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Please excuse me all..I had every intention of this week’s Scour not becoming epic, I have clearly failed!! No time left for this bit now, so just a very swift..’Welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #68′!

Aaaaand..a big big thanks to all who spared some of their time to leave a notable increase in courteous comment love on last Scour’s players! Please keep keeping this up folks..a few seconds of your valuable time makes all the difference in spreading the word of these supported clouds! This (and of course your facebook liking thumbs..below this post, just before the comments) is all I ever ask of y’all for the sacrificing of my pretty much ALL of my mid week free time. Big UPs, and thanking you kindly in advance.

Without further ado, have a mighty fine Scour #68, aaaand…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

GummySoul warming up this week’s quality blending of one of my all time fav ATCQ tracks, aaaand Pharcyde tracks to boot. The first of a series soon to be released via the ‘Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde‘ mashup project. Suuuperrrrb! 95bpm

Always an absolute pleasure to find that the legendary Joe Revell (NZ) has upped a new joint to his Cloud. This one definitely no exception! Fiiiiire yet again buddy..and how many times Scoured now? World record holder for sure! 😀 94bpm

Greece’s Funkonami1 is back for his second Scouring on the trot! Another brilliant remix right here.. Black Sabbath, Cumbia styleee..and now with alternative download link added for those of you who slept on the official 100! Thanks for hooking that up dude! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE VIA ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON. 96bpm

Freshly Scoured Cloud from Belgium up next…welcoming Boutros Dj’s for their debut Scouring. Seriously tight tidy and funky edit right here..guaranteed to do the dancefloor business I reckon! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

The brilliant Monetrik is back, and this week he’s flexing his reggae flavoured editing skills. Luscious vibes here, and top top tune! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE VIA ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON. 100bpm

Here comes another freshly Scoured Cloud..warm welcome for Latvia’s (yup..Riga again!) PM2theAM please folks! Really tasty mashup business, works a proper treat! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK IN SOUNDCLOUD TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

SCOUR #68 EXCLUSIVE #1: Time for the first (..of 2) of this week’s exceptionally high quality Scour EXCLUSIVES. This one from Australia’s Tom Showtime. My ears are absolutely LOVING this..and so should yours!! Get involved with your comment love for it >>HERE<< and then help yourself to your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<! Humongous UPs buddy…a very welcomed and mega dope exclusive! 😀 102bpm

Hmmm, only 14 followers eh!’s another freshly Scoured Cloud for you all! Not entirely sure how to pronounce the Cloud owners name!? I’ll be sure to find out soon enough for you all though..cause this ‘Scotty Marz Buzzfiend Mix’ from ep⬆‘s (..see what I mean!) Cloud is sounding rather large! Welcome to my Scour bro(s)?! More please! 😉 98bpm many fresh Clouds in one Scour is this already?? And ‘Some how’ just the 22 followers here! Shout to Adam Batthany for sharing this one my/our way (..cheers bro, an exceptional find!). Officially speaking this joint isn’t ‘exactly’ a free SoundCloud download (..but in my opinion it very worth bending the rules for). Only way to get your mits on it is by downloading Tony O‘s ‘Nerium EP’ via HIS BANDCAMP PAGE..donations are welcomed once you reach there, but not ‘necessarily’ essential. After you’ve checked the whole EP though..I think a few of you may end up feeling guilty if you entered a big fat ‘$0’ in the name your price box. Seriously rad work this..I predict a new found Scour star! Welcome dude. 😉 97bpm

Aha! I’ve been hanging out for this to happen. Have followed Germany’s Minoru for quite a long while now, waiting patiently for something ‘exactly’ like this to be unleashed. At last I’m delighted to welcome him into his debut Scour with this incredible Glitch Hopped right up remix of Sir Ray Charles! Hoping you’ll all agree..WOW!! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

Any one NOT noticed the legendary GRiZ has released his 100% FREE ‘Mad Liberation‘ LP this week..time to wake the funk up and take immediate heed! Too many incredible tunes on here to decide my favourite..’Rock n Roll‘ is definitely ‘one’..but I scoured that waaaay back in Scour #25 times, so here..check this one, and get immediately involved in the DOWNLOAD FREE ALBUM download link! 103bpm

Ahhh..great to have the brilliant Dads On Display back up in the Scour…been far too long! This exquisite joint has been up on their Cloud for a couple o months and has received plenty of deserved love already. Happy to announce that I bring tidings of great news!! It’s downloadable for free get on it! Beauty work fellas..welcome back to where it all started rollin’! 😉 100bpm

A pleasure to be welcoming back New Zealand’s Mikey1point0 to The Scour. Super (and original) Shizzle indeed! Really good work ears are lapping it up! 105bpm

Hang about..can’t be another freshly Scoured Cloud surely!?? Oh wonder this week’s took me so long to pull together! Welcoming Australia’s Twobeatjunkeez to The Scour! Just the 38 followers of their Cloud eh! Can we all help get them up to a nice round 100 or so ASAP please!? Welcome to The Scour dudes! DOWNLOAD LINKS REMOVED AT OPIUO’S REQUEST. 108bpm

