Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 07/09/11

Fee fi fo fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun for me (..tuuuune!)..stop, hold it..Scour Time! That’s right y’all, Spinforth your Weekly SoundCloud Scouring slacker here..back at long last to deliver to your ears my Scour #30.

Massive apologies for deserting you all last week..it really wasn’t my fault, I had every intention of fulfilling my Scour duties, buuuut..my fun filled Aeon festivalling escapades seemed to have other ideas..and I returned feeling just a little bit way too sleepy..for about 72hrs!! Fear not though..I’ve been severely reprimanded by Ghetto Funk HQ, and ordered to have no more fun ever! So..there’s absolutely no chance I’ll be failing my Scour duties ever again, ever! Intro over..welcome to Spinforth’s (pre Bestival 2011..yee-funkin-haa!!) Scour #30! Ahh..I foresee a slight problem..Fat Harry, what you up to next week?

So yeah, Aeon festival the other weekend was bloody brilliant (I think?) Well, the bits I can recall definitely were anyway. Just wanted to express a quick but huuuge thanks to those who checked our three scheduled sets on The Cabaret Volataire stage on the Friday night, aaaand..an even bigger thanks to The Food Groove cafe & dance tent, and of course to the legendary (and fellow party animal) Justin Heal (aka The Funky Mucker..check his cloud for a couple of nice mashups) for hooking us up with three more, totally unscheduled (blagged via squirrel power), but seriously great fun, sets on the Saturday and Sunday. Six sets in one weekend..yep yep..truly awesome Aeon 2011 times!!

This weekend (Saturday) you can catch Morphosis (..back from his travels) & Fat Harry delivering the funky HKPP thang down in Penzance, at the latest of The Jubilee Sessions. Capacity for this one has been increased to 1000, and they’ll be there supporting DJ sets from Florence and the Machine and Skully from Razorlight..blimey!! Tickets still available from The Zero Lounge or online at www.eventbrite.com ..get on it! Whilst I’ll be miserably plodding around at Bestival..trying really funkin hard to definitely not have fun, nor blag myself a sneaky Spinforth set!

Right rapidly running out of time, so let’s get down to the Scour. There has been truck loads of worthy jams popping up on SoundCloud over these last couple of weeks. Unfortunately there isn’t room for them all here. As is always the case though, this weeks Scour is filled with a mixed bag of some of my personal favourites. I’m by no means proclaiming these are the very best tunes out there on SoundCloud at the moment..on the contrary, I know for sure that I’ve had to whittle out a few that were very worthy contenders..but, when ever I can, I like to feature a few slightly less obvious tunes..the ones that may not yet have been heard by your ears, and/or, to support people’s clouds that I’m feeling could do with a little bit of a boost. Pretty heavy on the reggae and the hiphop this week..mainly because I tend to listen to more of that when my heads in a bit of a come down mixed up muddle..I find these vibes help me, just a little bit, in easing back the feeling and effects of bananas and things!

As always..please remember to show your appreciation, support and decent SoundCloud etiquette to all cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s, if you dig n download any of these Scoured jams. If you have time to listen to the tunes, you definitely have time to do this! It helps massively to spread the word, and literally only takes a couple of minutes to do..so no excuses, get involved! Cheers in advance.

That’s me done for this week. Wishing you all ace rest of your weeks and weekends..maybe I’ll bump into one or two of you at Bestival? You’ll definitely recognise me..I’ll be dressed as a Fancy Beasts disco bear, who won’t be looking like he’s having ANY fun whatsoever!!

Until next Scour..

