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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 10/05/12

By May 10, 2012Blog

Easy all, and welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #58. Umm..I’m not really here, but..just wanted to encourage the biggest of all of your ball loving UPs be shown to Fat Harry this week please. Without his help and his genius blurb writing skills, the following Scour would be lost in my inboxes forever! So, with out further’s Harry!

What in sweet hell are you doing in my room?! And before you ask, yes I do mostly always use the computer wearing fragrant oils, snorkel, flippers and anti-scratch mittens. Judge not lest ye be judged!

Good to see you again friends, who would have thought it would take me twenty Scours to get myself untangled from Scour #38 and blurbing for Spinforth again. I’ve been keeping myself busy, a spot of gardening (downhill), walks along the coast, watching day time television, creating an endless source of renewable energy of unknown potential for all mankind. In a ‘life imitating art’ moment I somehow managed to open a portal to another dimension à la Avengers Assemble, and accidentally unleashed Slimbear, Angry God of Jack Daniels into this dimension. Whoops! My bad. I’m assembling a team of superheroes to sort this mess out, if you’re keen do drop me an email and I’ll try and get you in. Angle Grinder Man and Tron Guy are locks, but Arms-Fall-Off-Boy is on his last legs and Hose Nose keeps quoting section 76 of the Water Industry Act (temporary hosepipe bans) on how he can and can’t fight crime. Like S.H.I.E.L.D, we have our own helicarrier. It’s not quite as high-tech as the one in the movie but it’s got all the main features you’d expect from a crime fighting base of operations; lifejacket (one), whistles (lots), pyrotechnics (mostly these), a puncture repair kit, and a boxing glove (in case this happens)!

Hold up. I’ve just received an email from Dr. Streetwise, he reckons to close the portal I should just stick my spear into it, or words to that effect. If this works can I suggest we all go our separate ways until such a time as a new world-threatening menace emerges. If it doesn’t can someone come and clean up my browsing history.

Ta crime fighters!


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Saaaf coast scoundrel DJ Maars does it again! I think this is my favourite reggae re-rub of his so far. If he keeps this up I think we should all go and crash one of his weekly Wednesday night gigs at Southsea’s Honest Politician, take our clothes off from the waist down and demand our own re-rubbing. Schwing! 95bpm

WBBL‘s back home! He’s been busy too! Not only has he got another banger for us all, he’s even got himself a new wbblsite. “What’s the URL?!!” I hear you’s I shout back! He’s also got a himself dizzyjammed up so you can wear some wbble on your breasts. He had me at breasts. Get involved!! >>SIGN UP TO WBBL MAIL FOR DOWNLOAD<< 94bpm

I love it when two of my favourite things combine in a song. Dub Terminator‘s remix of DJ Grassroots ‘Fatty Boom combines not only ‘Fatties’ but also ‘Booms’ which any listener of the HKPP radio show will know I love in equal measure (..along with Baps). Top dub work fella! >>FREE 320kbps DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE HERE<< 99bpm

DJ Cheapshot (who surely by now needs no Scour introduction, living legend that he is) gives Redman’s ‘let’s get dirty’ a wicked little spin. Slight chinese laundry feel to it, which is probably a good place to be if you’re going to be getting stuff dirty. I always snigger when Redman talks about bumrushing. Just me? I’ll get my coat.100bpm

This Sliceman & X-Ray Ted‘s tune has been banging on the HKPP speakers for a few weeks now. The Bristolian beatsters have tweaked it, Spinforth’s had a little word and arranged the download be switched on, and we’re all guaranteeing you’ll be loving this monster or your money back. It’s swings like a room full of middle aged like minded couples with bad hair. And there’s air horns in it. See what we mean? 106bpm

What the devil are you doing not following The Heatwave? You are mental. Check out what they’ve gone and made available on their soundcloud page. If you didn’t own the vinyl you clearly missed a trick, for the love of god, don’t miss the trick twice. See what I did there? 107pm

Trouser Warning! Before you hit play on this Dutty Moonshine remix you’d better nail the hems of your trousers to the floor. Not even joking. When I listened to it my trousers swang so hard they blew straight off and nearly killed the neighbour. Thankfully she’s a massive bitch otherwise i’d have felt terrible. Their London Posse ‘Gangster Chronicle’ Remix swings hard. Be warned. 107bpm

Wikipedia says that only murderers and cow wranglers hated the Brand New Heavies. We can only offer our thanks to Kenny Beeper that he’s neither of those (although word is he’s quite the horse whisperer) Nice twist he’s put on this BNH classic ‘people get ready’ I think the Beatles said it best; “Beep beep, beep beep yeah!” ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 110bpm

I don’t know about you but at this point in the Scour most of my clothes have either been blown off or swung clean away, easy ladies. If I wasn’t just wearing speedos, marigold gloves and a ski mask I’d be seriously worried as this monster headbanger by Aelian would definitely do some serious thread shredding. Cave Funk featuring Mathieu Lagraula bangs like a hammer on an anvil of funk. 110bpm

77 plays in 8 months!! This is what the Scour is for! Dive in to this monster from Australia’s iLLpRintz taste makers! 112bpm

Pecoe’s Knock you out is a bang tidy piece of 120 bpm goodness. As a factual aside, if you find yourself confronted by someone singing “I’m gonna knock you out”, keep an eye out for his rat faced mate who says nothing, as he’ll be the one to actually try and knock you out //security facts. 120bpm

Stop the press! The Breakbeat Junkie has woven thick, juicy slabs of musical hooks into this Incredible Bongo Band classic. Dancefloor gold. Dj’s who play this will need a bag to store all the underwear that will inevitably been thrown at you (At least I’ll promise throw mine at you) Knicker Elastic-tastic 130bpm

Oi Oi! Hong Kong Ping Pong have got into the Scour? Mash up Nepotism? Oh hell yeah but with just under 2000 plays in a few days it seems rude not to bring it to your attention. It even features drag and autistic portraying specialist Dustin Hoffman! Boom! What Jack? I’m trying to type….Dustin Hulton, eh? My very mistake. Deekline & Dustin Hulton – Whip It (Neighbour Remix)’ and ‘Slamboree – Balk To The Future’ all mashed together in a Hong Kong Ping Pong styleeee! We hope you like. 131bpm

I’ve said it before but god damn, this is why I love what Spinforth does with The Scour!! I know there’s loads of sexy tunes out there made by people I know i’ll love listening to, but I also know I don’t have the man hours to trawl through the soundcloud haystack to find the golden needles. ‘The Snake vs Masai Mara’ mashed up by Ocelus is the perfect example of a tune I probably wouldn’t have heard without the power of The Scour. Respect! 148bpm

Last up, pre-curveball, and before I hand you back over to Spin’..this Stylust Beats mash up featuring Two Fresh and Childish Gambino is just too good! Insert big smile here. 88bpm

Massive cheers Harry!! A sterling Scour job very well done..thanks pard, LYBs! Yep, yep, I’m back folks, just to quickly sign out of this weeks Scour #58 (..hoping it worked for you!?) via Curveball, and to thank you for all the recent support. It’s been a very emotional and testing last week and half for my family and I (..those who know me will know what that’s all about), BUT..thanks partly to beautiful tunes such as this Moby ‘Memory Gospel’ remix from Cedar Senior least some of my spare minutes spent in deep and down recent thought have been bearable! Thanks so much for sharing this gem my/our way fella. There’s nothing I don’t LOVE about this tune! BiiiiiiiigUP! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 174bpm

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