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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 05/01/12

By January 5, 2012Blog

Happy 1st Scourday™ of 2012 all, and welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #45.

It’s a bit of a ‘ease my self back in to Scour duty Speed Scour stylee’ for you all this week. Taking a couple weeks off of everything Scour over the festive break was definitely relaxing, but, has left me recovering from a minor bout of the flu (don’t panic..not going to die, I think it must have been of the non-man variety!)..and with shit loooooads of musical admin catching up to do! Way too much catching up to spend ages telling you all about my fun times had. Which is ideal..cause, you all know me, the majority of them are already just a massive fuzzy blurr anyway! Lush break though! Hoping all of your’s were equally wicked too! 🙂

So yep, no New Year’s Scouroloutions™ here..just the same tried and tested Scour drill for 2012 folks! That’ll be me (Spinforth), accompanied and assisted on occasions by my fellow Hong Kong Ping Pong Club (..we got our 2000th ‘like’, thanking you! 🙂 ) crew members (Morphosis & Fat Harry) Scouring up and delivering to your ears our mixed bag selections of personal, and always 100% freely available, favourite tunes found over on SoundCloud…usually weekly, and without fail as often as we can muster! Not always, and/or necessarily, the absolute best or most obvious choices out there in the Clouds (..any and every man and his dog can do that!), but instead..the one’s that, for all sorts of reasons, we’ve been feeling the most each week, and which we reckon deserve some support, need to be heard, and played, and hopefully you funkin’ rad lot too!

Another intro over..time to get your thumbs, comments and favourites at the ready! Let’s get this year’s Scour show on the road…

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at:

Warming up the first Scour of 2012, with the same vibes that I left you with in 2011. Scour #44 supported his partner in crime Select Demo, so I figured it would be rude not to show the same Scour support to the half of Titan Sound, Selecta Pappa Demus. Welcome to The Scour bro..awesome mash! 89bpm
Titan Sound & Dudell – Pass It (But Mi Bellyfull) by TITAN SOUND – PAPPA DEMUS

Couldn’t quite fit this next DJ Rebel gem into the last Scour of 2011, and had definitely expected you all to have found it yourselves by now, but, just 67 downloads in over two weeks are telling me otherwise! Bonus. Time for your ears to get involved right now! 103bpm
Boomin Ya!! by Djrebel

Not something I do very often/ever but..Miss Kokkinos (..if you’re listening), in return for your gorgeous thumb last Scour..this next one here’s for you! 🙂 And, for everyone else..I couldn’t support them all in one Scour, but, I highly recommend checking out and getting involved in the download of the ‘Swapping Swingers EP’ tunes, available to listen to on DJ d.b.h‘s Cloud, and which I believe I’m correct in saying are the awesome work of himself and his crew Restless Leg Syndrome. In anticipation of you loving them as much as I, go grab them right >>HERE<<! 104bpm
Dancing Mood || RLS Drums Edit – Delroy Wilson by DJ d.b.h

We three at HKPP have been loving both the original and Dunkelbunt versions of this next tune, by Waldeck, for a long long, long long time! Very happy my Scourdar sniffed out this version, by MassEvil, recently then! 🙂 105bpm
Memorys (Actus Reus remix) – Walbeck (Free Download) by MassEvil

Alriiight, that’ll be your Scour ears warmed up..time to bring in this week’s, rather large (apologies if you’re not feeling it as much as I/we) dose of..glitchigoobldiness™! 1st up via this massive freebie from Opiuo. Alternative Download link available via the ‘Buy This Track’ button. 100bpm
Opiuo and The Mollusk – Slappy Cans (2009 edit) by Opiuo

Followed straight up with Obscenity Dubstep‘s remix of Mr Tim Ismag‘s, already bloody big, ‘Mr Big’. Alternative download link, via Play Me Records, available in track description. Big enough for ya? 100bpm
Tim Ismag – Mr Big (Obscenity Remix) [Play Me Records] [FREE DOWNLOAD] by ObscenityDubstep

Ok..let’s try this other big one, by NoWa & Phrase, on for size instead/as well! Been lucky enough to have a sneaky promo copy of this in my ammo for a little me, turn it RIGHT up!! Now available for FREE and for all! 105bpm
NoWa & Phrase – Big Band Funk by NoWa

Next up, a brand spanking new Cloud to me..and by the looks of it to the majority of you lot too. Think/hope you’ll all agree that this next tune is most definitely deserved of a very warm Scour welcome, via your comments upon the player, pleeease. Introducing..Bristol’s ‘The Beat Dweebs‘ to The Scour! My ears hear nothing but lushness here..and I’m going to go as far as saying..we might (I hope) be hearing a lot more from Mr Beat Dweebs via Scour in 2012. Don’t heard him via Scour #45 first!! Belly well and truly rubbed Sir, and looking forward to dessert. Cheers! Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 108bpm
The Beat Dweebs – Belly Rub by The Beat Dweebs

I did warn you all (up there somewhere) that this weeks Scour was going in heavy on the Glitch. Doesn’t get much heavier than this filthy monster from (..coming soon to a forthcoming Riddim Fruit release near you)..Canada’s Mr Ben Chemikal. Ace work again dude. Alternative download hopefully coming to track description very soon. 110bpm
Faithless – Insomnia (Ben Chemikals ‘Less Sleep More Acid’ Remix) by Ben Chemikal

About to break one of my own Scour rules here. Same tune in same Scour is always forbidden! Umm..More Waldeck anyone? Quite simply, too good a mashup, by Exeter’s Barely Legit, to leave out. 110bpm
Let’s Do Memories (Right Now) (DJ Dodgy-Style Mash-Up Edit) by Barely Legit

Another high quality freebie from Kid Panel, Clairvo, and Vida G aka The Nynfus Corporation crew. Happy New Year fellas! Alternative download in track description. 112bpm
Nynfus Corporation – Magic Dick Man [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Nynfus Corporation

Rapidly running out of time here..this is going to have to be the last one for the week folks. So let’s pick up the pace, and get Scourceedings wrapped up real quick. Been a while since the brilliant Funkanizer got Scoured. But, let’s keep with the tradition (..of supporting EVERY track he adds to his cloud, cause they’re all ace!) by welcoming him back for 2012! Top stuff again bud! 🙂 128bpm
Little Latin Lupe Lu (Funkanizer edit) by Funkanizer

Ahhh, funk it! Didn’t sound quite right finishing on that last one..who finishes a set at 128bpm? I definitely don’t! Let’s try finishing up with this one (pre-curveball) from Bristol’s brilliant Rackabeat & Bar-Low. Perfect! 135bpm
Rackabeat & Bar-Low – Do That Dance by Rackabeat & Bar-Low

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! You should all know by now that even I don’t know what’s going to end up here..until 2 minutes ago! I’ll be first to admit that this week’s is ‘maybe’ not quite as curvy as previous offerings, but, to be frank, my ears really really like this, aaand..those who are familiar with the sounds of Leicester’s Boy Kid Cloud will hopefully appreciate that this is defintley NOT dubstep!? Hence, it kind of does belong right here! Beautiful..’music’! 🙂 164bpm

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