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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 05/05/11

By May 5, 2011Blog

What’s gwarnin Ping Pongers and Ghetto Funkers? Spinforth here, back from an unscheduled extended Easter break, and welcoming you to the 14th edition of my Scour. Anyone missed me?

Sincere apologies for deserting all of your funkin’ gorgeous ears last would appear that 4 day long sunshiny Easter holiday weekends, featuring…a really really good Good Friday night HKPP gig/party with a Geordie legend named Smoove; Saturday dying; an awemazingsome Sunday night Eight Bar gig; followed by 18hrs of very wobbly afterpartying/nesting in a tiny loft space (probably best I don’t go into detail here!) until 11pm on Monday night, definitely results in the severe loss of my Scour power..and mind!

So yep, Easter weekend in Spinforth’s world was funkin ace thanks (..I think?), aaand..this last weekend was mega too! An absolutely incredible ‘Falmouth Royal Wedding Street Party’ (word!), followed by a massive Spinforth gig at Qbar. A Friday day and night chock full of lush faces and friendly Falmouth vibes (bar JUST x1 drunken ‘normal’ fool!), which most deinitely proved that Fal town is indeed seriously bloody ‘big in the game!’. Huuuuge bigUPs to ‘whoever’ brought the community together to rejoice street party stylee, and to all the few hundred ‘abnormal’ folks (including Falmouth’s very own ‘minor local celebrity’ you El!) who got the party respectfully jumping..brilliant times, hats off to all!

Right then..2 weeks worth of Scouring, crammed in two and a bit evenings, hasn’t left me a lot of time for blogaffling this week, so time already to deliver you the tastiest picks of my latest Scour. As always these jams are intentionally a bit of a mixed bag, but have made the cut because all have something digable about them (to my ears at least..and hopefully to lots of yours too), and, all are being shared on SoundCloud to download for freee (some via alternative DL links this week). So pleeeeeeease, if you dig and download any of these funky free fruits, show your appreciation to the hard work and generosity of their cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s. Thanking you in advance.

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for forthcoming scours, please email me at:

Until next week..get busy thumbing..and enjoy!


Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Rob P remix) by Rob Paprocki

You’ll need to go get yo’selfs signed up to the excellent NICE UP! newsletter over at to receive the free DL of this next one.. ▼

Nah Shutterbug – DJ Shepdog by djshepdog

This next jam was my top pick of last weeks (failed) Scour, and I’ve no doubt that loads of you funky cats have snapped it up already, but, it’s waaay too good to miss out on a Scour spot just cause I was too busy getting smashed! So, for those who were asleep and/or nursing hangovers it is, a week late.

Alternative download link in track description
Joe Driscoll – Mixtape Champs (Mr Benn’s nod to the creator) by Mr Benn

BMD – Yo Mama by bmdxlnt

The Isley Brothers – Fight The Power (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

Queen Bee (PARKER REMIX) by The Beekeepers

Aaaaand…this weeks bouncy bouncy curveball!! This is just pure genius..

Mighty Boosh Bounce – Click the Buy link for FREE D/L by bluntinstrument


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