I’ve given up counting now..freshly Scoured Cloud number ‘?’. Germany’s Kapitano Käytsch bravely gives Snow’s ‘Informer’ a tweak up! That’s a pretty decent job done bro! So..welcome to my Scour! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Big shout to Autralia/Tasmainia’s DJ Grotesque for taking this one on and nailing it! At the time of writing the downloads are still set to off. Confident enough to suggest they’re gonna magically get switched on very soon though! Tuuuuuune dude, and very tasty cuts! Ready, set..ON please! 😉 112bpm

Pretty surprised to find that this remix from Diesler hasn’t received a heavier rinsing already. Been remixed and edited a fair few times now I guess..but, this one’s one of the beaut’s! 115bpm

The original is EASILLY Chubb Rock’s finest 5 minutes ( my hip hop head loving opinion)..and this excellent edit by JM Jackmaster makes it even finer! Lot’s of you may have already found it, and thought you’d missed the 100 downloads. have..ummm..I mean had. Scroll down the comments a little bit..see what you can ALL find! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD IN TRACK COMMENTS. 116bpm

Some super dooper fresh n funky disco remix business from Australia’s Yasumo right here! Well worthy of some fresh Scour love and support I reckon! Get on it..pleeease! 116bpm

Exceedingly tasty freebie from Spain’s Sr De Funk here too! Watch out for the surprise ‘guest’ popping up at 2:33! You can buy a whole EP for just $5 via Timewarp Music’s Bandcamp page..OR check out this player over on SoundCloud and you’ll spy an opened up free download button for this joint only! 120bpm

Must speed up!! come’s this week’s D’n’B! First up courtesy of Ennio Maccaroni meeting Ringo Modulator..for the second Scour on the trot! Another wicked one here bud(s)!! 160bpm

Solo Moderna fans will recognise this next tune..and anyone who’s checked out my (..almost ancient now!) ‘Spinforth’s “Dan Wilde’s Black Belt Jams #5” Ramp FM Guest Mix‘ will be very aware I’m a big fan of the original already. No way I’d be leaving out this genius re-rub from Canada’s Hubbz then! Welcome back dude..LOVE it!! 😀 170bpm

This from Wales’ F-Block is straight up dance floor fiiiiire too! Another Scour debutant I believe..and a member of Cardiff’s very up and coming Back to Basskicks crew too! Ideal..cause any and all Cardiffonians amongst you need to get very involved in supporting their LAUNCH NIGHT with JFB immediately please! Welcome to the Scour buddy..I believe I may be acquainted with a few of your friends already!? Pleasure to meet you and this bloody brilliant Re-rub too! 172bpm

Well this has never been done before..three Scour’s in a row including a back to back double double!! WTF!!??? And can you all please explain to me how (..after a Scour run like that) this latest (10 day old now) refix has only had 22 downloads to date!? Pay attention folks..and get busy following Ennio Maccaroni’s Cloud immediately please!! 172bpm

SCOUR #68 EXCLUSIVE #2: So that tasty little run of D’n’B goodness has landed us all perfectly at this week’s second SCOUR EXCLUSIVE (told you I’d hit the right tempo for you bud!). Gives me great pleasure to unleash this one for you all..very kindly donated back to his Scour roots, in celebration of an exceptional year, and the reaching of his 2000th SoundCloud follower! Dido’s ‘Thank You’ remixed insanely well by Canada’s seriously talented Lewd Behavior! Pleeeeese leave this one a copious amount of word spreading ‘Thank you’ thank you’s folks..and then get involved grabbing this <strong>>>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Biggest of UPs for this one fella..true gent and rapidly becoming legend! 😀 174bpm

I should almost probably definitely stop right here!! But..I can’t! Gonna switch it back down, but not really in a chilled way! It’s about to get pretty full funkin on for these last few. First up..via this drumstep remix of Dj Alias (NZ) awesome ‘Empire‘. Huuuuuge!! 87/174bpm

Followed by this eeeenorrrrmous drumstep number from Alpha Data!! Funk me..that’s good shit! 88bpm

As is this VIP remix from the ever awesome Parker Beats!! DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE VIA SOUNDCLOUD PAGE. 89bpm

Blimey! I’ve actually made it down to the last track PRE-Curveball. It’s Mr Bobby C Sound TV propping up this weeks epic Scour pile…with this ace lazer dubby groover! ‘Coincidentally’ he’ll be partying with us at HKPP in just two weeks time! If you’re out and about in Fal town on Friday 21 September, be very sure to come and show him how we party HKPP styleee at Hong Kong Ping Pong Presents Bobby C Sound TV! 😉 93bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball! Hmmm..allow me to treat your ears with this beeeauuuutiful extended edit of Groove Armada’s classic ‘At The River’ by Mr Mick Collins-Gellar! I knew you’d be back with another gem sooner or later bud. Choice edit right here! Thank you! 🙂 That’s your lot folks..see you all next Scour. Easy n cheer! Spin’ x 68bpm

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