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Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow, and WOW..recurring!! A world record smashing 711 of your finest Scour word spreading thumbs delivered for last time’s Scour #69..this is an unprecedented an incredible show of support, which has left me close to speechless! Ideal..cause I need to get this Scour out a little early than usual this week, so I won’t keep you too long with this intro bit, that I’m fairly sure is probably quickly skipped past by most! Humongousest of UP’s to all who dropped their thumb on the last Scour though..proper legends, each and every one of you! You’ve set an potentially unbeatable benchmark..but hey..there’s no harm in you all trying! So now..myself (kindly accompanied by Fat Harry on blurb writing duty this week) are here to welcome you one and all, to my latest..’Spinforth’s Weekly(ish) SoundCloud Scour #70′!

Just a quickie before I unleash this weeks delicious bag of funky free treats..any one out and about in Bristol tomorrow night should most definitely seriously consider bringing yo fine selfs to The Lanes for ‘FEATURECAST ALBUM LAUNCH – TREMOR SOUNDSYSTEM 1ST BIRTHDAY | FRI 5TH OCT | BRISTOL‘! Those who heed this advice are guaranteed a blinding night..and will even get the opportunity to buy me a Brandy & Coke! 😉 Yep..Morph and myself are heading up to unleash some Hong Kong Ping Pong goodness..and show everyone in early attendance how crap at bowling we both are! I for one cannot wait..and neither should you! Still just about enough time left (..I think) to grab your tickets >>HERE<<!

That’s your intro over time to switch over to Fat Harry..and for you all to delve your ears into this week’s Scour #70. As always, please do all you you can to help spread the word of this latest Scour via courteous ‘thank you’ comments on SoundCloud players, ‘likes’ on the tunes you dig n download, followings of supported Clouds, be- fanning of Facebook fan pages etc..etc.. Oh yeah..and 712 ‘thumbs’ would be a bloody good look too! 😀

Tuck in, funk right on, aaand..

Enjoy! x

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Here’s Harry…

Cheers Spin’..And howdy padres! It’s been aaaages since we hung out! Oh my god you’re looking amazing! Done something to to your hair? Your teeth? Your hairy teeth? Been working out? Those guns are loaded! Which way to the bathroom? Talking of serious workouts, Kicking off The Scour this week is a this bass heavy dub delight from Vullaka Mashups. Easy tigers! 73bpm

You’ve got to hand it to Skeewiff, the man has his finger on the main vein of ‘all things great and good’, Further proof (as if needed) comes in the shape of this funky reworking of the Sesame Street classic counting The Count song. Ah Ah Ah Ah! Gentleman of a certain age may well remember the accompanying video, in the spirit of old school, play this video with Skeewiff’s version turned up – wicked! You are now all AV djs! 🙂 80bpm

One of my favourite men is sitting over there! His name is? Mr. Monetrik, Mr (Bob) Monetrik….if you haven’t already, you really, really must head over to Juno and BUY THIS NOW. I swear you will thank me carnally for the pointer if you missed it a few weeks ago. Loving his style which for a Carnibal Records artist is typically hard to label – a good thing as far as i’m concerned. Wonderful vibe in this scour offering. And for the record his name’s not Bob, it’s Monsieur Panue – which is even cooler! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD VIA ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON 91bpm

SCOUR #70 EXCLUSIVE #1: If Nate Dogg smoked weed every day I’m pretty certain he would never have had a recording career to speak of, then again as a man that can throw a whitey from mopping up spilt tea near a stash of weed I don’t imagine that means much at all! I’d talk to Frank (aka Mr Ferenc ‘Zenit Incompatible‘ Badics), but he’s been rather busy working on his splendid new ‘Egology’ EP. To celebrate he’s opened up this sweet mash for your incredible selves. Grab your very kindly hooked up >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<, but please, don’t forget to leave him your courteous ‘thank you’ comment in return! 93bpm

There are few certainties in this world, dogs smell fear, wasps are gay, bears defecate in wooded areas and (..oh God promised me this wouldn’t happen!!) New Zealand’s T.Rice turns out the finest mashups you’re ever likely to find on the interwebs. They fit together so well you usually think they’ve existed for ever. Exactly like he’s done right here! Oh yeah..and as well as Catholic, the Pope is dope! 92bpm

I was literally just saying to Spinforth “If I never hear Yarrrr yarrr yarrrr yar yar again it’ll be too soon” when he wanged me over Busta Rhymes Woo Haah ( DJ Inko’s Beats Remix) But, dammit, when it’s done as beautifully as this it can’t be ignored! Enjoy! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 92bpm

Sliding through the gears and adding a bit of snarl to this week’s scour is Dj Prime with his remix of Eric Sermon & Easy E – Gangsta Beat 4 Da Street. Every time I write ‘Da’ instead of ‘the’ I feel a bit of a fool. Except for this time, this remix is so deserving of da ‘Da’ it hurts. Quit your jibber-jabber! 93bpm

Two tunes in two scour’s?! xL-tEe‘s getting glitchy with it, might be time to follow him on Soundcloud or move to Nelson, British Columbia and stand outside his bedroom window – thats what I’m doing right now, if you’re going to join me could you bring some clothes? I’m freezing in this outfit..Peanut smuggler! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 94bpm

Real quality from Birmingham’s DJ Feva, tastefully laying down some Big L and ODB on a Marley classic. Welcome to The Scour and top work fella – sounds pretty ultra-sweet to our ears! 96bpm

