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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 05/04/12

By April 5, 2012Blog

Happy Scourday (..and almost Easter) folks! Sir Spinforth of Scourshire (pictured above..nice one John!) back once again, for all of your ears pleasure, and welcoming you all to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #55.

Thanks to a visit to the dentist this morning..which has left me £84.00 even skinter, lacking one tooth, aaaaand under strict instruction not to smoke any rollies for 24hrs, I’m having had to keep my blurb writing to an absolute minimum this week. The £84.00 and lack of a tooth I can just about cope with..but smoke free Scouring is proving to be a form of modern day torture. The sooner I finish the sooner I can sleep for 12 hours straight, and wake up to a big blinner (breakfastlunchanddinner) accompanying fat one!

Still had time to Scour up a feast of tasty FREE tunes here for you all fewer than 23 of them to be precise, including 4 EXCLUSIVES. Have purposely dished up a few extra because there’s a fairly good chance, due to other commitments, I may be requiring a week off my Scour duties next week. Apologies in advance if this prediction comes true. Rest assured..deliver another generous show of your Scour word spreading thumbs, and I’ll be back before you’ve even missed me!

Biggest of UPs to all who’ve made it through to this weeks final cut. Some serious competition for limited(ish) places again this week, but this little big lot here, for various reasons, just about came out my ears at least.

Until next let the thumbs begin!

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please send via email at:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

No beating round bushes this week, speed intro blurbing all the way, aaand, whether you’re ears are ready n warmed up or not, we’re going in hard n glitchy! Opening up this week’s Scour with this groover from Sir Ewan Hoozami. Hell yes bud, you didn’t even need to ask, definite Scour fodder right here! Donation or free download link available via the ‘Buy This Track’ button. 88bpm

Last supported fifty Scours ago (via Scour #5..blimey!) time to welcome back Odjbox to The Scour. So..this is rather massive..sounding like you’ve come a long long way in fifty Scours dude! Donation or free download link available via the ‘Buy This Track’ button. 87bpm

Latest re-glitched fire from Canada’s awesome Defunk next! Wicked work here AGAIN dude! Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next! 😉 96bpm

Sent through to me at pretty much the exact same time I hit the publish button on last weeks Scour #54, but undoubtedly waaaaay too good to be leaving out just because it’s a week young already. Canada’s DJ Soo is back up in The Scour! Oooh look..just 18 more Facebook Fan Page ‘likes’ required for his 2000th! Off x18 of you pop ASAP please! 😉 97bpm

First of this weeks freshly Scoured up Clouds. Introducing the work of Greece’s S Strong to all your ears! Really tasty tune here much ace music coming outta Greece! Big tip of the cap to my main man Funkanizer for the live bass and mastering up in here too. Welcome to my Scour dude! 97bpm

Been trying really really hard to fit DJ Maars into the last couple of Scours. Would be both rude and wrong of me to delay my supporting of his work and Cloud any longer. Lots of you probably already found this gem for yourselves..but here it is for all those who haven’t. Fully aced it with this one dude..welcoming you to my Scour too! 100bpm

SCOUR #55 EXCLUSIVE #1: WTF..again!! I still haven’t decided what to call his 1st four Scour appearances in a row yet..and now here’s J-Sound‘s number five!! Pretty much running out of complimentary words for him and his work, or at least I need to save some for next Scour. For this week, let’s just say..’real nice organ bro!’ playing it LIVE I hear right here..rad! BigUPs yet again for the EXCLUSIVE! Now I’m giving two weeks to pull that secret plan A out of your sleeve..get on it! Everyone else grab this puppy via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< and go say thank you for it over at his BRAND NEW Facebook Fan Page! 😉 101bpm

Skanky Panky Records‘ brilliant SixAM launched their new NEW SoundCloud Page earlier this week, and to celebrate decided to give away this funk fueled stomper of a monster! Alternative download link available in track description and/or via ‘Buy This Track’ button. 100bpm

Bristol’s Howla‘s back! BIG FUNKIN’ TIME!! I’m astonished more of you haven’t spied and grabbed this bomb already, after introducing him to all your ears only two Scours ago via Scour #53! If you’d ALL heeded my advice and got following his SoundCloud AND/OR Facebook Fan Page you could have grabbed this beast days ago! Absolutely huge Howla sounds right here! Undoubtedly one to keep watching with plenty more Howla bombs dropping ‘somewhere’ soon! 101bpm

Just incase anyone has been sleeping for the last few days..Gramatik released a brand new EP earlier this week. It’s exceedingly awesome and this here is ‘probably’ my favorite joint off of it. Oh yeah, and if you’re keen to get you mits upon this and it for FREE you can do so via this official download link right >>HERE<<. 103bpm