Enjoy! x
If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email me at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk



Kickin off this weeks Scour the way we at HKPP like to do do..Reggae vibe stylee! Plenty of edits of this one out there, but this one by Barriobeat has just become my latest favourite. Alternative download link right >> HERE<< 81bpm
Lee Perry “Disco Devil -Version 2 the version” (Rude hi-fi Edit) by Barriobeat

Keepin it reggae-eeee..with a gorgeous blend from Mr Danny Massure. 94bpm
Heatwave Jamboree (Naughty by Nature & Tommy McCook) by Danny Massure

And..cause all good things should always come in threes (stooges, blind mice, Billy goats, bears, legged races etc..)..here’s one more from the awesome One Funky Soul. 98bpm
Bless you(free DL…………………..) by One funky soul.

Starting up the switch up..more wicked work from New Zealand’s Joe Revell 102bpm
Hawooha – Rhombus vs Busta Rhymes (redline refix) by Joe Revell (NZ)

Have been wanting to support Mr Bird via Scour for a long time now, cause I’m a big fan of his work (plenty of it to be found over on his cloud and over on Juno )..but have been waiting patiently for the right tuuune..here it is! 108bpm
Yes Kings – Secret King (Mr Bird Re-mizzle) by mrbird

Another funky fresh head to welcome to the Scour..Canada’s Ben Chemikal..and judging by this tasty original wobbly number, one to keep close watch on I reckon! Alternative download link in track description. 108bpm
Sine Language (Vocal Mix) by Ben Chemikal

Aaaand another..courtesy of Slovakia’s ‘Badass Rudeboy’, Mr Yomakomba Alternative Download link requested/coming soon. 109bpm
Yomakomba – Badass Rudeboy by Yomakomba

I’m a big fan of the releases coming out via UrbanWorld Records, and in particular the work of Mr Solo Moderna..this next track is a perfect example of exactly why! If you’re feelin this be sure to get involved with their latest compilation release ‘Various Artists – Global Bass Vol.2‘..out to purchase in a couple of days time right >>HERE<<. Alternative download link in track description and/or >>HERE<< 110bpm
Egytian Reggae vs Do What ya like (Solo Moderna Cumbiash) by Solo Moderna

Didn’t take DJ Vapor long to do the business with the already awesome (and recently posted up on the GF front page) Basement Freaks Instrumental Remix of ‘Bad Monkeys-No1 Fan’ joint..Large Pro definitely sounding dope over this Bombastic beauty. 114bpm
Large Pro vs. Bad Monkeys & Basement Freaks – Hardcore Fan by DJ Vapor

Last of this week’s big booty bass hitters..Dusty Tonez back doing the damage right here! 120bpm

And winding things down to get you all a bit more in the mood for this week’s Curveball..an absolute classic from DJ Vadim. Expecting, that like me, a lot of you fellow vinyl fiends will already own a copy of this puppy, via the 2009 ‘That Lite / Soldier’ 12″…but, for anyone who missed it, or would prefer not to play a ripped from vinyl version, here’s a totally free 320 downloadable version! Please don’t forget to thank him for it. Top tune! 70/140bpm
Soldier – UK FLEX featuring Wretch 32, Kyza Smirnoff, Orifice Vulgatron & 5Nizza by DJ Vadim

Aaaaand finally, this weeks DOUBLE curveball (Yep..x2 for you because I missed a week!)..both from the same cloud of Mr James DB though, cause they’re both pretty special (to my ears at least), and I can’t decide which is my favourite! To get your mits on this first one you’re gonna have to do a bit of extra work. Get yourself over to the Beataudit FaceBook page >>HERE<<, give them your ‘like’, then scroll down the page a bit (to the post on 12 August at 10:02 to be precise) for the exclusive Mediafire download link. Plenty of other tasty downloads available there too, all of which have featured posts on the quality www.beataudit.com blog pages. Off you pop! 94bpm
James DB – Broke Crooklyn Dodger (Make It Funky Edit) Link for wav DL by James DB

This second one is an easy peasy straight SoundCloud download..for now! Downloads likely to be limited though, so if you miss out just repeat above described procedure and I’m certain you’ll find it over there too. Lushing the funk right out to this one comes highly recommended..by me! 98bpm
James DB – Superman joins the dots (Make It Funky Edit) by James DB

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