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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 08/12/11

By December 8, 2011Blog

What’s happenin’ Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers? Me again (that’s Spinforth to the most of you, Jevans to those who know my real life face)..back to deliver you my Scoured picks of the SoundCloud crop, via this bumper, double rollover edition of Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #43.

Yep, yep, of course there’s a catch, and that’ll be..with Chrimbo just round the corner, I’m pretty certain (seeing as I haven’t even so much as decided what I’d be quite liking for xmas yet..other than the customary Juno vouchers..what’s that? Yes of course you my email address below ;), ..and fresh Serato vinyl of course!)..I’m going to have to be Scouring for Christmas presents for the family next week, as well as working out how the funk I’m going to afford them! So, in anticipation of this traditional nightmare before Christmas (can you tell yet..bah..I’m not ‘exactly’ Scrooge, but I’m far from the biggest fan, and for ‘some’ reason I always feel like I’m dying on Christmas day!?), and to keep you all going, I’m delivering an early festive goodwill treat, of two weeks worth of Scoured tunes for you all this week. Please don’t open them all at once..ahh, go on then, I know that’s not gonna work..feel free, delve right in, indulge yourselfs..but be warned, I’m secretly expecting double thumbs for this lush little lot! 😉

Whilst I’m on that subject, just wanted to personally thank all 340!!! of you, who very very kindly and generously delivered me those for my world record thumb love smashing Scour #41. Still feeling a little overwhelmed by it truth be told..I think flabbergasted would be my most apt response! Absolutely no idea how I’m ever going to get near to that score again..let alone beat it! But then, it’s not really 100% down to always, it’s the hard work and generous sharing by those who make and decide to share the tunes (that I merely decide to support via Scour) who deserve the biggest props. Thinking I must have just got exceptionally lucky that week..hmmm..or maybe it was all down to my lucky Scour mascot? Well..I’m testing that theory out once and for all this week. So..let’s aim for around about the 200 thumb mark please (assuming, for this many tasty free tunes, that’s not too greedy of me!?), and if I hit it, the lucky Scour mascot theory will have been confirmed, and I’ll promise to return to you all again, just before Christmas, with what will most likely be a second bumper edition which may have to last you through until the new year..knowing the states I’m likely to be getting in between the two. All good? Sweeeeet!

Right then..I’m shattered after a crazy busy week at my 9-5, and from staying up till 3am last night writing all the corresponding track blurb! So without further ado, time to deliver you no less than 20, 100% FREE, Scoured gems that I’ve been feeling the most over on SoundCloud this week (it would have been 21, but GF HQ nabbed my WBBL one for their front page..the cheeky buggers!). Fingers crossed though..there’s still at least two for each and everybody’s ears up in here this week.

See ya’ll in a couple of weeks..unless non virgin birth stylee miracles do happen, and someone wants to do all my xmas shopping for me? No? Bah..damn it! Oh well..start savouring this lot then, consider delivering me some early, de-humbugging, festive spirit inducing Scour thumbs, and most of all..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at:

Warming up this week’s Scour in a mashed up reggae stylee..with this gorgeous little gem from Germany’s Barrio Katz. Wait for it..if you’re unsure at the start (i was a little bit 1st time)..I’m reckoning at round about 2:26 is where your ears will find out they’ll wanna be! 72bpm
Barrio Katz – Little Reggae Dragon by Barrio Katz

Keeping the reggae vibe for a bit..It’s not often I support tunes via Scour if/when I don’t have a clue what they’re going on about!? Guessing that’s a little bit Scourist of me though, aaand, seeing as my Scour appears to have an increasing amount of international followers these days, I’m pretty sure some of you out there will appreciate this next one..not just for the rad tune that my ears can hear, but hopefully you’ll appreciate it lyrically too! Rub-a-dub lushness right here from Spain’s Supa Bassie. 84bpm
Supa Bassie – Estrictamente Rub a Dub by Supa Bassie