SCOUR #55 EXCLUSIVE #2: Very very happy to be welcoming Bristol’s almighty Beat Dweebs back to my Scour. Fourth time Scoured and very kindly submitted as a Scour EXCLUSIVE. Think my ears would be correct in thinking that this is definitely the best Beat Dweebs work to date too! Big big thanks from me for staying up half the night to finish it in time for Scourday bud. Everyone else, before you get involved in the download, how about showing him some Facebook Fan Page love first please. There’s this Scourumor™ going about that you could miss out on a forthcoming FREE Beat Dweebs EP if you don’t!! Done? Sweeeet! So now you’re very welcome to get involved in the >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 104bpm

Hang about..WTF is this!? Moombah Scoured two weeks in a row!! No no no, don’t be if that’s ever going to happen. This just here, by Hungary’s Kovary, is definitely Nu-Jump-Up..ahton, which as you can all hear is completely different..and definitely allowed. Phew..thank goodness for that! Big. 😉 Missing SoundCloud download button available >>HERE<< 110bpm

Right, enough of that for my ears..time to bring back the funk! This here from Scour debutant Late Knight brings it back, and then some! Welcome to The Scour dude! Alternative download link requested/available in track description. 110bpm

More funk? Alrighty ask for it, and Afro Q Ben will exceptionally tastily deliver it! Now all you lot gotta do is feel it..the same way I did when this landed in my inbox this week! So so so so good..cheers for sharing dude, and..welcome to The Scour! 112bpm

Give it up to the funk..just once more? Alright then, allow Q-Tip, Bernard Wright and Astrosnooze to do just that, for you. Lush. 114bpm

Blooming big bootie remix bizzniz from Word Of Mouth crew member Dj Detta next. Top work fella,..that top choice ‘liks acapella works a right treat! 115bpm

SCOUR #55 EXCLUSIVE #3 (NOW OPEN!): Ben & Lex‘s ‘Ruffnecks’ given a healthy dose of Hidden Riddim remix treatment next. Opening up and download of this has been very kindly synchronized with Scourday..yup, yup, of course by request! BUT..only 100 downloads available from Hidden Riddim SoundCloud. No one shall ever be found missing out on the download of a Scoured track though (’s in the rules!), soon as those 100 have been snapped up you’ll exclusively be able to download via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Nice one for this little scratch back Scour deal buddy..and proper rad remix too! 😀 115bpm

Tasty bit of mashup work from, another Scour debutant, Ocelus here. My ears were somewhat surprised when it turned out that how well this works. For those loving the instrumental, it’s the old school Hong Kong Ping Pong secret weapon by Romania’s brilliant Mahala Raï Banda, that can be (..and in fact definitely should be if you’re downloading this mashup) purchased >>HERE<<. Nice work on this one bud..welcome to The Scour! 120bpm

Hmmm..where next? Aha! Perfect opportunity to squeeze in some electro ska from Germany’s Wolfgang Lohr I reckon! (see Luc..can take a while but I do get everyone’s messages sooner or later! BigUps for the pointer bud..and for the Scour supporting Wosson Falmouth posts). Genius remix of The Maytals ’54/46 That’s My Number’ that has seen plenty of deserved commeent love already..time we all showed it some Scour love fo sho! 124bpm

Alriiiiight..time to start winding this Scour up..errmm..down..errmm definitely up..fook it..down briefly, and the straight back up..D’n’B styleee!! All that, and more, taken care of brilliantly here by P.O.D.G.E. Welcome back bro..I think you may have just delivered my favorite of yours so a gurt big Westcountry mile! Alternative download link available via Facebook Fan Page/’Buy This Track’ button. 85>>170bpm

No idea how, or why, Spain’s Ricky Tuff has evaded a right good Scouring for over a year!! Time to set that straight immediately. Free download of the full version of this beauty available via the Ricky Tuff Facebook Fan Page. 178bpm

And that delivers us purrrfectly to the penultimate tune of this week’s Scour, Lewd Behavior‘s banging D’n’B remix of Gold Dust. So that’s a quality version for every possible set scenario sorted then. Wicked work here fella, bet this was your plan all along eh!? 😉 178bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s SCOUR #55 EXCLUSIVE CURVEBALL! Two week’s on the trot in the curveball position doesn’t happen very ever!! Well it does starting now, when you’re as rad as making funktastic remixes as James DB! If you thought last week’s ‘Notorious B.I.G – Nasty Boy (James DBs Make It Funky Remix)’ was bloody good (still available for download via his Facbook Fan Page), you’d be 100% correct, BUT..I’m thinking this brand spankin’ new joint is even better. Very very kindly offered, for it’s 1st week of release, via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE PROMO DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Pleeease EVERYBODY..if you download this exclusive, your courteous thank you ‘like’ is insisted upon over >>HERE<< immediately, and some comment love up on his player would of course be warmly welcomed too! BigUps in advance to all who do do..and well done, you’ve just completed your 55th Scour, hoping you all dug! 🙂

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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