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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 10/02/11

By February 10, 2011Blog

Yo! and a happy happy Thursday to all ye Ping Pongers and Ghetto Funkers..tiny little blue thumbs at the ready..Spinforth’s here! Back once again, for my hat trick of weeks in a row (yep..this is a miracle!), to deliver your weekly dose of MY kind of recommended five fresh fruits a day. Yeah..I’s Thursday..I’m a day late! can stop being happy for me’s a false alarm! I’ve not pulled, and I’m fairly sure I’m not pregnant..just the result of a very heavy party weekend; crazy busyness at my 9(ish) to 5 day job; and..spending way too long in the shower every morning. My apologies..this just happens! I swear my shower is actually a time machine, but if I mention this you’ll probably think I’m a nut job..errmm..moving swiftly on.! Writing this blog blurb usually takes me aaaages (it’s already taken ages to write that bit up there ^^) but I don’t really have ages this week (cheesy beans await my belly, via toast!), but I can’t move on to the business end before conveying my thank you’s and please’s…

This week’s thanks go out to…All 88!! of you (..including myself) who showed me your blue thumbed blog loving faceboink ‘likes’ over on last week (a new world sweeeet!), and..those who took time out to leave me a comment (all very much apprecited); whoever’s party I found myself at until 07:30a.m on Saturday morning (lovely balloons!); the bus driver who got me home for 0.60p (bargain!); and to Monkey-T (and friends) for partying with me AGAIN on Saturday night until 17:00hrs on Sunday afternoon (as I said..very heavy!). Also, on behalf of Fat Harry and Morphosis , thanks to all those that got down, in a HKPP styliee, to the big ‘un at The Angel Bar (Exeter) and the little ‘un at Rhythm Factory (London Town) on Saturday night (all balls were loved)..thank you!

Just two swift please’s..Hong Kong Ping Pong present the almighty funky friend face of ‘PIMPSOUL’ next Friday (18/02/10) at The Watermans (Falmouth), 21:00-02:00, Free (yes FREE) entry! We promise you a HUUUUGE HKPP night..’please come’, get down, and get funked right up (and bring ALL your friends!); and, finally..if you’re out and about in Falmouth this Saturday, I’ll be on the 1’s & 2’s (and brandy & cokes) at the awesome Eight Bar from 22:00-03:00..’please bring me you’! Ta.

Okaaay..last bloggygraph!! No doubt all you Ghettofunkin followers have found this weeks essential G’funk endorsed bangers from Slynk, BadboE and Fort Knox Five already (if not..wake up!! and go check those links), so I’m not including these here, even though all are undoubtedly weekly top 5 material. Instead, and as always, I bring you a mixed bag of less obvious alternatives. All jams below are very much Hong Kong Ping Pong and Spinforth flavoured, and top my list of favourite finds of the week. They may not ALL be music to everyone’s ears, but I’m hoping there’s at least one favourite here for everyone taking the time to check. Please don’t forget to show the the Cloud owners your eargasmic love, by leaving them a comment if you dig and/or download. If you have a tune (or have found a tune) that you’d like me to check out, and deem worthy/unworthy for next week’s scour, feel free to hit me up with the link via SoundCloud…Beauty!

Ahh bugger..just noticed I’m delivering 6 of my best again..meh! You can save one for the weekend, and miss out on your least favoured variety of vegetable with your Sunday roast!


1st for you Valentine’s day loverrrs!

Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long – the ‘Not At My Age’ re-edit by Ed Zone

Followed by..a great big Ghettofunky, bass heavy, hip hop banger..

Funky Hit Record (Remaster) – MiishMash by miishmash

a gorgeous mashup..

Grandmaster Flash vs Royksopp vs Bob James – The Message (Jimi Needles Acid Jazz Cocktail) by Jimi Needles

a balkany blend..(i’ve no idea what they’re on about, including Ice, but I like it!)..

Ice Ice Busy (Hey Nah Neh Nah) Max RubaDub Remix – Busy Signal, Vanilla Ice & Vaya Con Dios by RubaDub Blends

a funky little edit..

Rose Royce-put your money where your mouth is(leroc sportif edit) by Leroc Sportif

Aaaaannd..this weeks curveball..No doubt many of you are following Zenit on SoundCloud already (if not why not? i recommend you do do..errmm??!), loads of tasty mashup’s available on his Clould, but this one’s very different. It’s genius and a grower for sure.. one for the early morning after party, still a bit wobbly, hope to avoid that hangover, crew amongst me!

Labi Siffre – I don’t know what happened to the kids today (Zenit Incompatible rerub) by Zenit Incompatible


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