Gotta love it when a tune as sweet sounding as this gets opened up for download on a Scourday! Never really imagined the already beautiful original could ever be improved on really, but..fellow Kernovian Daytoner has a proven knack of doing exactly this! Bloody ‘ansome and gurt lush edit here buddy, properr job..cheer now! 🙂 90bpm
Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping (Daytoner Edit) by Daytoner

Avid Scour followers should well know by now..I LOVE the work (..pretty much all of it apparently!) of b.visisble! Here’s my latest reason why. So so good..again! 94bpm
B.Visible – Click Save by b.visible

Aha, ideal..thanks to b.vis’ we’ve sneakily switched to glitch mode! Been a huuuuge fan of Gramatik‘s work for a long long time, but..even though he has plenty of tasty free joints available (get ‘liking’ that previous link), as well as some even tastier official releases, don’t think I’ve ever Scoured him. Let’s put that undeniable Scour sin to right..immediately! 94bpm
Gramatik & Break Science – Boogie Down by Gramatik

Time to roll out my lucky Scour mascot! To celebrate his most definitely deserved recent reaching of 2000 SoundCloud followers (..massive congrats pard!), Sir Daigo of Sydney (..time now to do your magic thumb scoring thing!) has just opened up the download of this monster for us all!! We three at HKPP (<< hmm..not long till we hit our own magic 2000 over there..could it be you? :)) have been lucky and privileged enough to have been testing out a sneaky promo copy of this puppy for a couple of months now..and I assure you it comes with our tried and tested seal of approval! If you're not 'liking' this man and his work you're either..deaf, mental, or should be doing so over >>HERE<<..and NOW! Thank you please. 100bpm
Doctor P vs Beastie Boys – Watch The Shot (Daigo Re-Bake) by dj Daigo

Hailing from Riga, Latvia (..still vowing to get myself there one day!..Kate Pavula where’s my invite?) let’s give a warm Scour welcome to DJ DUBra. Pretty simple but very effective sounding live blend right here. Cheers for mailing it in’ve just been Scoured! If you’re feeling this one, please consider supporting the official Koan Sound release right >>HERE<<, or better still their latest release >>HERE<<. Alternative download link requested. 100bpm
Koan Sound vs QTip – Brown Breathe (DJ DUBra live BLEND) by DJ DUBra

More ‘liking’ involved to get your mitts on this next one. If you’ve followed my advice from numerous previous Scours, you’ll already be following these up and coming Hungarian legends Nynfus Corporation..and so will probably have stumbled across this beauty this week, via Bombastic Jam‘s generous link upon their faceboink page. If not..lessons learned, go..get all over it!! 100bpm
Nynfus Corporation – Friday Night Time by Bombastic Jam

Next up..cause I don’t stop..a delicious slice of ‘REAL’ hiphop, courtesy of the Netherland’s Jackmaster Hawk. Unlike some absolute ‘real’ twat named both Craig and David..this is undoubtedly proper proper, proper bo! 105bpm
And You Don’t Stop – 45 King (Jackmaster Hawk’s ‘old school fool’ re-edit) by Jackmaster Hawk

Scour support switching back down under and over to Mr Joe Revell. Apparently this incredibly ace remix was originally penned for an official AHoriBuzz release, via Loop Recordings..but, I have received a tip off, and now have the pleasure to announce they appear to be giving it away completely free! Time to go show this remix some well deserved Scour love please..oh, and Loop recordings that giving it away was a bloody brilliant mistake idea! 110bpm
AHoriBuzz – Turnaround (Joe Revell Remix) by Loopcrew

Not following P.O.D.G.E on facebook yet? Come on..I first introduced you way back in Scour #21! Had a sneaky Scour feeling his work was gonna get better and better..sneaky Scour feeling confirmed! 110bpm
P.O.D.G.E – Hustle by P.O.D.G.E

