep..I am indeed breaking my own golden Scour rule of not allowing a tune into the Scour once it has received a Ghetto Funk HQ front page post, but I’m doing so for charity, so this exception is allowed! Plus, seeing as he’s already been signed up to forthcoming Scour Records I had to let Pugzilla out my Scour bag sooner or later. This way gives him plenty of time to get his next tune designated for The funkin on! A surprise..’Welcome to The Scour bro!’ DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD, BUT HIT UP THAT DONATE BUTTON TOO PLEASE!! 115bpm

We three at HKPP are huuuuge fans of ALL that Dutty Moonshine do! This latest freebie is no exception. Any one whom downloaded when it arrived yesterday may want to re-download ASAP. I had a word, the 256kbps MP3 has now magically turned into a full fat WAV! Ultra rad tune again fellas..did I hear you playing this in the Secret Casino at Boomtown?? If i’ve remembered that correctly it truly is a miracle..those whom were with me that night will know what I’m sayin’! 😉 131bpm

Taking a punt on this next one from WREKZ Hz, whom I’ve tried to contact to double check a few things with, but to no avail. His description says it’s ‘almost done’. Sounds fine to my I’m hoping he’s just forgotten to update the info. Welcome to The Scour get that WAV renamed with a credit to yourself ASAP please, and while you’re at it, you’ll probably be needing to hook up an alternative download link soon too! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/HOPEFULLY COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION. 140bpm

Get in!! We’re fast approaching DnB territory, which must mean I don’t have many more of these introductions to write up! Quality remix here from Spain’s justmatt1311, and at a very useful 160bpm too! Nice one fella..gonna be making some use out of this gem for sure. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/HOPEFULLY COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION. 160bpm

And we have arrived! Hers’s another freshly Scoured Cloud for you all..and a VERY tasty sounding one at that too. Welcoming Omarsson W.A.R to The Scour..with this DnB’d up classic! Really really well done’s a keeper fo sho’! 174bpm

Talking of keepers..I was VERY tempted to keep this one tucked up safely in my cheeks for a few weeks. I’m feeling generous though..after at last reaching this end of another Scour. ‘Fits’ in pretty sweet down this end too. Any one who’s ears doesn’t LOVE this has come to the wrong blog..get out right now!! Superrrrrb mashup business here from Ocelus. A fitting last track (pre-curveball), to what I reckon to be another pretty tasty Scour for you all! Not really one to blow my own trumpet I’ll leave it to you lovely lot to decide. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 90/180bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball! Apologies to DJ Patch, I tried but didn’t quite manage to get the message through in time for Scour #71. Chuffed to say the message got through eventually though, and right here is Hungary’s Widosub‘s brilliant remix of UB40’s ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ for free download for ALL! I say all..looks like will be maxing out at 100, I’ve requested some more for you all, but there is no guarantee when that message will be received. That’s your lot for another Scour folks..hoping as always that there’s at least one tasty nugget in here for everybody’s ears! Ez now, Spin’ x ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/HOPEFULLY COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION. 101bpm

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