Is it Swing o-clock already? Hot damn! Always a pleasure to hear what gem S Strong‘s been working on, surely Soundcloud’s most probable future Carnibal Records star (..I don’t work for them, honest) The Speakeasies Swing Band – Bright Lights Late Nights (S Strong Remix) DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE FROM PLAYER ON SOUNDCLOUD PAGE. 96bpm

No matter how often I try I just can’t seem to get the knack of rolling my own cigars on my inner thigh – it must be all the sweat and ginger, I’m thinking a back, crack and sack (and talc) might be in order. Abtomic on the other hand, has the art nailed down. Check out this perfectly formed, cheeky Latin cigarillo of a track for proof. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

SCOUR #70 EXCLUSIVE #2: Doctor Hooka makes sweary angry swing! Fusing Odjbox with KRS one to quite bloody incredibly good effect. Tip of the collaborating hat to Dan CRASHGROOVE!. Naughty! Grab your very kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 100bpm

SCOUR #70 EXCLUSIVE #3: The brilliant AfroQben does what he does best, and strips down a classic, rebuilding something fresh and, in this case EXCLUSIVELY for The Scour! Gun Oil for the soul..and seriously awesome work! Grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 98bpm

SCOUR #70 EXCLUSIVE #4: As a thankyou to El Bomba for opening up and sharing exclusively to The Scour his Ripe Cherries Edit of House of Pain’s ‘I’m A Swing It’, it would be incredibly amazing if you could follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook or even through the streets of Exeter. All three done? Well you’re going to have to do at least the middle one them to grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<! 😉 So now..head back and do the other two immediately please..he most definitely deserves you stalking him for unleashing this one exclusively via Scour! 105bpm

“Got any Rihanna?” “Mate, play LMFAO next, this place will go off!” “You DON’T have any Lady GaGa?…call yourself a DJ?!! :OnlywayisEssexBlueWKDOrangeskinRAaaGE: Hoglodytes edits Emskee’s Respect The DJ..and I love him for it! Welcome to The Scour dudes! 106bpm

Scoured a month ago in 67, Poland’s Funkfreak returns and proves you can’t go far wrong with a bit of craft, a good ear, lovely hands, long legs and solid ingredients! Borrowing from Wax Tailor and Pimpsoul Grab it (right now)! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD VIA ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON 110bpm

Stickybuds has been a rather amazeball gentleman these past few weeks and let out a lot of monsters from his underground lair. You should have them by now but in case you haven’t…CLICK THIS HERE, and if by chance you did miss them then I feel duty bound to point you to his 2012 Fractal Forest Mix as his shambhala sets have become annual legendary events, and you really should have it/them on your ipod. Legend dude..and hang about, is this another ‘Welcome to The Scour’ opportunity too!?’s about time! 😉 110bpm

Before we get to another bomb from Razle Dazle, you’ll need to get your Personal Protective clothing on. The Scour accept’s no responsibility for ruined trousers, erect nipples or ankle bites from twisted out badgers. Bicycle clips at the ready! Sudocrem applied? Shin pads on everyone! Let’s go! 110bpm

SCOUR #70 EXCLUSIVE #5: If you really know your beans you’ll be aware of Buck Rogers..if you don’t that’s cool! It’s why The Scour’s here after all! Grab this EXCLUSIVE freebie now – I think you’ll be needing to go to Beatport for all things Buck Rogers in the future (..which is where you’ll be finding the awesome brand new ‘Awkward Robot Party EP‘ that this track has very generously been donated from)..this is why I get paid the big bucks…and there it is again! :self high five/gets coat: >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 110bpm

Believe it or not I do go to the gym from time to time (..mainly for the high protein chocolate biscuits) I’ll chuck the latest tunes on my ipod and listen through without knowing who the artist is, kind of find it a good way to not pre-judge a tune, and bugger me if I didn’t spit delicious pieces of chocolatey orange all over the cross trainer dashboard when this NEONSTEVE remix came in my ears. Restrain yourselves! 110bpm

Smoking hot rework of Bustin Loose from ANOTHER SoundCloud newbie ( does Spinforth keep finding them!!?) PuckerFunk. It’s been up for 8 days and has massed 15 plays (10 of them from myself and Spinforth!) Despicable us! Reckon you’ll all like this! x ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

Keeping it classically funky, wrap your ears around Mista Nyce Guy‘s Remix of Boogie Shoes. Hop on the sunshine bus! 116bpm

Hopefully a lot of you will have come across Grant Lazlo before now (avid Scour fans certainly will have!), if not allow myself to introduce….Grant Lazlo! Beautiful Stomping and swinging rendition of summertime, just feels like there should be a line of Disney elephants sauntering off into the distance, which is always a good thing in swing! 120bpm

Classic Ken Boothe skank from the quiet genius of eLDOKO” target=”_blank”>eLDOKO. If you liked him a month ago’ll surely love this just as much – or your money back! 125bpm

P.P.E. at the ready again everyone! Prepare to be mauled and abused by Bear Twists..turning a classic house anthem into a growly, wicked-bad, solid gold bomb. Top Arrows Sir! 127bpm

Aaaaand finally, back over to Spinforth to sign off with this week’s Curveball!

Huuuge cheers for Fat’re a true legend, a gent (..although a slightly rude one!)..and, an undoubted Scour saver once again! ‘Thumbs well and truly UP’ all round for him please folks..this week’s Scour would have never made it into your download folders with out him. So here’s my pick for this week’s curveball spot..a tune that requires no introduction really..except to say that this edit of it by London’s Jim Sharp is superb, and has recently become my new personal favourite! Incredible stuff..I’m hoping you all agree! That’s me all done for another Scour..easy all, and thanks so much for tuning in. Big ♡, Spin’ 🙂 x 85bpm

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