Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 06/10/11

This weeks scour comes courtesy once again of Fat Harry & Morphosis:

Heads up… Spinforth brought home the bronze for Ghetto Funk, just losing out to those pesky throat singers and a surprise Korean entry from this guy. Tuts my barreh indeed.

I’ve had a crazy busy week what with it being Fresher’s and all, good to see Benji Boko play in Kernowshire, a great set and an all round top fella. Also loving fellow West Countryist Dan Tenoshi riding high in Juno Records with this skanking beauty Top work fella!

Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but should any of you missed them, you’ll be needing these badboys from Pimpsoul and A.Skillz and before you log off you must check out this monster that’s taking mixcloud by storm, guaranteed to turn you into a furious zoo monkey, you’ll be flinging your love at passers by with gay abandon.

And as busy as this week has been, it was a pleasure to slide into the studio with Morph for a cheeky bit of Ping Pong Radio even if I did forget to wear pants… again!

If you’re up for some HKPP action this weekend you’ll find Morphosis & Spinforth headlining Moulin Vert at the inaugural Hip Village event just 5mins outside of Falmouth town, this is shaping up to be one hell of a party!

So here are this weeks picks, fingers crossed souncloud keeps itself tidy after a chaotic 36 hours of DDoS attacks, yeah well done hackers, round of applause for you! Love your balls and see you next week. xx

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email Spinforth at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk


To start proceedings off a really rather excellent Gang Starr blend that’s been getting some serious traffic as you can see by the number of comments it’s received in the short time it’s been up.

Gang Starr Mash Appeal Hip Hop Jazz Mix feat Fishbelly Black by Freqnik & WDRE

Dj Cheapshot gets it very right with this take on the classic mid 90’s hip hop ‘Artifacts – Wrong Side of Da Tracks’

Artifacts – Wrong Side of Da Tracks (Cheapshot Remix) by dj cheapshot

Fellow South West Warrior, Daytoner, comes up trumps again with this low slung groover of an edit. Eat your heart out Jackson 5.

Harold Mabern – I Want You Back (Daytoner Edit) – FREE PROMO by Daytoner

Salt n Pepa’s Shoop gets a Glitchy make over courtesy of Motna, multiple thumbs up from the HKPP crew on this one.

Salt n Pepa – Shoop (Motna Remix) [from the free EP ‘Get Set Go’] by Motna

With Love and Light rapidly becoming a firm favourite my eyes and ears lit up when this freebie popped up and boy did it not disappoint, truly excellent shizzle!

Doobie Brothers – Black Water (Love and Light Remix) by Love and Light

He’s been scoured before and if Funkanizer keeps busting out remixes of this standard he’ll get scoured again… and again…

Brothers on a mission (Funkanizer remix) by Funkanizer

Rephrase is very kindly giving this wicked instrumental away, full of classic organ goodness, latin horn stabs and disco flavour whats not to like… I’ll be expecting to hear a few versions with a ‘pella laid over it within the week!

Find A Way- Instrumental by Rephrase

So it didn’t win the remix comp, congrats to Danny Massure and James Beige who shared the prize, what it does mean is that Ewan Hoozami is giving it away to all you lovely Ghetto Funkin lot… bonus.

Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Lay it on The Line (Ewan Hoozami Remix) FREE D/L by Ewan Hoozami

This weeks curveball comes courtesy of The FLK… is it the KLF? I’m as yet undecided but this is bleedin fantastic.


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