Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 02/02/12

Yo! aaand so! It’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve found the spare time to Scour for you all this week folks..just last night I had this week penned in as a Scour failed week. BUT..luckilly for you, by delving into my Scour power reserve tanks, it would appear that I have just about succeeded! Still got loads of stuff to do for myself tonight though, so here I am, a little earlier than usual, hastily introducing and welcoming you all to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud #49.

Juuust before we get down to the business end..think I’m right in saying that voting for the 2012 Breakspoll Awards closes THIS SUNDAY (February 5th). Could it be a sign that unfunkinawesomingazinglievably we 3 of HKPP will be there, in our flesh..warming up room 2!? Yeah..I know!!! I couldn’t quite believe it either, until I saw us >>HERE<< in the official lineup, alphabetically sandwiched snuggly between The Freestylers and JFB. Meh! Whether it’s a sign or not..who gives a flying funk, we are just genuinely massively chuffed about this. Goona be a huuuge and fun night! And..I’m really looking forward to meeting many of you in the flesh, to call in all my free Brandy & Cokes! πŸ˜‰

Any one still actually reading this bit, who hasn’t already voted (..sorry you may be about to notice I’m saving precious time here, by copying and pasting from a previous Scour..so sack me!).. here’s a last call from myself and the crew to..pleeeeeease consider your vote for ‘Hong Kong Ping Pong‘ in the categories of ‘Best Small Event‘ and ‘Best Radio Show‘ (for ‘Beating The Crates’). We do fully appreciate that it’s a very big ask, and that filling in the form can be a bit of chore..but by all accounts we came VERY VERY close to winning the ‘small event’ title last year (missing out by literally a handful of votes) so we’re secretly hoping you lovely lot may feel we have worked hard enough in 2011 to gain us those elusive extra votes. We’ve even made it nice n easy for you, by setting up a facebook event >>HERE<<, aaaand given you some ideas of who to consider in all the other categories. We promise to love all your balls forever and ever if we pull this off for 2012. So here’s me thanking and pleasing (..and begging a little bit!) for your last minute vote in advance. Huuuuge thanks and respect to all those who have given us their nod already..β™₯YB’s! Cheeeers! πŸ™‚

Right, let’s get this Scour delivered so I can free myself up for some much needed me time! Although very much one of my speed Scours for you all this week, I’m still serving up a healthy sized mixed bag of funky fresh and 100% FREE downloadable fruits to your ears. Complete with two more very kindly donated SCOUR EXCLUIVES again this week too! The things I do for you!

Please don’t forget to leave these Cloud owners some comment love if you download, and of course feel free to help support these artists, and spread the Scour word, by ‘thumbing it if you’re loving it’ below this post too!

That’s me all done for another week. Until next Scour, tuck in, and..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk


SCOUR FLASH: Testing out the new, speedier, less processor hungry, mobile phone friendly HTML5 stylee SoundCloud player in The Scour this week folks! I’m still a little unconvinced by it, but I suspect it’s one of these new things that we’re just going to have to get used to eventually..so may as well ween you all over to it sooner rather than later. Please don’t hesitate to report back (via a comment below) if you have any problems with it, or just plain hate it and prefer the old style. Can always switch back for you all if preferred.

Kickin off this week’s Scourceedings with the seriously dope sounds of Gramatik..remixed here by none other than his guitarist F.A.Q. Proper lush! 93bpm β–Ό

Followed by a gorgeous JPODesque (to my ears anyway) stylee joint, by fresh Cloud find for me..the USofA’s Groove Status. Really bloody good! More please! Alternative download link available in track description. 95bpm β–Ό

DJ Cheapshot‘s back up in The Scour! Two weeks on the trot..waaaay too good (again!) to let slide. 99bpm β–Ό

Been a while since Kenny Beeper (<<'like'..if you like!) has been supported via Scour..let’s put that right with some top notch re-clap business. Alternative download link (of freshly mastered 320 version) available in track description. 101bpm β–Ό

Portugal’s Mr Bird‘s Cloud has seen some tasty treats added recently. He’s recently embarked upon a year long quest (known as his “52 Beats” project) to deliver us a fresh joint, per week, for 52 weeks..so keep keeping your ears peeled for a fresh one each week(ish). Here’s his #03..and my favourite so far. LIMITED DOWNLOAD ALERT..GET INVOLVED QUICK. 101bpm β–Ό

More funky fresh dopeness from Dads On Display (<< 'like' them now..you can thank me later) next. Ace vibes right here! Anyone disagree? Give it a few more spins, trust me..it’s definitely a grower! 104bpm β–Ό

SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #1: Fresh on the scene bomb making machine Father Funk is back AGAIN!! Having featured already in Scours #47 AND #48..this puppy gives him his Scour hat trick! Congrats fella..this is a VERY rare Scour feat..welcome to the club! Any of you out there not yet following his Facebook Fan Page..sort it out NOW!! Snooze on this advice and I assure you you’ll miss out later! So yeah here’s his latest, which has again been very kindly donated to The Scour via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE* DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that for exclusive download!). BigUPs again fella..already salivating over your next offering! (Big thanks to those fellow bloggers amongst you, who kindly directed people to The Scour post for the download of FF’s exclusive last week too. Same drill again this week please!) 107bpm β–Ό

SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #2: Next up a tasty mashup from ANOTHER of my fresh Cloud finds..Germany’s Bruce Missile (<< 'like' please..more missiles promised soon to those who do). This joint kindly and exclusively (yep..by Scour request) opened up for you to download, after very recently acquiring both Busta‘s and Basement Freak‘s blessings and props! Good work dude, and welcome to The Scour! Alternative download link available in track description. 110bpm β–Ό

Bending my own Scour rules slightly with this next one. Recently supported via GF HQ Front Page Post (and so unfortunately becoming illegible for a Scour spot this week..via the same tune), Phat Tony‘s back in the Scour. Fortunately this one’s a collab with DJ Throwback, which lucky for them means I can sneakily support it (via Mr Throwback’s Cloud instead) without breaking any Scour rules! Sweet. Good work fellas! 110bpm β–Ό

Free download, courtesy of Ninja Tune, in celebration of 25 years of Coldcut. Full on classic..still sounding seriously dope to this day! 110bpm β–Ό

More funky dope shizzle from France’s one and only funk blaster Morlack! Kurtis Blow’s, 1986 joint, I’m Chillin’ getting the beefed-up Mor-funk treatment here. Aceness! 113bpm β–Ό

And here’s another one..courtesy of Australia’s Tom Drummond. Top top work here buddy..best remix I think I’ve EVER heard of this joint! 118bpm β–Ό

Breakzlinkz‘s Pecoe delivers us the final full fat funk filled joint of this week’s Scour. Another gorgeous gem sir!
120bpm β–Ό

Hang about..what’s going on here? A reggaeless Scour!!? No, no, no, no, no..that’s never ever right! Germany’s Soulhunter..time for you to show us all your top quality Bob Marley dubbed up re-fix thing! Alternative download link available in track description 135bpm β–Ό

Purposely gave DJ Toast a week off last week..for him to kick back, soak up, and revell in some of his new found Scour fame! In all honesty though..If I’d had more space I would have probably dropped this one on your ears. Been wanting to squeeze it in somewhere since first stumbling upon his Cloud. No time like right now now, now! Rad and filthily beuatiful dude! 140bpm β–Ό

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! Liquid DnB stylee, classic DJ Shadow anyone? Now correctly linked and accredited to it’s REAL creator Magnafide! Gorrrrgeous stuff. 175bpm β–Ό

Check back on all previous Scours via >>The Scour Archives<<.

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