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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 09/06/11

By June 9, 2011Blog

Yo yo yo..happy Scourday™ Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers! Spinforth here..just about recovered from my 36 straight hours of birthday partying last weekend..welcoming you all to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour # ninininininininininin, 19, nininininninin 19!!! The shooting and fighting of the past two weeks continued today, 25 miles west of Saigon, I really (really really) wasn’t sure what was going on, nininini nineteen, 19, ni-nineteen 19,19,19,19,19! Bugger..maybe I haven’t quite recovered from those incredible Boshy Triples™ that Fat Harry (cheers for stepping in with Scour #17 pard..loving your goats!), Mayor, and myself invented and..umm..’experimented’ with at 6am on Saturday morning!? Best birthday weekend ever though..i think?? BigUPs to all who attended the birthday boat and after, after, after partied with me..what a fantastic ‘voyage’!!

Last couple of weekends have been truly awesome in just need to quickly deliver some belated thankyou’s to a few peeps. Shout outs go out to..all who got down and funked up in the HKPP tent at Jelly Jazz’s 18th Birthday 2 weekends ago, and to Pete Isaac for inviting us to come and play. Also to..Why Productions and Durty Disco for having me play (a Spinforthy blinder if I do say so myself!) the following night as part of the same We Are One Weekend @ Sandsifter event. Such a good weekend had by myself, and those who attended…all wrapped up brilliantly via the likes of BackBeatSoundSystem, Zion Train and The Dub Pistols, amongst others, on the Sunday night. Hanging out for the next one of these.

Aaaand then..this last weekend..the gig I was too busy partying/wobblying to make it to! Hong Kong Ping Pong supported the almighty A.Skillz (..check out his latest mix >>HERE<<) at Sound nightclub in Penzance. By all accounts both Mr Skillz, and Morph and Harry, tore the bloomin roof off the big big thanks and much ball love, on their behalf, to all who got involved.

So..It’s looking like June is set to continue as it started..(i.e being rad and full of party!)..bummer! This weekend if you’re out n aboot in Fal Town on Friday, you can check myself supporting and warming up the spot for Dicky Trisco of Disco Deviance fame, at a brand new night for Falmouth Rugby Club, called Boojum. I’m a big fan of the Disco Deviance edits, particularly so of >>this one<<..which works the floor every single time! So it’s an honour and a pleasure to be asked to be involved in this (cheers Ben & Ben!). Tickets available on the door and >>HERE<<.

Aaaand then, and then and then, the following Friday, June 17th, also at Falmouth Rugby Club..the big big bigger than big..lets aptly call it the elephantine HONG KONG PING PONG’s **VERY SPECIAL** 4th BIRTHDAY. That’s right folks Stickybuds is coming to party with us in little ol’ (big in the game) Falmouth town, along with Ghetto Funk founders Goodgroove and Mr Streetwise. It’s ‘FANCY DRESS’ styleeee with a ‘Swinging Safari & Funky Familiars’ theme..and my animal suit is being custom made as I type this! I’m hoping if I disguise myself well enough (as a real life human sized pissed up squirrel) that no disciplinary action will be taken when I finally meet up with both of my Ghetto Funk bosses, in the flesh! We look forward to partying with all your fantastic Ping Pongy animaly faces!! Advance tickets on sale NOW, at just £5 a pop (more on the door), from Tremough Campus Shop, Woodlane Bar, and well as any of us HKPP crew. No excuses..get on it!

Alriiighty then..reckon that’s waaay enough/too much bloggaffle™ for this week, but had to make up for my slack busyness the last couple of now on with my Scour! And boy oh boy, oh girl oh girl, do I have a veritable feast of funky free fruits to deliver your ears this week. It’s quite possibly been one of the biggest and busiest weeks everrr, and my pre-whittled short list contained no less than 30 very very worthy free tunes. Deciding which were most worthy of making this weeks Scour cut has taken all of my Super Sharp Scour Power™, but still I’m left with no choice but to deliver you lucky mother funkers a double rollover Scour! Sincere apologies to anyone out there who was hoping to feature. Hopefully when you check these picks you’ll appreciate that the competition for places this week was seriously steep.

Thanks as always to all who’ve emailed me their tunes..keep your eyes and ears peeled over the next couple of weeks. I’m endeavouring to fit you in as soon as I can.

I’ve definitely written way too much no room for any lengthy individual introductions for any of this little lot…just tuck right in, and dig monster Scour #19!!

Cheeeer now..Enjoy! xx

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at:

Mmmmm..might have to make this my Scour theme tune! ▼
Super sharp roller by mungoshifi

Scoured these fellas in back in Scour #15 , and they’ve very kindly been supporting my little blog thang ever since (cheers buds). Seeing as this mashup is so so gorgeous..figured the least I could do was support them again! ▼
Can’t Hold us Down feat Greg Nice Reggae Mashup off the soon to be released Tenacious Dub L.P by Freqnik & WDRE

You can purchase the original Farm Fresh Soundsystem joint used in this next mash >>HERE<<…we at HKPP are big fans of the official release! Alternative download link in track description
Influenced by the roots – Jurassic 5 vs The farm fresh sound system (redline refix)(download link in description) by Joe Revell (NZ) >

Another brilliant, genius in fact, remix from WBBL..this shouldn’t work, but it really really does! ▼
Al Green – Love & Happiness WBBL Remix by WBBL

Most recent of (loads and loads of) awesome jams by Illegal Cookin DJ. Be sure to check out the rest of his Cloud..plenty of alternative download links kindly added (in track comments) especially for you Ghetto Funkin Scouries™..and an abundance of dance floor fillers to be grabbed up in here!
Alternative download link in COMMENTS
PICKETLINES 108bpm by illegal cookin DJ

No intro required here..if you’ve not checked this already..wake the funkanomics up..and do so right now!! ▼
Nas vs. Cure – Revolutionary Lullaby (Funkanomics ft. Audio InFunktion Mashup) by Funkanomics

Luscious jazzy wobbly summer time vibes from Funkanizer. This is an updated version to that which he posted up a few days ago. Now with an improved, DJ friendlier, ending. Keep your ears peeled on this Cloud..I anticipate more gems will follow. Alternative download link in track description
Summertime Madness (Final Version) by Funkanizer

Party Time!! Courtesy of iLOVETT!..I love his other jams too..go check them out ASAP!
Alternative download link in track description

DJ Axe does the business again.. ▼
Fatboy Slim – Renegade Master (DJ Axe Freak Power Mash) *Free Download* by DJ Axe

Brand spankin new Jam from Rephrase next’s been so long since I’ve heard heard anything new from him..but this little puppy is well worth the wait! It’s for promo use only, so you’ll need to sign up to grab it >>HERE<< or follow the link in the track description. ▼

Last up..a little bit o latin flavoured drum & bass anyone?
Alternative download link already requested for you all..and hopefully coming soon!
01 Latin Boogaloo by etched

Aaaand this week’s curveball!! Is beeeeauuuutiful..this is all! Jax..cheers for this one hat off, right back at ya bro! Alternative download link in track COMMENTS

Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub) [DL LINK IN COMMENTS] by Das Kapital

Peace ‘n’ out.

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