So..seeing as I’m still far from the biggest Moombahton fan in the world, should I be purposely avoiding tunes labeled Moombahcore? Ummm..should I funk! I’ll try pretty much anything and everything at least once! Scouring up this beast almost made me drop my goblin this week!! Judging via lack of recognisable comment loving faces, or followers up on his Cloud..looks like I may be about to introduce all your ears to smomething new..and incredifunkinably amaaaaazing! Please give a warm Scour welcome to Mr Drop Goblin Welcome to my Scour bro!..think/hope you may like it in here!? FREE download link (courtesy of Play Me Records) available in SoundCloud track description. Eeenooormous! 110bpm
Drop Goblin – Make Yur Head Bounce **Free download in the info** by Drop Goblin

Welcoming back Sir Delimentary to the Scour, for Part 2 (of 4) of his ‘Ibiza Re-Raved Weapons’. Top work again buddy! Please all keep your own ears out for Part 3 which is likely to drop on his Cloud, and/or his facebook page, this same time next week..cause I’m unfortunately unlikely to be musically Scouring to remind you all! 113bpm
DELimentary ‘Ibiza Re-Raved Weapon 2’ FREE DOWNLOAD by DELimentary

Recently supported in world record smashing Scour’s some more Ugly Lovely..lovely, and not at all ugly..loveliness! Welcome back to the Scour dude 🙂 120bpm
Blackcat Sylvester x Ugly Lovely – The Bar Kays – Soul Finger Remix! by Ugly Lovely

Next one Exeter’s finest, Dropsteady Freddy! (<< 'like' please!) Been hangin' out for the finished version of this. If you were speedy enough to grab one of the first 100 downloads..I've got some good bad news for you! Alternative download has recently been added..but it's to a new and improved, drum boosted you're gonna be wanting to re-download this sweeter sounding copy via the link in the description and ditching your original. Tidy work bud..for you, there was never any doubt! ;) 124bpm
Haffi Get Money WAV (DL Link in Description) by Dropsteady Freddy

We nearly done yet? Well yeah..thank goodness for my severe Scournackeredoutness™, we are nearly done! Just to make sure no one (including self) has nodded off yet though, best we check out, and show some Scour love and facebook ‘liking’ support to Canada’s Kyle Cross and Spain’s KL2. Tasty breaks right here..with free download available courtesy of Breakz R Boss Records. Player and download link for this one also available over at KL2’s SoundCloud >>HERE<<. See how I couldn’t make my mind up where best to link this one back get checking and supporting all 3 of those supplied links please! 132bpm
Kyle Cross – Change Up (KL2 Vocal Breaks Edit) [FREE TUNE 320 KBPS] by Breakz R Boss Records

Sad and lonely! Who me? Well yeah..a little bit..probably/definitely the biggest downfall to spending hours and hours Scouring for all your ears every week..for what is fast approaching the past 12 months!! Makes me a musical type of happy Scouring up remixes like this one from Mat The Alien though! 🙂 140bpm
DJ Shadow – Sad & Lonely – Mat The Alien Dubstep Remix – Free Download by MatTheAlien

And last up (at last!), pre-curveball..If only I had this version in my ammo (not so long ago) when according to some clueless punter I clearly wasn’t a real DJ because I didn’t accept requests (..yeah, yeah, good one..and I spose you want something you can dance to too? jog on, and funk right off!). At last’s THE version of this tune that I’ve been waiting for, and would actually happily play out without cringing whilst even just considering it! Thanking you and a bigUP DJ Captain Planet! 75/150bpm
Katy On A Mission (Captain Planet Remix) by DJ Captain Planet

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! Not much more to say about this other than..’classic’, and, ‘top re-rub’, and, ‘thanking you InnerWestSoul‘, and, double rollover monster Scour #43..done! 90bpm
Rat In Mi Kitchen – InnerWestSoul Rodent Re-Rub by InnerWestSoul

Ahh..shit! I Suppose a double rollover week, wouldn’t be complete without 2x curveballs!? Alright..arm twisted..I’m a sucker for a bit of Paul Simon too!’s another ‘classic’, and, ‘tidy re-drum’, from DJ Grotesque. Right..that really is it, peace and Scour #43..out!
D.O.T.S.O.H.S. (DJ Grotesque Redrum) by DJ Grotesque

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