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Spinforth’s Weekly Soundcloud Scour 09/03/11

By March 10, 2011Blog

Howdy doo dee Ping Pongerrrs & Ghetto Funkerrrs..I’m back!! Probably not for good ( favourite Take That song..errrm..excuse me!??), but for the next week or two at the very very least! Yep, yep, it’s your number one ‘Super Sharp Scourer’™ Spinforth here, feeling mighty refreshed after a week off both blogging, and brandy, hmm..well, maybe I had just one or two of latter on Friday, I can’t actually remember..Tequila’s fault! I managed to hold it down on Saturday though..shandies only..hardcore!

Soo..Happy Ash Wednesday everybody! Apparently, starting today, we’re all supposed to surrender our vices and give up a few of our favourite food things for 40 days, like meat, eggs, and cow juice..WTF is that about!? cottage pies (yes..still for one!), chocolate milk, pizza or eggy bread for 40 days (get out!)..please, someone just shoot me now! Dr Fat Harry’s banned the fruit bearing monkeys already..this is plenty enough right?? All I’m planning on ‘giving up’ for the next 40 days is lashings of free and downloadable GhettoFunkingoodness..oh, yeah..and for this week only, I’ve decided to give up being able to count further than 5 (or 6) too..’so many found fruits in my liiife, so many baby, so many baby!!’

Speedy thankyou’s & please’s this week..

Thankyou’s..1st up, bigUp’s to Fat Harry for filling in for me at late notice last week..great blog blurbing job done. Expect you’ll all be hearing from him again every now and then, for any weeks I need to take off to recharge (more thumbs for his efforts next time though pleeease..he loves a good thumbing too!); and, thanks as always to ALL who checked recent HKPP & Spinforth gigs..two stand out ones for me were Qbar’s 3rd birthday bash (4 deck battle style..yeah I did!) a couple of Saturday’s ago, and HKPP at The Angel Bar Exeter, just last Saturday..awesome vibes, both thoroughly loved and enjoyed..thanking yooooo!

Please’s..So, no winning prize for HKPP in Breakspoll’s ‘Best Small Event’ category this year (congratulations to Bristol’s finest ‘The Drop’ for pipping us at the post)..but PLEASE don’t be sad! It was an awemazingsome achievement, by you, and for us all, in getting HKPP nominated into the top five..and we’ve certainly won a few new found funky friends in the process, hopefully you’ll be hearing one or two of them at future HKPP gigs real this space! Last up for this week..if you’re out and about in Fal’ Town this weekend you can find me delivering my Spinforth thing at Qbar on Friday, and/or Morph delivering his slightly wonkier Simian Sounds thing at Falmouth Rugby Club on Saturday, supporting Freerange Dj’s “The Psy-Breaks Megarave” feat FAR TOO LOUD & NEURODRIVER!..please come! (..not like that!)

Right..time to wrap up this weeks blogceedings! A full fat funky fine feast of worthy ripe fruits found for your foxy g’funkin ears during this weeks scour folks (funk me that’s a lot a ‘f’s!)..and it’s taken aaaaages to whittle them all down to this weeks bumper crop of 5 (errr..+4 more!). No matter how long and hard I tried, I just couldn’t let any of these go unshared. I’m hoping I’ll be forgiven for my gluttonous scouring sins though..all those in favour of 4 free bonus me yo’ faceboinking thumbs pleeeease!!

ahh…and don’t forget..if you dig enough to download, please, please, please, leave the cloud owners a comment! They’ve been kind enough to share their hard work..the very least we can ALL do is take a few seconds out to express our appreciation.

Tuck in!!

It’s a Pity (Dunks Edit) – FREE DOWNLOAD by Dunks

M.O.P – Ante Up (DJ Moneyshot boot) by DJ-Moneyshot

M.I.A vs The Honey Drippers – Paper Presidents (Jimi Needles Summer Cocktail) by Jimi Needles

Wonderful world,beautiful people-jimmy cliff sparky’s reggaelaeric edit by sparky (DeepSoundDesign)

Chillin Balam – Money (downtempo remake) FREE DOWNLOAD by Hector Balboa

Bet You Love Machine Gun Funk Ft Notorious B.I.G. by Dastardly Kuts

DL in exchange for comments ONLY on this one ^^^..Dastardly is training you, and promises to hook you up a DL as soon as he can, if/when you do!

That’s Entertainment (FREE 320mp3) by Dan Wilde/Fierce Business

Ella Fitzgerald – Get Ready – Leon DeeJay Club Edit by leonidas deejay

aaaaand..this weeks curveball! Up for a bit of Blondie anybody? Lushious little edit this..

Blondie-Heart Of Glass-DJ Moodz Remix by Dj Moodz


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