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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 10/08/11

By August 10, 2011Blog

Hello fellows and fellas,

Fat Harry here once again, filling Spinforth’s 7 inch stripper stiletto shoes (There’s a slot for dollar bill insertion, good idea) as he goes off to Funkington Manor, Boomtown, to play with Ewan Hoozami and his gang of ne’er do wells.

Morph is also out and about on his holidays in Oz and NZ, if you’re down there you can catch him doing the funky HKPP thang >>HERE<< and >>HERE<<. If you can it would be wonderful if you could go show him some real life thumbs.

A quick update then..After SCOUR #17 I was contacted by the men in black from Xbox Kinetic who informed me that running up to a pre determined space and doing massive jazz hands had been copyrighted by Microsoft and that I had to cease and desist with the goat bowling thing. Sadly the goats had to go, but have no fear! All those who paid for bowling shirts and purchased jester’s shoes will be invited to our end of season BBQ. Sad but Tasty!

So it’s just me looking after the HKPP underground lair, i’ve done the dishes, paid a few bills, done the hoovering and ironed all of Spinforth’s dollar bills, i’m sat at the control desk watching you all on CCTV, there’s a bit of trouble in London which i’ll get to right after this Scour, i’m ready to suit up but for now i’m just enjoying walking around naked – hey don’t judge, we all do it when we’re alone in the house! If it gets a bit weird then that’s your fault as i’m completely comfortable with it.

I’ve found some pretty fine treats for you this week, as ever, if you’re digging the tunes do spend a few moments and let the cloud owners know you’re in, it’d be seriously in your interests to trawl through their back catalogues – there are bombs a plenty strewn throughout this week’s contributors.

Right, i’d better get on, this leather chair is sticking to my bum. and I think I can see Emma Watson getting out of a taxi

Thumb me, and…

Enjoy! x
If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email me at:


First up for this weeek..Massive tune from Selecta Mikisan, everyone needs this in their lives..B-Real & Damian Marley’s “Fire” blended with the French riddim of Bost & Bim “Hustlin Riddim”. Even the dogs outside stopped barking when I played it to them – maybe play it throughout London?. Downloads for this one are likely to max out at 100, but Spinforth has had a word for you all, and arranged for an alternative download link which you can get involved with right >>HERE<<. 82bpm
B real damian marley hustlin riddim remix mikisan by mickysan34

If i’m honest my hackles rose a little when I heard the Austin Powers theme tune, but Mr Wick-It is a class act and turns out a golden mash up that simply must be in your early evening crate. 80bpm
Austin Powers vs. Big K.R.I.T. vs. UGK (Wick-it Remix) by Wick-it the Instigator

I fell in love with this DJ Doggybrown blend after going to his page to listen to his cocaine mash that Spinforth featured in Scour #25. 103bpm
DoggyMadkesYouShootemDown – FreeDownload! by dj doggybrown

Genius mashup, works so well. If I was Breevil i’d strip naked and walk into the dragons den with a ghetto blaster over my shoulder playing this tune loud and just stare at Deborah Meedan until she wept and gave me a stack of money to make more shizzle like this. 105bpm
Breevil – Find A Way (Ft. Marvin Gaye & Limp Bizkit)   ***FREE 320 Mp3 DOWNLOAD*** by Breevil

Trashtray gets Scoured again! Possibly bad scour form but hell, these are my choices and..this tune is filled with ‘Boom’, and it makes me feel all happy and proud to be a dj and get to play this in public. Cheers fella. 108bpm
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Freak (Trashtray’s Breaks Edit) by trashtray

I didn’t have a physical fight with Spinforth last week, but I did hint that violence might ensue if he didn’t leave this out of last week’s Scour so I could share it – is that wrong? Meh, I’m not bothered, I love everything Bobby C has produced and this is a swinging monster stomper. Moar Lasers in everything we all do from now on please! 108bpm
Power Up (Video DL in descrip.) by Bobby C Sound TV

Out and out funk next courtesy of DJ Apt One. Some classics don’t need lasers, Cameo had codpieces, the late 70’s pre-laser. Word up!
Rigor Mortis (DJ Apt One Edit) by DJ Apt One

I think Yasumo was featured by Spinforth way back in Scour #5, either that or i’m stalking him. This is a cheeky strolling funk number that makes me think of summer (happy-drunk in a field summer – not chased-by-wasps-after-my-lolly summer). Enjoy this and do check out his other tunes. 112bpm
Yasumo – Congafunk by Yasumo

We all love it, we all know it, great edit…when the creepy old geezer sidles up to you (probably my uncle) and asks who did it..just say Barrett Strong, it’s what he’s thinking of. 125bpm
Money-Reedit by Juan laya & Jorge Montiel (Vintage Soul) by Recordings

Aaaaand finally, this weeks curveball! Ahhh, my turn for curving! I like to turn the heating up, sweat heavily, not shave and listen to this in my vest. When I finish rolling cigarillos on my inner thigh I’ll start slo-mo boggling around the living room. Good job there are no ladies present or I’d need a ‘mierda palo’ to keep them at bay.. Beautiful tune. ¡salud! 90bpm
Lisandro Meza – Del puente a la alameda (dengue dengue dengue! remix) by Dengue Dengue Dengue!

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