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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 07/07/11

By July 7, 2011Blog

Happy Scourday™ Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers..welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #22!

Not a lot of time for blogblurb this week, because I’m really not feeling myself! Disappointingly I’m not feeling anyone else either (standard!)..just that I’m very full of cold (mid summer man flu..what’s that all about!? And who the funk gave me this sh*t..cue Miss Marple!), and, I have a two gig weekend ahead of me, followed by a trip to explore the sunny delights of Croatia next week..yeeep! So, I reeeally need to try and sleep myself fit, and grab myself an early Scour free night! I’m hopeful, quietly confident in fact, that the exceptionally tasty, class A, fruits of this weeks Scour will do all my essential talking for me though.

Please keep a look out for Morphosis and/or Fat Harry, who’ll hopefully be stepping up to the Scour plate for me next week. And pleeeease..remember to show your appreciation to all cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s, if you dig n download any of these Scoured jams. They love these the same way I love a right good thumbing! Thanking you all in advance.

Back for all your ears in couple of weeks. Until then..miss me, aaand..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at:

The sun actually put his hat on for more than a few hours in Fal Town at the let’s kick this week’s Scour off with a couple huuuuuge summery festivaly anthems, the first courtesy of Sabbo…apologies for allowing this one to slip under the Scourdar™ for a few weeks folks (must have been a particularly heavy weekend!)..but bigUps to Slim for hookin us all up! 82bpm
Busy Signal – bye bye (Sabbo beat-up) by Sabbo

..followed by this gorgeous beast of a festival banger from DAMN HORNS 90bpm
DAMN HORNS Vs Harry J Allstars – Liquid Heater – FREE DOWNLOAD (see description) by damnhorns

If those two didn’t grab your attention, you’ve probably come to the wrong place! 3rd of my favourite FunkFerret jams..previously only available to purchase..but now very kindly made available for free download! 100bpm
Fire – FREE DOWNLOAD by FunkFerret

Tasty new mashup from Hansi. He’s recently upgraded his SoundCloud account too, so time to go grab anything you’ve missed! 105bpm
Jean Jacques Perrey ft Beastie Boys – EVA (Hansi Mashup Edit) by Hansi

Quality standout remix, from Matt Needham, of everybody’s favourite O.D.B. tune..a real grower this one! 105bpm
O.D.B – Baby I Got Your Money (Matt Needham Remix) by justmatt1311

On any other week this next remix would definitely have made the curveball spot, but that spot’s reserved for something VERY special this week (..waaaait!)..I’m huge fan of the original of this tune (guess it’s an angels and harps thing!?), and this is gorgeous work from The Funk Hunters’ ‘THE OUTLIER’ right here..right on! Y’all checked their Weekly Mixtape Digs yet? Right >>HERE<< is their latest! Great work all round dudes..oh, and really nice pants! 55/110bpm
“The Book Of Right-On (The Outlier Remix)” – Joanna Newsom – FREE DOWNLOAD by THE OUTLIER you’re all chilled the funk right out..time to wake you up with some ghetto blasting wobbly balkan! Biiiig mash from global bass maestro Kosta Kostov 110bpm
Fanfare Ciocarlia vs. Afrojack – Iag Bari vs. Ghetto Blaster Calverton RMX (Kosta Kostov Mashup) by kkostov

Next awesome new edit from the up and coming Funkanizer. That’s three tunes on his Cloud..and they’ve all been Scoured! Reckon they’re getting better and better too! 115bpm
Peace Frog (Funkanizer edit) by Funkanizer

Last up (before this week’s VERY special curveball) a lush little edit of a soul classic from DJ Twister. 118bpm
Byrdie Green – Return Of The Prodigal Son (Dj Twister Edit) by Dj Twister last (sorry to have kept you..but this is most definitely worth the wait), we get down to this week’s curveball!! Last supported way way way way back in my Scour #2.. 20 Scours later, we welcome back Mr Sam Redmore. ‘Is This Love?’ Umm..well not like that no..but, with this incredible and beautiful version, of an already incredible beautiful tune..yes, yes it most definitely is! Alternative download link is ready and waiting in the track description! 124bpm
Is This Love (Acoustic Takedown) by Sam Redmore

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