Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 09/02/12

Yes..I’m back again..and yes, that really is a pig getting jiggy with a cow!! Spinforth here, welcoming one and all, to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #50.

Literally no time left at all to write any further intro blurb this week folks. Other than to let you all know that..although full to the brim with very tasty 100% free to download treats, Scour #50 is very much a regular Scour. No Golden celebrations here, but instead, a first official, cat out the bag heads up, for you all to be looking out for, and getting very very excited by the news of, a long planned, soon to come, celebratory Anniversary Super Scour #52. Keep keeping your eyes and ears peeled for it. Current estimated date of arrival is Thursday March 1st. Think it’s pretty safe to say..it’s definitely one nobody will want to miss! πŸ˜‰

BigUPs to all who’ve made this weeks Scour cut, and to every one else..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk


Kicking of this week’s Scourceedings with this groovy funkin’ beeeeeauuuuty of a refix from New Orleans’ DJ Yamin. Can’t say I know any more about him (yet)..other than this work is lush! 83bpm β–Ό

Followed straight up by this doper than dope jazzed up rework of L.O.T.U.G.’s golden age classic ‘Chief Rocker’, courtesy of two true and absolutely legendary supporters of The Scour, New York’s own dynamic duo Freqnik & WDRE. Definitely a new favourite of your’s/of mine right here fellas..bigUP! 99bpm β–Ό

Canada’s DJ Soo up next, delivering an awesome mashup..let’s label this one up as being inna Trigga-Hopβ„’ stylee! Keep keping your eyes and ears peeled for the 2nd Tremendo release too (..dropping any day now – find it >>HERE<< as soon as it does)..amongst other gems up on it, you’ll find >>THIS<< brilliant fresh joint from Wood n Soo (<< Facebook 'like' them both at once one via that link!). Ace work all round dudes! 98bpm β–Ό

Been waaaaay too long since El Bomba has been supported via Scour. So let’s welcome him back via this wicked Mobb Deep remix! If you’re feeling his work (and you definitley should be cause I know of plenty more dopeness dropping from him soon..watch my Scour space!) then why not give him a ‘like’ via his Facebook Fan Page (<< clickedy click!). Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 103bpm β–Ό

No matter what new tunes appeared up on his Cloud this week, and to avoid people ‘talking’, I was absolutely determined to be leaving DJ Cheapshot out of this weeks Scour! Ahh..Bollocks. πŸ˜‰ 99bpm β–Ό

2nd week on the trot (..and third week in total) that Washington D.C.’s Dads On Display have been supported via Scour. Think this joint might actually be my favourite of their bunch so far. Oh yeah..and why the funk aren’t more than just 30 of you ‘liking’ their Facebook Fan Page yet!!?? Sort it out, lovely little tunes like this deserve your fan face ‘like’..please. 100bpm β–Ό

DJ Steve Jones! Here’s the one I’ve been waiting for..so your Scour support time has at last cometh! Your best mashing-up work so far here bud (in my ears opinion at least), so..welcome to The Scour! Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 101bpm β–Ό

Leygo been keeping himself busy since I supported his Superfly remix back in Scour #47. That one’s still my favourite, but here come’s my second favourite. Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 104bpm β–Ό

Second Scour appearance (last supported via Scour #36) for Porc Scratchings. Instantly loving this one dude..rad work! Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description 105bpm β–Ό

Wick-it‘s back! And I don’t even like Moombahton..errmmm, or do I now? Nuff said. 108bpm β–Ό

Pleased to announce that NoWa‘s back too! No doubt about my ears liking him. Reckon you lot should get ‘liking’ him over at his Facebook Fan Page too! Aceness dude. 110bpm β–Ό

Fellow Kernowvian Mr Fierce Business Dan Wilde has unleashed this wobbly nugget, early aaand for free this week, to celebrate his 800th SoundCloud follower. One of your very best for sure buddy..loving it! 112bpm β–Ό

Canada’s Defunk is back with another bloody big G’funkin flavoured banger! Hearing a lot of tasty potential in this Cloud..time to get liking his Facebook Fan Page, if you so please. 116bpm β–Ό

Took my ears a few spins to decide exactly how much they liked this next joint by Breevil. Pretty sure they’ve since decided that it’s actually bloody beautiful and they funkin love it! 118bpm β–Ό

No doubt whatsoever about my loving of this latest joint, from the very up and coming (..who’s gonna owe me a shit load of Brandy & Cokes when we share a return of the Strictly Steppas bill together in Fal Town on April 28th πŸ˜‰ ) ..SkalliiWaggles. Rad again bro! 120bpm β–Ό

A pleasure to find this next puppy from 2 Smoking DJ’s in my inbox this week! Looks like they’ve been busy in the studio already too, cause just noticed another tidy sounding gem upped to their Cloud too. Bit late for me to switch my support to their latest..but you can check that one out right >>HERE<< too. Great work fellas (and yep, your tagging is worrrrking now, MP3 stylee is the key!)..from what I’m hearing so far, reckon you might find that I’ll be popping back fairly often! If that’s all good for you? πŸ˜‰ 122bpm β–Ό

Any one knowing me in ‘real life’ life should well know that A.T.C.Q are without doubt ‘one’ of my all time favourite golden age hip-hop groups. Can’t say I ever expected to be hearing (or even appreciated) them pitched up, by The Juice Squad, to breakbeat stylee 130bpm though. Turns out I think I might do though. 130bpm β–Ό

I’m going to be the first to admit I haven’t a funkin clue who the fook Asia based British band Goober Gun are!?? But..i definitely do know that this remix from good friend and fan of HKPP, and avid follower and consistent (..for ever and ever now bud πŸ˜‰ ) thumb loving supporter of The Scour, DJ Chamber is mega dopeness! 130bpm β–Ό

Wrapping things up (pre-curveball) inna D’n’B one for the road stylee, courtesy of Begium’s wicked n rad Turntable Dubbers. This one via Nice Up Records Cloud. Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 173bpm β–Ό

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! Not really very much I can say to big this tune up, other than..time to get your lovely lug holes round this funked up fiiiiiiiire of an edit from Mr SteEdge…. EXCLUSIVE, and very kindly shared to the Scour, alternative download link available by clicking this link right >>HERE<<. Pleeeeease don’t forget to thank Mr Edge for his sharing of this exclusive link via your β™₯’s and comments up on his player! 103bpm β–Ό

Check back on all previous Scours via >>The Scour Archives<<.

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