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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 03/03/11

By March 3, 2011Blog

Welcome HKPPers and GhettoFunkers to Spinforth’s weekly soundcloud scour #6 (sub let to Fat Harry this week).

Unfortunately Spinforth is unable to undertake his blog blurb writing this week, the reasons for this are hazy and probably best left unexamined.

However..we’ve taken advice from our good friend Myra Golden on how best to limit the damage to HKPPinc and she gave us a rock solid 5 step corporate apology so that none of you will sue or fling pooh or worse.*

1. Outright apology. Start out with a clear and direct apology.

“We are sorry and embarrassed. But most of all, we are deeply sorry and really reaallllly embarrassed. Big styleee! Boom!”

2. Explain what happened and why. A fundamental, but often overlooked element of customer recovery is to provide an explanation for how or why the problem happened. Taking the time to explain to a customer what might have caused the problem helps organizations re-establish trust.

“Spinforth couldn’t do his scour this week. Between me and you I heard it had something to do with monkeys and possibly fruit. Trust me, i’m a doctor*”

3. Acknowledge the customer’s “pain.” Make an empathetic statement that responds to the customer’s emotions.

“For the love of God, we know it hurts! If you want one of us can meet up in chat roulette and will sexy dance for you?”

4. Explain steps you’re taking to minimize problems going forward. In cases where the problem was clearly the fault of the company or one of your suppliers, you owe it to your customers to tell them what you plan to do to ensure they don’t end up in the same situation again.

“We at HKPPinc have put up signs around Spinforth’s house warning off monkeys bearing fruit. We have also purchased a really large staple gun and after Breakspoll will staple Spinforth to his computer desk, only using the really large staple remover for gigs and work, not even for toilet breaks, promise.”

5. Humbly ask for forgiveness. Make a request for your customer’s continued business.

“Nothing is more important than regaining your trust and all of us here hope you will give us the opportunity to once again welcome you onboard the weekly soundcloud scour and provide you with the positive HKPP Experience you have come to expect.”

Hope you enjoy this weeks picks!

(* Not legally true)

H.B.’s Groove (Dewitt’s Pitch) by jrocc

Heavy Stylus – Got You All In Check (Paper Boy Edit) (2009) by Heavy Stylus

Dave Remix – Another Brick (320kbs Download) by Dave Remix

Gitty Up Pony by Denis the Fish

^^^Alternative Gitty Up Pony download link kindly supplied by Denis The Fish HERE..but pleeeease, still leave him your comments if you DL…cheers.

whiskey makossa by flavorheard

Sorry curveballs this week, but, instead, a sneak peak at Pimpsoul & Hong Kong Ping Pong’s latest balkany banger! No free DL’s here, it’s for your HKPP & G’funkin ears only..we’re looking for a contract!

Pimpsoul & Hong Kong Ping Pong – Umpa Jumper (128 kbps preview) by hongkongpingpong


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